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Welcome to Emma's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Location: Dubbo, Australia

I KNOW IM NOT IN THE UK ANYMORE WHEN.....................

washing up is done manually
beetroot is used in salads and is always available
heat exhaustion occurs
i cant sleep due to the heat
i break out in a sweat when i brush my hair
i sleep on top of the covers
there is an endless choice of FRESH salads, not prepacked or bagged
when it does rain - people rejoice
the beer here is shite
ive been called a beersnob
sandwhiches are not prepacked
the radio plays great music - check out
after clothing is washed its hung on the line to dry
cockatoos wake me up each morning screeching from the tree tops

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Somerset, UK

Ive been away from Oz now for over 18 months. I thought that this would have been enough time to make it into the top 5 of this website. However not enough people look regulary at my site, so Ive decided to come on home and give you all an ear bashing! I depart grey, cold England on February 6 and touch down on home ground sometime in the morning of Feb 7.
Thank you all for keeping up with my travels and sending messages.
ahhh the end of this adventure looms, with another on the horizon.... but thats for the next website.....

see you all (very) soon!
Emma x

Monday, 04 December 2006

Location: Langport, England

greetings from cold, wet, dark england.
i feel different on the inside. its very strange. i cant explain it too well. some time on my own will help my head sort out.

i did a shift at the pub lastnight and this morning Julian gave me a room in the house to move in to. its lovely and im in the middle of packing my things now so i can move in and start my little projects that i would like to have done by xmas.

its been great seeing all my mates again and catching up on their lives. on saturday night i caught up with 'my boys' at the pub and ended up going to their house to watch the cricket. next thing i know its morning and ive been sleeping in the sitting position i was in. knowing that everyone would be sleeping til midday i decided to walk home. the problem was - i had no idea where i was. so i just walked. i asked a pastor who was on his way to church for directions, i got a lift from someone else for about 2 miles and then walked again. just as i knew where i was and had been walking for about 1.5 hours i was stopped by a lady asking if i was the young lady walking to langport... i thought shit news travels fast around here, maybe ive really been walking for a few weeks, is it still sunday???? it turns out the pastor called his wife and told her to keep an eye out for me as she drove to langport. so i got a lift for the rest of the way and was very happy too as it would have taken me about 2-3 hours to get home if i hadve continued walking.

ive decided that i will stay in england for xmas. as the project i was working on in singida hasnt finished i would like to be able to attend the opening when it happens. so i plan to return to australia via tanzania end january 07. i broke my mums heart making this decision, however she then emailed me and told me that seeing the project completed was a must as i had spent a long time there and that we would have xmas when i do get to dubbo. i feel better about my decision now.

well i must be off, i have a new bedroom to set up and make my own. i really am looking forward to it.

bye for now

Monday, 27 November 2006

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Well with 4 days until im back in the UK all i have to remind myself of my matumbo volunteering time of my life is a ringworm, mozzie bites, a weigh in of 79kg, henna on my nails and many many memories.

After safari caroline and i lazed about yuckky arusha. i met a fab english girl, Megan, who now lives in arusha with her tanzanian husband. She showed me about town, we went to a few nice places for a wine or 2 and a meal. carolines mate turned up and they booked another safari and left on the sunday. i took the day to sleep and gather my energy. i was totally worn out.

on the monday i met another new friend jackson who walked me about arusha and helped me to haggle for good prices. he also spoke french and is saving money to get into a course for tourism or IT. a very nice bloke and i hope to stay in touch with him.

on tuesday i met up with fellow campers jacqui, jimmy and sally and we visited the school of st judes. Gemma (aussie girl) has done an amazing job getting the school to the stage it is at now. i orginally was accepted at this place to volunteer however as it wasnt for a year i was knocked back. no matter, i still got to go there and meet some of the 782 students and a few volunteers. we then took a school bus and dropped off all the children before we ourselves got dropped off back into arusha town. we then went to the UN to watch a bit of the Rwandan Genocide Trials. Sitting in a visitors room watching the proceedings thru glass and wearing headphones to hear it all being translated. Would be interesting for the day however we only got 30 minutes there before they decided to break and we had to go. dinner and farewell with jacqui and co before retiring for the night. After 5 nights in the 'guest house' i now know that it was a rent by the hour 'guest house' and i listened to a couple do it 3 times before i finally got to sleep.

