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Welcome to eliza&peter's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 05 October 2007

Location: Iran

Hi Everyone
sorry that its taken so long it has been a really busy 3 weeks. The first week we travel through about 6 countries, through Europe. There are about 40 people on our bus all different ages ranging from 19 to 69. We are out numbered by the irish 13 to about 7 Aussies and the rest are Englishoh and a few others. We have met some really nice people. We didnt really see much of the European countries such as Hungary or Bulgaria which was a shame but we have just spent about a week in Turkey which has been great we really love Turkey we saw some of the same places last year but we have also been to cappadocia this time which was beautiful. There was all these fantastic rock formations it was like living in Bedrock, we will put those photos in soon. We are currently in Iran having just arrived today. I have to wear the head scarf and be covered up Pete only has to wear long pants, so we look a treat. Ok goota run there are people waiting of the computer and there is a city to go and explore. love to everyone will try to update again soon
love Pete and Eliza

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Hi everyone

thanks for all the birhday cards and messages, we wont discuss what birthday it was, lets just say there will be a really big party next year.
As you can see from the photos we have been tripping around again. First of all we went to sotland, we had an amazing time the weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and the scenery fantastic. Pete sampled some scotich whiskey with a few locals getting into touch with his scottish heritage. We also went to visit Duart castle home to the clan maclean.
We tried to find nessy but didnt have any luck.
After scotland we headed over to Marrakech in morrocco, I dont think you could find two such different places. Marrakech was hot, busy, crazy at times but at the same time very interesting. The main square by day was full of snake charmers, henna tattooists, beggers, orange juice sellers and preformers. By night heaps of food stalls set up selling anything from snails, sheeps brains to fries, it was crazy.
Hope you all like the photos as these will mot likely be the last for a long time as we are busy saving for a next big trip in 3 months. So our time in london is nearly ending and we will soon be heading back down under, i can hear Julie and Lags cheering from here.
so we send our love to everyone and will see you all soon
lots of love
Pete & Eliza xxx

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Hi guys

well he finally did it, ran the london marathon and he did it in 3 hours 43 mins Thanks to everyone who has donated money its been a great help. There are a few photos of pete on the big day.
love to all
Pete and Eliza

Sunday, 03 December 2006

Hi everyone

sorry that it has taken soo long yes we are slack but we have also been really busy. As most of you know we were lucky enough to go on a 14 week holiday. We wont bore you all with all the details, just a few.
We started our adventure in spain, Pete ran with the bulls it was scary but he survived, i fell over surprise surprise and had to have 5 staples in my knee. We saw a bull fight which was pretty horrible. We hired a car and spent a month driving around, we had a few problems with the car all my fault of course, we got a speeding fine and we left just a small dint in the car. Spain was fantastic the food was great and the people were very nice. We camped most of the time, yes i do go camping and we had a great time, it was bloody hot but loved every minute of the sun after being in london.
We flew from Barcelona to Paris to meet up with a contiki tour, and we had a great time and met some really fantastic people. The tour went through Germany, so pete got to go to the beer halls one more time, switzerland was next and then on to italy. Dont think we have ever eaten soo much pasta in our lives, we went to venice, florence and rome as you can imagine the colosseum, st pauls, the vatican were all amazing soo much to see. The next stop was the greek island of corfu, a few days of doing nothing but relaxing and drinking, we then ended to tour in athens. we saw the acropolis which was covered in scaffolding we ended the tour with a big night on the ouzel.
Next stop was the greek islands we went to Paros, Ios, Santorini and Rhodes. They were all beautiful we ran into petes mate Brett Elliott in Ios, went on a very scary donkey ride in Santorini and met a very friendly Greek/Australian family in Rhodes. From there we went to Turkey, which was one of my favourite places. The turkish people were the friendliest people ever and we spent about three week there. We sailed the coast for 4 days and spent our time fishing, swimming in crystal blue waters and relaxing. We went to selcuk saw some amazing ruins and met a mad irish man who took us out on the town. We went to Galipolli and went on a amazing tour. We ended our time in turkey in istanbul.
We then headed to Cairo were we joined up with a tour which was the best tour we had been on. we saw the pyramids, sailed down the nile, rode a smelly camel, hiked Mt Sinai and learnt to dive in the red sea.
So over all we had some of the best time of our lives, saw some amazing things, met some amazing people and have some amazing memories.
So know we are back in london and the sun has left us for the next few months as the darkness has settled in. We are both back at work and have moved into a new home, so it is back to reality. Hope you like the photos, miss you all and we see you in march.
love ya e&p

