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Ella Gets Her Groove Back...

Lurrving London...

My accent is getting a bit demented but only when I ask questions... but I am sure it will disappear once I get back.


Diary Entries

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Ballina, Australia

Ok so its 1130 on a Tuesday night... still having trouble sleeping. Probably cos I don't have a job yet and the sun shines all day long... so getting up early isn't that important! ha

I'm going fishing with Captain Ron and Captain Ken tomorrow morning... I have been advised to be ready at 6am for departure. Help me lord. I think we will have fun but I also think I may have parental overload.

I have a job to keep me going til I go to Sydney next week... working as my Dads labourer! Yep I am going to be sanding back and preparing the walls of our house for painting... then if I get the whole freaking house done within the week I my have the pleasure of painting it as well... yippee.

Then I am going to Sydney with my Dad and driving back up with him... see what I mean about parental overload? Although my Dad or Ron as I call him, is not your average dad so the trip will be loads of fun and stacked full of adventures.

I have to go and watch Borat now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Ok I am back at the hostel, checked out and just killing time in the A/C before I have to go to the airport... then home to Australia!!!!!!

It doesn't feel like I am going home... I am really excited and just hope I don't have jetlag too bad. I had such a terrible nights sleep last night cos it was really hot and I was feeling anxious... I will be able to sleep on the plane now though. I am looking forward to airplane food... mmmm I totally dig packaged meals :) !!!

I did a bit of shopping this morning and did something crazy... I couldn't find a tuk tuk to take me to a temple, so I got on the back of a motorbike!!! They don't wear helmets and neither did I AND cos I had a skirt on, the driver made me ride side-saddle!!! Bloody frightening and in hindsight very stupid... but it was fun and dirt cheap. All of the Thais were laughing at me cos I was hanging on for dear life!!! Then this bike goes past with a Thai lady holding a baby in her arms and sitting side-saddle...

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hottest day ever - I swear in the history of the world.

I didn't have a hangover as I didn't drink too much - the Canadians were out of control!!! Put me to absolute shame. Maybe I am getting old?

The sweat was beading on my forehead just from sitting up today so I wasn't looking forward to my trip to Chataluka markets... I took the skytrain and have noticed an awkward habit of the locals. The seats either side of me are always the last to fill... Perhaps I smell or they are frightened of my gigantic size, but it is a bit embarrasing when people keep offering to stand for others to sit and then no-one takes the seat!

The markets stank... plain and simple I cannot think of anyone bar Miranda and maybe my Mum who would have put up with it. Ron for sure would have called me a moron for going - it was horrendous. I have heat rash all over me from the adventure. My face, legs, whole bloody body. The bargains were kickass and I have too much stuff, but honestly I would NEVER do it again. The drains were blocked and water started to overflow through the market and you could see the diseases coming towards you!!! The heat was so bad that at one point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out! Even the Thais were sweating and complaining.

I bought a chicken stick from a little lady for 7baht... except I thought she said 70baht... so thats what I gave her. She said no no and held up 7 fingers, but by that time I had hidden my money away again and couldn't be bothered. So I gave her the 70baht. She ran around and hugged me and started yelling in Thai and kept saying thankyou. Made me feel good and obviously rocked her world for 1 pound!!!

more to come...

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Last night I had an early one cos jetlag was wreaking havoc on me. I stayed in a hostel with some Dutch chicks that I met on the tour in a hostel for THB160 per night. The room doesn't have A/C and the shower/toilet leave alot to be desired but I don't mind. Sleep was sketchy cos of the heat and he fans weren't the best - they kept turning themselves off.

Today I had decided on a self pampering day. I caught the skytrain to Siam Square and walked around the markets... shame they don't open til 11am on Saturdays and it was 9am. Very boring and hot. A thai lady saw me struggling and took me to a tuk tuk driver and told him to take me to a tailor, massage therapist and a beauty spa! Normally they charge THB200 minimum to foreigners but she cut him a deal of THB50. She told me where to go in case he was dodgy and off I went. I LOVE TUK TUKS. The driver told me in broken English that they are 200000baht to buy. I am getting one.