I caught the 7am bus to Dar es Salaam. the bus was luxury! tv, comfy seats, air con. we stopped at a nice stop for lunch and didnt get hassled at all. it was the first of many things this week which took me back to my mates in Matumbo and wished i were with them instead.

Whilst in Dar i caught up with Brian who i met in Matumbo. He is with the american peace corps. i went for dinner with him and then also saw him before i caught the plane to Cape Town on Thursday afternoon.

The flight to cape town wasnt too bad. watched movies and ate plane food. we stopped in Johannesburg where everyone who had to change flights were stuffed around by the staff and we didnt know which gate to go to. When you get told you have to walk to the furtherest gate in the building and you have 7 minutes to get on your plane, panic somehow seems to set in... imagine 100 odd people feeling the same way... chaos!! business men were using big words to belittle the staff and the rest of the mean passengers were growling and snapping at everyone else. Again there i was wishing i were in Matumbo.

i arrived in Cape Town and saw Chi and Joel before they saw me. they said they didnt recognise me! They both look fantastic and happy and ive had such a great time with them. Chi's brother Tony has let us move into his house for the week. Ive had dinner at Chi's parents, shopped, sat with thier friends to watch rugby, gone to another friends house for a few drinks, driven about town, climbed Lions Head - the mountain next to Table Mt. and then gone to the cricket to watch Sth Africa win against India. Very full days. I must admit thats it feels very strange and Ive had many moments where ive been very sad. I spoke with Chi about it and we think its culture shock. I also feel guilty, i feel like a traitor for now living in a huge house, eating anything i want, taking a shower each day. I know i can live without any of this and didnt even want this when i was living at the camp. why do it now? im battling with myself to work out a balenced frame of mind where ill be happy and not feel bad or guilty.

Today I am very sore from the walk up Lions Head. It wasnt really a walk but more of a scramble for 1 1/2 hours over rocks and chancing falling to your death many feet below. The view at the top was stunning.

so now i have 2 more sleeps before heading back to Dar es Salaam for a sleep and then flying to england. i look forward to seeing all my friends and catching up with their own adventures.

see you soon

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Location: Arusha, Tanzania


Friday, 17 November 2006

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

sorry for the last update, power was cut during the typing process.
anyways, im now in arusha. we arrived on sunday night. caroline and i booked and left for safari on monday morning and had a lovely 4 days prancing about the african wilderness being treated like queens on our budget safari! first we went to Tarangire NP where we saw all kinds of animals; impala, giraffe, ostrich, elephant, monkeys, baboons, dik diks, carcass of wildebeest, tawny eagle, boabab trees many, warthogs, fallen boabab trees (naughty elephants) fish eagles, gazelles, element guinea fowl plus many other exotic birds.... and if that didnt bore you enough i have 5 photos of each animal seen so you can browse thru my photos once i get home.
we camped outside the NP however the site was lovely and meals were prepared for us and we had a great time.
Day 2 we revisited Tarangire NP and then after lunch we travelled to find a tribe called 'Adzabe' a bushmen tribe who gather and hunt and live in the bush with no houses and are nomads. so anyway we located the tribe and watched them smoke pot - they start smoking from the age of 7 - then joined/followed them in a hunt. the men hunt, the women gather and i think the women were so stoned they didnt gather this particular day. so we went with the men who ended up arrowing, is that the right terminology???? anyway they used bow and arrows made themselves to kill, 2 squirrels, 3 birds and they pulled 2 rats out of thier nests. they lit a fire using 2 sticks and threw these animals on the fire. feather removed however furs left on. i tasted the squirrel - just like chicken. again some great photos. we tried some fruits which they also eat and 'gather' and returned to their camp. they gave us a song and dance and then we bought a few bits of jwellery from them before heading off to meet another tribe.
On the last day we visited Lake Manyara where we saw more elephants, girraffes but also hippos, zebras, monkeys etc. we saw all except big cats and rhinos so we enjoyed our safari very much.
except for when the driver cracked onto me and after telling him HAPANA!!! he tried it again the next night... totally pissed us both off! so we wont be using them again.