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Location: England

Hi everyone,
well it have been a busy past couple of weeks. I had my sister Rhianna and her boyfriend Sonny come over and visit us. We met them in Paris, the city of love and it proved to be just that as Sonny proposed to Rhianna near the effiel tower it was beautiful and just after she said yes the tower started to sparkle it was a very special night. And no it didn't give Pete and ideas ha ha. We all had a great time in Paris we were onlt there for three days and that just wasn't enough there is soo much to see. After Paris Rhianna and Sonny came back to London for about 6 days and the london weather for once was nice, it got up to about 25 and you would have thought it was about 45, the train system broke down cause the tracks could not take the heat, yer crazy i know. The weather is back to shit again, i here is has been warmer at home and we are supposed to be in summer, ha. But we will see lots for sun soon when we head to spain in july yippee, so we are working hard and trying to save our pounds for our big adventure. My dad will be over next month and my cousins arrive in june as well so we will be very busy up until we leave. I won't bore you with all the detail of Paris hope the photos will give you a small insite into how beautiful the city is. Ok everyone love and miss you all and we will keep you updated on the travel plans. lots and lots of love eliza and pete

Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Location: UK

Hi everyone

Sorry its been awhile but we havent done anything really exciting. We are both working hard. Pete has a new job working in Piccadilly Circus right near the Ritz, he is doing hotel refurbishments and he is really enjoying it. I am getting lots of work at St Marys Hospital in Paddington which is good as it is close to home. Well as you can see from the pictures we have been to Ireland. Pete and I travelled with JOel and Brad who are our housemates as well as Petes friends, they will be returing to Oz pretty soon, as were Pete and I we had planed to be home at Christmas, but the travel bug has well and trully biten us and we will be staying on for awhile. We will be travelling for 3 months starting in July but instead of making our way home we will head back to London. There are too many places left that we atill want to see. Anyway back to the photos. Buckingham Palace and the changing of the gaurds was the last toursit site left for us in London. It was good to go and see it but it was very busy and you had to push your way in to be able to see any of the gaurds, but it was something that had to be done. OUr trip to Ireland began on the Thursday before St Patirick Day we flew into Dublin, were we spent to nights. We spent St Paddys day with friends, some old house mates were living over there and our new house mates are there friends so we had plenty of company. The day was a big one with lots of Guiness being drunk, proberly abit too much guiness, anyway Dublin was really nice and we would like to go back when the city isn't so fully of tourists. From Dublin we hires a car and drove to Killkenny, which was a really nice little town, couldn't find accomadation anywhere so were all had to share a room in a B&B, so spare a thought for me sharing a room with three boys, it was an experience, we also had to share a room in Dublin. so we all got to know each other very well. We visited Killkenny castle, which was the first of many castles that we saw on our trip. Killkenny castle was more impressive from the outside than the inside. From Killkeny we went to Cork, where we found a great little pub with great live irish music, it was a Sunday and all these musicans would just come into this pub have a drink and play music, anyone could come and go as they pleased, it was great there was even someone playing the spoons. From Cork, we went to Galway were we had alot of trouble drining around as there were so many one way streets but of course, we managed to find a pub again with music but it wasn't very good. From there we went into northern irealand, into Derry, which you can see in the photos is the only walled city left. They have all the revolutionary murals painted onto the sides of houses. In Derry we stayed in a really nice B&B, which you find every where, no motels or hotels just heaps of b&bs. From Derry we made our final stop in Belfast, which was alot like being back in London, they watch english shows they smoke in pubs, thats banned in ireland and you pay with pounds not euros. Belfast looked pretty rough, guess that has alot to do with its history. we went on a black cab tour that took us to the catholic and prodestant side, it was really interesting and very sad as there is still alot of tension as both sides don't mix and there is a wall dividing the two sides of town. Pete and I lost the boys in Belfast for a night and we went into this little pub and had a great night, all the people we soo lovely and they all wanted to talk to us. Of course along the way to these places we saw heaps of castles, we kissed the blaney stone, not as easy as it sounds, we went the cliffs of moher, and the gaints cause way. The country side was beautiful and green, with so many stone fences just like you see on TV, it was so nice to get out of the country. On our travel we cam across a hurling match, which is a traditional irish game, there is a stick a bit like a hockey stick and men hit a ball as wel as each other, so it appealed to the boys. it was a local game and after the game the boys went out and had a hit with some of the kids, so know pete has hurling sticks and a ball. Anyway i have just gone on and on as usual. We hope that everyone is well and we miss you all. We are getting a visit from my sister Rhianna and her boyfriend Sonny at the end of the month, so that means a trip to paris, bloody hell, then my dad comes over in june and hopefully Ro and Lags petes parents will also be making the journey over soon. So feel free anyone that wan'ts to come over, you will have a place to stay.
ok gotta go love to everyone
eliza and pete

