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From the USA to Europe follow Ev's travels to catch up with relo's and friends across the globe

Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Ouyen, Australia

The night before the wedding we went back to a little Italian restaurant in Leuven where they serve some of the best Italian food outside of Italy! Dad got talking to the owner (who is also the chef/barman/waiter and dishwasher!) and told him how we were all in town for Renee's wedding. Well! He braught out his treasured home brewed after dinner lemon ouzo that his brother in Italy had made him. He gave us a bottle as his contribution to the wedding!

We could not resist and sampled a couple each that lead to a few more... Anyway we ended up having a great night with a little bit left to bring back to oz for that special occasion!

Renee's wedding went perfectly at a massive church that is part of the university where she works and studies at.

The ceremony was beautiful and it gave the rest of our family the opportunity to meet our new inlaws and both friends of Renee's and my parents who live in Europe now. Many of Renee and Jo's friends from Leuven came as well and we all had the chance to catch up for a few Guinnesses at the Irish pub where the reception was held. It was fantastic to have so much family at the wedding considering where it all happened.

The next day Shawn, Chris, Brian and I travelled down to Spain for a quick look about. We ended up hiring a car in Madrid and cruising down the freeway to the coast at Valencia where we chilled out for 3 days. I thaught the English drove fast! These guys have a 120km/h speed limit on the freeways but rarely do less than 140!

At one stage I thaught I was in trouble with two police with sirens and lights on behind me. But I was just going too slow at 130! Anyway the hire car got back without a scratch and we ended up touring the nightlife of Madrid the last night while the U2 concert was on (sold out for months unfortunately). With me getting no sleep til I got on the plane to Vienna!

That nearly cost me a couple of extra days as I fell asleep at the airline boarding gate in Vienna waking up as I heard "FINAL CALL for flight # to Singapore'! Anyway thank god I made it back in Aus safely after the big trip. Am settling into work and all the rest pretty well.

Thanks to everyone for the great messages, keep them coming as I'll be checking this site for a fair while yet.

All the best and happy travels if you are still on the road


Friday, 05 August 2005

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Well the cruise on the Greek islands ended in one of the nicest places I have ever been, the volcanic island of Santorini. This place is a volcanic island with almost any hue of volcanic rock (pumice) colour with the rich blue Agean sea lapping its beaches. They grow wine grapes without trellises on the ground to protect the produce and make the most of the humidity that is stored in the soil overnight as they only get 11inches of rain per year.

The pictures will show you what I mean about its beauty although they hardly do it justice. Anyway another spot to return to at a later date!

I flew via Munich Germany to Brussels on Sunday from Athens (where it was 40°!). There was a 3 hour lay over in Munich so I jumped on a bus and saw the little uni town of Freising for a couple of hours making it back to the Munich airport as the flight was boarding!

Renee and her fiance Jo picked me up from the airport so saved abit of train chaos as the language and signs are a little confusing. Anyway we finished the night with a few Belgian (elephant) beers finishing up some time early the next morning!

The last few days we have been to our uncle Richmond's grave at the Ardennes US military cemetary near Liege. Uncle Richmond was shot down with his co-pilot during WW2 over France during a voluntary mission. My Grandmother (Richmond's sister) and 13 other family and friends came along too. It was very moving. There are 5000 US soldiers buried at that particular cemetary from WW2.

After that 4 of us visited Henri a Belgian farmer who has about 300 hectares of crops (a large farm for this area). My parents met Henri last time just diving around and our families are now close friends. His crops are only yielding 7 tonnes/ha wheat dryland! Average yields are 8-9 tonnes and they are just starting harvest this week.

We had the civil wedding ceremony for Renee and Jo this afternoon at the beautiful town hall in Leuven. The church ceremony is tomorrow at midday. Its great to have my grandmother and the John Fenn's (Mum's Brother's) family all here along with Katherine from Australia and all our immediate family for the big day.

Sunday I fly to Madrid before returning to Melbourne on Saturday the 13th in the afternoon. Hope all is well!


Saturday, 30 July 2005

Location: Patmos Island, Greece

Hi Guys,

Well I am on the cruise ship sailing about the Greek islands and we stopped at Kusadasi in Turkey this morning for a quick look and I bought some fresh prawns. Also went to a Turkish bath where they massage and wash you down (like a cross between seeing a chiropractor and going to a beauty therapy clinic! Anyway it was an experience but felt like a million dollars after. The port at Kusadasi was very quiet after the bombing, hardly anyone there.