ive not enough time to tell you more, other than ill be home in 2 weeks and i miss you all and cant wait to taste a bubbly old rascal at the halfway.

bye for now

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Location: Singida, Tanzania

Well Ive just left my home of 9 weeks. Im very sad. Due to many people to say Kwaheri to and 7 of us who had to say Kwaheri it was all a bit too fast and I now feel bad for missing out some people. I gave my favourite kiddies a hug and kiss and told them 'meme apenda wewe' it was all too emotional for me. The elder men there were sorry to see me so sad. I gave out some gifts to the kids who were waiting to say goodbye and they went nuts. Ill have fond memories of them all and promise myself that due to not saying goodbye properly i will return soon, hopefully when the dispensary is to be opened.

This last week has been very hetic. Sunday afternoon it rained. No it didnt rain, it actually pissed down so hard the camp flash flooded. Now I know that my curse will be with me no matter what - whenever i camp, its bound to rain... even if it did take 9 weeks. Locals helped keep things ok whilst we were out for the day but that night the pissing rain came again and it was all hands on deck to dig trenches, lift tarps to get rid of water and moving our beds about so that they stayed dry... yes the tent leaked, surprise surprise surprise! We were going well and keeping the flooding at bay until a pole hit Jackie in the head and blood gushed out everywhere, luckily my somerset mate is a nurse and Jackie is now fighting fit sporting a great shaved spot in her fringe. I was standing ankle deep in water at one stage. The choo (squat toilet) filled up pretty quickly and we all knew that once that overflowed we were outtha there! The compost pits that were filled in were quite mushy and I was the unfortunate one who fell right in and lost my thongs... i wasnt going down without a fight and put my arm right in there and found them. I was literally up to my knees in compost! Caroline (Fellow Somersetier) couldnt help me due to her laughing fit which stared me off in the pouring rain knee deep in pure rot!
We finally got to bed at about 2am, Caroline and I having to share a bed as most were wet.

We called in sick on Monday and set about prepping for more rain, and rearranging the camp. Fortunately the rain held off for the rest of the week. I got the blame for the sunday rain, 10 minutes before the rain started i announced how bored i was. that will teach me!

Tuesday we went to work and then i slept for the afternoon.
Wednesday we were picked up early to do a tour of other HAPA projects. Unfortunately it was the same one i did before, fortunately we saw Baboons!! Very exciting...

Saturday, 04 November 2006

My last post before finishing camp next Jumamosi (Saturday)

The week has been eventful with a wedding, a few long walks, visiting a hospital for a tour - where i weighed in - i have lost over a stone by the looks of it... seems my breasts have also shrunk!
Lastnight was a night of laughter, young bloke from england cant hold his grog and decided that a fellow group members head was the best place to relieve his bladder, whilst she slept in her bed.... a great way to start the last week at camp... must also go in the book a few of us a thinking about writing - 101 ways to tell a girl you like her... hee hee.

next saturday we must pull camp apart and pack up and then we come to singida for a night before catching the bus to Arusha to begin safari tours. Carline from Somerset and I have buddied up and plan to have a 4 day safari of the Terengire NP before parting ways and I head to Capetown to visit Chi. Caroline and I will catch up at the halfway before xmas for a long awaiting cider.

right now i must go as my time is up and my photos are still not ready which is really doing my head in... we have so much to do today in terms of our last shop for gifts etc for the friends we have made in the village and the computers have really taken alot of time up!

i promise to post photos on here and update when in Arusha in a weeks time.

bye for now


Saturday, 28 October 2006

DAY 58!!!