Monday, 09 January 2006

Location: England

Hi everyone,

Merry christmas and Happy new year to all. We hope that everyone had a nice holiday period, cause we did. It was a little bit strange spending christmas wrapped up in about 10 layers but we had a great time. We began our holiday in Vienna, this is where we saw our first snow fall and Karen and i were so excited, but that was short lived when the snow turned to sleat and the temp dropped. Vienna was a beautiful city full of many museams, which we didn't enter. but the bad weather made it hard to really do any site seeing. We did go up in this ferris wheel and had a birds eye view of the city, however it got a bit scary when the wind picked up and the carridge started to move, not much fun. Then from Vienna we went to this beautiful little town called Chesty Kromlov which is in the Czech Republic. It has been called the next prague. it has beautiful cobble stone streets and a beautiful castle. We had snow and our first snow fights here. we only spent one night here but we made to most of it, we had luch in a resturant in a celler and they cook all the food in front of you and with drink as well it cost about the same as a litre of milk.
We then went to prauge were we spent christmas, it didn't snow on christmas day but it did on boxing day. We had alot of fun in prauge and even broadened out horizens and went to a gay bar ( not on purpose and when we realised the boys were happy to finish their drink and go) at the time it was very funny. Prauge is full of beautiful buildings and of course a castle and bridge. We visited the castle but there were soo many tourists there we didn't go in. We then made our way to Berlin, were we experienced the coldest weather of our lives it got down to about -6. We have never worn so many clothes in our life and all your clothes end up getting wet. We did a walking tour (4hrs) in the snow, crazy but it was very interesting, Berlin has a very strange but interesting history. We then made our way to our final destination Amsterdam, which was peters favourite place, hard to imagine why. Unfortunalty we didn't see much of amsterdam except for the red light district and the city square. but being holiday period not a lot of tours were running, so we had to put up with looking at a lot of women not waering very much. Again to no ones suprise pete had not problem with this. We went and had a look at the girls in the windows and much to my suprise alot of them were nice looking but some had been standing in the window a long time. We went and saw a sex show which was more comical than erotic, we had to stop ourselves from laughing most of the time, but it had to be done. We spent new years here and went out into the main square fot the count down, which was fun as all of the local had there own fireworks. We dicided to leave when a firecracker nearly burnt the hair of the girl standing next to us. we did spend some time in the "coffee" shops cause again its some thing that has to be done, but i have to say we stand out abit as we didn't have much of a clue about what to do but by the end we looked like we belonged there ha ha. So know we are back in london town and are both back at work. I was supposed to finish up at district nursing awhile ago but my time keeps getting extended, but i am due to finish up tomorrow as i am getting my eyes lasered on Wednesday, so when i come home i will be a new person yippee
Pete is still on the same job he hates it but what can you do we have to start saving for our next trip, which will be to Ireland in March. ok betta run love to everyone we miss you all
lots of love eliza and pete

