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Elliott's American Trip

Well this is my site to tell everyone whats happening on the trip. Feel free to send me emails and keep me up to date on whats going on in brisvegas. Hope you enjoy...

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Location: USA

OK well ive been very slack this holiday and this is my first diary entry even though my trip is half over. Ill start from the beginning

The Flight: After being delayed for five hours, I finally boarded Qantas flight 175 to Los Angeles for my American adventure to begin. Being rather excited about my first long distance flight, I eagerly sat down next to peter and xavier and we took off. I was pretty sick so the flight was really really bad. I stayed up most of the time and there is only so many times you can watch the same movie in the space of 14 hours. The Cabin air was really dry and my eyes felt all funny. My first sleep was as we were landing in LA so I missed all the scenery. That was a bit annoying. We went into customs and I got my finger printed by a very rude black customs officer. It is amazing how many American flags I had seen before even departing the airport. LAX was huge. We went outside where it was freezing and the first thing I noticed was the size of the cars. Everyone had big vans and trucks with big wheels. All 12 of us got into the van and went on our way to Anaheim. The drive took forever, and it was all highway. Pretty much all of us fell asleep. All the drivers are Mexican. Just another observation.

Anaheim: We arrived and realized we were staying directly across the road from Disneyland. It was freezing there. We found out that Disneyland was open until Midnight. So, we went next door to the McDonalds, which was foul. The food was about 10 times grosser than Australian McDonalds. After Pete and I settled into our room that we had to ourselves, we went across the road to Disneyland. We went with the Spurgins, and they broke off at about 9.30. Pete and I stayed until about 11.30, and we pretty much walked onto every ride. It was empty, the longest line was for a pair of gloves, It was ridiculously cold. My favorite ride was probably the Indiana Jones ride from that night. The next day we went through Disneyland with the kids again and then California Adventure. The rollercoaster was so good, probably the best I have ever been on. The Hollywood Tower Hotel was also really good. Disneyland / California Adventure was a lot of fun.

LA: We got to LA, and we got into the Century Plaza Hotel. At 11.45, Pete and I went on a “City Tour” which took us through Los Angeles. It was a good day, and we occasionally got to get out and look through the shops etc. We went through downtown, then Hollywood, then Beverly Hills. Downtown and Beverly Hills was really good. Hollywood, however, I thought was really dirty, and not what I expected. We went to a place known as the Farmers Markets, or the “the grove”. If you’ve seen a picture in Who of the latest celebrity shopping in LA, this is where they would have been. It was pretty cool. There is a small ally where we found all these delis and stuff like that. And there was a Hot sauce shop, full of 1000s of bottles of chili. It was really random. We went to a small part of LA where all the Mexicans hang out and everyone speaks Spanish. They had stall after stall where they sold statues of Mary and Jesus. That was really different. The tour guide that took us from our hotel to the Grove was hilarious. He yelled at a bum and spent the whole time disobeying traffic rules. He said he was an “actor, and friends with all the stars” ahha He was one of those really typical LA washed up actors looking for a peace of fame: Slicked hair, exposed chest hair, cool outfit. He was rather entertaining. We noticed that in LA your rich and beautiful, or dirt poor. There didn’t seem to be any in between. While at the grove we went into a TCM movie memorabilia place, and I got in trouble for taking a photo of the Maltese Falcon, I was so scared. Ahah and I didn’t even get the photo. Rodeo Drive was the nicest street I’ve ever seen, it was so clean and only the best cars were parked here. I saw lambageni, Bentleys, Lexus…they were so nice. We had dinner and to my surprise, wait for this, they have free refills. When ur cup looks almost empty the waiter quickly grabs ur drink and fills it up again. Its great… but there is also a tip rule. 30% on everything like dinner and cabs. This isn’t too bad. Also, there is good tv on until 4 am. Like primetime tv all the time. You can switch the Tv on and you will always find something on, like Seinfeld. The simpsons isn’t as popular here as I thought. Its only on once a week. The big cartoon here is “family guy” it has been on in Australia,, but here its on every night and its hilarious. We then left LA, and boardedour 4 hour flight to Nashville. Its like Americans have never seen children, everywhere we go Kimbra Spurgin gets comments about the five kids like “Excuse me honey, they arnt all yours girlfriend… are they?” Its really funny.

