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And now to South America

I am reusing the travel page from when I went to Australia so don't be confused. I am actually in South America. I had some password issues

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 09 August 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well I am leaving for Seoul tomorro and I am very sad to leave. I had a brilliant time in Fiji basically sunathing and relaxing on the beach.I did a bit of snorkelling, fishing (but didnt catch anythiing) and kayaking. Also I made these really cool bangles out of coconuts which i love.The fiji people are brilliant and so friendly. As I came off the airoplane three were people wearing hawain shirts with flowers in their hair playing the gutier and singing it was so cool. I met lots of peopleas there were all backpackers on the islnd. Now i am at torzs house with jake and torz chatting and having a nice dinner tonight will miss them both so much.
See you al soon loads of lve emxxxx

Monday, 01 August 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well what a fun week i have had I am definitly having a good send off by all the people I met in sydney. Since monday night I have been partying non stop and out every night I better make the most of it cos not long to go now can not believe it is 9 days till I leave for england and see you doesnt seem real. Wont bore you with all the details of my nights outbut i will do it is a summerisation(is that a word?) On monday I met with helena (girl i lived with in bondi) and she was staying in this amazing hotle so we went out dancing and came back about 2am to this lovely room with amazing views over the city.Her family arrived the next morn so was up very early. Then on tues night I met up with Conner and William who are Willaim (the dad i was nannying fors older children) Was such a fun night earlier that day i had recieved a text from willy (willaim jnr) That we would go out for some quiet drinks and some food well if getting in at 3am is a few quiet drinks i was worried what a big night would involve!!! I soon found out on friday night, when i went out with them again. on wednesday i met up with timC my cousin and we went out to this lovely indian restaurant and had a good catch up it was really good to see him again. then on thurs i went out with verena the austrian girl who i met in tassie. we went out in the city and had a really brillaint time. Then like i said went out with the boys on fri and also met their uncle willaims brother so it was a reidy reunion and lots of fun. Then on saturday I met helenas parent swho are so lovely it made me jelous her parents being here and made me think how excting it is that i am going t see you so soon. We went to Waggamams which is so delicious you know the place in england we have it too... we had some wine and stuff and i was nearly persuaded to go out with them but was feeling exhausted was a very fun week and will miss sydney so much also as the weather is so gorgeous and blue sky atm. off to fiji on wednesday excited but a bit nervous. well miss you all but home so soon aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, 23 July 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well back in Sydney bit of a change from the life i had for the last 3 months but not as cold and miserable as i thought it would be, actually the sun is shinning the weather is sweet as the song goes.( i think) Well sorry havnt written in so long but have had no acess to internet. I finished my nanny job on the 8th of July and headed to Perth to meet my trip up to Broome. I went on a tour with the same company as the one i did in Tasssie, i actually had the same tour guide which was brilliant cos he is so good he has so much knowledge and is a great fun person so that was good. However the group werenot as good as the one s in tassie, i cant exactly put my finger on why they werent great i suppose just not my kind of people.Also for the first 5- 6 days i was on antibiotics beacuse my wisdom tooth was growing through and i was in quite a lot of ironic staying with a dentist for 3 months and literaly the day i leave i have probablems with my bloody teeth typical!!! Never mind I survived and they feel better now. Anyway back to the tour. It was a ten day trip and we saw some really amazing things from the pinnicles these amazing natural rock formations spread out accrosss this desert like place the colours of the yellow sand against the clear blue sky were gorgeous. We also stopped in a place called Monkey Mia where we saw dolphines being fed literally 2 metres in front of us they wwere so sweet. My best part of the trip was in a place called COrral bay which was were i went on a day boatt rip and we snorkelledw ith MAnta ray and saw dugons these funny faced dolphines and turtles and whales and of course all kinds of fish and corral it was beautiful. We also wen to this amazing NAtional park called Karijini NP were there were amzing gorges and massive rock pools where we swam no crocs thank god!!! A few people on tour had some problem s getting down into one gorge but it was quite funny to wath lots of falls and slips could have made a lot of money from you've been framed!!! Last stop was the beautiful Broome it is so chilled out there basically I just laid on the beach and relaxed for 4 days.i aslo went on a camal ride at sunset which was so cool I loved it my camal was called MAkaya or something threy are so funny and it feels werid when they stand up and when they sit down feels like you r gonna fall off. So after my 4 days in broome unfortunatley it was time to come back to sydney but only here for 2 weeks and then off to fiji for 5 days OOOhhh its a hard life...can not belive i am home in 3 weeks to see you all god i have missed you but hasnt it flown by it is scary, well love you all am trying to get some phots on so i hope they work