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Location: UK

Hi everyone,

Sorry its been so long but we have been pretty boring lately. We have both been working not hard but working just the same.
Winter has hit London, we haven't had too much rain but it is becoming very chilly. It is also getting dark about 3.30pm so that can get abi depressing at times. Two of Peters mates Joel and Brad landed in london about 2wks ago and they will be moving into our house this weekend, so the house will be overrun by mallee boys. The other house mates won't now what hit them. Pete and I went to Belgium over the weekend. We left london about 7am Sat morning and got into Brussels about 3pm so there was alot of travelling. We went through the christmas markets in Brussels which were nice but very busy. We couldn't go to Belgium without trying a waffle so we tasted the very yummy waffle and Pete caught the attention of the gay waiter serving us, who though pete was very yummy as well, ha ha.
After the markets we travelled to Brugge for the night. Brugge was a beautiful towm and in the main square they have set up an ice skating rink with a beautiful big christmas tree in the middle, it was very beautiful. We met up with another couple from Australia and ended up spending Saturday night with them, we had great food and tried to taste as many of the 400 beers that Belguim produce. We gave it a go but only sampled a few. On the Sunday we spent the day in Brugge walking around the markets and tasting home made chocolates, so as you can understand the diet that i start every monday went out the window. Next Wednesday we leave for our Christmas holiday yes i know we have a really hard life. We will be back about the 2nd of Jan. So we will try to talk to as many people before we go but if we don't we wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year. We will be thinking of you when we are frezzing in Prague. So love to everyone and we will write again in the new year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Recent Messages

From KAZ
Hey Kids,
Looks like your having a fab time, very jealous. Only 2 months till our departure, yipee!
It was Derby Day, think.... infact know I drank enough champagne for both of us, but still missed you. Once again the best dressed and classiest girl there, he he ha ha. Have car park on Stakes Day, so more champagne for me......... and prob you too! On annual leave which defo suits my lifestyle! Living in the burbs is....... boring, but free and not for long. Keep the photos coming, love seeing you having a wicked time. Look forward to seeing you soon, lve me xooxxo
Response: Hi babe, thought about you on Derby day didnt get to drink champagne but we are in phuket so i will have a few cocktails, had to get off the bus for awhile, by the way will you be back for my birthday in june, you better be ok have fun babe will talk soon xxx
From Bopper
Hey guys, Just touching base to make sure you are ok. Not long now. Have fun and see you soon. Love yas
Response: Hi we are in india at the moment having a great time, will put photos on soon, see you in december
From Carla Jory
Hi we all miss you here at the Bush but its great to hear that you are having a fab time! Teresa saw an article in the paper showing your departure from London, and you're right at the front of thephoto! Mr Maher also heard the bus leaving on the radio & hes keeping us updated! Have fun love Bush Nurses xx
Response: Hi girls sorry i havent emailed lost the card with them have messaged viv not sure if it got through. having a great time in India at the moment onto nepal tomorrow will put photos on soon, hope all is well at the bush, you can email me @ eliza, say hi to mr maher for me
From KAZ
Photos and no newz, lazy lazy lazy...... G'final day tommoz expect you will be watching it somewhere in Eastern Europe! Keep having a wicked time. LVE me
Response: Hı babe sorry ıts been a nıghtmare to get to the ınternet we are havıng a great tıme a few ups and downs we mıssed the grandfınal but heard the result hope the move went well do you have a home phone number we are headed to ıran tomorrow and wıll be tryıng to call home love ya mıss ya
From Maureen
Loved the photos..especially the one of the dentist!!! Bet you could get a lovely set of teeth...none matching, of course!!!
Glad you had a great birthday and yes, next year will be a biggie, but remember Dad & I are many, many years older!!!
Hee Hee!

