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Around the World in 63 days!

Welcome to mine and James' travel diary.
Im going to try my best to regularly update our page with photos and little stories (which i will repeat to you all again when i get home!).
You can leave me messages and I will do my best to get back to you.
See you all soon

Diary Entries

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA

We are officially on the countdown to returning home now we have arrived in the penultimate city of our "holiday". We are now in San Francisco, quite rightly known for all of the hills that make up the city, it nearly killed me walking to our hotel and it was only 5 blocks away!

We havnt really had anytime to look around yet so there isnt much to report on, however we wanted to wish everyone that we wont be speaking to over christmas a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

We hope you all have a lovely time and we will be back home soon so prepare yourselves for being bored to death by the close to 1000 pics we have taken!(especially you Lex, afterall i had to sit through your millions of photos...twice)

Lots of love

P.S Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Freddie, Happy birthday to you.....

We love you very much and will miss being with you at your hat party.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Location: Bakersfield, USA

Upon request from the Craners, here is another update....

So the last time i wrote we were in Fiji. From Fiji we had a 10 hour flight to LA. We had 3 days in LA, which i think we both felt was enough. Everyone bangs on about LA but well frankly its not how you see it on GMTV. For the most part LA was dirty and rough. There were nice bits like Rodeo drive and Beverley Hills but unless you are minted you have to make do with the rough bits. Saying all that, we did have a nice time. We did a day sightseeing tour on an open top bus and went to the Kodak Theatre, Chinese Theatre, saw the Hollywood sign, went to the farmers market at the Grove and Rodeo Drive.

From LA we picked up a car and drove to Las Vegas, which i thought was great. James was there last year so i dont think he was as impressed as me. For all those who havent been, it was like being on a film set all of the time. We did a lot shopping at the Malls and visited a few of the main hotels and casinos on the strip. My fav was the Ventian which has a canal running through the hotel and had Gondola rides. Oh and another highlight was the Luxor all you can eat buffet.....yum yum.

After 3 days in Vegas (staying at Hooters!!!) we drove to Death Valley where we satyed for one night. The scenery was pretty breath takin! We are currently in a small town called Bakersfield for one night before hitting the roa again tomorrow to Yosemite.

We are staying in Yosemite National Park for 2 days and then drving to San Fransisco ready for Xmas and then onto to New York for New York...

Speak soon,

Ho Ho Ho Merry

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Location: Denarau Villas, Fiji

Well we are definately in paradise here....

When we got off the plane the weather just hit us....i had read that it was the rainy season and a cyclone had just passed so i thought i was going to have to brace myself for the worst. Definately not! The weather is in the mid 30's and the sky doesnt have a cloud to be seen.

The main island of Nadi, where we flew in, reminds me a lot of Kenya in that it is plain to see that many people live in poor conditions. I was a bit worried until we took a side turning off and drove on to a seperate island called Denarau Island which has all the spa resorts located on it. The island is lush and green and generally very beautiful.

Our hotel is amazing, it is like what you see on tv advertising places for honeymooners. Our room is lovely and there is an infinity pool right on the ocean and other pools located throughout the resort. There is 18 restaurants and a massive golf course.

Last night we had our dinner on the beach which was great. And the people here are so friendly, even people just in the street who arent being paid by the hotel to be nice. At first i was scared as when we were in the taxi someine passing on foot said "Bula" through the window which scared me as i automatically thought he was starting on us when in actual fact he was saying welcome!!! I think that shows something about England maybe.

We have one more night here in Fiji and then tomorrow we are flying to LA......

Sadie - me a moaning minnie? Never!!!! Textme your number or email it and i will try and ring you on the weekend. Lots of love

Craner(Laura)- Cool well we will definately see each other before you head off and i was thinkin i could come down one weekend and you can take me out and to Primark!!! We are going to LA first and then to Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite Park, San Fran (for xmas)and then NY for New Year.

Nan- hey nanny, not sure if you will get this so can some one (emma or mum or someone) tell her i have sent her a message. Just wanted to say hi and that im having a brill time and looking after myself. Took loads of pics of Holly and will print them off for you when i get back....shes so lush and getting bigger so quickly. I was actually quite sad to leave them all and told Darren i have made my mind up and he must come back to England to live. Dont think he was having any of it.