Nashville: We arrived in Nashville a few days ago. So far, it has been really laid back. It is so cold here. Pete and I and everyone else are all going to a NFL Monday Night football game tonight. It is meant to be about minus 3 degrees. That will be fun, we have to intensely rug up. We have been looking after the kids a fair bit which has been actually quite fun. They are all really good kids. We have concluded that Xavier is as much of a handful himself as all 5 of the Spurgin kids. They all are really good, especially the baby Romy, who barely ever cries for anything. The other night was the Christmas Party for the Cunningham’s business. Gary and Lorilie made their speeches, and there was a lot of dancing etc. Pete and I went around with the video camera and filmed a lot, and there were quite a few interesting people there. Many knew Pete, but some thought I was a Spurgin, and I had to explain I was the friend of the son haha. So, yeah, the Christmas party was good fun. We caught up with Allison, pete’s friend, the other day and saw Ocean’s Twelve. That was pretty good, but all Pete’s friends are in exams right now. So we wont be able to see too much of them. We got a fart machine in LA, it makes fart noises ahha so we have been going around Nashville with it and its very funny. We took it into a gun shop, the hillbilly’s with the double barreled shotguns weren’t impressed so we got out of there really fast. The people here are pretty funny, I have to control my laughter sometimes when they talk or ask me something. The country music scene isn’t as full on as I thought it would be and its actually growing on me, so for Christmas id like Keith Urban and Tim McGraws albums: The best of…. Jokes ahha. I have to go and get ready for this Tennessee Titans game now, but I will update you all as the trip progresses. Looking forward to seeing you again and ill try to keep up to date with my diary, If anyone has any questions, just ask cause I know ive left out some details in this!

Love Elliott

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Recent Messages

From Dad
Hey Elliott - no news for a while - how are things going ?
It was a shame you missed the Whitton Xmas, we all had a great time (and missed you).

Love Dad
Response: Yeah ive got to update this diary. Ive been so busy. The whitton christmas sounded prety fun.
Love elliott
From Adelaide & Ned
Hi Elliott

It's Adelaide & Ned here

Ned came over for a swim and i finally saw gill he's soooooooo cute .
Neway mis u heaps

Luv addy
Response: ahhaah addy u love these randoms msgs, dont you. I miss you too. Oh i wanted to see gill. .
Love elliott
From Nan
Your photos are really terrific. Sorry I've been so long sending a message. I had your address wrong, but Prue has just fixed me up.
Pa sailed Aquation back from Hervey Bay last week and the weather was simply horrendous. They didn't get any sleep at all, and the two crew on the galley deck couldn't get to the two crew on the flybridge because they would have been washed overboard. Just prooves what a good seagoing boat she is though. Do you get Brigid's news too. This system is magic. We are going down to Budds this weekend to hide all the Santa presents for your family etc. We'r going to take Polly and see how she goes in the car and at the house, Love
Response: Wow! thats really cool. The weather here has also been crazzzzy. It was freezing the other day but now its not to bad at all. Taking polly to budds would be good i think. Yeah i can see brigits site. Its not as good as mine ahha.
Love Elliott
From Addy
Dear elliott
Im talking about wen mum says the three of us i always want to correct her and say the four of us.

Miss u ALOT
love Adelaide
Response: Your crazy addy,
Miss you too
Love Elliott
From warwick

Unreal webpage. The best your mum could manage (or afford) when she went overseas the first time was a dodgy phone call every two weeks or so.

Miss you heaps (need people to exploit packing boxes at robins).

Look forward to the next updates.

Just remember while you are over there, whatever you do, DONT GET CAUGHT!

Have fun.

Great Uncle Warwick (the centre of your universe).