Response: Thanks for your photos of alfie, he is soo cute cant wait to see you all in december love you xxx
From mistee
Congrates Pete on the marathon, what an awesome job.
Happy Bithday to u, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to Eliza happy birthday to u. I no you will have the best birthday ever as Julie tells me you guys are off to Morocco. Can't wait to c some pics. Have fun and have a great birthday love snail and mist
Response: Hi mist,
had a great time in morocco, but now it back to work to save for the next trip, are you envious? ha ha.
Hope all is well at home, love e&p
From Steam train
Field Mouse I took a specky over Lance Whitnall at the 21st. Only problem I didn't get off the ground. Hit him like a steam train. I think he might miss a couple with bruised ribs. Ro was meant to be videoing and missed the whole incident.
Response: Good stuff steamy, you must have done some damage he didnt get a sniff against the pies on the weekend. Must be getting close to having a new one around the house to keep you on your toes, that will slow the ol steam train down a bit
From Rooster
Hey poida bro... so glad to hear u made the team! sounds like the footy is pretty serious over there! anyway i was just guna let u know that im playing my first senior game this week against beulah and im pretty excited and thort i'd beta let me big bro know! your like the first person i've told and i wanted u to know!! chris baker rang me and congratulated me and gave me some tips and to remember it!! so yer thats about it...mum is a bit worried but yer thats nuffin knew. ill talk to ya soon buddy! catchya Rooster