Mykonos was great! We saw all the sites and got some great photos of all the little blue and white houses. They really know how to party there and things only start to kick off about 2am til daylight. It was really windy the last couple of days so it was nice to just chill out and catch up on some sleep. Have met some awesome people from around the world to catch up with the next few weeks and next trip when that is.

We go to Crete and Santorini tomorrow then I fly from Athens Monday afternoon to Belgium.

Hope all's well.


Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Location: Mykonos island, Greece

hey everyone, am finally on Mykonos! we took a 5 hour ferry last night to get here but was well worth it.

In Athens we saw the Parthenon, Zeus´s temple and the olympic stadium plus sampled some ouzo. nice! had baggage dramas but got it sorted between London and Athens.

The time with Reesy in Wales and the London was great too. The poms drive so quick on the fr4eeways here (160 on the highways) like the autobarn i guess. Reesy and i had a great time landing on our feet whatever we did with golf or pubbing in sheffield. In wales we rocked up to a random town to play golf and there was the biggest festival of the year. The royal welsh show! was a great night out! The highlight in England was playing a game of cricket with Mick on English soil. It was fantastic

LOndon was great catching up with Gus Ando and Jenni the South African I met on tour in Ireland.

They showed me London in style including shakespear at the globe theatre. Has been one of the best days on tour! Riverdance in Dublin was fantastic in the middle 3 rows from the front. Got some good sights in around there too and the weather was glorious.

bumped into cuppa, maroulis and Joey de das in London randomly! They are all doing well. Its a bit different riding the tubes after the 'security scares' the last month but everyone there is just dealing with it.

Had better go am off to a cruise to Paradise beach on the other side of the island this arvo with 50 other contiki´s. Am here til Friday when we join the next cruise ship.

Hope everything#s rocking along well for you all. drop me a message if you get the urge! Be great to hear from you all


Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Location: Tucson, USA

Just loaded a few photos today of whats been happenin in Tucson before I head to Ireland tomorrow morning.

We just got back from Puerto Penasco (or Rocky Point) in Mexico where 6 of us went down over night. Its right on the ocean and we stayed at a flash resort sampling the town's entertainment and delicious food. We all got sunburnt while swimming in the warm ocean. I love Mexico, it was really great this time because all my cousins are bilingual so the language wasn't a worry and we fit right in.

We didnt fit the sky diving in but Mexico was well worth it. Also I've extended my tour to take in Spain for 4 days after the wedding so I won't be back in OZ til August 13th! My cousins are going to travel with me in Spain from the 7th til the 12th.

Monday, 11 July 2005

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Well since arriving in Tucson I've been busy catching up with more cousins and meeting their mates, eating lots of Mexican food and staying up late! I only just got off the plane and I was in the saddle riding Dodger the champion barrel racing stallion around the desert through cactus and boulders with some of my cousin's friends.

My cousin's decided it would be funny to show me how strong they were so they took me to their gym and I couldn't move for two days afterwards I was so sore from the weights. So we decided to play a round of golf at the "Tucson National" to get the sore muscles going again. Its a swish members only golf course where one of the guys works so we got on free! Have also cought a few movies that have just come out here, the fantastic 4, the longest yard and Hitch. All pretty good.

Also met up with my Grandma I havn't seen for nearly 3 years so that was great and have been having meals with all the relatives catching up on old times.

Also bought some snake skin cowboy boots to wear at Renee's wedding next month, they are really nice. This boot shop had all kinds made from elephant, stingray, elk and even Kangaroo hide boots.

Next we went to my cousins friends birthday party where I met some Irish girls who are heading back to Dublin the same time I get there so we are gonna try and catch up. I've booked a 4wheel driving tour round the ring of kerry in Ireland for the 4 days there b4 seeing riverdance in Dublin. Then off to England.

We are going to try and head down to the beach in Mexico the next few days if we can before I fly on Thursday.

I'll load some new photos so keep a look out

Wednesday, 06 July 2005

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Well its been nearly a week since I flew out so probably time to give you all an update. I had a great time in California with my Uncle and his family and my family from Australia too who are over here too.

We met alot of their friends and did some tourig around the Cochella and Imperial Valleys where its all irrigated farming. It was very hot so we spent alot of time inside or swimming when we weren't having a look about.

My Aunt and Uncle threw a big party for us on 4th July so was great fun to have a few beers and catch up. The photos of their house and the rock we climbed up will give you a bit of an idea of the area. It is very affluent with most residents just coming here for a part of the year as a holiday destination. Lots of expensive cars, houses and the rest!

