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Monday, 17 September 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Friday, 27 July 2007

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Well, its been a long time since I updated this.... I am currently in Calgary at the moment until Sunday when I think I will head to Vancouver to work for a couple of months before heading to the UK... So much news... Galvo and I were living in a small town called Summerland in the Okanagan, BC for a month or so before the Calgary Stampede... On our way there we stopped in Banff and went skiing at Sunshine Village before is all closed up... was quite a day... Our plan was to stay in Banff as we both found work easily, however it was so hard to come by accomodation that we ended up leaving after a couple of days and headed for BC- thats how we ended up in the Okanagan... I found a bar job right on the Okanagan Lake which was great- reminded me of my broome job alot... however the pay here is terrible- $8/hour + tips... so ended up taking on a second job as well with one of the waitresses at work who had a contract for a post construction clean up next door- $18/hour huge improvement..... think I even did a couple of days in a vineyard- however that didnt last long after the car died....
I ended up buying a car..... not alot to report as it ended up dying after a couple of days... I called it Rhonda in tribute to Henry's car in Broome- however was no comparison and I'd rather forget about it.... was all good tho as I had already bought a bike in Banff... just a huge anti-climax.....
Made a couple of good mates in Summerland, however without a car we were pretty limited to what we could do there and by the time we left I was pretty happy to leave.... So.. we caught a bus to Lake Louise to pick up our mate, Dick, and then hired a car and headed to Calgary for the stampede...
Stampede was great!! I caught up with Syd (Elders agent from home)- was good to see a familiar face- he took me to the International Centre where he was quite a hero on the guitar- canada's next biggest country star.... ha ha... had a few beers, offended a few waitresses and then loaded me up on vegemite before he headed down to the states.... good times...
After the stampede I headed down to Lethbridge with a lady I met a the International Centre who works for Dept of Ag over here... was great to get down south and I even managed to find myself on one of the Aussie Ag tours going thro... was a pretty good day- had a look at a few feedlots, crops etc etc... definatley no shortage of water in canada.... country is amazing... after a day with a bus load of whinging aussie cockies I was ready to leave and far from homesick.....
After a few days in Lethbridge I came back to Calgary where I am now.... I have been staying with James Ramsay for the past week or so which has been great...
I also ran into a mate I was picking grapes with in Margaret River who is from Calgary, Grayson, and he took me rafting and hiking in the Rockies for a couple of days... Rockies are amazing- am still trying to get those photos on my site.... we saw some mountain sheep, chipmonks, coyotes and deer... still yet to see a grizzly bear....
Not much else to report- that is a pretty rough idea of what Ive been up to since I arrived in Canada- will be in touch again soon once I get to Vancouver and find a job etc...

Friday, 04 May 2007

Location: LA, California, USA

Hey everyone.... finally set this up so I've got somewhere to show my photos and give debriefs etc etc....
These are just a couple from the weekend.... I went to coachella music festival in the californian desert- 165,000 people, awesome line up, location etc.... miserable crowd tho which was disappointing- dont realise how much it makes a festival.... so much so that arctic monkeys nearly walked off stage.... atmosphere much different to any aussie festival I've been to... no one danced (not even on the front row...), dont even know that most ppl even knew who they were watching, also had a bloke shooting up next to me at one stage... Baz, my irish mate I caught up with at the festival who stayed for the whole 3 days, told me there was a riot in the carpark one night and apparently the police were shooting everyone with rubber bullets, flying helicopters over the crowd etc...
anyway.......... next day drove to vegas- long boring drive from coachella, pretty much desert the whole way until you hit town.... really is sin city, hot, flat and huge!! Had a look at a few of the casinos on the strip and played some black jack etc... Pretty good weekend however my fortune wasnt made nor did I find a boy to marry me in a drive thro.... time to move on.... ha ha
actually Im heading to canada next wednesday which should be good- over the yanks and looking forward to leaving my stint as a chippies labourer....
LA's been pretty good and staying right on the beach which has been great... also went to universal studios a few weekends ago where I went on Fear Factor (no ones prob heard of it) where they locked a clear box over my head filled with scorpians and spiders... dont know why I agreed to do it however thought Id make the aussies proud (and was also told Id be on TV over here- couldnt refuse) was no doubt my big moment.....
also made it to the indi car races which was also pretty good- so loud you have to wear earplugs.... not really interested in car racing however was held not far from here at Long Beach... had an aussie team - couldnt even tell you how they went as didnt wait around to see the end....
so flat out finishing up work here and then off to canada next week- hopefully catch up with a mate from home, RJ, who's living in Calgary before heading to Banff where I'll prob try and set myself up.... no idea really.... be in touch once I get to canada

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Recent Messages

From Ray Palmer
I found you! Summerland is not the same without you, Emma. Next time you're back, maybe help Doreen move all those patio stones back up the hill, the pool washed away. I bet you and Jason have found even more jobs in Calgary. Have fun, find a homestead.
Later, eh?
Response: hey ray, good to hear from you. yeh terrible news re doreens house- what a shock... galvo is in the UK now- Im still in calgary with a mate from home... if your in touch with doreen let her know I need to change the photo of us all as was the wrong one with her not in it... getting galvo to email it to me... hope your well
From Jake
What's going on? I can't believe Coachella Festival was ordinary. I've had a awesome couple of festivals. I had a great time a V Festival with The Rapture, Groove Armada, 2manydjs and Knarls Barkley. Alot of dancing. I thought of you with your deadly treadly's on!!! It still cracks me up.

Response: the treads made it to cochella- no joke jake.... they are offically my 'only' festival shoes after falls... hope your well
From Kate
Hey mate...great to see some photos.. very jelous that you're still on the road...
it's depressing nearly to be home... last few weeks in s.a too quickly.. went down to arequipa and huacachina then lima. Huachachina is maybe the most chilled out place in the world.. lima very crazy hey.. big nights.
have a ball in canada...
Response: yeh shame we didnt get a chance to catch up when you came thru.... what you up to at home?
From lucy
Gross! very jealous of the travels!! you're looking very fit and tanned! can't believe the mile's you're bloody covering!! when are you getting to sunny england? takecare xxx
From Pop
Loved getting download from your website. Saw a picture of agirl wearing the box full of spiders in the paper. Wonder if it was you. Love getting your news. Drought still rages at Condo. love Pop
From Mark Arse
Sounds like you're still having fun Em. Glad to hear that all is going well and we may get to see you on fear factor.

Cheers & Best Wishes Dunny
From Carole Grassby
Dear Emma,
What a great idea. Think that i'll do it too.
Love from all of us.
Response: cheers carol, had one last year but never updated it.... really hopeless- think my other messages just went on the site without a reply.... sorry guys....
From Matt(craggzy)
Hey Em, long time!! So you stuck to your word and did leave oz. We're along way from the quietness of Margaret River now! Spewing to here the festival was shit. Its ment to be one of the best in the world. Mustve been a bad years for it. Anyway, im in Vancouver!! I just finished a 6month stay in whistler(snowboarding capital) and am living down here for a bit. Itd be crazy to see you if your out this way at all. youve got my email. Use it if you come to town. Hope your trip is awesome eitherway babe.
From Wisey
Good to hear from you Gross - rubber bullets at music festivals, I thought labradores were bad enough. keep on truckin.