oh yer im wearing no. 4
Response: Bloody ripper roost, i told ya that you would get a run if you trained with them. Dont be too nervous just take in the advice that bakes and the older guys give you, and play basic footy. NO U TURNS!! and dont go doing what i done last weekend, that is, drinking copious amounts of beer the night befor, it doesnt help. No doubt you will play up forward so remember you dont get in the paper for handballs and if you take a mark outside your kicking distance, go back line em up, run in, fake the kick, run round the guy on the mark, show him the ball, take a bounce and kick the goal. Thats good that you got the number 4, its back in good hands again, the guy who wore it last year was a spaz. Top stuff!! good luck.
From Bopper
Poida, Poida, Poida You made it. That is awesome. So happy for you. That is such a great achievement. I think mum is more proud then you probably are. Well done to you to eliza, good support.
It was great to catch up when you were here, cant wait till you get back. Good ol Kylz and walky talky's 21st this weekend so starting to get pumped up. Russell will be sure to make an appearance so I will be sure to say a big howdy to him for you both. Anyways keep up the photos. Take care and stay safe
Love yas xoxooxoxoxoxox
Josh said: listen hear cock, let me pull over i am right in the mood for you!!!
Response: How was the 21st, i hope russel was behaved and didnt screw the night up for you all. Just played me first game of footy for the putney magpies today, problem was i got absolutely spastically drunk last night and somewhere along the line had a few beers with the coach, so when i turned up to play he had already taken me out of the team thinking, there is no way that caldow will turn up today. But little did he know i have the heart of a lion and pushed thru the pain barrier. Whent all right as well. hooroo
From From Aunty Rac
Hi Poida & Lize
WOW - How proud am I of you, a bloody marathon, not many can brag about this one, this is the ELITE ATHLETES CLUB I reckon, anyways we can start that club up ourselves, cause don't think there will be too many joining us. How did you pull up, did you chaff, did you cramp, did you change your running style throughout to get there without stopping. Well done. How did you go Lize watching and waiting, would have been forever, everyone needs a top notch support chick, be proud of your acheivments too. Your time in Aussie land went so fast, but was great to catch up for fully 5 mins. Can't be greedy. The big 21st in 5 days, my stomach turns over everytime I think about it. All organised though, should be lots of fun, just hope we don't have any gate crashers, the RSL Club has put extra security on for us, they have been absolutely fantastic with us, they said that all the staff want to work that night, ha ha. We have a great powerpoint organised, so you will both be there in spirit and pictures. Will take lots of photos for you. I have asked Ro and the Bopper to make a speech, but Kylie doesn't know that, she said she doesn't want anyone getting up making her sound like an idiot - I have news for her - she is very blonde really.
Anyway's best go, take care, luv ya's heaps, will have the broom there for you both so people can throw you around.
Luv Aunty Rac and crew XXXX
Response: Yeah done it easy. Pulled up very sore but that only lasted 2 days and then went back to work, she wouldnt let me take any more days off something about holidays to save up for or whatever!! The big 21st ay, i bet pop is excited about getting about and mixing it with all the carlton guys. Going to be a great night i hate missing these big shows, first anzac day clash at the G, and now this 21st all in a space of ten days. I may actually go to footy training 2morow night the season over here starts saturday and im going to play for the Putney Magpies, i dont think they are much chop but it sounds like they hit the turps pretty hard so im pretty keen for a run. Good luck with the 21st and if russel is back from the cattle muster in time for it tell him poida said gday, and im still waiting for him to pay for the damages of the rear axels he ripped off my 4wd. IDIOT!!.
From Aunty Rac
Hi to you both, wow, the photos look great. Pete so proud of you beating those bulls, knew you could do it, you speedster. Too bad about the knee Eliza, next time!!!!!!!!! Another year begins but into Feb already. Corza turned 18, he can pub it with you now Pete, SCARY. Chook just sending out invites for her 18th, my baby 18, YUK.
Kylz 21st in May and Buster 50th in Dec, how busy am I going to be, planning and partying, sounds all good. Teen and Josh now settled in Swan Hill, we are shifting them into their house this Sunday, bloody good parents thats what I say!! Greggy reckons poor Rooster is not allowed to leave home cause it is too quiet with no-one home. Poor Benno. Buster's dear old dad Leo passed away on 24.01.07, so that was very sad, but good that he didn't linger on being ill for too long, still sad too lose the first grandparent for our girls. His mum is doing well though, so that's comforting. Kylz back in Melbourne after 3 mths Uni break over Summer, but she did work at the RSL Club and earn't a little bit of spondoola, yippee. Now has a full time job in a shoe designer warehouse thingy and loving it, going to Uni part-time doing fashion design course. She informed me last night that she has gone from blonde chick to brunette babe. Not sure about that. Anyways, best go, hope to see you in March but know how busy you will be catching up with everyone. Will be good when you are back in Aussie land for good, Lags would agree. Keep on enjoying your trip,admire you both for your courage to do it.
Lots of love Aunty Rac and Clan - take care
Response: Great to hear all of the gos from back home racca, mum tries but she has a mind blank every time i speak to her. Must be scary having the chook and parrott legal to walk thru the swinging doors now but finally legal for a change.haha. Be home in three weeks, time is going fast cant believe it, only 9 weeks til i run the marathon, ran 21km this morning for the second time, feel so tired afterwards so the 42km will be a test at this stage. Oh well should be ok. Put a deposit on our trip home last week, which is a 12 week overland trip from London to Ouyen which leaves early september and is a bus ride thru 20 countries inc europe, turkey, iran( unless war is declared), pakistan, india, nepal, tibet, thailand, malaysia, indonesia, east timor fly into darwin and drive down the guts again into ouyen early december just in time for busters 50th. Spewen we will miss the big 21st tho i hate missing out!!! Im working with a fella from lockington can you believe, mark mccmannus, says he played tennis with tina back in the early days, small world i used to play against him in footy when i was at golden square. Good to hear from you and cant wait to get home and see you all, living in london is great but lately we havnt done any travelling and are stuck in working mode saving pounds for our trek home and come september i think we will be well and truly ready to come home, much to lags delight. c u soon
poida and lize
From maree caldow
hi guys, how good is this!!
we can see & read about all of your travels. I got these details from your mum at the trots last night.
So now I have your mobile and e/mail - I won't be missing you as much.
Can't wait to have you both stay with us when you come home in March.
We're all good - busy racing all over the state - all good though! Kids enjoying not having to go to school!!!
Take care.
Happy travelling
Response: Thanks ree, good to get a message no one seems to be sending them lately. There wont be too many new photos coming up coz we dont have any trips planned befor we get home for the wedding in march. Hope your getting lots of winners
From Kerryn
Hey Lize. Just had a look at your photos and they're awesome. It's great to be able to see your smiling face again!! Hope alls well and that you both have a great xmas!!
Response: Hi babe
all is good and grey in london town, have a great christmas will talk soon and will see you in the new year xx
From Maureen
The photos are great and can't believe all the places you've seen! Espciallly love the one of you with your leg on the luggage!!!! Glad your Dad was able to spend so much time with you...wish I could have been there, but had to have Gobble Gobble with the family in the USA! Can't wait to see you both in March.
Love, Maureen
Response: Hi mo
hope you had a good time back home had heaps of fun with dad, will show you the scar when we see you in march love you xxx
From kaz & kev
hi pete nd eliza