Mum- is all ok, i have text you a couple of times and had no reply! I will try and ring you tomorrow sometime and will defo text in the meantime. Love you loads and missing you mummy. Oh and hows the tree holding up?

Kj - Hey hun,really glad to hear Mike is getting better. Is he back at home with his mum now then? Have you started the bar job yet and how is teaching going, whats the brats like? take carexxxx

over and out everyonexxx

Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of entries recenetly. We have been finding it hard to find the time to do them as we have just started a tour of the South Island of New Zealand with 32 other people around our age.

We strated off in Christchurch which we didnt get to see much of but what we did seemed lovely. Its reminds me a bit of Bristol as it is quite buildt up and has a similar population. From Christchurch we entered the Southern Alps and stayed our first night in Fox Glacier. The views throughtout the journey were amazing!

At Fox Glacier we did a 3 hour hike up bushland and onto the Glacier. It was sooo kool and the views were spectacular. Frankly, i cant believe i actually hiked anywhere let alone up a cliff face! (check me out!!!!)

From Fox we made our way to Queenstown, adventure captial of New Zealand. We decided not to do any throwing ourselves off bridges but loads of the people travelling with us have done one today. We are about to go on a Jet Boat down a canal which should be fun!

Last night we all went out to a few bars including, Minus 5, an Ice Bar. Its was sooo cool (excuse the pun). The whole place was made of ice including the glasses. We were supplied with massive coats, gloves amd Ugg boots to wear and we drank cocktails amongst loads of christmas ice sculptures.

We have taken loads of photos but havent got time today to put them on as it takes over half hour for them to load on shared networks. Will put them on just as soon as i can.

Love to all.....

Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

We finally made it to New Zealand in the early hours of saturday morning. We stayed saturday night in Auckland, i much prefer it to Australia! It reminds me a lot more ike England but with better scenery and weather.

On Saturday night James bought us tickets to see Justin Timberlake in concert for my birthday present. Its was amazing and our seats were really good, right in front of the stage. The only annoying thing was that we had a girl sat behid us who complained to the steward that we were standing up and she couldnt see (she was still sat down). To think we were standing at a concert!!!!Shock horror!!! My reply to her was that if she wanted to sit down she should have gone to the cinema!

We got on the Overlander down to Wellington early on sunday morning and Darren (my bro) picked us up from the train station after a 10 hour trip!

After much anticipation i have finally met my little niece and she is absolutely beautiful, really tiny and cute. She has bright blue eyes and blonde hair (and some impressive lungs!!! :))

We are staying with my bro and sister in law and Holly whilst we are in Wellington which is really nice as its a bit of luxury for us what with fluffy towels, plasma tv, comfy leather sofa's and home cooked meals!

Im not sure what we are up to over the next couple of days but we are thinking of going up to Lake Taupo, which is meant to be beautiful, oh and me and James (well mainly James) are cooking Greek Lamb Stew for everyone tomorrow night......will let you know how it goes.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Location: Sydney Airport, Australia

Yes im email from Sydney Airport as we have a 3 hgour delay which seems to be getting longer and longer.

So, we have today left Cairns, which i think is quite nice, a bit like Brisbane without the Mozzies! Whilst we were up there we went on a sailing trip to the Great Barrier Reef. It was sooo brilliant, i am really glad we did it. I had a go at some snorkelling and James did an introductory dive, which he loved. We had an underewater camera as well so we should have some really good photos to show when we get back.

We had the whole day out on the Reef and had a BBQ and went in a glass bottom boat to see the coral and stuff, the colours were sooo pretty but unfortunately because the sun hadnt been at its best the previous days all the red's and oranges werent out. I saw a turtle and some parrot fish and an 80 year old clam.

Oh and im pleased to announce i founs Nemo0 and since his filming has had a baby!

Off to New Zealand (when our plane turns up)......

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

Hi All

We are in Hervey Bay at the moment, which is about 4 houirs up the coast from Brisbane.

We have just come back from our trip to Fraser Island. We went along with 8 other people in a 4x4 for 2 nights and 3 days. Its was amazing, the island is mad of mainly sand and fresh water lakes.

We camped and made all our food around a camp fire thingie, i felt like a rale traveller and i even own my own sleeping bag now (it is pikn though, i have to remain true to my girlie routes!)

