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6 months in East Africa

I'll be in Tanzania and Uganda for the next 6 months. Learning swahili on Zanzibar at the university first, then volunteering teaching english at a school in Uganda. After that I return to Tanzania to volunteer at an orphanage in Dar es Salaam. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences here!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

well it's my last day here in East Africa for this time.. Here are my last photos for you.

I guess it's impossible to sum up my whole time here in a few paragraphs! You have to read this website entirely to understand. But Uganda was definitely an eye-opening experience and I learnt so many things there. I have great memories from Tanzania and Uganda, so many stories, so many people I've met, things I've done and learnt and SO MANY earthquakes!! 11!

Can't believe I'm going back to Australia. It's going to be so different. I'll feel like I should greet people the same way they do it here - a long series of hand shakes, about 4 different greetings and blessings. It's nice, I'm so used to it now. Even strangers and elder people greet you, usually 'assalaama aleykum' (peace on you) or 'hujambo' (how are you?), young people have a whole language of slang words for greetings which I'm now accustomed to as well.

It will be nice to have a hot shower and to wash my clothes in a machine. I've been handwashing them for the past 5 months. It will be nice to do some real exercise again without feeling like I'm a freak for wanting to go running!

I'll actually miss being called a mzungu... I'll miss many many things and friends..

Well this afternoon I may take some more photos and try to upload them tonight before I fly out tomorrow morning. So you can have a look friday morning there may be more photos. The last 3 folders have new pictures. (cats II, 'around' and 'last photos')..

Mungu aku bariki, tutaonana baadae kidogo - kesho kutwa. Kila laheri... kwaheri!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mambo vipi? Habari za Australia?

Here's some cat pics for you all... more pics coming soon...

News: I'm coming home early! I'll be back in Sydney on August 25.
I'm skipping the Dar orphanage volunteering at this stage as I'd rather go back to Uganda where I know the NGO is doing a good job.. So I'm planning on going back to Uganda later.

For now I'm coming back to Australia to work and save $$$!

I'm going to miss East Africa so much, I'm so used to it now and the way of life, the people, culture, food and good prices of things! It will be good to see everyone though and also to be able to exercise when and where I want. But I'm dreading the cost of living back in Australia and the rat race.

Look out, I'll do a longer diary entry this coming week and also more photos ..

Tutaonana baadae wote watu.

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mambo vipi? Era biyoto?

Hello again...

Last week on sunday night I had all my friends from Uganda contact me coincidently..

Josephus and Rosemary called me to say that they received the parcel from Muzz in the mail.. it was 2 soccer balls and they were so happy to receive them! Thanks heaps Muzz, that's so nice of you. The kids at Jim school will love them.

Josephus also said they took Sofia, the housegirl who ran away, to her see her family with the money I gave them to use for petrol. If you don't remember her story - her parents died and her relatives sent her away to be a housegirl. She was mistreated and ran away and tried to get back to her village called 'Kiyunga' but accidently ended up in the other village called 'Kiyunga' where Jim School is. She was scared, crying and had no clothes or money.. Rosemary found her and they let her stay at the school, gave her clothes/food etc and she's in P3 there now. That did not have enough money to pay for petrol to take her to her village since they found her (about 3 mths), so when I left I gave them the money. She calls Rosemary 'Mum' and they're planning on adopting her.

Rosemary also said she saw Father Musaala at the launching of his new CD! Ahh, I miss Father Musaala...

THEN.. I received a 'beep' and text message from someone in Uganda who said he had Kisakye, Menya and Kalume with him and that they said thank you for the letter I sent to their church, they miss me and love me and he also said thank you for caring about them. I called them and spoke to them very quickly until my phone credit ran out. It was so nice to speak to them and I'm really happy that they received my letter. I wasn't sure if it would get to them through the church, but it did. So if anyone wants to write to them or send things you can use the church address no problem.

So, I'm here on Zanzibar still with the flu and a disgusting cough that won't go away. But I'm taking lots of photos which will go up soon and I'm speaking lots of kiswahili with my friends/family here.

I will have some more news for you very soon as well as the photos..

Mungu aku bariki wote watu

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mambo vipi? Inakuaje?