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Location: Manjimup, Australia

Well coming in to my last week in majimup and it is very you all no I hate saying goodbye and I get very attached to places. however I am looking forward to my trip up the west coast I hope it is as good as all my other tours. Went on a little day trip yesterday to a massive Dam in Pemberton called big brrok dam and then we wnet to a lavander and berry farm and ate the most delicious bulberry pancakes with ice cream and berry sauce aaaaahhhhhh yummy!!! Things are more relaxed and not so busy now Annie is back so thats good. HAve just booked all accomidation for when I get to Broome so hopefully no more booking needs to be done and everything is organised....Not a lot of news at the moe jsut wanted to keep you updated with what I am doing..well keep those emails up only 6 more weeks till i am coming back in to your lifes so brace yourself cos once I'm back i;m gonna be around for a while now. missing you all love you all loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Location: Manjimup, Australia

Well the last few days now till Annie gets back it is so crazy how fast it has gone and thank goodness no major hiccups so I am pleased about that obviously. LAst weekend we also went to Bussleton which was fun, unfortunetly it rained pretty much all weekend which was a bit differnt from our last trip. However was still fun on fri we arrived quite late so just chilled out had some drinks and watched tv, actually had lots of drinks and didnt go to sleep till like 5, and then got woken up at 8 by Neve so I felt terrible the next day and threw up about 4 times my body was just like exhausted so I really satyed in bed from 1 - 5. William took the girls to this pier which has a ferris whell thig and little horse carousel thing. Was so funny when he came back explaining how the pier was deserted ( cos of the bad weather) and he was witht hese two soaked childern with bright red noses standing in the pouring rain. the lady looked at him like he was crazy. SO I am quite glad I was tucked up all warm in bed while this was going on. Then had a quiet night and the next day we packed up and drove to Margerte River to go to the caves, it was good fun and the kids really enjoyed it to, we went on this walk in the bush after so felt like I had got some exercise. We thyen drove back that eve, and I was off to perth the next day for Lydias birhtday.
My Bus was due to leave at 6.30am and I booke dmy bus a few days before from this bus station, however I get to the bus station at 6.15 and there is no one there I figure just cos its early maybe noone is gegting the bus but by 6.30 I was really getting a little concerned, so I rang this help number and cut a long story short I was meant to pick it up on the side of the road somewhere else, would hev been nice if the man i bought my ticket off had told me!! So I thought I new where the first stop was going to be hal;f an hour drive (bridgetown) so I raced there sure that I had missed it as it was 10 minutes ahead of me.As i was driving into Bridgetown i saw the bus at the stop but I had this huge truck in front of me so the bus couldnt se me so i was hooting my horn to make sure he drive offf and i just cut infront of the bus and jumped on like saying "is this the bus to perth god I missed it in Manjimuip and i have chased you all the way here" God I must have looked like a raving loony as I was clasping my bottle of wine that i was bringing for lydia and my flask of tea AAAAAHHHH. Well obvioulsy someone was on my side letting me catch that bus so eventually i got to Perth. It was fun to see lydia and Carla we juat had some drinks in the pub then had some drinks at hers and played cards and chatted so it was relaxing adn fun to catch up with them. I also got a mini ipod and it is gorgoeus I got that from william as he said he didnt realize all the other jobs that I had to end up doing... So that was a fun few days realxing. apart from that no more news, things will probably be so much quieter when annie gets back as i wont be rushing around half as much be very strange. Well love you and am missing you so much big kisses emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 07 June 2005

Location: Manjimup, Australia

This weekend was good fun as Joan ( the lady I stayed with in Perth) came down to manji with tracey her daughter. We had a yummy dinner of chicken breast pesto parmesan wrapped in procuitto which chef emily cooked haha!! and lots of wine and cidar and liquors I tryed a few differnt ones that wiliam had stored in the pantry he has a good colection!! Papa you would love it. So that was a nice relaxing night. Then on Saturday I went for a ride with william, his friend dave and daughter Sarah, Morris and spud had so much energy and were very energetic( one way of putting it) beacuse we have been feeding them oats, well I never new horses were that confusing that their diet afects them so much but you you london friend s of myn it makes a massive difference. It was good fun thoguh. Then sunday we went to Graceys 4th birthday partyh which was in Margeret river the kids njoyeds that as they were dressed as fariys very cute. on monday just did odd jobs around the house. Today I went to the gym which was really good and I felt so motivated this lady was like how did you do that for 1/2 an hour god I would be dead, but I was like thinking " yeah you are about 40 years older thanme" but was quite sweet and made me even more motivated yeah!!!! Anyway should go as Neve just pounced on me and want me to show here wiggles on a website she loves the wiggles. Well love you and miss you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 02 June 2005