I had a lovely birthday on the island and even had a birthday cake with candles and happy birthday sang to me in English, German and French! Oh and i wold like to say thank you to everyone who wrote on Facebook, here or sent me texts, they all made the homesick i was feeling a little less.

Something else which put a smile on my face is that on 15 Novemebr i became an Aunty to an amazingly beautiful little girl named Holly Grace Newland. I have seen the photos and can confirm that my good looks have definately been passed on......

We are off up the coast tonight on a 13 hour coah ride over night to take us up to the Great Barrier Reef.

Will load photos of Fraser Island shortly, in the meantime check out the photos of Noosa!

lots of love


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Location: Hervey Bay, Australia

Hey all, we are now in Hervey Bay after a long 4 hour bus journey up last night.

We came up from Noosa Heads, where we had stayed the previous night. Its was sooo lovely, a real surfers paradise. We went out for a pre-birthday meal and had some lovely sea food right on the front.

We have met our group who we are going to be with on the Fraser Island tour and they all seem lovely, apart from the 3 piss heads who were so drunk through the welcome meeting they just sat and giggled!!!

We are off first thing in the morning and will be back on Saturday morning (your time). Will do another blog upon my return

Oh p.s me and James have been bitten to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

So, we have been walking around the city today, trying to get a feel of the place.

We were starting to get a bit hot so thought we would go and have a drink in Gloria Jeans (like Starbucks). I was sat therr in the window reading my book when i look up and out the window to find a tramp with his willy out weeing right in front of me. I couldnt believe i covered my eyes with the book but when i looked again some time later he was still standing there with it out after peeing down his leg....oh my god, i thought Broadmead was bad, obviously not!

After our eventful morning we have spent the afternoon in the National Parklands with sandwiches.

Staying at James' cousins for a couple of days tonight.......

Friday, 09 November 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

We have arrived in Brisbane today and im happy to report that the weather is much better up here. We have checked in to a new hostel which is really nice so no more scary pics of me on a bunk!

We went to the Sydney Opera House last night to see a ballet called 'Destiny'. Now James and i would like to think of ourselves as cultured but after last nights saga i dont think thats the case. There i was thinking, how romantic and how amazing the performance was going to be, oh how wrong was i. Firstly our seats were so far up that we had vertigo just getting to them and then james fely queezy just sitting in his seat. Secondly, the dancers were very talented but it was soooo boring we nearly fell asleep and no joke we probably would have had we not have been sudffering from frost bite at the time!

As i said we are in Brisbane for a couple of days now and will post some more pics just as soon as i find something to take them of....

Tuesday, 06 November 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Its raining again!!!!

Today we went on the Sight seeing tour bus around the whole of Sydney (sat on the open top deck in the rain, like real tourists!). We got off at Bondi Beach, which was completely empty because of the weather even though ona typical sunny day there are around 35,000 people on the beach. We took the costal walk path along to a couple of other paths. Along the way there were sculptures which were being exhibited as part of the 11th annual Sculptures by the Sea exhibition.

We then got back on the bus and travelled around the rest of the city......

Im now very tired and am going to have an early night. Probably off to an out of city mall tomorrow where they have a shop called David Jone's (Australia's Debenhams) I cant wait!!!!!

Monday, 05 November 2007

Location: Australia

So yesterday we went to Sydney Bridge and the Opera House.....

It was amazing! The opera House is really impressive and we have booked to see a ballet there on Thursday evening before we leave Sydney. The Bridge was ok (frankly, to me it was just a bridge, big whoop!)

We had lunch in a pub called The Glenmore, which had a roof terrace with amazing views, which would have been better had the Germans not parked their super cruise liner right in the way! All i have to say, is "two world wars and one world cup"!

We then made it back to where we are staying and had a wander around Chinatown and Pitt Street.

Today we were going to have a picnic in the Botanical Gardens but the weather is really poo again so that had to be cancelled. Instead we took a walk (may i add a 4 hour one at that !) around most of Sydney. We came across an area called Kings Cross which provided me with my first ever sighting of a transvestite hooker! Not a good look!

Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow and i think the weather is still meant to be a bit rubbish but if it is ok then we are doing a costal walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte beach......brown girl in the sun tr la la la!

Sunday, 04 November 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia, we have made it to Sydney....