Here I am in Zanzibar, the spice island.. At the moment I'm staying in a cheap room in Stone Town, it's 25,000 TSH/week (about $23). It's just a room with share bathroom but it's safe, clean and close to the markets and everything. An indian family own a few rooms here and they live in an apartment downstairs. They're very nice.

The family I stayed with before are now living in the village called Mwanakwerekwe. Fatuma, Dulla, Muniri and Munira (the kids), Jamila, and Fatuma (the house ladies). Fatuma's husband Khamisi is still working in the hotel in the US but will come back early next year.

In Mwanakwerekwe there's a canadian volunteer program/NGO which organises youth activities in the village - education about HIV/environment, english classes, talent competitions, recreation etc. They have a small building near the high school. This sunday I'm going on a trip to the beach with them and my other Zanzibari friends from Mwana.

Right now I'm feeling really sick with the flu. I'm tired and can't be bothered doing anything but rest. It's peak season now here with lots of mzungus. The weather is cooler than when I was here in April/May which is nice but it's still hot and sunny. It's mango season and they only cost .50c each!

My volunteer program in Dar starts on 15 August. They emailed me to say there are some issues with the NGO at the moment and I should report any problems to GVN in NZ. Sounds a bit dodgy but we'll see! Shame after the NGO in Uganda was very productive and I really enjoyed my time there. It was definitely well run and worthwhile. I've received some texts from the teachers in Uganda but have not heard back from Josephus yet.

Since coming back to TZ i can see that Uganda is a poorer country in many ways. Salaries are lower, primary school education is not free like TZ and transport and some foods are more expensive. Here in TZ most people grow up eating rice everyday but in Uganda many people only have rice for a treat once a year at Christmas because they can't afford it! Of course there are many poor people here too but some things like food (rice and others) seem more affordable to most people and primary education is free (you just pay for uniforms, books etc). For example in Uganda public transport was 3 times the price of here and water twice the price.

I'm really missing being able to go for a run like I could in Uganda. I can go to the football field in Mwana but it's not very enjoyable running round and round by myself. It's not the same as running down the dirt road in the village in Kiyunga. There are too many people here. I miss the green jungle, mud huts and "Madam Emma, how are you?" and the kids running along with me. So I'm feeling unfit and a bit sick... oh well...

I know where to buy all the cheap local food here now. I can buy a big breakfast for $1.50 including coffee, I can buy lunch (pilau rice with chicken and potato) for $2.50 (tamarind juice .25c), dinner (Urojo - spicy soup with potato, cabbage, lime juice etc) and naan bread $1.00. I can buy 5lt water for $1.10 and the 20 minute daladala ride to Mwana is .25c. If I want to eat/drink anywhere that's for mzungus then prices are much higher. You can get a beer for $2.20 and wine for $2.90, a meal between $3 - $15 depending where and what. So if anyone comes to Zanzibar just ask me, I have many tips to give now!

Sawa, next week (wiki ijayo) I will put some photos up for you.

Baadae, usiku mwema..

Later, good night....

Friday, 27 July 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

My last day in Uganda was also the first day I've been sick this time in Africa. I woke up with diarrhoea and another bat in my room, (This time dive bombing me) as 2 farewell presents.

The orphans and kids boarding at the school really loved their feast of matooke, meat, fish and g-nut sauce. It took about 3 hours and 6 ppl to peel all the matooke.

The school choir sang 3 songs praising 'Emma'! It was a bit much but still very nice. I have them on video. I also have Kisakye, Menya and Kalume on video saying thank you to everyone in Australia and then talking about their favourite football teams etc. They speak in English and Luganda and it's so cute, you'll love them.

