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Carol's Solo Travels!

Welcome to the page formerly known as Cazz, Dan & Larissa's Travel Page!!! Now I'm on my own and it is such an adventure!

Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read.

Please feel free to leave a comment for us! If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

We are going to the following countries; Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.


Diary Entries

Monday, 21 August 2006

Location: Verona / Cinque Terra /, Italy

Hello again!

Bit of an update fro you!

After Berlin I took a fairly long train trip down to Verona, in Italy. Had read some fairly good things about this city, so I was pretty keen to see it!

There were no hostels availiable so I had to (what a pity!!!(, stay in a nice hotel for a couple of nights! Was so nice to be in a nice clean room with an ensuite all to myself!!!!

Did some sightseeing and a bit of shopping around in the old city walls! Sights included a trip to Juliet's Balcony, which was quite cool to stand up there!! Signed me and Dax's names on the graffiti wall, which is filled up with couples names and love letters! Nothing like a bit of romance!

I totally splashed out one night there and got all dressed up to see the opera, which is held in the Arena, a bit like the Colloseum but smaller! Was worth every cent, it was Madame Butterfly, which is the story of a Geisha and an American Soldier who fall in love but it soprta goes pear shaped for them with a bit of a gory end!!!

After my cultural experiences in Verona I next headed to Cinque Terra. My hostel was a good 20 minute bus ride out from the first town Riamaggiore (Cinque Terra is a world heriatage area that includes five old cities). The bus service was pretty good, because our hostel was in a spot called Biassa, with rolling green hill and gorgeous old buildings, alot like Tuscany.

Walked the route of the five cities with a nice American couple, though there was a few hairy bits where we went the wrong way, ended up in the middle of nowhere and had to hitch a ride in the back of a ute!! Was really fun and memorable!

Also spent some time realxing at the beach, making the most of the nice Italian Summer sun while I could! Took the train out one day with this cool girl Tash to Portofino, which was very nice, seemed like a bit of a place where there are millionaires around every corner!

Met some great people at the hostel, mostly Aussies, with a few Americans and Brits thrown in! Spent some memorable evenings in front of the hostel, with wine and pizza from the little traditional shop down the road (pizzanumber 17 is the best ever! Have no idea what it was called)!

Went back to Rome after (sadly) leaving Cinque Terra, probably my favourite place. Saw a few more of the sights and enjoyed my final Italian meal (including Tiramasu)! I was staying in a mixed dorm, but out of seven I was the only female! Nice guys though! Frantically bought a few last gifts on my last day before heading to Fiumienco Airport for my trip home! Flight to Dubai was good, had to wait in airport there for a bit but got a few free meals! Flight from Dubai to Melbourne wass hellish! 13 hours is just way too long to be on a plane! Finally Made it to Melbourne! Had a few more hours wait there (was so over it by this stage), though I did a bit of duty free perfume shopping! Fell asleep for the first time on my return flights on the Hobart Jetstar flight, it seemed to only last ten minutes!!!

Touched down on home turf where most of my family and Sharni were there to meet me!!! Was my bro's birthday so headed off for a birthday dinner and to meet my new niece at last!

I guess this is my last entry as it is the end of my trip! Have had such a good time, it is so good to be home though! Thanks for reading and sending your messages!

Lots of love



Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Verona, Italy


From Frankfurt I took a day trip out to Heidleberg, a beautiful Medieval town about 1 hours train ride from Frankfurt. Was worth it, the old town was very traditional and had an amazing view of the river from the castle on the hill.

Frankfurt itself was great, much better than I could have expected, it had some gorgeous old buildings I would expect to find in a small German town, as well as having the shops etc you find in big cities. At night the riverbank was all light up and I had a hot choccie on this cafe boat.

Dusseldorf was also a nice city! Spent two nights there and it definetly deserves its reputaion as a shopper's paradise! I may have tested it out a bit! Also took a boat cruise on the Rhine while I was there, went to an Aqua Zoo and went to a film museum.