Harbari? Hujumbo? meme kidogo saa na haruka haruka!!!
meme nzuri sana. furhaha. salaama. xxx

hey all. well the internet is working ok today so heres hoping that we get some photos on here for you to look at. thanks for the messages, especially to nala and kiarra as i havent heard from you for so long. hope the work and uni is going well for you both and that you are happy. heres hoping we can catch up at blue bells for a girl guide bash... ill bring the nits!

this week has been busy. we were given a chicken on sunday. after we were treated to a chicken meal at the home of one of our guards. on monday jimmy and matt killed the cucko and roasted it in our little man made oven.. fantastic! it worked well. on tuesday we ate chicken soup with the leftovers and we all survived so no food poisoning here! on thursday we were treated to beef and ugali. and then lastnight we were treated to goat and rice! people are giving us gifts of meat left right and centre! we have 2 weeks to go and people are becoming aware of this and the goodbye party is beginning!

my swahili is getting better and for the final 2 weeks i will be sitting with the headmaster of the school for a final intensive lesson 3 times a week, on the promise that he does not smoke til after 5 each afternoon. im trying to help him to quit smoking!

my stomache and bowels are now back to normal but apparently i have thrush in my mouth.. caroline, a nurse in our group, told me so... bloody great.... im trying to be as clean as possible, my immune system must be down she said.

i have been visiting a family each day to put ointment on the eyes of a baby with conjunctivitis.... the family think im wonderful! im always wiping childrens noses and cleaning thier faces for them. i think that might explain why everywhere i go people know my name and call out to me and im best mates with everyone. apparently when i was sick, the group walked to a village 1 1/2 hours away and people there were asking if i was better.

i seriously dont want to leave here yet... im only just now getting into the village. yesterday i went to a house and me and 2 local young girls painted our nails and hands with henna paint.. its mixed with lemon juice and kerosine and looks great.. will get some photos for you. will also come home with it done to show people in england. then i learnt how to cook rice, look out caroline l at the halfway house i show you the best rice ever!!! not to mention chapatis for a side bread for curry perhaps?

jane thanks for your postcard of somerset. very cute. tell dave i got his letter also and that he is such a worry wort.. tell him to relax for his own sake!
jen got your postcard too. love the picture... might buy some tinga tinga paintings for myself after i safari about Terengie NP.

ill go now so i have time to put photos on this page (hopefully)

bye for now

Saturday, 21 October 2006

hey everyone, i have no time at all as the power was out all day and just as we were about to leave town it came back on so i jumped on quickly to say hello and that im still alive and having a wonderful time.
jen the fantastic person from our group left on thursday it was very sad to see her go, she was a fantastic person. im know that her and i will meet again soon.
today we got 2 new vols for our camp. matthew from essex and caroline from somerset... theres something about people in somerset liking that name. im yet to tell her about the fantastic pub that i work in.
3 weeks to go... the time is going very fast.
im now feeling 100% better and eating again, unfortunately.... i dont think ill be coming home any lighter!!!
missing you all and enjoying getting your messages.
bye for now

love emma

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From laura
hey emma !
how r ya?
what have u been doin?
i havent talked to u in ages!!
missing ya !
xx laura maloney
Response: i emailed you on your address. check it out.
welcome home !!!!!
Response: thank you.
who is this?
From Fran
Look forward to seeing you when you get home. Status quo remains the same at Iso and Stockton
Response: have been in contact with michelle and will come and see you guys at stockton for a day and make sure that i visit you also. not long now!!!! X
From Ruth
I read it, i might not comment, but i read.
Good to hear you are comming home.
see you soon.
Love Ruth
From michelle
Hello Girl

Ring me when you get home - I am still in your old seat and Kathryn is still A/CEO - glad you will be home soon - travel safe and catch up soon

Love Shell.
From stacey
Hi there stranger, I have been trying to send you an email but it keeps coming back??? then i rememberes this website.DAH, Merry Christmas, i was very dissappoited when I rang your dad he said youe weren't coming home, OH well! got youe chrissy card, and yes have to catch up! how long you in OZ for?? Went to Robbie Williams concert, OH MY GOD was awesome. D and my boys are great. Love you lots xoxoxo

email me you floosey! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Grae

Just dropped into your site to wish you all the best for the new year. 2007 - who can believe it?!

I trust that you enjoyed a festive time in merry old England over Christmas. I had a fine time even though I had work commitments.