The tailor was indian and not a bargain so I ditched that idea. The massage was awesome - I paid THB600 for 2.5hours at a professional degree qualified joint... most people only pay 150baht, but I wanted the real deal. She beat the crap outta me!!! She punched me in the bum and kicked me in the legs... it was fantastic! She started laughing cos my feet were exactly twice the size of hers and must have called in her mates, cos they all came in laughing and pointing... not funny. I hope that doesn't mean I have the biggest feet she has ever seen :(

I then went in the tuk tuk to a beauty salon and had a manicure. My fingers look a bit pretty now and I feel stangely embarrassed to look so prissy! No-one could speak english and it was difficult. I have learnt to say thankyou in Thai now, so at least I look appreciative.

I went to Khaosan Rd to have a beer and something to eat cos its 4pm and I am starving. My stupid cab driver kept taking me to tailors and jewelry stores on the way. They receive 2litres petrol for bringing someone there and 5litres if I buy something. It doesn't matter how much you say you do not want to go. Jerks.

It was so hot I bought chips in Burger King and just sat there in the A/C for 30mins! The heat is making me cranky.

I went to the Shamrock bar and had a few beers and proceeded to meet some Canadian chicks. We went shopping after downing a beer tower and drank illegal street cocktails... sign reads "very strong cocktail 80baht We do not check ID" !!!

They were going to a snazzy bar so I tagged along... the Bhanyan bar was on the rooftop of a 59 storey hotel... VERTIGO... not good. Apparently our thongs were dressy enough so the lady said she will provide us with shoes - yep we all wore white mocassins as size too small!!! looked hiliarous as we were surrounded by chicks wearing Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choos. I tried to swap but was looked at like vermin. :)

I caught a cab home and my cab driver - Little Jim - tried to hit on me. I was in the front cos the girls were in the back.. we dropped them off and he childlocked the doors. He then kept trying to shake my hand to introduce himself, by pretending to forget my name, then grabbing onto my hand and stroking it - EW it was gross. Then he stopped on the side of the road and put his hand on my leg and goes - I really like New Zealand girls... they are so sexy... So I whacked the little priks hand and said I am not a kiwi - now take me home. He goes "I have comfortable bed at my place"... how enticing. He dropped me off at the hostel and had the nerve to ask for a tip. I said "learn your accents"...

Friday, 20 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I woke up at 6:15am today and packed all my stuff up. I am not staying here every night when I can find a hostel for 200THB per night. Who needs A/C and all the perks??? If you have seen my place in London, you will know that I can slum it.

My tour bus picked me up at 7am and we headed out to the floating markets. On the way we stopped off at a coconut sugar making joint... the sugar was so strong and had the consistency of cloudy honey thats been in the fridge!

The floating market was very touristy and seemed to have lost a lot of its old charm. But the fresh fruit was delicious and I ate rambutans, mangos, pineapple and some red fruit that was white on the inside with black seeds... mmm.

Then we drove to the bridge that crosses the River Kwai and visited the WWII war museum. It was really interesting and made me think of Pa.

Another hour long journey and we arrived at the Tiger Temple... Yes, I grew some balls and patted Tigers... nearly crapped myself and the photos are hilarious but I did it.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Arrive in Bangkok at 3pm... I met some English guys in the airport and we shared a taxi to Khaosan Rd... I hadn't booked any accomodation or travels and was planning on winging it. In the future I will not do this as carrying around 25kilos in a backpack in 38degree humid heat is not fun... AT ALL...

The boys hotel was too expensive, so I trudged around for an hour looking for a hostel... and found none with a vacancy. In the end I found Buddys Lodge on Khaosan Rd. It was 15 quid for the night, but I had my own A/C massive room, TV, Radio, rooftop pool and complimentary kickass breakfast. This is the life.

I had a quick walkaround and booked a day trip for tomorrow. I had planned on having a beer in one of the dodgy pubs playing John Farnham, but I started to feel jetlag kicking in... oh and I am on a detox... ;) So I grabbed dinner from an alleyway vendor... I have no idea what it was! Looked like duck but didn't taste like it. Maybe it was dog?

I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Leaving London was weird... first of all it didn't feel like I was leaving. I felt like I was taking someone else there...

Aron came with me on the tube and we met Miranda and Rowena at Terminal 4. We had our last pint together and I got on the plane after a few tears... or more behind closed doors... :(

I flew with Qantas so the staff were all Aussies and so were most of the passengers. It was strange and a little taste of home. I felt like I was on Neighbours.

The flight was really good, I had 2 seats to myself and was surrounded by ppl in their mid twenties, so no whingers and no kids!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Location: Putney, UK

Oh and in case you were wondering if I got my groove back... I think Miranda and the clientele at the Redback Tavern will back me up on this when I say ... HELL YES!!!