I just flew into Tucson Arizona yesterday where my Grandma (Abwella is Spanish for granmother) as she likes to be called) lives as well as 2 uncles and their families and one Aunt. I just got off the plane and we went horseback riding through the desert with one of my cousin's friends and then back to their place for a bbq with their mates to "welcome the Aussie". I'll put these photos on as soon as I get them developed.

Am having a ball catching up with the cousins who are all grown up now and the hot weather is great.

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Location: Ouyen, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Just thaught I would throw my rough itinerary on this in case there might be a chace of bumping into anyone on my travels. I head off with the family from Melbourne on Thursday the 30th to California where I'll be til the 5th July when I fly to Tucson Arizona. I arrive in Dublin on July 15th then England on the 19th July, then fly to Athens on July 25th. From Athens I'll join an 8 day contiki round the Greek Islands before flying up to Belgium on August 1st for my sister Renee's wedding on August 7th.

In Summary
June 30-July5th California USA
July 5th-July14th Tucson Arizon USA
July15th-19th Ireland
July 19th-25th Scotland and England
July 25th-Aug1st Athens and Greek Islands
August1st-8th Belgium

Drop me amessage on this site if you're gonna be around the same area and it would be great to catch up. Otherwise I'll keep you up to date with the travels as I go.


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Recent Messages

From Abbey
Hey Evo!!! wow, you really had a great trip mate!!! Its great to see your photos (some interesting ones in there!!). And so good to know everything worked out so well. Hope you are Ok back at work. might take a while to settle down after being on the go for so long!!!
So, when are you going back???
ha, bet you are planning more and more. Let me know how you go. Ab.s xoxo
Response: I had a ball mate. I am getting back into the swing of work but its abit steep after the time away! I will be back within the next 2 years. Maybe next year! When do you get back?
From Bec Smith
Hey Ev
Glad you are having a fanastic time. Luke and I have just finished a contiki as well - we did california, arizona and nevada - typical disney land, sedona, grand canyon and vegas. Much Fun. Have another 4 weeks lapping around before home. Hope all is well. I guess you heard Shaz and Paul are engaged - very exciting.
Much Love

Am safely back in oz after the big holiday mate. Bet you and Luke are having a ball. Great news about Shaz and Paul! Its great to be back on home soil. Safe travels and will speak with you when you get back. Your right about Pezz, she's one of a kind

From Abbey
Hey Ev, so jealous of your greek islands cruising!!! It's great too that you got to see your family history and spend time with them over there. Im still in Enlgand, just been to Paris for the weekend. Im hoping to start working this week for a month, and then Danni and i Are cruising around Turkey, then Greece, then Germany for Octoberfest. So if you are going to be around still, we are leaving for turkey i think the 3rd September, then Greece bout the 16th, then Germany the 27th for a few days of Octoberfest in Munich. Then hopefully going to Berlin. So, let me know your travel plans. Abs. xo
Response: Yeah the trip has been awesome. Paris would hae been cool.Its such a beautiful city. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. So I fly back to oz on Friday morning! You have a good time without me anyway though!! I'll keep up with you on your website. Safe travels and hi to Danni

From Corrie
Ev!! Love the pics. Good memories. Hope you are having fun in Madrid. Keep those boys straight. ;-)
Response: am trying my best, we are having the most relaxing holiday here. I love Spain. We all just got back massages at our hotel!! Looking forward to seeing all you guys in Australia in Jan
From Jake
Hey Ev, Glad you're having a top time! I'm in Geelong now. Going all right. Ouyen still sucks I was @ Speed last week. There's nothing speedy about it!!

Response: Hey Jake,

I'll have to look you up when I get back next week. Good to hear your back into it! Ouyen is going well, we just need this year to be kind.

From jeremy
hey evan!
how was the wedding? give renee my congrats.
send us some pictures!
Response: The wedding was great! I will pass on your best wishes to Renee. Pictures will be on the way as soon as I get some. We will have to get evryone's rounded up soon. how was camp up in New Hampshire?
From Spag
Howdy Ev, 2mm O/N with maybe a shower today,
Mike & I goin to BCG N&Cereal Disease Mgt W/shop Friday,
Got Field Wlk at Hopetoun Wed. & two presentations this week. alls well, we're @ Wlpe-Undies Sat.-need to Win. Went to Tim McGregor's 21st Sat night, also B/Inlaws 50th BBQ Sunday in Merbein.
Cheers Spag
Response: Glad to hear its still raining there if only a little. I will be at a U2 concert in Madrid hopefully while you guys are at the BCG! I bet you and Donald had a few sat night! Partying on like usual hey! See you on Monday hopefully
From Pez
Hey Ev. its saturday and I'm suffering through work here at sunny griffith. HUGE night last night. Managed to tear strips off a pseudo-client last night because he was annoying me and I could but will pay for that one on Monday. Photos are awesome and am glad to see you've managed to keep those dreadful shorts from making another appearance on the net.