Shaq, our Uganda tour guide from last year lives in Kampala and is a Ugandan mzungu! Even he admits it. He's very modern, speaks excellent 'aussie' english and has a little red VW with sun roof which he calls his 'pimp mobile'. Shaq picked me up from school and drove me to Kampala. I got a nice cheap room with the first hot shower I'd had since April. It was so good to see Shaq again. I'm the first person from any of his tour groups who he has seen again. We went to a BBQ restaurant and had the softest and best beef I've had in a long time. Apparently this place is famous in Kampala just for the beef. I was still really sick so a night on the town in Kampala wasn't meant to be unfortunately. I briefly met one of Shaq's younger brothers who is just a thinner younger version of Shaq. Then the next morning Shaq picked me up and drove me to the airport in Entebbe. He saved me a lot of money I would have spent on taxis and it was nice driving around in his little red car. It creates a lot of attention as there are no other cars like it in Kampala and Shaq always has his western music blaring while he dodges his way through the chaos of Kampala traffic.

So I arrived in Moshi, Tanzania after a turbulent flight. Flying made me feel like such a mzungu again after living in the rural village for 6 weeks. Abiyah and his friend Raymond picked me up in Ray's safari truck. Abiyah is the son of Mathayo (Mathayo is the maasai chief of Engaruka). Abiyah is studying wildlife management and survival at uni in Moshi. He already takes people on treks and safaris to Lake Natron, Oldonyo Lengai (the active volcano), Empakaai Crater and various other places around the area.

We stayed the night in a guesthouse in Arusha. It was strange but familiar to be amongst all the maasai again. Abi dresses western but sometimes at uni wears his maasai clothes. He's also like an African mzungu. He's had so many aussies on his treks he knows all the slang and is very funny. An aussie older couple from one of his treks were so impressed by him they are now his sponsors for his uni course.

On Monday Abi and I got the bus (full of maasai) to Mto-wa-mbu where we met Waziri and Dulla who had come from Dar by bus. We all got on the bus to Engaruka.

Engaruka is the maasai village we visited last year with Gecko's. It's in the middle of nowhere and is only accessed by a dirt road and takes about 2 hours to get to. It's at the bottom of the Rift Valley escarpment and is surrounded by mountains. It's 60km from Lake Natron and Oldonyo Lengai volcano.

We arrived at the campsite and it was so strange to be back there and to see all the people again - Maneno, Elia, Abrahaam, Mathayo, Danny, Athumani, the maasai ladies and the kids who sang for us.

This time I was able to communicate with them because they speak swahili and maasai so it made a big difference. Maneno, Abrahaam and Elia remembered me from the night Ingrid, Michelle, Shaq and I sang 'Embelel Enkai' with them and we laughed so much with them that night. They really wanted to speak you guys and said to say a big hello. They enjoyed that night so much as well. I had some photos with me from last year and they were all pointing out who they remembered from our tour group.

I still had bad diarrhoea so they made me try a maasai soup 'medicine' made from meat. It tasted so weird but it actually worked! I'd been taking Immodium for 3 days and it wasn't working, but from the time I had the soup, my stomach was fine!

During the 8 days we were there in Engaruka we experienced 9 earthquakes!! They ranged from 4 to 6.2 on the richter scale! We began to even imagine the ground was shaking when it wasn't because we had so many earthquakes. You never knew when it was going to happen, sometimes in the middle of the day, sometimes during the night. The biggest one was quiet scary, we were outside but the cars and buildings were shaking and the ground was shaking side to side so much. It's a really scary feeling because there's nothing you can do but wait. None of them felt as big as the one I had in Uganda but I think because it lasted for over a minute it felt worse. These ones in Tanzania caused the Oldonyo Lengai volcano to start erupting slightly and all the nearby maasai were told to leave their villages but so far they have refused. They say it's god and he's angry and they can't leave their land. So now I've experienced 11 earthquakes!!

Mathayo, Abi and his mum were so hospitable during my time there. I saw so many places that we didn't go to last year.. you can see in the photos... I also met Mathayo's Mum who is 105!! We were told about a maasai man who has 10 wives and we saw an 8 yr old girl who just got married! We played football and I gave my old football boots to a young boy who plays for Engaruka FC. I gave my shin pads to my friend Emmanuely. Everyone was fascinated by them as they've never seen shinpads before.