Location: Manjimup, Australia

Well its been a busy week cant believe how fast they go.. Had a really brilliant weekend.William the girls and I went to a town called Bussleton to stay in this 5* resort with two outside pools and an inside one with a lovely spa. We arrived on fri at 8pm as we picked up william from work at about 600. To make the most of it and cos the kids were still awake we went for a swim and a relaxing spa which I loved. Then we were back in our apartment and decided we were pretty hungry and it was 11.00 so we ordered pizza and managed to keep tessa awake to eat that and then she went to sleep....William and I wanted to make the most of being away and decided we had to stay awake as long as possible to make it the nmost of it so didnt get to sleep till about 3.30. Had a bit of a sleep in the morning till 930 so that was lovely and then we had a day of playiong on the beach relaxing some more and swimming more..we were lucky witht the weather cos it is not really hot anymore though this weekend was gorgeous. We got chinese takewayy that night which was also very yummy and watched Cellular that film which was quite good though I did fall asleep in some of it but as you all no that is very common for mew to sleep mid movie. Again a late night and very fun..the next day I left to let william have a nice long sleep in and not be hassled by the kids coming in jumping on him and trying to wake him. Me and the girls went to the playgroiund and a lovely walk along the beach.then wen william was up we went on a bike ride with the kids on the back, it was so funny cos we had only been riding about 5 minutes on our lovely scenic route and Nevew was fast alseep on the back of williams bike then soon after tessa was in dream land to just waking up as we pulled into the hotel what timing!!! But i enjoyed it the weather was perfect and the ride was so relaxing and fun. After that we braved it and went to swim in the outdoor pool to all the other guests horror a couple of parens saw us swimming so came along to feel the temp to see if they would come in and i heard mothers in disgust :oh its much to cold come on we r going insaide" Well thats the soft aussies for you only the english and irish could hack it!!hehe. After another realxing day it was unfortunetly time to come home but was just so fun.
So far this week all has been good and the kids are still happy, funny and almost always good. Had a visit from neve last night, i felt this presence standing over me and got such a fright wen i saw her shadow however all she wanted was to get into bed and go to sleep in my bed so that was fine then later at about 6.00am i had another visitor obviously tessa was feeling like she was missing out on the fun hehe.
Well I am being invaded by the little monkeys sop gonna have to go love you all and thinking of you all the timexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Location: MAnji, Australia

Well since annie has gone been up to lots of things and been very busy. LAst weekend on the sunday me and william and the girls drove to Windy harbour so the kids could play on the beach and go for some walks. It was fun explring and we found this secluded hut thing that was very basic and basically open to anyone who wanted to stay funny there was a visiters book and people left comments, some people saying how scary it was and stuff cos its in the middle of thebush reminded me a little of bnlair witch..we didnt stay we kept on driving on this 4wd track trying to find this beach. We found the track to the beach and everything was going pretrty smoothly then william started to get a bit worried about the sand which seemded to be becoming very soft so he tryed to reverse to check that we wouldnt get stuck unfortunetly it was too late we wewre stuck and the wheels were just spinning oh dear! i thought. Eventually we deflated the tyres some more and got out..When we were safley out I said to william you didnt think we were gonna be stuck and have to walk 10 kil to find help did you? and he was like yep I had nearly given up. first I didnt believe him cos I think if papa had been in that situation there would have been a bit of ranting and raving going on and i would have realized we were in the shit but william is very relaxed and laid back and hadnt quite let on to me how much tropuble we would have been in. So later when we were in the pub having a meal he kept saying we would still be walking now and have about 4 hours to go, and when we were safly home we kept thinking thaynk god we are not still out on that track walking to find a ranger....Quite hard to explain that story as you might have realised but just writeing straight what is in my head it was a very eventful day though we never quite made it to the beach the kids ended up making sandcastles in the fork of the road on the sandy track, never mind they didnt seem to be bothered at all and really enjoyed it.
This week I have been taking tessa to kindi in the mornings and in the afternoon just relaxing with them going on wlks feeding the 15 horses, making the fire, cooking muffins etc. Today me and the firlks went to annies mothers house in bridgetown which was lovely we went to the park and had chickena and chips the kids loved it then I drove back just bnefore it got dark to feed the horses, they are all on differnet diets and eat different things so I did that which is fun because it is so differnt to what i usually do. anyway gotta go as neve is demanding that she wants a dogert (yogert) so better assit to her needs. ahhhhhh love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 May 2005