Today is SO LONG and it only goes till noon. and i was a half hour late (I'm blaming Eddie for not getting my car back to me on time...ha ha).

Hope the wedding was a riot, travel safely and we'll catch up when you get back (if my boss doesn't kill me first)

later Punk
Response: Glad to hear the Perry I know is alive and well tearing it up in the Griff. He probably deserved it!The wedding was yesterday and went perfectly. Am packing my bags for Spain and will be there tonight. Am looking forward to catching up for a laugh when back in OZ
From Spag
Extremely Important Message,
Maverick needs to know by yesterday If You are still going on the Footy trip and If So you need to come up with the moola - $550 YESTERDAY.
Can you get back to me ASAPrain in Mallee 20-40 points ednesday Eveneing, needed it badly hope to get more on Monday Night.
Response: Cheers mate,

Have sent you an email about the footy trip. Glad to hear of the rain and hope you are getting more right now.

From Nancy Kumble Fenn
hi ev!
good to read about your journeys, and so glad you are having these awesome adventures. We are right now in mass. and maine, the new england area (where renee went to college) and jeremy began his sailing camp today. We will be thinking of all of you and missing you on the big day, please say hello to everyone and have a wonderful, terrific time! can't wait to see photos! big hugs from us, nancy and gang
Response: Thanks Nancy, I just got into Leuvin tonight and Jo and Renee picked me up from the airport. Have a great time up in Maine. I will pass on your hello's to the happy couple!

From mcgregor
hey fag not much news over here except for th efact that milso is going in very hard in all facets of life both on and off the water. have finaly broken my drout and the other night after much magrega smooth talking and magic i finnally managed to snag a kiss out of this 25 yr old smoko from korea she was spunky as!!! but shit i had to work hard seeing that she spoke hardly any english it was realllky quiet amusing! went to the golf range last night and belted a lasy bucket with my new driver then we road bout 10 kms home threw this mountain track was fairly hairy as we had our clubs and it had been raining, was pitch black and we only ad one light between us. on a whole haven a ball here but every one is so nice and i will be sad to leave them. when are you going home? take eh esasy and good luck with the broads!! ps might be heading to benella for a few when i get home:)
Response: Glad to hear some good news on your lady front mate! I have had a ball on the contiki trip in the Greek Islands. I'll be back in oz on August 13th so will see you when? Glad to hear milso is grabbing the experience with both hands! The BMXing sounds cool. I wanted to learn some windsurfing on the islands but it was too windy so will have to save that for when I get back to Lake Mul. I fly to Belgium today for the wedding festivities. Take care in Japo
From Renee
G'day bro',
Kath just arrived today! It's great to catch up. Can't wait til the Ryans are in too....only a few days. I'll look forward to pictures and tales of Greece!
Response: See you tonight renee, think I have your directions down pat. anyway if not you may get an sos call like last time!! See you soon
From Deeksy
Hi Evan,
sounds like you are having a ball! While in Greece, do as the Greeks do, let us know how you get on. It will be a let down to come back to Ouyen, so make the mostof it, i'm sure you will. Go to the bullfights in Spain, great fun.

Response: Am loving it here mate and looking forward to some sangria in Spain. Thanks for the message

From Eddy
Hey Ev,

Sounds like you r having a blast, glad to hear your safe, keep that way. Also glad to hear your letting your hair down and living it up. Your've inspired me, hoping to head off next year!!! you and a couple other people.

Well you at least better come back with a tan.
stay safe

cheers Eddy
Response: The tan is progressing slowly. The travel is great. Am glad your gonna go too. Hows the netty goin?
From Spag
Howdy DOOD,
Woomelang this Week,
last 3 lost in Snrs, 2nds won a couple Unders going OK,
2 mm this week as predicted,
Chance of trough next week maybe 5-12mm - everthing growing well including the kids!
Have a good one, looks like your having a right royal ball,

Regards Spag
Response: Glad to hear the tap hasn't turned off. Bad luck for the fellas in the footy. I am doing great over here spending the euro's very fast, much more expensive than Ouyen!
From Jeremy
hey evan!!
hows it going out there? we had a great time with u back here in tucson. can't wait to see u again!!
Response: Thanks Jeremy,

It was great to catch up with you all again, its not often enough. Have had my eye on the stars here mate. Take care

From Ashley
how's it going buddy? we're in phoenix right now just about to leave for london.... everybody is excited and we are all looking forward to seeing you in leuven!! have fun in greece! go easy on all those women, don't break too many hearts;)
lotsa love,
Response: Wow, i can't believe i get to see you guys again in a few days! The wedding will be the best!

