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Welcome to Ez's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!
Missing you all like crazy! Big Hugs x

Diary Entries

Thursday, 03 January 2008

Location: Melbourne -Home, Australia

So home safe and have done all the catching up for a while!!
Settling in to Melbourne life and had a great christmas and pumped for the new year ahead, Hopefully it continues to hold excitiing adventures for me.
Hope u are all well and happy...
Photos soon will be the end!!!
Thanks for all the support and best of luck for what ever you are doing!

Saturday, 01 December 2007

Location: Krakow, Poland

so this is it. waiting for my plane for london and then...its all over... on my way home.
Poland has been amazing, well actually not a day goes by when i dont think how lucky i am and how wonderful every day is...
p.s must say vodka is a nasty drink though!x

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Location: Krakow, Poland

What more can I say.. i'm lovin it!!! the food, the people, the accomodation, the architecture and the SNOW!!! Dont wanna go! Loved Bratislava and had a killer nite at the Chemical Brothers. Going to bed as tired of listening to whining travel stories of girls in common room and dont want them it sadden the mood more... Tomoorw meet the guys from john brittons which will be great - shopping in Krakow and then up to the Zakopane region mountains etc for skiing, drinking eating etc!! xoox
Hugs and see you soon
p.s no more trains yippeee! xox

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

so its been a while, but here i am on the road for the last time in a while i suppose. safe and sound in Zagreb, Croatia.
It was beautiful landing in Zagreb, seeing the snow (dont know where we got 13°from Shannon, hasnt got over 3°), but something had to re boost my cofidence after the flight form hell. Kel, the worst turbulance ever... chunder!
So have spent 1 and a bit days wandering etc and tomorrow off to Rijek on the coast. its so quiet and easy travelling this time of year..
Must try and protect my poor lil cheeks as much as i can so have some when i return! But i am enjoying this weather, as it will be the last time i experience such fun in Europe in a while!
Hope this finds you all well. As of Thursday will be in Hungary and be in touch again....perhaps
Love to all

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Location: Ireland

Nearly time to put the pack on again and be bound for home..and there will be no more planetranger ez... well for a wee while...
will update some more pics etc before i head off, but the end is nigh!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Location: Ireland

No more Harry Adventures - a sobering thought! :(
Cant wait for all the movies...

Now back to reality...
15th Nov I leave the Emerald isle, bound for Germany..
thats all i got for the plan thus far..keep you updated!

Another year gone... This time last year was having an amazing time in Chicago and refelecting on how lucky i am dispite the challenges and sadness life has delt me!!

So, hope to spend a rippa day with Marta tomorrow...

Love ya Dad & Tan xoxox She would be so proud of both of you!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Location: Hogwarts?? Sort of!, Ireland one chapter to go in final Harry Potter book... :(
must say i'm a sad panda... BUT...
erin recommends potter pals : on You Tube...
snape, snape, serevus snape... Dumbeldore...what a cack! x

Sunday, 02 September 2007

so all good here, another week down. BIG Happy Birthday to my cousin Grace! xoxo
p.s is anyone listening to The Kings Of Leon? - Suey dont think they are emo's.. but let me know ;)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Location: Ireland

loads been happening as the time whisks away.. (sorry dont know where 'whisks' came from)
Had a great weekend..chilled Sat and Sun hit the road. The Sun has finally arrived...woohoo! So ventured up to Cong - thru the Connermara! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And then just been chilling, attending my wee lil neighbours bdays.. 1 and 3 this week! So cute! And have just started the new Harry as you can see not only exciting, but very busy!
Hope all super wiv you guys
p.s happy birthday Michelle Comley!!!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Location: Ireland

yeah i know who won tannie!!! so it was thirty points... the poor boys!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Location: Ireland

so structurally engineering my round the west coast. not half bad, and keeping me way too busy. the time is just flying and am not ready to end it all....but we shant speak of such horridness!
love and hugs and maybe pics soon.
11TH - Melia xoxoxo
13th - Sueyxoxoxo
15th - Nadia and Mrs Kelly-Annxoxoxox
love and hugs ladies

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Location: Ireland

offically international chef now... cooked meal for 34 @ hostel...dam great! :) tick off list of things to do!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Location: Nuns Orchard, Ireland

Holy Moley...
So moved house today. Marta and I are moving together.
Should be great. Too many at the hostel, living and working now and will be great to be in all the action of the village.
Address is as followes; 7 Nuns Orchard, Kinvara, Co. Galway
all other relevant info remains the same!
I'm dying to unpack as i have MY OWN ROOM and a DBLE BED!!! Bt am working reception at the hostel until 10pm. But tomorrow off and sleep right in! Hugs to all