We arrived yesterday evening and it was the worst weather we have ever seen. It was thunder and lightenhing, in Sydney for god's sake!

Today is much better and im pleased to say im wearing shorts and a vest (mainly because i havent packed much else). We are off to Circular Quay, The Rocks, The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge today.

Will report on our findings soon......In the meantime, have a look at our photos, more to come shortly.

Lots of Love

Ellie and James

Saturday, 03 November 2007

Location: Singapore

Right just a quickie, i am in the airport waiting to go to Sydney and its free internet access so i thought, why not!

Weare off to get some breckie now but speak soon.

Friday, 02 November 2007

Location: Singapore

Hi all
We have arrived safetly in Singapore after a very long 12 hour flight. Unfortunately i only managed to sleep for about 2 hours, unlike James who did enough sleeping for both of us.

So, we arrived and the first thing i thought was öh my god, im sweating'and that was just getting off the plane.

We have been walking around and made it to Orchard Road, which is amazing, however, still very expensive.

I would have posted the couple of photos that i have taken today, but i seem to have misplaced my lead already, but not to fear if needs be i will buy another one so that you can all remember what we look like!!!!

Off to Sydney first thing.......

Photos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Richard
Hi you 2 a very Merry Christmas and a very rewarding New Year
Love Dad
ps. The exposure system I spoke of earlier was called the Zone system.
Amazing light in a few of the last set of pics. Drink sensible. Cheers
From Sadie
Hi, and Merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely day.

Enjoy New Year, and hope to speak to you soon. xx
From Ange
Just wanted to wish you both a wonderful xmas and look forward to seeing you when you get back. Thanks for the happy birthday song for Freddie he will miss you at his hat party but find yourselves some hats, have a drink to celebrate it and send us some pics. Freddie keeps moving the presents around and tidying them up, think he would be happy to do this all christmas! You look to be packing in all the sites and not missing a thing looks amazing, you lucky things. Anyway am off for a little tipple and we are going to attempt to put a carrot and all the usual suspects by the fire and see what Freddie's reaction is to that!!!!
From Dan & Louise
Just a quick message to say have a great xmas. Louise and I are now in Cyprus and enjoying a bit of warmth. Paid a brief visit to Agia Napia today and it looked a bit like your piccies of L.A. Take care, see you in the New Year.
From Mum (d)
Hi you two
Lovely to see your new pics. It looks fantastic and great to talk to you the other day. Enjoy your last bit of your holiday and will talk on Christmas Day. I am at work (only three of us in)
but hopefully a short day
Love Mum xxxx
From Alexi
Merry Christmas!!!! Its Christmas eve and im in work, woe!! But im so excited about getting all my presents tomorrow that im beginning to make myself feel sick with excitment! Where are you gonna have christmas dinner?

Don't worry about the photo situation, I will sit through the mega slide show no problem!! Maybe we could make a night of it and get some popcorn?!

Have a fab xmas and new year, can't wait to see you both!!

Lots of love
Lexi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Richard
At long last you 2 have surfaced with some great pics but you are about to enter the daddy of all landscapes and the home of one of the most populist of all b/w landscape photographers Ansell Adams check out the likeness. He was a good friend of Georgie O'keefe famous for her flower paintings and the lover of Alfred Stielglist. Ok you can get back to shopping now.
Stay safe Love Dad
Response: Yo slaphead- whats your skype name? I msged someone before but no response...?
hey ellie welly wobble, me and emma are not happy with the lack of posts and pictures. we check everyday and nothing!!! we want to know what you have bought in old navy, we are having withdrawl symptoms!!! england sucks, america rocks. hope you and james have a good christmas. see you when you get back. lots of love the cranes xxxxxx
Response: So very sorry, how could i have not stopped what i am doing to find a computer!!! Well i am in Bakersfild today which is a stop after Death Valley and one before Yosemite. We have just been to Las Vegas for 3 days which was wicked.
What have i bought....well i havent been into Old Navy yet but by God i went mental in Abercrombie, Macys and Victoria Secret! I am saving myself for the San Fran Old Navy Em was telling me about.
I am really missing home now and have even bought a christmas CD for in the car but its not as good coz its all carols i now sand by people who i dont! I mean who the hell is Joe?
Anywho, i am going to do a post now and add some pics so you craners can have your fix....ho ho ho
From mum (d)
Hallo you two,
Just to say hallo, it was nice to talk to you yesterday. I hear you had a word with Freddie who had ‘germs’. Hopefully it is nothing else.
Much the same here, weather as expected (horrible). Trying to do some Xmas shopping this weekend. It will be sad for Ellie to say goodbye to her brother and baby Holly this weekend - lots more adventures for you both to look forward ove the next month. Take lots of care. Talk soon. Love mum (nan also sends love and grandad). xx
From Alexi
How are you travelling around south island then? Are you on the Kiwi Experience Bus? Well done with the Glacier, we did the Franz Josef one, and it rained the entire time!! My mobile phone got drenched and never worked again!