Serious shape cutting and knee knocking... beautiful.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Location: Putney, UK

I am leaving tonight... Its midday and I have packed, been running around like a blue ass fly trying to get everything sorted and I think I am finally done.

Tears have already been shed... I am a pathetic bundle of nerves. Firstly cos I am concerned Ballina is going to do my head in, and secondly cos I haven't booked anything in Thailand but my travel insurance and I hope that everything goes smoothly... if not I guess it will be character building.

People have taken it upon themselves to remind me about terrorists and that I should make sure I tell everyone that I love them before I get on the plane... so to save myself the embarrassment of not getting an "I love you" back... I will say it here...

I LOVE YOU... yes you reading this... I love you and can't wait to see you/will miss you very much.


Goodbye London... Hello Oz

Monday, 16 April 2007

Location: Ealing, UK

Carwash was kickass!!! Dressed up like idiots and danced like idiots. I will upload photos at some point.

I am at Mirandas house... I have to go home and clean out my room and move to Rowenas today. I am dossing in Micks room till my flight on Wednesday.

Dinner with work tonight and a bbq at Rowenas and then thats it... no more London. :(

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: WORK..., UK

Still at work... still earning the pounds...

I haven't booked travel insurance or anything for Thailand... think I will hit the ground running and sort it out there... don't worry Mum, I will get insurance before I leave.

The seafreight boxes get picked up tomorrow and from then on I will be living out of a backpack again... not happy. Every last minute of my life here is planned out and I think I will be exhausted when I get to Bangkok. I think I will go with a relaxing holiday... massages, facials, manicures etc. life is tough.

My goodbye party is at the London Aquarium Nightclub - no fish, but a big pool in the middle of the club that they provide towels for. Saturday nights are called Carwash and you have to dress in Disco, Eighties funk or Nineties handbag glam or they won't let you in. I am totally going eighties funk!!! Need an afro though...

Work is hectic cos I have been lazy and left everything to the last minute... this seems to be a common theme in my life. So I had better get back to it. :(

Oh - still no word on the lady who was burned last week... last I heard she had 80% burns and was in a critical condition. We still have all the top managers etc visiting and causing us grief, they are more concerned about money than anything... but I guess thats their job.

Thursday, 05 April 2007

Location: Hornsey, UK

Dramas at work

One of our completed apartments went up in smoke last night and badly burnt a disabled lady who lives there alone. We have all the big wigs here trying to look at it from an insurance perspective cos she only moved in last week. I am just hoping the woman is ok and that she doesn't pass away. Apparently she isn't doing so well in hospital.

She has nothing left in her home and it is devastating.

I don't really know what else is going on... I am flat out and (this is selfish) I need to organise my stuff getting shipped home.

Oh and I am hungover cos Miranda is evil and should be punished... not my liver.

And most importantly - there are firemen everywhere... and I look like a dropped meat pie.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Work Hornsey, UK

Haven't packed anything... haven't booked travel insurance... haven't booked ANYTHING in Thailand... haven't even looked for a job in Ballina...

I am in denial...

I love my life in London and find it very difficult to even begin thinking about coming home. Don't get me wrong I am dying to see everyone and miss Australia terribly... but my life is here now and I am having to say goodbye to people forever (maybe).

Everyone tells me that the first 3 weeks are WICKED when you come home... but after the initial high it slowly wears off !!! (thanks guys for that info). Things are slower in Aus and there isn't always something to do. I have become so accustomed to no sleep, no spare time and the absolutely beautiful ability to hide amongst 20million people... then there is the brilliant summers here, the travel, my new friends... :( oh boo hoo...!!!

Now that I have had my whinge I feel really guilty... I am going home to sunshine, beaches, easygoing people and my dog!!! Plus the family (that was not in any order!)

Even better I land on ANZAC day and cannot wait to play two up or the pokies!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Location: Putney, UK

I am coming home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ticket is booked and I land on ANZAC day in downtown Ballina!!!

I am spending a week in Thailand on the way back to work on my tan - so excited.

So three more works and I am outta London... sad, happy, excited... haven't quite decided how I feel. The Visa is too blame.

Anyway, I will see you all soon!!!

