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Hi there,
We aren't travelling yet, in fact we wont be for a while. But this introduction is to tell you about how we are going with our planning, and what ideas we would like from other kid travellers.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 08 March 2005

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Today I won a competition that I entered on the Total Girl website which I highly recommend for other people that want to win prizes. Also today at school I found out that I was in the Senior B netball team which is pretty good.
Just before lunch thre were house meeting and I am in Kowhai, which obviuously rocks, and we learned our new chant:
it goes
GO Kowhai, it's your birthday
We're gonna party like it's your birthday
We're gonna beat Rata Rimu and Ngaio
that's the way to go
That's Julia, signing off
toodle pip

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