Hamburg had lots of character, a bigger city than I thought! Saw the famous Rathaus and went up St Nikoli war memorial in a glass elevator up so high! I was scared!!!! Walked down St Pauli during the day, I was a bit scared to go down there at night! Hung out with this English girl Emma from my hostel, have been meeting some great people from all over the place!

Berlin was amazing! Thought it would be just another big city, but its recent history was mindblowing! It is a really diverse city, all sorts of things to do and see! Saw hitler's bunker, the Brandenberg gate, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie to name a few places! Met some cool Aussies and ended up going sightseeing and having dinner and drinks with this girl from Adelaide, Jodi. Hostel was really good where I was staying too! It was called Generator Hosel and I recommend it to anyone who goes to that part of the world!

Saturday, 05 August 2006

Location: Verona, Italy

Hi Everyone!

Wow, so much had happened since last enrtry (though you may have seen the photos)!

We loved Munich! We went to the zoo, which was something different for us! Animals were so cute! Especially the goats! We also visited the Neufswanstein Castle, which is located outside of Munich. It was like a fairytale! So pretty, took a few photos there! It belonged to this slightly demented King Ludwig! The next day (for something completely different), we went to Dachau Concentration Camp. Was a really somber day, but I think it is important to see things like that.

ALSO that day, we went our seperate ways (Larissa n Dan to Switzerland and me to Frankfurt). I decided that I didn't want to see the same things over again and wanted a bit of adventure in travelling alone!

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


sorry about no entries for awhile! Have done LOTS of travelling in the last week.

Slovenia was our favourite place so far. Ljubjana, the main city, was clean and relaxing. People were so friendly. Next we went to Bled, which is beautiful. It is a smallish town that is set in the mountains surrounding a lake. Lots of skiing in winter and other adventure activities.

We hired bikes and went to the Vintgar Gorge, a bit like tassie but the water was this green colour and you could see the trout swimming around!

We also went on an awsome rafting trip! None of us had done it before so it was so fun, we got so wet!

Next we headed to Vienna. It was Larssa's birthday, so we went out for the best Vietnamese for dinner and then dessert. Also went to an English Cinema to relax, where we watched The Lakehouse. Also went on a sightseeing bus, architecture is gorgeous there.

We got to Prague aboout half hour ago, so really tired after the train! We go to Munich on Sunday, which we are looking forward to!

Missing everyone! Not long till we see you though!

Take care

love us xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, 14 July 2006

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hi just a quickee!

In Slovenia, arrived today. Croatia was incredible! Hired a boat and kayaked and snorkled! Dubrovnik was the best part we saw!

Photos soon! Too busy living it up!!!!

love the girls xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Location: Santorini, Greece

Hello again!

Writing from beautiful Santorini, the most beautiful place we have seen in Greece.

Going to Ia tonight to watch the sunset. Tomorrow we have a Sunset cruise aboard a traditional Greek boat. Includes wine and appetisers too - yum! We are visting a volcano crater and Hot springs on surrounding little islands during out cruise!

Friday we are heading back to Athens on a 9 hour ferry trip, though it could be longer as we are learning quickly! Ferries run on there own time it seems!

Anyway must go and lay by the pool at out hotel for awhile! Such a hard life!

Bye for now xoxo

c & d

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Location: Contiki Resort, Mkonos, Greece

Check out our photo page!!!!

Friday, 23 June 2006

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Hi all!

We have had a busy time sightseeing in athens and this is our 3rd night on Mykonos Island, Greece. It is one of the Cyclades group of islands. The houses all are white with blue doors- as expected. Water is beautful, the island itself is a fairly barren, desolate place though! We think Santorini will be prettier!

Met a few aussies here and there! At Contiki resort at the moment, which is nice, bumped into these aussie dudes for the 3rd time! We first met them in a laundromat in athens, then at our other accommodation on mykonos and here again at Contiki! World is a small place! Its good to exchange advice with other travellers, about where to see etc!