Friday, 09 March 2007

Location: London, UK

Just been on the phone to Ballina... crazy cats!
You are all pissed or making an effort to be pissed and I am jealous! Cocktails in the sunshine sounds pretty good to me right now. Its reaching a beautiful maximum of 12 degrees today and the sun is shining! To be honest its still bloody freezing but you become so delusional over here that you think 12 is GREAT!!!

Still at the same job... still living at the same address... nothing new to report... gee that sounds extremely boring!

I don't know if I have told you about the freaks in London. I see about 1 every two days. Usually on the tube on the way to or home from work. Two days ago, a guy in his early teens who was built like a brick shithouse got on the crowded tube and started singing metallica really loud and headbanging. Then he started moshing and I couldn't help laughing cos he was knocking everyone over and couldn't sing to save his life :) Got a bit annoying after 15minutes of replaying the same song on his Ipod and singing it without knowing half the words... He ended up being removed by the cops and I was late to work...

London must have a lot of mentally ill people. Or maybe its cos there are so many people in London... anyway here is a list of my favourites.

The guy who walks up Putney High street with his head facing hard to the right... or is it the left..? Aron and I reckon he changes sides depending on his mood!

Total jerk who keeps calling Aron a black bastard... Aron nearly throttled him, but realised he was a loony and let it go. I find it annoying cos its like he has terrets and yells it in pubs, in shopping centres or in the street. Luckily Aron doesn't take it personally and sees the funny side to it...

Old lady who attacked Rowena!!! hilarious. She wears plastic bags for shoes and was eating from the bin, so Rowena bought her some food from MacDonalds... when she offered her the food, the old lady started screaming at her and called her Bitch Bones!!! The name has stuck :)

Crazy teenage girl who giggles and stares at people on the tube. This lady seems to like staring at me in particular and creeps me out. I usually change carriages.


Friday, 16 February 2007

Location: Hornsey, UK

What the hell is going on in the world of cricket?????

It is hard enough dealing with the weirdo kiwis in London, without giving them ammunition.

Get it together boys.