Location: Manjimup, Australia

Well it was my first day today of being mum and it went pretty smoothly. Annie and Bella (8) left at lunch time today so we all went to wave them off at the station. Neve didnt really understand where mummy was going but tessa was a little sad. We then went to the park to try and take their mind off saying goodbye. I then did the shopping to make sure we had everything for dinner, we did a few more chores around town and then drove home. Was pretty bus today doing washing, hanging out the clothes. feeding the horses keeping hte kids entertained cooking dinner, reading them stories and putting them to bed.Tessa has falen alseep thank goodness as she is usually up till 11.00 cos she has a long sleep inthe day but today she didnt. However I think neve is lurlking around the corridor I tryed to put to her to bed but she wasnt really interested and jsut kept asking over and over wheres mummy, wheres bella wheres tessa wheres daddy!!! I cooked dolma tonight which I havnt had yet but the kids seemed to think it was nice thoguh tessa didnt like the veggies She said " i like the meat and the sauce the rest it yukky" Well that was my first busy day in the life of a mum and I can tell you this is the great fun but it sure makes me stop wanting to rush to have kids, so if any of you friends of myn are getting broody dont!!!
I love you all andmiss you all

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From Faye
Been looking through all your pics, oz looks amazing, i'm going out there next year, for a year, i'l be staying in melbourne wit family for 3 mnths. Do you have any contact details, for groups i could meet up and travel with?