I've just returned from a new year visit to see Mum. She is looking great - gained some more weight which was needed. It's a really nice home where she now resides. Caught up with both of my sisters while I was down there plus a niece so I squashed a lot into an overnight visit.

I'm still enjoying work at hospital and haven't been hit again (thankfully).

Looking forward to catching up with you when you return. When can we expect to see you in Newcastle?

Grae x
Response: happy new year grae. will be home mid feb i hope... hoping to have the money saved by then... see you then... we will catch up whilst im on the coastal side.....xxxxx
From Rach & CO
Hi Em,

I have just caught up on your diary, was a great read. Alls well here very busy with the kids. Looking fwd to catching up in Jan, have a great Xmas.
Luv Rach.
Response: good to hear from you. xmas card in the mail. see you soon!!! xxx
From Isobel
You remember me don't you, Emma? Of course you do. Damn straight. Well it sounds like you're enjoying everything you've been doing. Hope so. I'm doing rangers next year- they're a very crazy bunch, I went to their xmas party and met them.
Do you miss lambton, emma? Come back soon- your crazy cousin bluebell is not so tall next to me anymore.
from isobel
Response: how could i ever forget you my darling! glad your still in guides and enjoying yourself. rangers will be great! i miss the guides very much, however am spreading the love in africa and england.
From Nala
Hi Willow,
I saw u wont be home for xmas so I prob wont get a chance to see u- depends on what date u fly back though? Im going to Tasmania for a school camp in late Jan and looking forward to that. Kiarra is up here in Wadeye visiting me for the week then we will spend a week touring kakadu and the top end! It's amazing how much there is to see up here- it's a world unto its own- so remove from the rest of oz! My contract has been extended so Im up here for anothr 12 months- looking forward to working with the kids and seeing more of the territory. I'll talk 2 yu soon. Luv Nala xx
Response: extended for another 12 months! good for you! happy your enjoying yourself.
From mum
What a contrast, climate wise, you would be use to walking now Em, what a very kind victor and his wife, talk soon. Off to Alec and Leanne tomorrow, Love Mum.
Response: will call when its a good time. xxx
From luisa

I can't believe you wont be home for Xmas - I was so looking forward to it - took rec leave and all! But I understand why and at least I will still be on leave when you DO arrive in Sydney.

Can I phone you on same mobile number as in Tanzania????

Let me know,

Chat soon.

Response: pole sana luisa. ii honestly forgot what we talked about months ago. you can call me on the phone number you had for england not tanzania. 07790823369. free all week. xxxx
From Emma Maloney
We really need you to come back guides is not very good with Piv & i am now a packie helping kiarra. I went to Jamboree which was great & i hope to hear from you later.