Very jealous of the Ice Bar, I didn't even know it was there! Are you staying in hostels? Have fun on the jet boat, its well good!!xxx

PS, I already hate my fringe and am now growing it out again!x
Response: Hey
We were on a tour called Connections Adventures, it was an 18-39 group of 32 people and we went all around the South Island for 7 days. We had an amazing time and saw some may beautiful things. We were lucky with Fox Glacier as we had a really clear day until we got back on the coach to go to Queenstown when it started to rain. Actually the whole time we went around, it never rained even on the Doubtful Sound where it rains 2 out of 3 days and gets 8mm of rain a year!
We were proved our accomodation for the tour and they were all hotels and ski loges so that was really nice (especially since we had Sky tv to induldge in)
So your like me, i hated mine within about 3 minutes!
From sarah
hey, how are you both?

glad you're enjoying nz, your little neice sounds beautiful - aunty ellie and uncle james now!

nothing really happening this end after the excitiement of last week. i have so much to show you when you get home tho, menus, timetables, dresses, flowers,'ll love it!

i went to cribs today cos it's our xmas party next friday and i must've tried on at least 15 dresses but diddn't like any - so annoying! am gonna have to go one night after work this week when it's not so busy i think, it was crazy there today, you literally couldn't move, plus every shop had xmas tunes playing - very annoying!

anyway, hope you're both having a fab time! will write again soon.

lots of love xxx
Response: Hey Sarah. NZ was amazing, i really enjoyed it, much more than OZ.We have left now and i am emailing you from Fiji which i have to say is possibly one of the most beautiful places i have been. We are staying in this really posh hotel with infinity pools and a Spa! Im definately living the life...
How was the xmas party? where did you get your dress from in the end?
I cannot wait to see all the stuff and get planning with you. I willhave to come round on a weekend and we will have to have a whole day looking things through. Have you seen any dresses you like, either for yourself or me and Charlotte yet?
Off to LA tommorow which im looking forward to. Remember to keep an eye out for a job for me at work.
lots of love
From Alexi
I am so jealous that you went to see Justin!! Did he have loads of dancers too? Me and Gareth are going to see kanye West tonight, but not sure how its gonna go as his mum has recently died whilst in plastic surgery, so he might not be at his best!!

Im glad you like NZ, are you gonna get a car while your out there? Is the weather hot? Its cold and miserable here so enjoy every moment!!

Speak to you soon
Lexi xx

PS, More photos please!!x
Response: Hey, yeah Justin was really good and the dancers were really really good. How did Kayne West go? It is actually a bit chilly here but it hasnt really reached there summer yet, that is around December time. We have taken the Overlander down to my brother who lives about 20 mins outside Wellington so its cheapwer to get the train which is right at the bottom of his road.
We have travelled up to Taupo today whoch is really nice but really chilly as there is a big breeze coming off the lake.
Looks like you had fun at your Halloween party and look at you with your new fringe!
lots of love
From nan
Hey Ellie. its nan! but the lynmeister is typing! Glad you are getting from place to place safely, give my love to Darren,Tehzeen and of course give my baby great grandaughter a big hug and kiss from me, and take lots of picures for me to see when you get home.
Take care, Love You Nanx
Response: Hi nan and Lynnie Crane!
Already given Holly several big kisses from both her nannies and informed her your the cool great granny....
I have sent you a few texts but you havent relied, i hope you have got them?
I have put some more photos of Holly on her so ask Lynne to show you them or Brian.
lots of love
From Sarah Watson
Hey guys!

How are you both?

Only just logged onto this thing (like a spaz I thought you were going to be writing on the facebook group!)