just quick catch up to let you know Kev will be coming over to London and then straight to Ireland with the Australian Footy Team. He is travelling with Ken Fletcher as Dustin is the Captain of the team. Playing in Dublin and Galway.
Will arrive in London on 26th October for connecting flight to Dublin. Coming home on the 9th November.
Will let you know more details when known. Where are u at present?
Maybe u can catch each other.
What is the weather like at present?
Hope all is well for u both.
Ro and Dame are in Newcastle at the moment for their footy trip this weekend 14th Oct.
Lyn busy loving Melb at present.
Love to u Kaz
Response: Hi guys
we got back into London on monday and have been busy house hunting and getting our lives into order. let us know all the details and we will try to catch up with Kev. that would be great if we could. the weather isnt to bad here at the moment but the london winter isnt to far behind. hope all the family is well love to you all xxx
From Aunty Rac
A big hello to you both. Long time between chats. Hope the holiday has been good and look forward to seeing all your photos. Enjoying travelling with you both. All is well here in Aussie land, finals fever has hit. Chook plays in A grade netball final tomorrow, Sat, then going to watch Roc and Doc on Sunday in Cobram. Would be boring life without the ol' sport. I have been selected to play masters netball in Melb next Friday night, so trying to get fit for that, but have been umpiring heaps of finals all over the state. The bus trip home is the scariest part, but a lot of fun, bit like busters fishing trips, the esky gets packed first. Kylz and Andy are heading to Fiji for a week when the season finishes, he thinks he better spoil her in the break, then he heads to Thailand for Carlton footy trip, unsure when. Then he may be going to Ireland to play, but I will let you know. Teen and Josh have left Perth, bought a camper trailor and hit Broome, picked up jobs in a tavern and loving it, will head to Darwin, Cairns etc don't know for how long!!
Buster and I just staying home and working working working. Buster and kevvy still playing lots on the farm, shearing time now, so very busy. Best go, I just go on and on otherwise. Luv yas and missin yas. Aunty Rac and Clan
Response: hi rhonda
nıce to hear from you. sounds lıke lıfe ıs busy busy busy well all oue lıfe ınvolves at the moment ıs what beach we wıll go to. ha ha. we are ın turkey at the moment and head out for a 4 day cruıse tomorrow whıcj wıll be nıce, we have both had a bıt of a bug thıs past few days but all ıs good know. we are havıng a great tıme the weather ıs fantastıc and so far we havent kılled each other. sounds great what teen and josh are doıng hope they have heaps of fun, ok better run love to all the famıly and good luck wıth all the sportıng fınals. xxx
From Nana and Pa
Hello Eliza, its Nana and Pa. We are at lena and Markes and are going home on Wednesday. Hope you are well as Pa and I are. Hope you are having better weather than we are as it is cold both home and in Hamilton. All our kids are well and the great Grand-children seem to be mulitplying. Love to you both, hope to see you when you come home Love Nana and Pa xoxox P.S- Ally is writing this for me!
Response: Hi nan and pa and the rest of the family, nice to hear from you, we are in Rhodes at the moment and the weather is beautiful very hot. We are both doing very well havent killed each other yet. big kiss to everyone
From Nicole Hoffman
Hi Eliza,

Thought I would send a hello and hope you guys are doing well and still having an adventrure trevelling around the globe. You have probably already heard the news about Fiona and Brad, Charlotte is so cute and I think she takes after Fiona's side. Bryce and I have 8 weeks to go and very much looking forward to it all. By the time you come back to Melbourne and visit you will have two little girls to see. Enjoy reading your messages and hearing what you get up to. Take care and keep having a great time.