Hired a 4 wheeler yesterday, was really fun! Drivers a little crazy here!

Being away from Australia and experiencing different countries and cultures is awesome, but so far, there is nowhere else we would rather live!

More news later. Photots when we have time!!!

Love Cazz and Dan

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Location: Sorrento (Amalfi & Positano), Italy

Hi everyone!

Sorry no photos yet... they are taking forever to load and we don't always have a lot of time!

Caught a bus from Sorrento to Positano & Amalfi today! We thought that we were going to die on the bus rde down windy (what should be one way) streets!!!

Lay on the beach in Positano before continuing to Amalfi. Really beautiful region as hopefully u will se in our photos WHEN they arrive!!

Making plans for Greece, Athens first then The Cyclades Islands.

Great to hear from everyone, thanks for your messages!

Love Cazz n Dan xo

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Location: Rome, Italy


Have had a busy couple of days exploring Rome and its many sights, mostly on foot. Amazing to see things in the flesh!

The Italian people have been so friendly and helpful. Our stay at our hostel Cassa Di Olmata hasnt been too bad considering it is at the bottom end of the star ratings!!!

We have sampled some gelati and REAL pizza, will eat pasta tonight we hope!

Believe it or not we have been having early nights as we have been tired from doing things all day, this will change soon we hope! We are heading down the coast tomorrow to relax in the sun!

Photos soon, we promise!!!

Carol and Dan xo

Friday, 09 June 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

Hi everyone safely arrived in Rome today!

Dubai was amazing, we skied, rode camels, had a henna tattoo on each of our little feet!!! Enjoyed the 4WD tour, sand Dunes were the biggest we have seen.

Will let u know about our adventures in Rome!

Viva Italia

Ciao xoxoxo

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Recent Messages

From Brian MacComb
wow!! Slovenia, croatia! these are know as Ak47 countries cheap guns you may buy!!! such an adventure!! :)
slan go foill
love brian
Response: Didnt know that! Guess there was a war there not so long ago!
From max and rosemary
Hi Girls,
So pleased to hear you are having a great time and that you love Croatia. Looks like we will be behind you the whole way as you are in Slovenia already. But will email you when we get settled anyway. We leave the day after tomorrow!!!
Keep safe, have fun and God bless.
Max and Rosemary
Take care! Cant wait to hear about what you are up to!
From Brian MacComb
HI CAROL!! and her friend Dan!! its your wee cousin here from Eire! i dont know where half of these places are and i live in europe!lol you seem to be having a great time on your EuroTRIP!! I agree with the australian comment where else in the world do you get paid a thousand dollars to have a baby!!! lol
keep safe

Slan go foill
(see ya soon in irish)
love Brian
Response: Thanks Brian! So nice to hear from you! If u wanna email me its!
From Gavin
Santorini, is spectacular! We spent lots of our time in the spa sipping champers looking at the view! The sunsets at Oia are something else. No news from Adam & Nat yet I think they are hanging on for the extra $1000 baby bonus on the 1st of July Ha Ha! Gav
Response: Went to Oia last night! Had waffles and watched sunset! Beautiful!
Liked your photos now we can believethat you are there.
Looks hot, enjoy.
We love and miss you . Dad & Mum
Response: Its very hot!! We can hardly believe we are here too, time is going so quicky!
From Bonnie
Hi Girls,
Loving the pictures. The boys are good. They are on Opti again so I am staying away from the house cause they will smell and be very crabby for the next 10 days. hahah. Don't hurry back cause it is sooooo cold in Hobart. Miss you
Response: he he I can imagine!!