Is great to see you're having such a great time and for the record I am SOOOOO jealous about the Justin concert.

Things in Bristol are much the same. Went out for Nick's birthday party at the weekend which was lots of fun. Getting excited about Christmas now already too.

Will deff be keeping up with all of your adventures on here from now on.

Missing you both (although I'm sure you're not missing here as its FREEZING!!)


Response: Well there had to be one looking at Facebook, numpty!
I know, Justin was brill and i was so chiffed we were able to get tickets as we only bought them a couple of hours before the concert.
I love Christmas time with all the hustle and bustle and things but its just not christmasy here. I mean they have decorations up and stuff and play carols but its sun sunshine outside and that just doesnt seem right to me!
Miss you too and see you when we get home.
lots of love, us x
From Bethan and Jon
Sounds like you're both having a fabulous time. Hope you love New Zealand, and your plane turns up!

A very belated happy birthday Ellie, sorry I had the date down wrong, never have been the brightest of sparks. Nothing to report this end only that I do not think I have ever been so cold. Lots of rain, dark and dingy and freezing cold, bet you can't wait to get back!

Brilliant to hear you're having such a good time, keep the pictures coming. There's a spray-tan place at Heathrow I think, just in case James doesn't manage to catch the sun at all!!!

Lots of love,

Bethan x x x
Response: Err listen missy... don't think you're exactly the most olive skinned!! I'd rather be milk bottle than lobster...

How's the house going? You got a completion date yet?

Hope our boxes are still in tact Ha!

Catch you soon

From Richard
Hi you 2
Just logged on sorry to hear about the delay I dont know what time it was when you wrote the message on friday. When are you due in NZ and where do you land. Will the map on this page change to one of NZ. I hope the weather will be kind to you. Dan and Louise are now warm and cosey. The council finally came to do the estate's gardens today and promtely took a strimmer to the minature rose bushes I had planted for a neibough. Let me know if you see any evidence of intelligent life on the other side of the world. I was cheered up later by a picture of Ken Livingstone in Indian on the front page of the Evening Standard its soooooooooooooo funny I wont be surprised if it makes the front cover of the next issue of private eye though whats going down here at the moment there' s going to be a lot of competion for that page. Thanks for email James hope my advice was of some use. Hope you have a good journey once you get going.
Response: Hiya

As you'll hopefully have seen, we ae now in Wellington in NZ. The weather is really good, not as hot as Oz.

Pleased to report there are numptys all over the place!

Thank you for your email, interesting more than useful i think. I will just have to look when I get out there I think. With the dollar so weak, if I dont get one now I'll not get another chance...

Anyway catch ya later.

J & E

From Alexi
Hello both, glad you had a great birthday, that beach highway looks pretty impressive!! And im very jealous you saw a baby turtle!

Things are good with me and Gareth, were going to yet another wedding this weekend, and Gareth is best man again! He's already stressing about the speech!

Also, think the Bride and Groom are gonna be in NZ the same time as you, so now we have two lots of friends out there!

Speak to you soon
love lexi xxx

PS Congratulations on becoming an aunty!x
Response: Another sure there is some saying, always the best man never the groom (or maybe not!!!!!! you best stop him being such a good friend) Hope you have a lovely time.
I saw a grown turtle as well yesterday poking his head up and down whilst we were snorkelling on in the great barrier reefy, amazing!
From sarah

this is a short one cos am at work and trying not to get caught, but i have v v v exciting news......

we booked st audries park yesterday! the wedding's gonna be sooner than planned on 29 dec 2008, so in between xmas and new year! when we went down for the 2nd viewing the xmas tree etc was amazing and they had all of the log fires going etc so i completely changed my mind (and ed's!) and now we're gonna have a winter wedding!

it's such a lovely place - will take you to see it when you get thinking nice red bridesmaids dresses now, what do you reckon?!

hope you got my text on your birthday and am v pleased you liked your card etc!

must go now, but will write again with a bit more detail v soon.

lots of love xxxxxx
Response: Weyhey, how exciting, i cant wait. Oh god we really are going to have to do some major planning when i get back. Red sounds beautiful and soo perfect fro christmas (and my skin tone!). Definately have to take me there.
Lots of love
me xxx
Oh and i did get the text, thank you ever so much.
From Rachel
Hiya Guys,

Sounds like you are having an amazing time, I am so jealous!!! I'm glad you found some sun at last (you certainly won't see any over here, it's really dark and dingy typical November.