Nicole xxoo
Response: Hi Nic,
great to hear from you, i have trouble sending you emails they always get rejected. have been keeping up with all the baby news hope all is going well and that your little girl arrives safely. will will probably be back in march for my sisters wedding so see you and the babys then
From Rhianna
Hi darling sister,
It's your baby sister here,been calling but got no answer, left a msg & u have'nt called back. Phuket was so beautiful tell u all about it when we talk. In Ouyen right now to see the family and pick up Ed's. Haven't been able to leave msg here "cause our computer is stuffed so am writing u from Deb's. The ring has been resized & the setting put down, looks gorgeous, of course. Everyone is well, going to watch Lachie 2morrow at auskick B4 we head home. He is taller & as beautiful as ever. Please call me. Love you & miss u heaps. Had a great time with u & Pete, wish we could have stayed longer.
Also, thinking of having the wedding around Autumn, Misty is getting married in March so she hopes U can come to both weddings.
Loves & Kisses,
Rhianna & Sonny & Family.
From Lena
Hi guys,
Well I haven't been in touch for a long time, but it seems like you are well and having a great time. How very exciting for Rhianna & Sonny and the ring is beautiful, I am sure they will be very happy. Our weather here is shit to so we know what you mean. We are all well Alexandra turns 16 on that will make you feel old. Hope you have a great visit with your dad.
Love to you both.
Lena & gang
Response: hi guys
yes lena that does make we feel old thank you very much. Hope alex has a great birthday cant wait to see dad, he will arrive not long after my birthday so that will be a great present. love to all
From Maureen
HI Eliza,
Thanks for doing this! Rhianna looks so happy and her ring is beautiful! Must have been such a special night and one the 4 of you will never forget!
Wish I could have been there to see Rhianna eat snails!!!!! Bet you can't wait to see your Dad...I know he is so excited to see you.
Love to you and Pete,
Response: yer am really looking forward to seeing dad, wish you were going to be with him.
love ya
From Maureen
Hi there,
Where is the ring photo??? Have been waiting to see Rhianna's ring! Hope you both are well and having a great time!
Response: Sorry we have been very slack will put it on this weekend i promise.
love you
From aunty kaz
hi to you both. So envious when I read of your travels. Need to win tattslotto at my age now, but lovely to visit the world with you.
Have a great time wherever u be.
Kev and I are both fit and busy. Grandparenting is tops and work keeps us fit in body and mind.
Mothers Day here on Sunday 14th so I just know Ro will send me something really special and Pete will for Lags as well.
Be good Love u Heaps
Response: Hi karen
great to hear from you, glad to hear that you are both enjoying being grandparents i am sure that Layla is still as cute as ever. Don't worry lags will be remembered on Sunday all thanks to me ha ha, but don't think i can do anything about Ro. We are both working hard and start our three month trip in July yippee. Love to the family
From Deb and Steve
Hi Eliza, Pete, Rhianna & Sonny,
Congrats Rhianna & Sonny we are so excited for you both. Would love to have been a fly on the wall. Not only a lovely proposal but a great trip & with Eliza & Pete as well. You will treasure this forever. Look forward to some photos & news of the upcoming wedding. Footy season is well under way. Steve will put some photos on Julies p/r for you Pete. (when he gets arount to it.) Had Gracie's 300th yesterday & celebrations followed. Great win, Corey played well in the 1sts & Jake played well in the 2nds & a good night followed.
All is well here & we are glad to here everything is great over there. Take care lots of love. Deb, Steve, Jake & Rose
(P.S. Eliza, give Rhianna & Sonny a big kiss for me, Deb)
Response: Hi Deb and Steve
lovely to hear from you, bobby sent some photos of the footy they were great, even had one of you steve, not so great ha ha. We will get around to putting some photos on the site, but believe it or not we have been working hard. Love to all the family, will talk soon
From Dad
Hi Baby,

How are the young ones doing?? Did they have any problems getting from Paris to London???
Hope you all have a geat time together.
Lots of Love, Dad XXX
Response: Hi dad
no problems we are having a great time, will be putting some photos on the page soon of all of us and of course a photo of the ring. love to you will call soon