Pretty hot here so don't worry we won't rush back! :)
From rosemary and max
hi girls,
looks pretty hot overy there! Great! We can hardly wait. Good to see you are having a great time. We are going to hobart this w/end 1st July. looking forward to seeing Dax. keep safe and have lots of fun. Love Rosemary & Max xx
Response: Keep safe too, not long till u come over! Enjoy hobart! xoxo carol
From Sharni
hey girlies!!
well fri night drinks havent been the same! however we have been doing gym, spa, dinner and a couple of drinks as we r trying 2 get fit! (HA) wont last long dont worry.
hey it sounds as though cazzas driving will b fitting in well over there (joke). hey who has been doing the driving just out of curiosity???
(ha, ha)
miss u 2

Response: he he!! We took it in turns! Sounds like the cold has motivated u girls- which is good- no chance of that ova here. We'll need it when we get back tho!! d xo
From Mel
Hey girls!!!
Hope you are having fun and living it up in the sun. Will look forward to hearing more about your travels. Miss you both and safe travelling
Love Mel
Response: Thanks Mel! miss u too
From Gavin
Hello Caz and Dan

Sounds like you are having a great time. Jan and I are very jealous, especially that you got to go into the blue grotto as the tide was too high and sea was too rough when we went (some people where snorkelling in). When you go to Amalfi make sure you take the bus up to Ravello its spectacular up there! Yes I have driven up this road! Nerves of steel. Ciao Gav
Response: We went to Amalfi Today, but no Ravello!
From dax
Beautiful trevy fountain? pfft, dirty dirty dirty... and that's just all the tourists! har
Glad to hear your getting to see the sights. Stay safe and remember to wrap up when u go to the vatican (i swear the pope's a peodifile - only reason he makes you wrap up so much, oh i'm not still sour about the fact i didn't get let in in case your wondering!)
miss you guys, have fun.
(ps hope the onion and garlic avoidance is going well guys!)
From Mum & Dad
Great to hear about all your travels! Siska came for tea tonight. She goes back thurs. How is the garlic treating you? Or should we ask Carol that question? Adrian & Heidi come back from Melb wed pm and we are off to Brisbane thurs pm. Where are the photos??? We are all waiting! Lots of love xxxxxxxxx
Response: Photos are slow cause of the computers here aren't always reliable! So far so good with Garlic, we've even been having some milk! The food has either been really greasy or plain! I'll keep u posted on croatia!! d xoxoxo
From Aunt Joy
Hi Carol!
Glad you are living your dream at last! We are heading to Canada in July. Take Care and have a wonderful trip.
Luv Aunt Joy in Northern Ireland.
Response: Hi Joy!! Have fun in Canada!
From dax
Hey Girls! Guess what? its still cold here.
Oh dan i will miss you too, but sorry not quite as much as carol ;)
Make sure you check out the dirty trevy fountain in rome, not that you'll be able to step back far enough to fit it in a picture mind you.
safe trails.
Response: We got a nice picture of the BEAUTIFUL trevi fountain dax!!! Have had a busy day walking round all the sights- good exercise! About 30 or more degrees today, very nice! Miss u xo
From Dad & Mum
Hope you and Danielle arrived safely and having fun. Your room is very empty. Send some news as soon as you can.
God bless
love Dad & mum
Response: Thanks ! miss u too arrived in Rome safely today
From sharni
hey girls!!! how was the flight?? has everything gone ok so far? i hope so. well its 10 degrees and creeping lower, so im hoping ur appreciating the sunshine!
well hope ur having fun!
miss yas xx
miss u was 45 degrees in dubai, only 21 here in rome!!!
From roy
hi girls, glad u got over there safe!! hope you are both happy!! have a good1 roy xo
Response: No worries adam, it had been good so far!
From Jo
Hi Caz and Dan!
I hope you had a nice flight, have a ball in Dubai! I hope you don't get clicked at!

Response: no clicking just stares!
From wayne
Hi - wish you great travels - you will have a blast ! wayne
Response: We sure hope so! Well see you soon!
From Adrian
Bon Voyage Dan and Cazz - have a great trip!
Response: So far so good! Will be in touch via email as well! xoxo
From Dax
To Cazz and Dan, have a great trip, i'm sure you'll have a terrific adventure.
Carol i will miss you heaps, have a great time and i'll be thinking of you.
adios err i mean ciao!
Response: wot about dan, will u miss me 2??