I can't believe you've been gone almost a month, the time has flown by.

Thought of you at lunchtime Ellie, was out clothes shopping in town for the departmental christmas party next Thursday nite at Byzantium!!!

Auntie Ellie, that has a certain ring to it.....and you'll be meeting the new addition in a few days, how exciting.

Anyway enjoy your last few days in Oz.

Rach xx

Response: Well anything is better than work, lets face it! Yeah we are having a lovely time and the weather has gotten much much better, i am actually brown now.
Clothes shopping, why doesnt that suprise me? Make sure you drink and eat as much as you can but try not to puke!
Tell Clare her notes have been fab, especially Sydney which we did everything on them she said to do.
I cant wait to see my niece, although supposidely she is a cryer!
Speak soon

Oh and hope the DVDs are treating you well.
From Dan and Louise
Happy belated birthday Ellie glad you both had a grand time on Fraser Island. Slightly perplexed by James' pallour. I thought you said it was hot there now. Great White Shark, more like Great White Ginge. Hope the coach ride up to Cairns is smoother than when I did it. The highway at Townsville had flooded for a couple of hundred meters and the coach driver had to guess where the edge of the road was. All makes life more interesting though.
p.s. Are the whales in Hervey Bay?
Dan (& Louise)
Response: Piss off! At least I'm not frezzing my nuts off because the dodgy plumber i got in to fix my boiler did a runner!!

Just finished the coach journey to Cairns...was awful. 10 hours during the day was soo boring. At least that was the last coach journey.

Will try and call you/mum on Friday at one of the three different airports we will be at as we fly over to NZ.

Catch ya later
From Mummy
Morin' Elles and James
That island looked smashing (not as nice as our living on birthday mornings) Looks like the weather has got better, dont forget to use a high factor sun tan lotion to aviod you both burning. Where are you now? and whats the plan for the rest of your time in Australia?
Over and out
Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Richard
Hi you 2
Belated birthday greetings to you Ellie sorry it was not on time and congrats on becoming an aunt. I hav'nt found anybody that knows about photography yet! or for that matter calculus er musical harmonics and factorials and their involvement with probability. I do know that it has been wet and cold today with some sleet as well you are in the best place right now. Daniels new central heating is not being installed smoothly. There is some more excitement today with the maddy mccan case their is some sugestion that the kidnaper will be named by a team of detectives hired by the mccans in the next few days. I am talking as if you have no contact with the outside world. Meeting Grandad tomorrow for lunch, yea I know its not Saturday its Monday he is comming up to finish some last detail on the Greenwich water colour he has been working on. Met my new neighbough today down the gym turns out he is a barister from Jamacia working with the Jamacain High Commission. Well watch out for those sharks stay safe.
Response: Oh so you are still alive then??

Just come back from Fraser Island which was pretty good. One of the guys in our group was a "professional" photographer and should be sending me a CD of his pics when he gets home... It'll be interesting to compare his with ours - some of which we have uploaded.

Ellie says thanks for the wishes.

It is absolutely boiling up here now... Just about coping.

See if the Barrister has any contacts and what his field is?

Anyway gonna go get some afternoon sleep now. Regards to Grandad.


James & ellie
From Alexi
Happy Birthday!! Hope your having a wonderful time!

Its a shame the ballet wasn't good in Sydney, but at least I don't feel as though we missed out on anything now!

Miss you both,
Lexi xxxxxx

PS are you getting a tan yet?!
Response: Hey Lex

Thanks for the birthday wish, yeah i am much browner now. I have just come back from Fraser Island, where i spent my birthday which was lovely.
Hows things with you?
From laura
happy birthday ellie welly womble!!! hope your having a great birthday. take care you two xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Sadie
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Have a lovely day hun. What have you planned? xxxxx
Response: Thanks hun and thanks for thr E-card and text, it meant a lot to me especially as i was feeling a bit homesick.
We were on Fraser Island whci his the largest sand island in the world, it was wicked and i even got to see Dingoes! I celebrated my birthday with James and 9 others around a camp fire and even had a birthday cakes and candles which was really nice.
Missing you....