So now I'm here back on Zanzibar for a couple of weeks before starting volunteering in Dar es Salaam. I've noticed quite a difference between the people here and in Uganda. The kids in Uganda were much more polite and friendly and even the general attitude of adults was a bit more friendly and helpful in Uganda. I can't generalise about everyone, but Uganda is certainly a very lovely country. I miss the people, village, school kids and I think about Kisakye, Menya, Kalume, their sister Naiga and their Mum. I hope she has started on her ARV drugs now and I always wonder how they will ever get money for food, clothes and general living neccessaties.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

On Tuesday I received an email from Kisayke Denis! I left some money with Andrew the other volunteer, and asked him to take Kisakye into town one day to use the internet.

Kisakye wrote a long email, I think it must have been written beforehand and he just typed it.

He wrote about the school excursion to the zoo on Sunday, that I paid for the 3 boys and their sister to go to in Entebbe. He said they were so happy and saw many amazing things that even their parents have never seen and that they never thought they would see in their life. They were so happy from the sound of the email.

I only worry now that he will never be able to get back to the internet once Andrew leaves Uganda as well. The village they live in is a long walk from town and he does not have money for the bus or for internet. So I think it would be very difficult and I just hope they receive mail through their church or the school ok.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Location: Tanzania

Mambo! I'm back.... but I've just spent 3 hours here at the internet resizing and uploading all these photos so I don't have time or money to do a diary entry today. Sorry!

I have lots to write about my last day in Uganda and the last week in Engaruka Maasai village so I will try to write it up tomorrow.

The last 3 Uganda photo folders are new and all the Maasai ones are new...

I'm here on Zanzibar again so I will get those cat photos for you!

Also I got an email from Kisakye yesterday so I will tell you about him and his brothers too.

Baadae, kiduade....

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Recent Messages

From ainhoa
hey rafiki i am so sad this has come to and end! i have followed you for the last five months so i will miss reading your stories too...
i sent you an email, not sure if you got it...
well em stay in touch, i will follow you again and again ;)
Response: Hey my lovely rafiki katoka Spain! So nice to get a final message from you!! Ahsante sana, mucho gracias.. Sinafuraha mimi pia. (I"m also sad!).. I will email you soon from Australia. Mungu aku barika na familia yako (god bless you and your family!).. x Emma
From Jane
Hey Em, Can't remember if I sent you a msg but our semi was cancelled on Sunday because of the rain. Looks like we will go straight to the final which will be a very tough game against wakehurst. Have a safe flight back & I look forward to catching up soon :-)
Response: Hey Jane, yeah got your message thanks! Will come watch your final!! See you soon... hope you like the cat pics, they're especially for you! x Em
From Kimbo
Hiya Em, how's it going? You're finally coming home eh?? Wow, it seems like forever since I saw you last. You sound so happy and comfortable over there (apart from talking about your flu and all), we were beginning to think we might never see lil Sparkles again... Anyway, since you asked, I left Roland and am working for a co. called Intercad - 2 mins walk up the road!! Love the site missy (esp the pics!), speak to you soon. Kimbo
Response: Hey Kim.. very nice to hear from you, you crazy kid! Flu gone now, so I'm enjoying the last of African sun now for a while and soaking up the sights, smells and everything while I still can. Hope the new job is good! See you soon Kimbo..
From James
Hey Em! So great to see the photos of everyone from last year. Brought back soooo many memories. Shaq's pimped up VW Golf is a classic...I can so picture him cruising Kampala with Ganja farmer pumping on the stereo! Thanks for the letters from Kisakye and Nagawa too. I just hope everything works out well for them. Really sad to hear about Athumani's dad, poor little dude. Take care and keep up the great work.
Response: Hi James and Michelle! Thanks for the message.. yeah, everyone in Engaruka remembered our tour group! Shaq has not changed a bit... Yeah, I'm always thinking about the boys and their Mum.. ok, hope all's well in Sydney! na wewe pia (and you too), take care..
From Susan
I just got back to the office after working with the kids for two weeks and i tell you what i wish kids here had the same outlook on life and appretiated their things the way these very special kids do over there. As dee has mentioned i personally would love to see if we could pool together some cash. Do parcels seem to arrive ok?? What an amazing experience and you should be proud of yourself for doing what you are doing. So many people including myself sit around saying that they will do something to change things and never do. I am proud to be your friend and what an awesome thing you are doing. That was very deep he he but very serious too ;-) Also scott and i got engaged! we are very happy and excited ;-)
Response: Hey Sus, thanks for your lovely message! Sorry for the late reply, I've been in a Masai village in Tanzania with no internet or phone reception for a week. Tomorrow I will do my diary entry with photos about my last couple of days in Uganda and also this week in TZ so far. Yes the kids in Uganda are very special and polite and very very poor. They have to be lucky to manage to get an education and to grow up relatively healthy... I will write tomorrow! Congratulations to you and Scott!!! I did hear it on the grapevine! When's the wedding? Take care, x Em
From Daniel
Interesting to have it, not all read through bur with the intent of reading it all, real adventure and you enjoyed it. I was kinda cool for you to have this experience and I really feel you it must have caught your minds, Good memorable moments and sad moments. But real interesting you are brave for all that you did. Great of you.