And dont you forget it.
Response: ahahah can i really work at robins packing boxes? I havnt been caught doing anything yet... but i did get in trouble on the plane for something funny that i cant share now ahah.
Elliott... the centre of your universe
From Adelaide
Hey Smelliott
How r u? The family's pretty good and i really kinda not really mis you
Jokes Jokes
No really i do miss you and its kinda weird because whenever mum talks onm the ex. Like When mum wants us to go to a sleepover on Thursday she says on the phone to Kerrie Fowler that she wants me to stay their she says"Since we're goin to be out all day i would think it would be easier if i just farmed the THREE OF THEM to someone's house" and its just really weird

Luv ya
Response: i have no idea what you are talking about... I miss you too... i think..
Love elliott
From prue
hey elliott

sounds like you're having a great time.. its crazy hot atm so you're pretty lucky!! well have a great rest of your holidays!


ps that rollercoaster looks insane
pps when are you going to NYC
ppps hi pete
Response: Its so cold, also, i have 9 Livestrong bands, tell your freinds- ill sell them at 5 bucks each. I can also get Abercrombe and Fitch perfume ahah
From prue
hi elliott sounds like you're having an awsum time!! bring me back some good photos!!


ps that rollercoaster looks insane
pps hi pete
pps when are you going to new york??
Response: Im going to NY in 6 days
From Gus
Yeah cool pics. i'm so jealous. and i just want to tell you that a guy from terrace is in a add bout the gold lotto. What is the best place you've been 2?

From Gus
P.S. What cool stuff have you bought me. Just jokin but wat cool stuff hav u bought
Response: I havnt bourght toooo much stuff. Everything here is pretty cheap. We are going to the shop now so will see...
From Nina
Hey big cus.
I hope America is so much fun!!!
Does it snow up there?
We have just been for a great swim in your pool today .Its is sooo hot here.
Hope to speak to you soon.
love Nina
Response: Yeah it does snow, it snowed when we were at the NFL game last night. They kept playing!!!
From GUs
kool trip elliott. Ride look mad
Response: Yeah they were really good.
From Adelaide
Hey Elliott
I am soooooooo jealous.I want to go to Dysneyland sooo much.
Anyway, I really miss you although there are still fights... Between me and Angus
Also, Have you seen/met any famous people yet Because if you have I'll be expecting some autographs.

lots of Love

P.S. Prue is wondering if you've bought the OC series.
Response: No i havnt got the OC, im still waiting on Dad to tell me if our dvd playr will play american dvds. I saw some random from bold and the beautiful or days of our lives or something haha.
From Dad
Elliott, I love the travel diary - so informative. The photos are also fantastic.

I didn't realise you were going to an NFL game - you lucky sod.

Go The Titans !!!!!

Love Dad
Response: Omg i just got back from the game, IT SNOWED!!! and it was really cool, as in cool as in rad/sweet/fun ahha and also in temperature. Titans lost in the last minute and Terry Tate (the office linebaker) was on the big screen. it was funny. and they had fireworks when titans got a touchdown!!! it was great.
From Justin

Fantastic photos! How long did that take you???

Is it as cold as we thought? Your gear looks like our winter. I imagine NY will be colder.

Hope you are having a ball. The photos and commentary are really great.

Response: Hey Justin,
Yeah its cold, i had to force my smile in the phots at disneyland cause it was really that cold, we ened up leaving at 9pm to go and get our ski jackets cause we were finding that our muscles were freezing and it was too hard to walk. ahah Tonight im going to an NFL game and its going to be -3 Degrees. i think ill be wearing my doona. The photos of the buildings dont give credit to how big everything here is. Its awsome.
Ps thank you for your Travel Pack, it was a big help until i forgot i had the lollies in my bag at customs ahha
From Martine
Elliott, you spelt your web name incorrectly on Brigid's site. i have told her. You might get some messages now!
Love M
Response: OK cool, thanks
From Sonya
Very cool - literally! See, you should always listen to your mother and take that scarf!
Looks great. Enjoy!
Response: Yeah its soooo cold here. Tonight im going to an NFL Titans game and its going to be freezing!
From Mum
Hi Darling
I managed to access all the photos. It looks just like the movies! I'll show the others.
Speak to you soon.
Love Mum
Response: Yeah i keep recognising places from films.