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Location: Ireland

Well, Well, Well..... 12months ago, lil scared ez borderd a plane bound for the unknown....
What an amazing and crazy time it has been... I recently found a quote that i found that i could relate too. bits of it as followes..
'Traveling solo is such a camileon of emotions and events. It can be lonely as hell, phyiscally draining and one great big party all at once'.
I am so greatful and lucky to have met some truly amazing and wonderful people on my journey and so very thankful for all the love and support from home.
So having tackled rooftop bus rides in Cambodia and sipping rooftop mint teas in Casablanca...what will be next????
I am actually finally enjoying life, taking each day as it comes and lovin each new experience - whatever it may entail...
I will be moving soon, in with a lovely lady from NZ. Will keep you posted and of course, looking forward to seeing you all soon. xoxoxo

Saturday, 07 July 2007

Location: NEWS CENTRAL, Ireland

MORE AWESOME NEWS...I think I'm safe to share now... My Sis is having her second baby as most of you know. Healthy and a great heartbeat the lil one has, due early Nov and if the doc's havent stuffed us up...she is having a......actually better check with Tan ok to put on net...will get back soon... :) Proud Aunty to be..again... xoxo

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Ireland


Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Kin-Dublin-Galway-Aran-Kin, Ireland

So dropped away for a bit! Been great but back now.
Saw my man Joe on Sunday. Was threatened with cancellation - but we braved the swamp at Malahide Castle and Joe lifted 'us up where we belonged'.... many a tear and goosebump had! This was all in less than 24hrs as i had to be back in Galway for a ferry to Aran Islands with Marta and Elvy on Monday morning.... havent slept much in last four days...caffeine, bless!
We made it and camped out for 2nights in the most ridculous conditions ever... But it was amazing. We went to the biggest island of the three and just wandered through ruins of old forts, beautiful countrysides and took in the amazing landscape that continues to surprise me every day....
from one end of the island you can see back to the Burren - well through the hazy sleet shite weather we had for one day and from the other end the Connermara - which i reckon has some sort of magic cause i love it! The second day was crap to start, but then fine up enough to give me my first kiss of colour on my noggin since Cambodia! Pics will be updated soon, as if anyone cares any more, sorry except Colleen! Hugs!
Ok so not much else happening, will need to rest from this massive week...But alas....
When i turned my phone back on.... 6 missed calls from Natty??
Still waiting for some sort of news! :) Must be something exciting!?!?!? ;) I will just wait by the phone...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Location: Ireland

So two official bits of news for you all!
1. On the 01.07 I will see Joe Cocker in concert at Malahide Castle - so sorry Dad! Can't wait...
and 2. I start employment with a Structural Engineer in Kinvara doing CAD etc on the 07.08...should be a hoot.
So all going sweet here.
Gives me some time to do some more travelling before solid working 9-5 again...? Crikey it's been a while!
Hugs ezx

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: Kinvara, Ireland

mmm...scary when you may have DVT!
Think I'm ok though - could be just from working on my feet again and not sitting on my arse on a plane/train or other for endless hours! :)
We will see anyways x

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Location: Hot and Sunny Kinvara, Ireland

So alone at the hostel tonight as the others are at the beach, my turn to mind it....listening to a few tunes and thought could update u all...just over a week now back - feels like i never left really!
Oh and WOW! Beautiful weather - totally amazing for Ireland and this time of year! I am lovin being back. Shame that you can love two totally diff parts of the world so much...cant do both though hey?
So actually went swimming with Luigi today - YES! SWIMMING!! It was so cold i had physical pain, but in that refreshing way! :)
It was the hottest day on record yesterday for this year (25)- so i expect summer to be good!
Just pottering and working, tomorrow hopefull to get the rod in the water at the pier. it promises of Mackeral and Pollack??? Dont care what it is!
All swell, not trips planned as yet, more local trips, as getting my feet back in the groove here and a bit of spare cash first!
Love and hugs

Friday, 01 June 2007

Location: i'm back, Ireland

yes, safe and alive... couldnt be further from you all, but not for long. It is spring, going into summer and beautiful.
It stays light til 10.30 at night, crazy, but good too.
hope all happy and healthy
love ez

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Surreal really and chilly!
Here I am again in Europe. All went well, but am exhausted!
Two days here and then back to Kinvara!
Hope ALL WELL! Miss all aussies, but home soon.
LOve and hugs´no real advenbtures planned thus far, just the advernture of working again 9-5! ;)

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Howdy all!
Spending time with my fab family and friends - it's great!
Had a great Pirate themed 24th birthday - arrrggghhh! Pic's soon :)

Friday, 27 April 2007

Location: can u guess, Australia

well hello all....
i am back in oz...
should be thailand soaking rays and enjoying thai green curries, but stuff up with flights and long story... :(
good to be home though - safe and well
ps my moroccain entry is dated the 21st and not so mammoth as promised - seems like a lifetime ago aldready - as does the last nine months... :(

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Location: London, UK

Haha! So I survived my first African adventure - Morocco! WHOA! Brilliant and so sad to go. I am dossing again at poor Courtney's and fly out tomorrow at noon. 5 days in Thailand and will grace Australian shores from the 30th, well all going to plan of course!
Will write my mammoth adventure stories of our Moroccian experience with my spare time in Thailand to keep you up to date and entertained no doubt.
So safe and well, not too many scars :)
Hugs ex
p.s is absolutley beautiful day in London, just as nice as Morocco! Go figure