"Emikisa gibe nga ku ggwe" (in Luganda, Luck be up on you) every where you go. Hope even beyond this.
Response: Oli otya Daniel? Great to hear from you! I'm glad you've looked at my page. Definitely some very memorable moments in Kiyunga and Mukono. Uganda is very special and I'm positive I will be back. Many special people there that I met. Thanks for all your help with everything and please go for that scholarship!!! You will get one I know! Speak soon, and thanks for the Luganda words, I love it. Katonda akuwe omukisa sebo.
From Krista
Hi Em,
I am so glad we were able to help and make even a slight difference. To make kids smile is so rewarding. Even though I could not see them, it makes me smile just to read your stories about how happy you have made them and it has made such a difference to their life. I was just telling Nick about it and he thought what you are doing is pretty cool.
Keep up the good work. Take care. Krista
Response: Hey Krista, thanks for the message! You should have seen how happy the boys were when I gave them the football/soccer ball! They were over the moon! They can't even afford rice, so to have a real football was like all their christmases and more. I have them on video thanking everyone in australia and talking about their favorite football teams. When you see it you will fall in love with them too! Thanks to every one for your help! Bye for now. Em
From Jane
Hi Em, good to see how many memorable moments you have from the last 6 weeks!! Such a contrast to Sydney!! Kim gets home on Sunday. Will let you how we go at soccer-we didn't play last weekend so no score to update you with. Craig came & watched Mike's game last Saturday with me & they thrashed the other team 18-0!!! Have fun in Tanzania & look forward to the next instalment. Take care... Jane :)
Response: Hey Jane, great to hear from you. Wow Mike's team are good, or the other one is really really bad! Tomorrow I'm doing my update on the 3 boys.. I think I'll be very sad!! Hi to everyone and Kim as well. Hope you're well.. x Em
From dulla
hey emma ishu zinakuaje? i am loving your story on your web page but also it make me sad as well cos when i hear some one his dad died it remind me my dad as well.well emma please teach the boy how to use internet cos i really really need to keep contact with them.this is dulla from zanzibar.karibu zanzibar and please say hi to the boys,brenda,andrew and mama brenda tell them karibu zanzibar.big hug from dulla.tutaongea baadae.
Response: Hey Dulla, Mambo vipi? Ishu ni bomba sana.. Ahsante sana kwa maneno wako.. Ninahapa internet sasa na Kisakye. Tutaonana badaae kidogo.
From ainhoa
I am loving your stories em, here i am exploring my own country looking for a place to live, i still feel i am traveling...! i might teach some english too! mmm you know what i just found? the elephant you sent me from oz!!!
loads of love xxx
Response: Hey lovely! so nice to hear from you. I think of you, especially when I look at the shells on my ankle or when I see apples! :) Hope you're well, send my regards to Nandy and your Mum. Hug O x Em
From Krista
Hi Em,
I have not read any of your stories or seen photos until tonight. I am amazed, to say the least! Your photos say so many things. There are so many awesome photos. I love the ones of Brenda, she is adorable and so photogenic, actually all the kids are. So cute how they love their photo taken and will pose for you. I have only read a few of your stories, but they make you realise how lucky and fortunate we are to have that we do, even the simplicity of having water, variety of food and a shower every day. You kinda forget how much we have until you see, hear or read things like you've written.
I know you are leaving soon, but keep up the good work you and all the other volunteers are doing.
Look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more photos when you get back to Oz.
Take care, Krista.
Response: Hi Krista! so nice to hear from you! Thank you for reading my page and glad you appreciate it. Yes it's very different here and maybe I've done an ok job of describing it by the way you've commented! I only leave Uganda soon (next week) but then I go to an orphanage in Tanzania in a few weeks! Take care, and you guys are doing so well this season! xEm
From Brett
Well you heard the news about Kimbo, off to another challenge. I have not had a chance to browse over your website fully but it looks great. Teaching? well your heart is certainly in it and i wish you all the best. Done any bike riding over there or just running countless miles on a daily basis
Have a good one
Response: Hey Brett, nice to hear from you again. What's Kim doing now? HE didn't tell me. No riding, only running! Take care.. Em
From James
Father Musaala is on YouTube!!
Response: Oh, my god!! Aren't you lucky!! Actually I have some exciting news about the Father! I will fill you in this sunday when I do my webpage!
From Muzz
Yes it is a Kenyan version of kiswahili as it is more precise than other countries. Your translations are very good but your swahili needs a little bit of work. Ha ha. Take it easy. Tushekiana.
Response: Hey, kiswahili is from Tanzanian Coast!!
what's your latest email signature anyway??
Hmmm just you wait 'little bit of work'!!!..... baadae!
From Dee
Hey Em,
Very moving stuff... I am going to talk to the Soccer girls and see if we can put some of this 'fine' money to good use! Esp. as i've been a key contributor to date ;) I'll be in touch. Take care, Luv Dee :)
Response: Hey you guys are legends! I hope you can do something like that, the kids will be SO happy!! Thank you for caring about them!! x Em
From Mike
Woops, haven't I been a bit slack getting back to you!!! I'll put that down to working my butt off (but I'm just glad I get a shower each day unlike you!! crikey's). I have to admit I am a visual person so I've checked most of your pics (and picked up most of your travels and adventures) but as yet haven't read your stories. I get them from your MVP reader Jane anyways so know all the goss :) What an experience you are having, good on ya!! ps. my soccer is going good apart from 4 weeks of rain and no games. sitting in top 4 so happy with that and even got a few goals!!! indoor must have helped my outdoor cause. pps. Promise I'll check it my often, Jane is right, it is amazing reading what you are up to. Bye for now, Mike, xx
Response: Hey Mike,great to hear from you! thanks for looking at my pics even if you don't get time to read. I know each entry looks massive but I think it's interesting! I hope so anyway, cos it's interesting living the real thing here!! Keep up the good work with your soccer,.. take care x Em
From muzz
hey em, can you send me the postal address again too. Thanks!!
Response: Hi Muzz, about to answer your other message too!