Thanks faye
Response: STA travel are really good and they can help out a lot with different groups to go with i went on a wicked trip from Mel - Adelaide with a group called groovy grapes so much fun wicked tour guide and group. another brilliant tour group is called connections they travel up east and west coast and middle part so looki in to those it was brilliant good luck
From john
You`ve certainly seen alot of oz, im planning a trip out there xmas/new year time hoping to do either the eastor south coast, have you any tips on which is the best to see on this trip, if i miss anythin , i`ll do it next time.
cheers john
Response: I did a trip along some of the south trip from melbourne to adelaide with a tour group called groovy grape they were brilliant they also do wine tours in the Berrosa valley which is meant to be brilliant. Good lock and have a wicked time i wish i was back there. I did east coast last year and loved it big party places. went with oz sail in Airlie beach round whitsundays for 3 days 3 nights and fraser island amazing but u'll hear about all these deals when u get oput there so dont book tillu get there. good luck!!
From Georgina
hello mylovley have just spent an hour catching up with yout travells. i have had a good summer but shamfully brought to an end by breaking my leg, very disapointed.. i have really enjoyed sailing and uterley fallen in love with the sport. am now at home rather board with a leg in the air hope you are all ok let me know when you return homexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbig kiss
Response: Hello georgie my lovely have not heard form you in absolutly ages cant believe you broke ur leg. I am back on the 11th august and will defintly come to c you can not wiat to catch up loads of love em xxxxxxxxxxx
From Catherine
Hiya, i cant beleave you have only got six weeks left. i have decided to stay abit longer. planning to leave for south africa at the beginning of november. well have fun in broome it would have been nice to see you before left for home, but i will come and visit you at uni. be safe lv Catherine
Response: Thanks babe, shame to miss you but of course we will catch up soon. when will u bve backj in england? Keep in otuch and have fun love you xxx
From Monica and the rest
Hi Emily! Omygoodness this family really is keeping you busy! What a jam-packed time you're having and gee it sounds like fun too. I am so glad all is well and you sound happy. I look forward to seeing you later on in the year in London! Lots of love and kisses, Monica, J., R., S. & Miss O.
Response: Yes very busy but that is good .....only one and a half weeks till my trip to broome all very excting..ver ymuch look forward to seeing you in london big kisses to everyone see you soon. xxx
From Sophie B
So pleased that you have a new job and it is going well its so cool about the horse. Love the neighbours photos. Am in Africa at the mo. Ghana but have not stopped throwing up and feel ill. Place is lovely and am teaching gorgeous kiddies. When are you home? Love you and miss you, can not wait to see you Sophie xx
Response: hey soph so good to hear from you wow cant believe you are in Africa!! I am back in August..wat abouut you? ALso miss you very much and cant wait to c you love you xxxxxxxx
From Sarah
Emily! Its so weird to see you on the screen and looking through some of our pics, I had such a great time over there with you. It sounds like your having so much fun and I am so jealous you have your own horse! Keep having fun and filling in your diary, love seeing what you have been up to and I really look forward to seeing you when you get back. Loads of love and hugs, Big Head x x x x
Response: Miss you so much..yeah i am having a very good time and its fun having morris the horse to ride. I had the best time with you guys and am so glad that we met there r lots more of those times to come just will be on the other side of the world next time...good luck with everything at home and keep in touch love you loads em xxx
From Kilina
Hey sweetie,
sorry i havent written in ages. so glad to hear you've found a job and are enjoying it. how long you staying there for? so do you actually live with the family then? whats the town like, or are you in the country?
hope to hear from you soon, loads of love, kilina xxxxxx
Response: I'm here till about begging of July.and I have my own room in their house which is very sweet and cosy. There is not really a big town for quite a long drive I am right in the country but it is really fun to be like that as I no what a difference it is like at home and also it stops the temptations of spending it all on clothes and drinking so quite good really!! hope uni is still as enjoyable as before loads of loveme
From Mum
Darling Ems, I did win the Lottery last Wednesday .... and then again on Saturday. However, as it was only £10 each time,I doubt that will fund your gallavanting up the coast!
I will keep trying ......
masses of love, Mum xxx
Response: Oh well at least you are getting somewhere that is stil excting..missing you very much today love you emsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Emma
Hi Ems,
So great to read your travel diary - keep smiling my sweet and keep eating those vegies. I hear you with the mid-travels blues, I promise it will get better - trust me, as soon as you get home you will wish you are away again. Sending you a great big hug.
Lotsa love, Melbourne Em. xoxoxo
Response: Thank you sweetie, Yeah I am sure things will get better soon. Been meaning to ring you but you know what its like completly crazy. Its cool to see lydia and sorry about the neighbours tour they said they thought it was rubbish & I told them they had to do it cos it was brilliant.TAke care i hope work is going well loads oflove mexxx
From Kilina
Hey ems!!! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! wow! 20!!! dont worry, im sure u'll njoy it even more than 19! what did u get up to? did u get my sms? will write u a proper email as soon as i get the chance. hope u had a fab day! loooooooooooads of luv from all the fabricius's (even cookie and grady!). luv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kilina xxxxxxxxxx
Response: thank you very much thanks for your message too i wasnt sure who it was as i didnt have your number for some reason sorry i didnt reply. I hope you are enjoyjng easter holidays... missing you very much love mexxxx
From Soph B
Wow it just sounds like you are having the most incredible time ever and i am so jealous. So pleased to hear how happy you are, and love looking at youre photos you look so gorgeous. Miss you so much and cant wait to see you love you sophie xxxx
Response: Hey sophs,
Good to hear from are things going in spain are you still loving it...missing you loads when are you back in england? love you loads em xxxxxxxxxx
From Georgie
Hello chicken hows it going....Hay not long till your half way to fourty....Hope your living the life...I have been working the cheltenham gold cup in the bookies wow bit tireing but now gives me money i am going to see paul next week remember paul from filly that was with kim he gave me a ring so im going to go say hi...Off to france in two weeks should be fun take care fill me in on the goings on miss you lotsxxxxxxxxx
Response: I am no where near 40 dont say that.Thats cool you will c paul.Wow france is getting close.How funny about topper hehe. got some photos of me surfing check it out!! hehe. miss you loads love mexxxxx
From Catherine
Hiya hon, hope you are enjoying your surf trip!! i really wish you were here in Cairns, i cant remeamber if i told you that i have got a job working in a hotel! what did you do for st paddys day? i had a really good night met this guy from manchester i think hes the funist guy i have ever met!!
any way you take speck to you soon x x x x x
Response: HAd the best time onthe surf trip and definilty had a few too many drinks for you in Byron at least i can blame you hehe.,it was so fun....Glad you had a good st paddys day.I hope work in the hotel is going well and you still like cairns.
From Sophie Selmes
Hello! Got that last message. Still have no home phone no but am going back to London next Thurs 24th March so I can speak then. Have you got a permanent address at the mo, and if so for how long? (Because someones b-day is coming up!!)