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From loz
so u have taken the ultimate plunge and ur on route home... brooke brooke brooke... that is very lovely. ahhhh crazyness!! nice to know ur heading back to the land of bourbon & pokies, pokies, and pokies!!! life is hard.
Response: Aaaagh I forgot about the pokies!!! Awesome.
From ron
hello Ella
Looking forward to you coming home. Ballina weather is wonderful at this time of year, cool nights with warm days. Bronson, alias wide load is well, as is Kyla and Dozer. Mum and I are busily rearranging our old cottage so that you have the front bedroom. Gemma has her boudoir in the flat and I am in the process of refurbishing her bathroom. Still plenty to do here, which is ok but I have cancelled my builders licence and am in the process of selling plant, equipment and tools. Time for a change!
Lots of love and hugs and see you soon, Dad.
Response: Dad I keep thinking of you over here. You would love it!!! Although maybe in the wet season as the heat is unbearable. Thanks for re-arranging the Ballina shack for me. xx
From Louise
Great to hear about your travel adventures. The red fruit you mention is probably Dragon fruit as they call it here - yum! It tends to be about AUS$20-30. It grows on a cactus like vine that hang over trellesses. It comes in different colours, white, red and yellow (flesh that is). I haven't tried the yellow, the white is definitely more refreshing than the red.
The warm weather is still with us here in Ballina and we are hoping it lasts 'til next week.
Dave,Roz, Elise. Silvie and Remy are up on hols with Nan and will be here when you return.
By the sounds of things I wish I was the imaginery friend you have with you, I would love to hug a tiger, not too sure about eating in alleyways though! hehehe
Glad to hear you are detoxing. We are all celebrating your return early so will probably require detox by ANZAC day too! Bronson starts his extensive exercise routine today to tone up by wednesday, he's a big boy now! Not fat just BIG!!!! I can't wait to see his reaction to seeing you. He'll be your constant shadow or play totally aloof and shadow Ron.
See you for prawns on the barbie in 4 more sleeps.
Love Mum.
Response: Yeah it was dragon fruit - 40 baht a fruit. I think that is AU$1.00 or thereabouts. Sounds like everyone is going to be there for ANZAC day. Sounds like fun. C u in 3 4 sleeps!!! xx
From Mum
Hello Darling
We are counting the days til your return, only 23 more sleeps I told Bronson today.
I can understand your feelings of leaving your home and the things and people you will miss. They will have to come to visit and we will turn the Shed out the back into a Redback Tavern! Dad would build you the Eiffel Tower if you asked him and Nan will cook some Danish biscuits. A number 14 bus would be my wish so maybe a simulator in the front yard! Oh and we can easily roast macadamias instead of chestnuts. So if you start to feel homesick for the OLD country we will turn on the nostalgia tap and cure you in a flash.
THE TICKET IS BOOKED and you ARE coming HOME!!!!!!!!
Steaks are ordered, prawns are fattening and the Tsunami was a fizzer!
Love and kisses,
Response: Well its only 16 sleeps til I leave London. I am scared to be honest... specially if you think I liked the Redback Tavern... seriously Lou!!!
Talk to you soon. xx
From Gem Gem
Hey Brooke, just got a phone call from Southern Cross Uni, and although i didn't get accepted in the first round of offers, they are offering me a place in Bach. of Arts then in 6 months if i've past all my exams they'll put me in the double degree, which includes teaching- FULLY SICK!! So yeah i am goin to uni this year...its surreal.
Love you miss you talk soon. Gem xo
Response: Congratulations!!!
Oh and Happy Valentines Day! I will call you as soon as I can. xx
From Joads
Ok. I officially have a boyfriend. Kinda had one before. But now its official. He lives in Melbourne. I visited him. He came and visted me....and my crazy family for my bday. So hilarious! Well long story short, am looking for jobs right now and maybe moving to Melb. I know, its amazing how the world works nowadays. Who would let me have a boyfried...? Family is good and Jake is still crazy as ever. He is refusing to get off the 7 year long footy trip bus (as Trav was calling it). Trav is outta the Navy too. Very long story, Im sure you would know it by now. Anyways. Love you. Talk soon. Email. xxx
Response: Moving to Melbourne??? It is going to be forever before we meet up again!
Congrats on the boyfriend... I want details.
I had one too, then got over it... now want him back. typical!!!
Haven't heard anything about Trav - nothing from Cairns has really made it to London!
Hi Brooke Ella, Sorry I have not been sending messages not quite used to my new computer yet also I have been away for the past three weeks Canberra for christmas then sydney on the way home via central coast catfching up with all the grandchildren. I guess you were surprised to have Louise visit think she was lmissing you Mum's have a habit of doing that!!! enjoy the time with her just watch out in Paris those French fellows can be dangerous two beautiful Aussie girls!! Lots of love have a great year. Nan
From RAI
what's doin brookey? hows lou lou doin in merry england, aaron crackin on to her yet? haha... i been doin not much different to what i was in london the last few months, way to loose... i'm startin studying in 2 weeks, it's going to be a big wakke up call i think, looks like your having lots of fun over there, got a good crew of people:) hope 2007 brings you everytying and more, love you, miss you x
Response: Love you miss you too Rai!
We had a burst water main at work and I have hardly seen mum... not fair really. But she is having the time of her life!
Can't wait to see you! xx
From Mum in transit
Hi brooke
im in tokyo and the keyboard is crazy here! see you tomorrow at heathrow. I`ll wait for you in the baggage area if I don`t see you before. Flight JL401
must go. love you heaps
Response: Look forward to it!!!
Although I can't meet you in the baggage area cos you have to go through customs before you get to me! xx
From Kirsty
Hey Chick
Merry Belated Christmas and New Year to you! Did you get my email a couple of weeks ago? Hope all is well. K & Bxx
Response: Merry Christmas to you too! I emailed you back... I will have to resend.
From Joads
Nah, not in Gladdy NYE. In brissy, then melbourne then sydney. Backt o Gladdy by the 21st of Jan. When are you returning?
Response: Probably in April early... love you babes... its christmas day and I hope you have had a great day. Give my love to the family and Jake the crazy bastard. xx
From Jackson
Oooh and so you know I am a girl, not a creepy man. I know, my parents must have hated me to call me Jackson .... lol..... I guess thats why I ended up working in a club in Soho. Next time I will know to look before I type.
From Jackson
Sorry I got Ella and Elle mixed up anyways I'm from Soho and the sis, was from Jersey sorry luv..... my mistake. So many Aussies huh. Take care.
Response: Too many Aussies
From Joads
Okay, at uni. Meant to be doing last assignment for...ever!!! Just not motivated though. Bused to uni, silly crap car died in my last week in Cairns. Maybe it was for the best. Dad still thinks theres hope. Ha! Love you. Email me. I may have a little spare time on my hands. hehehe. Im sure we'll do the xmas new years msgs and calls. Come home
Response: Last assignment - that must feel amazing! Are you going to be in Gladstone for NYE? I am planning my home trip now... scary stuff. scratchya
From joads
i love u. email. moving to glady sad. email
Response: Gee you must be bored! 2 messages in 2 days.. I will email ASAP!
From Lauren
Merry Christmas Brooke glad you are loving London
We look forward to seeing you when you come home
Love from Lauren and Roger
Response: I miss you all so much. I can't wait to come home, but I have loads to tidy up here first! xx
From Jackson
I am talking bout your sis.
Response: obviously
From Jackson
How would you feel about your youngest sibling coming over for a visit?
Response: That would be nice... who are you?
From Jay
Yo!!! what's doing???