Jim Education Centre
Josephus Gavah
PO box 287
Uganda, East Africa

Josephus will love you!! Make sure you mention my name so he knows how you heard about them.. Thanks Muzz!!
From dulla
emma mambo vipi?ishu zinakuaje? well emma hope u having good time in uganda and every one is fine there.peace and joy abide in u all.well this is quick email email emma but i just want to say that i like reading your wabepage and i am looking forward to read other news.karibu tena zanzibar.oh well my spanish is bit ok now.donde vives emma? poa emma talk to u baadae.
Response: Mambo poa, ishu bomba.. na wewe? Loving Uganda, it's very different to Tanzania. Glad you still enjoy my webpage. Wish I could get halua here though!! Although I still get the call to prayer everyday. There's a mosque right near my room. Might see you soon! Kuwa mwangalifu, nitafurahi sana kuonana na wewe. Baadae
Habari ya yako Emma?
Nimesoma yote neno umeandika na watoto wamenifurahisha. Naamini unarahah. Unafanya kazi nzuri, mungu akusadia. Wasichana wanaendelea na mpira vizuri.
Hows that? I hope my grammar was ok. Keep up the good work and the great photos. Tushekiana!
P.S I will be send a parcel for the kiddies so keep an eye out.

Response: Hey Muzz, aren't you clever!