Miss you tons and loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xx
Response: HAvnt really got that permentent address but actually i gave one to mum where i am staying in Bondi so ask her for that i will be there for my birthday.oh my god can not believe i am going to 20 I want to be a teenager for ever.Will speak to you when you are in london cant wait missing you loads and loads love em xxxxx
From Verena
Hey Emily,
Thanks for mentioning "brother and sister" ;-)
Hope u enjoy your surf-trip!
Speak soon!
Response: Of course how could i not mention you both you are both stars!!
Cant wait to c u soon, love mexxx
From Kate
Hey hun, your pictures look amazing, am so so jealous of you...tassie looks ace! Everything is a bit dull here, too much work but end of term soon, yey! Ails is planning a gower meet up when torz is cool will that be!! Love you lots, hope you feel better soon, big hugs xxxxxxxx
Response: TAssie was amazing i love it there. How fun you will c torz soon that is wicked send my love to Ails when you c her. Love you loads and missing you like mad love em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Sophie Selmes
Where r u?? havent heard from you in ages...hope Tazzie was fun!
Loadsof love Soph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xx
Response: Hey soph, I sent you a message a few days ago did you not get it, let me no if you get this one..I am in sydeny now but not for long i will be going to Perth in 3 weeks to work. Missing you loads and loads do you have a house phone yet if so give me the number and i will call you. lve you em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From georgie
hay hunny hows things treating you i found out who that guy is his name is topper..things are ok cant wait to leave though not long weeeeeeeeee cary on having heaps of fun love you long time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey babe, sorry to disapoint but Topper is definitly not tasty, well he is too short for my liking, but maybe he could be up ur ally I'm not sure. I am now living with some girls from Nottingham as i moved out of jake because we had a disagreement. Missing you loads love em xxxxxx
From Kilina
Hiya!! did you get my email last week? haven't heard from you in a while, was wondering how you're getting on. work at uni is starting to pile up and it's getting very stressful! only 2 more weeks of term though. yay! going back home for the hols - am already looking forward to it! how long are you in tasmania for? loads of love xxxxxxx
Response: yeah i mailed you back i'm sure,though i do loose track a bit. I am back in Sydney now a lot warmer than tassie. Going on a surf trip on monday very exciting. That'll be so fun to go home and see everyone give them all a big kiss and hug from me. em xxxxxxxx
From Georgie
Hay you there is a guy joining my course next year because he was in your year and done the first year with you and he is twenty five when he was on your course and my tutor said he is tasty do you have any idea who it could be fill me in flower love you long time. have fun on your travels
Response: I really cant think who that guy could be. did he only do first year with us? Oh i really wanna know, I miss you loads, I had so much fun in the choccie factory so fat now.miss you em sxxx
From Sophie Selmes
Hi Em,

Good to hear what you're up to. Just wondering if you are going back to Melbourne after Tazzie and if so, when. Claudia, my friend from Putney High is on her own in Melbourne at the mo, so Hannah was thinking that you could meet up. I'll try to get her e-mail address cos I think she's in Oz for a while. Let me know as soon as poss and keep having a great time!

Loads of love, Soph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xx
Response: I am now in Sydney and have no plans to go back to Melbourne at the moement but if she comes to sydney then it would be fun to meet up.I also might be going to Perth so if she is then I could maybe meet her there.missing you lots and lots think about you loads love you em xxxxxxxx
From kate
Hey hun, don't know whether you got my last message so thought i'd send you a little something to say that i miss you lots and that i'm really glad you're having lots of fun...i'm so jealous...but it's snowing here! got dressed up as a duck yesterday, was just like my groupie days!! lots of love xxx
Response: Thanks for your message. yeah i can not believe it is snowing in England how excting. Things are going well here the weather is a bit rubbish in tasssie but it is still so cool here. Thats so funn you were a duck. missing you loads love em xxx
From Georgina
hay hunny.Its really cool that you have met lots of nice people. Im all cool only two weeks to go, im meeting up with wilson this week so that should be good, im so tired bit to much parting and sailing trying to get it all done with extra sessions going well though, ul have to fill me in on the taz tour sounds greatxxxxx
Response: CAnt believe only two weeks are going to love tamaris training and Mimosa,is wilson gonna be at tamaris training aswell as bodger. I know it'll be hard but try and send the odd email while your there would love to no how its going.big kisses emxx
From Linda
Hi Em,

How are you doing? Having fun? I guess so... I'm back from bordertown and now I know where my laugh is coming from... This was realy funny and I laught so much. It reminse me of you!!! HA HA HA HA HA

Enjoy yourself and we keep in touch!!!
Realy good side...

love Lin
Response: I'm glad you had so much fun in Border town and your family and fun too. WHen are you off to Perth is it friday what are you doing now?
Take care and have fun em xxxx