From Emma
Response: what has happened? have you spoken to her about how you are feeling? maybe Kiarra can help you work out a solution? Bluebell and Nala told me all about jamboree, im glad you also had fun. i sometimes think about my guides and hope that you are all having a wonderful time. email me at so we can chat in private. xxx hello to laura and mum xx
From fran
Hi gorgeous what an adventure I take it you will be back in Gods own country soon hope to catch up LOVE FRAN
Response: plans have changed a little and i wont be back til late january but dont worry i will definately pop around to see you when i arrive. are you still in islington? kisses to matilda xxx
From mum& dad
Great to read all about your last few days in SA. Enjoy your trip to London. and will talk soon. Love Mum.
From kylie
Just reading your messages and saw that you asked someone about glen, Saw him a while ago in the car park at work and had a chat (didnt recognise him, his hair was heaps long) he couldnt chat for too long thougfh cause he was mettin some guy to score.
Your comin back to Dubbo for christmas arnt you? Im goin to drive to carols a couple of days befotre chrismas and then over to your mum and dads on christmas day, i think my parents will all ready be there, It will be good to catch up. When will you be going back to england casue i bought my ticket and my flight is on the 22nd march 11.50am but i will be spending a week in thailand first and then doin a conteiki tour for a month around europe. Havent been doin anything worth talking about just trying to work as much as i can to save money before i go. You will have to fill me in on everyhting at christmas. Kylie oxxo
Response: sent you a longer email... check it out.
From Jen B
Affia, rafiki! Great fun reading your last few posts. Can't imagine the pain of leaving Matumbo for you, but sounds like the joy of the safari helped to put a bit of a salve on it for now. Miss you and the others dearly. Still hard being back; not adjusted yet. Will be starting a volunteering program in 2 weeks with kids whose mums and dads have AIDS in the Denver area. That should help me a bit in getting past some of the longing for Africa. Well, I'm off. If you can, email me at my address, as my f-ing hotmail account has seized up for some dumbass reason. Peace and love, mate. Salama, Jen
Response: ahh rafiki. habari? email my sibbhard address with your other address im not sure i have it. will check again. 4 more days and ill be in england... oh my golly gosh! many plans for supporting our new friends in Matumbo and getting them to school etc. will chat with you when i get home. xxxxxx
From janine
better late than never and I hope that you get message, I have been in your site for well over an hour at the recommendation of your Mum and haven't you had the most wonderful experience, sounds like you will certainly be returning, be safe getting home as I know Mum and Dad cant wait, we have even got worked lined up for you! xx
Response: work? whats that? looking forward to it.... ill tell myself that and im sure it will be ok. see you soon. xx
From renee
You go girl ! Thinking of you, can't wait to see you ... Ren XXX
Response: keeping busy i see? x
From Big Gerry
Hi Petalflower, well i havent written for a fortnight for one or shall I sat two reasons. I have been traumatised by the thought of you losing circumferential volume in the breast area. Some things are precious and a joy to behold (or be holding) and whilst I accept our relationship is built on my fantasies, they did have a firm base. Can I suggest a quick diet of Tim Tams, which were unveiled to me a few days ago in one of my regular works meetings. If this is the best that OZ can produce no wonder you have fled to the arms of the protective England.
Have a great time in SA and USA, I will continue my George counselling until you return and take over

Response: Ive given you tim tams before, the settle seemed to indulge willingly. After a week in SA i think ill be back bigger than ever. not long now!!! ps - no plans for USA yet.
Thanks for the pics, just great, the little ones look so happy, and no doubt they are, and the Park life ... good on you Em, enjoy
Response: im assuming this is mum?
From thea
hey peach did you get ma letter? posted it to you weeks ago hope it turned up before you left!! sounds like you had an amazing time, lucky thing keep safe.xxxx
Response: no sorry no letter this end. i think a few people have posted but ive not received. pole sana. ill be home soon. we will catch up then. having a great time, as if there was any doubt!
From Grae

Just home from a night shift and logged on to your Planet Ranger to get myself updated on your life. Sorry I've been slack in keeping in touch - I've been either working, visiting Mum in her new nursing home in Western Sydney or going up to Port Stephens to sort out her house.

Work is going great at James Fletcher (aka Planet Stranger I've just thought to name it). I've been there for over a year now and am still loving it. Great staff and very social. The patients for the most part are OK as well but we seem to be getting an increasing amount of admissions of young fellas on Ice who are scary due to violence. Keeps me on my toes!

Sounds like you are having a fab time in Africa. Keep on enjoying life, Emma. You're an inspiration!

Lotsa love,
Grae xx
Response: how does mum like the nursing home? is she settled in? from what i understand glen is still on drugs, keep your ear out for his name.
From Steve
Em, sorry no chat for a bit, but I have no email or tinternet at the moment! I am bunking off work to use Bills pc to write this quick message. I hope this finds you well and loving your experience. cxant wait to hear all your stories when you get home, take care and see you soon Steve x
Response: dont tell me you have an office job with no internet? what sort of office is it? am about to go on safari with a girl from somerset, we are both keen to get our hands on a cider tho! hope your well, see you soon xx
From Doona Young
Hi Emma, I'm Jacqui's mum in Australia- loved your travel info & photos Thanks for sharing. Food sounds fantastic! good luck with future travels. Doona
Response: thanks for logging on! we have just left mutumbo, such a sad moment. we are now keen to clean ourselves up, eat a nice meal, and sleep in a comfy bed. tomorrow it starts all over again! ill update the photos once we get to Arusha tomorrow night.