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Welcome to Ellenmarie's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Location: Australia

G'Day Everyone,
I hope that everyone is keeping well.I know I'm the worst friend ever for not keeping in touch!!!
All is been well since leaving Ireland in August.It's hard to believe that Christmas is around the corner.And especially with the weather warming up here all of a sudden,it certainly doesn't feel like Nov.Today it's about 38.Yeah it's hot.It's the hottest day so far.The weather here is mad,as this time last week it was only 17 and lashing rain.Crazy
Julie and I had a lovely and relaxing time in Thailand.We just chilled out on the islands of Koh Sumui and Koh Phangnan.The islands were absolutely beautiful.And the Thai people are friendly and very welcoming.We managed to go to the famous Full Moon party.Good fun was had.
We've been in Sydney since 12th September where Gillian joined us.It's a lovely city,so easy to get around.And the Aussies are so easy going and laid back.We got a a 2 bedroom flat in Bondi straight away.It's right near the beach,which is quite handy for this hot hot weather.It's a tight squeeze but nice.Julie's and my bed have very little that separates them.A bit too close.But sure we're only here till the New Year.So not too bad.
Depsite the size of our flat we actually settled into it quite well.We took it handy for a while,doing all the sight seeing in Sydney.......The Opera House,The Blue Mountains,Hunters Valley even climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge agreat experience,Syndey'sTower(the tallest structure in Australie-fabulous views of Syndey)The Home &Away Beach,the crazy King's Cross(Red light District) and of course The Rocks-equivalent of Temple Bar but classier.
After all that we decided we needed a break away for a week in early October.We flew to Melbourne,spent 3 nights there.We meet up with Maria from Abu Dhabi.She managed to set us up in apartment for the weekend.There we had a mighty bbq which had so many Irish at it that you'd think we were at home.
We hired a car and drove the Great Ocean Road.The views to be seen on route are absolutely beautiful.The Twelve Apostles are incredible.After 3 days in the car we eventually reached Adelaide.Great shopping there.
Returned to Syndey to face reality.I got a job selling Foxtel Digital(equivalent of Sky here) door to door.I did great the first two weeks but not so good the second two weeks.So I packed it in last Frisday as I wasn't earning much.With the fabulous weather we have at the moment I've decided to enjoy it.Yeah I know the height of laziness.Will look tomorrow!!!Not in the sales area.
I have to go to the beach now
Slan go foil Gra Ellenmarie x

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