we sooooooo need to meet up for a bevy or 2 or 3
Response: I know!!! I can't wait to hear about what you've been doing. I haven't seen you in nearly 6 months! Crazy huh?!
From Gem
Hey whats doin? Sounds like your having plenty of fun over there! I have all my assignments due this week and i am struggling to get them done. My mobile has broken but i have my sim card in a mates phone so u can still contact me. I'm still staying with friends but they move in a month so i'm not sure where the wind will take me, but i guess time will tell. I'm debating going to bris next year but i'm just not sure, i'm in limbo at the moment so making any decision is really difficult. I found out i have to work on New years :( my 1st new year as an 18yr old and i can't even do anything, i'm spewin. Well lovie take care, look after that liver, and i miss you heaps, thanks for calling the other night it was really good to speak to u. love u and miss u always Gem oxox
Response: The answer will come to you - one thing I have learnt is IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE and probably will before it gets better! Send me an email if you wanna chat more :)
Oh and the liver is evil & must be punished!!! I am trying to get work for NYE as well... money over party - my new philosophy!!! xx
From Mummy
Hello beautiful,
You look gorgeous in your photos this week. I noticed in the background a flashback to earlier years with a goat. Very cute!
We have just returned from the Grand final of the first-grade Oz-Tag in which your brother Adam and cousin Glen were playing. It was their first loss in a while and by only 1 point - nailbiting to the end! Adam can't wait to play Rugby and tackle the blokes rather than tag them.
Dad now has a bright purple cast on his leg -very groovy! I'll send photos ASAP.
All else is well, Nan returns tomorrow and Bronson sends his love.
Response: Do you like my funky paint on the wall?!
No-one believes me that we had goats... & English guys are a little intimidated that I had a motorbike & roughed it on a farm... They have never even seen snakes!
Xmas is coming soon... wish I could be home. xx
From Gem Bug (dont ask me
Hey whats doin? Hope all is well, i am soldiering on, working on my final 4 essays for TAFE, im really relieved coz i went into an in-class essay last week totally unprepared (i mean no prep AT ALL) and i got better marks than those who were prepared so yeah very lucky! I have lost my phone so i now have Adam's old number....i'm spewin. Anywho i must be off as my teacher is telling me to pull my head in and do some work!! Me love you long time, and take care Gem Gem oxoxox
Response: Im at work organising MOvember... yep the guys have to grow moustaches in November... 10quid entry and winner takes all... I am the judge!!! haha I love my job...
miss you xx
From Everyone
You are a disgrace! Some photos are best left in the camera! And tell Rowena that she needs a trip to Oz to see what real men look like.
Response: Mum not Everyone thinks I am a disgrace...
From Nan
Hi Brooke Ella, Sounds like you really do love your new job had a laugh at your fun run with the Golf buggy work was never like that in my day !!!!! Iam off tomorrow to spend time with Robyn and then to Canberra a week each. Mum called in tonight and sorted me out thought I should take more clothes in case its cold so I had to completely repack a bigger bag etc. its sure to be hot just to fool me. Not much news really but just thought it was time I checked in look forward to hearing when you finally buy that plane ticket Love Nan
Response: Enjoy your travels Nan!
As soon as I book my ticket I am calling Aus to let you ALL know. I don't think Mum believes that I am ever coming back!
I miss you alot and look forward to having dinner at the RSL or breaky at Shellys!!! xx
From Joads
heya pal....sorry im lazy with the emailing. i jsut dont attend uni much to ge ton a pc nowadays. love you and call, msg email me!!!!
Response: Don't stress - I'm lazy too.