Here's what your message seems to say:
" I read everything that you write and the children are happy. And I'm fine. You're doing good work, god will be pleased. The girls continue with good soccer. We will hear from you soon. "

You've found a good english-kiswahili website I think!! Although it's sort of a Kenyan version of swahili I think, but pretty good! How about Luganda? Oli otya? Nakulaba edda, siba bulungi!

and some swahili - kuwa mwangalifu, tutasema baadae. Nimefurahi sana kwa maneno wako. Baadae mwalimu kwa mpira!
From Jane
Hey Em, how are you? Soccer update - drew 2-2 on sunday. Still haven't lost any games but Muzz would prefer us to win all games!! Mike hasn't had to work from home - they are moving into a factory in Mona Vale in a few weeks! He is happy. Are you homesick yet? Kim is loving her tour in Morocco...favourite part of her trip! Hope you are well...speak next week :-) xx
Response: Hello again... oooh a close one last week hey? Don't break the winning streak! I tell everyone my team is undefeated when I show them our photo! Morocco would be awesome I'm sure. No not homesick, just miss friends/family etc, but not Sydney. Take care.. x Em
From dulla
hey emma inakuaje?this is dulla from zanzibar.hope u are doing well.i have seen the photos on your wabe page and the things u always write is soooooooooooooooooooo nice and it make me always read them.karibu tena zanzibar meana welcome back to zanzibar..kariubu halua na to u soon.
Response: Bomba sana, mambo vipi? Good to hear from you Dulla! I'm glad you like reading my page. Familia hajambo? How is the spanish coming along? Nimefuhamu 'karibu tena'! Karibu matoke na irish potatoes.. tutasema baadae kidogo.
From Amy Wiles
Hi Emma, I got your web address from Murray - love the photos. You look great, the stories (I have managed to read at work) are hilarious, sounds like a fab time. Makes me more and more interested in travelling again. The soccer team is going well but we definatley have a gap on the wing.... Enjoy!
Response: Hey Amy, great to hear from you! So Murray must still be reading my page even if he doesn't leave messages! Tell him I want to at least know what email signature he is using each week!! I love his email signatures.. I'm so proud of the team, you guys are doing really well. Glad to hear you enjoy the stories too :) Take care, say hi to everyone... baadae!
From Answers
Okay ; ) there's the White Nile in Uganda/ Rwanda... but its not the real Nile.
Response: Oh, really? And from what source is your information on the source of the Nile? Rwanda's will beg to differ and so will Ugandans. Do you want me to throw something in the source here in Uganda and you can go see if it arrives in Egypt? I will put a message in a bottle addressed to 'the mysterious answers'
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The Nile starts in the mountains of Ethiopia, not Uganda! What are they teaching in this school?
Response: Hello -that's not from school, read your Lonely Planet! But Rwandan's say the source is in Rwanda, so.... who knows really? But the school debate last week was 'what's better, water or food?'
From Ingrid
Jumbo Em,
Great to hear that you are having a wonderful time, what an extraordinary adventure (the best ever!), Im so pleased. I have just read and caught up on your latestes tales from Uganda, and as a ashunta bunta member, it sends me straight back to october last year... (yes there were almost tears..... again!). your story inspires me every time I read, thank you for sharing. Sorry I missed your call last week with Shaq (it was 3am I did not even hear the phone ring) I still saved the message - when will you be back in Kampala? I would love to talk to you. The only exciting news (very boring in comparison to your news) from this end is that Im moving next weekend to the East.... much bigger place with excellent entertaining area, perfect place to host the next Masai party - when your back in Oz. take care, chat soon. Big Hugs Ing xxxxxxxx
Response: Mambo vipi Ing? Thanks so much for message. Sorry I've taken so long to reply to you! I've been having internet issues, mainly too many things to do here and not enough time! I'm glad you're enjoying the stories, but sorry to cause tears, although it's to be expected from you! :) I saw Shaq briefly when he was passing through this town but I may see him in Kampala next week before I leave. He's busy with tours. I may pay him to take me to the airport as he'll be cheaper than a taxi (I hope). Your new place sounds awesome. Hope you're having fun and enjoying life! Take care, love Em