See you soon champ
From Jen
tx for the link, you better put down all all the hightlights fo Greece so that we know where to go. enjoy the trip and I hope you have a great time at the wedding.
Response: Thanks Jen,

The highlights are thick and fast. I will keep you all posted
From Catherine
Forgot to tell you, the Vanilla Slice man was found (well actually he was handed into the police) after the numerous households had been raided. He was out in the bush, but they bought him back! just another quirky going on from Ouyen
Response: Glad to hear the the big guy is back where he belongs!
From Catherine
Hi Evan, sounds like you are having anawesome time OS. It is very good to see. Little Ouyen has been relatively busy of late. We had the back to front draw last sat night, (forgot to sell you a tix before) anyway I didn't win the $1000 bummer! But the night was a bit of good old fashioned Ouyen fun in the purple pub. We're hanging in 4th on the footy ladder at the moment and the boys are missing you strutting in your now very famous footy shorts! Are you going to be back for the ball on the 20th August. Looks like it will be a WILD night. School has been really busy. We had a visit from a Melbourne school's Stage Band and I co-ordinated the whole thing so I was pretty chaffed when it all worked out well. The school even bought me a nice bottle of red. Jess is doing well also. Fine health so you can have sloppy kisses when you get back. Well have a fantasic time in the greek lands! Run riot. Hope the wedding goes well. Better go. Stay safe, take care but have lots of fun. See you soon Catherine
Response: Thanks for the news on Jess, was thinking of her today. I will be back for the ball and will be there with bells on! Glad to hear work is going well too
From eggy
Good to see all is well mate
Response: Thanks champ. Hows Mildura doin?
From Marto
Hey Ev,

Great to hear evrything is going well. You must be really missing the thriving metropois of Ouyen.

All is well on the motherland. Just got back from a week of boarding at Perisher so I'm not really back in the work mode yet.

Have u ran into Maroulis, Cuppa or Kimbo yet?

Keep safe.

Response: the snow would have been great! Will havta do that next year I reckon. ran ito Maroulis and Cuppa randonly on the street in london with Joey de das. they are doing well working dorney and packer's jobs while in London talking about playing a season in Ireland! Havn't seen or heard from Kinbo. Started playing rugby yet mate?
From mum
Dear Evan,
Hope you're enjoying Greece.
We're really looking forward to pictures on your next posting.
Everyone is getting ready to leave for Leuven. See you there soon.
Take care,
Love from your family
Response: just landed on Mykonos island after a tour in Athens. the resort is greAT: am looking 4ward to the wedding. dont forget the suit! hope you got your bag with everything there
From mick rees
JUST LETTING ALL READERS KNOW THAT EVAN CAME TO ENGLAND AS FAHHK CUP CHAMP. AFTER PLAYING IN WALES, I CAN PROUDLY SAY THAT EVAN HAS LEFT THE POMMIE SHORES WITHOUT THE TRESURED SILVERWARE!!! FOR THE RECORD AFTER AN AIR SWING AND A FEW LOST BALLS THE WINNING MARGIN WAS 6 SHOTS AND THREE PINTS. sorry ev but it has been two years since i have tasted the lovely nectar from that beautiful cup. let me know how you get on in greece. lou and laura say g'day, am getting the photos developed of your debut innings on pommie shores, it is the finest innings of 4 ever to grace the t c c feild of dreams. it was great to catch up mate i really enjoyed having you around mate take care and travel safe.
Response: You´ll keep big guy! I had a ball with you too mate. playing the 20720 game was a highlight! thanks so much for all the driving and looking after me in the pommie land. i bumped into joey de das cuppa and maroulis and they are in london keen to catch up with you. good luck this weekend in the cricket
From Renee
Hi Ev,
Enjoy Greece and take plenty o' photos. Can't wait to see you - not long now. All good here. The wedding's all organized; just working on moving....ayeayeaye.
Rest up!
Response: good luck with the moving! Greece is great. photos will come asap!