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Location: Morocco

Much to my sister's surprise, I survived Morocco!
What an amazing country! I loved it. It was hard work, but so nice to share it with two other mates.
We flew into Malaga (Spain) and then the next day ferried across the Gibraltar to Tanger, the 'fast ferry' did only take an hour to cross the straight, but to park the sucker - 2.5hrs (poor bugger). No we were not robbed at knife point or kidnapped (obviously), dispite many other travellers experiences.
It is true that it is a bit of the rougher part of the country, but still unique and beautiful. It was here we tasted our first of many Tajine's and wandered the Medina. Our first Mint Tea was sampled and enjoyed soaking up on a beautiful rooftop scene.
The next day, well we bused for 6hrs to Fez...Ez in Fez. Wow. This Medina with over 10,000 streets, we were lucky we opted for the tour guide. We feasted on Camel and we all bought our very authentic beber rugs - ''smell like camel, but if near fire will not smell like shish kebab" direct selling quote!
We stayed in hostels the whole time and although my most 'interesting' hostels to date, were still beautiful and loads of fun.
From there we headed to Rabat. A bit more modern and laid back, on the coast and just nice to wander. Even though Misty and I did have to comanndo roll off the moving train onto the platform to actually get to see Rabat, it was worth it. No real damage done :)
Then was Casablanca. Boasting to be a bustling and the busiest city of Morocco, we could sort of see it, but the bombing incidents the morning we arrived had cleared most tourists.
It was here we experienced our fisrt Hamaman... A truly local experience of communial bathing. We loved it. You nude up and wash yourself with this seaweed stuff and just repeat and repeat. The locals loved us and really encouraged us. Nothing quite like a random lady scrubbing away the dirt off your back ?!?
We only stayed the one day, as Casablanca's true hightlight is the most amazing Mosque i have ever seen! WOW!
So we headed to Esouraia (could be spelt wrong). The beach side village. It would be our house for three unplanned days. So lovely and as with most of the country did have some of the loveliest poeple i have ever met. Of course you get your whistles and 'hey baby' but you get over it and it is nice to know i am worth 6,000 camels, oh yes, 6,000 camels! :)
It is this village where in the 70's the great Jimi Hendrix hung for a bit (and we can see why), and appranetly wrote 'Castle made of sand'. Such a great vibe. So many people wanted us to stay and not head to Marrakech, but we had to!
Marrakech, again, listening to others was dirty busy, yada yada, yada. It was such a clean city. Yes busy, but not mad frantic. The amzing Place el Fna (busy square your seen pics of), was surprisingly quite and felt dissapointed. However as the sun set, the snake charmers and haze of smoke from the shish kebab stalls started to imerge and I could experince it for all it's glory.
Morocco should be experienced. I possible wouldnt go there alone, but I am so glad I have been and recommend it to all!
The people are lovely and warm, the country landscape is beautiful and diverse and there is nothing like wandering the many various Medina's, each with there own magic, and camel shish kebab in hand.

Thursday, 05 April 2007

Location: Ireland

well this will be my last entry for a while now. I having been re-packing my life yet again, as I am bound for Spain/Morocco on Sunday.
A very Happy Easter to all. Safe Travels and Good Fun!
I am prediciting that I wont be in contact that much while away, until I land on Australian soil. Keep a nice recent photo on hand just in case for the authorities (hey dad!) :)
C U Aussies soon! E x

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: denial, Ireland

and YES! I now know about Anthony Callea (Thankyou Donna)...
mmmpfft...oh well! :(

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Ireland

you people hound and hound for pics, and i give and share wonderful stories, but alas, no messages of love or anything...mmpfffttt!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: Ireland

An interesting and def worth experiencing. Dublin, the guinness, the rugby, the fun!!! I spent a great day with all my dubbers friends...
Then returned to Kinvara, and guess what??? it snowed on the bus on the way home...YAY!!! I can see the snow on the opposite side of the bay on the Connermara! :)
So back and safe - here for 3 weeks before i go to Morocco and I have a part time job for some spending money - woohoo...
I work in a laundry/dry cleaners and start sat (Marta is working at the Burren Beo) so all turned out good..
xoxo more soon and pics soon i promise!
Next will be from ???? x

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From Shannon
Are ya home? Are ya? Are ya? I think you need a big long final entry before you take this off the air!!! All is well here. Saw the artic monkeys last night. They were ok... not amazing or anything just ok. Heading back to Antwerp on the weekend. Wanna come? Going to miss you my travel buddy! Can't wait for our next trip in the future! Hugs and kisses! xoxo
Response: Gunna miss you too Chica!
Will do photos soon, i know i keep saying it, but will happen!
From Marta
Hi Creazy!!!
Cold ???? Please, stop.
Przemek & Asia are waiting for you in Krakow !!! They are happy. So, they have to know when you will be in air port.
I love you !!!
Response: I have just spent the day with them!! I love your country!!!I love you too and boy do I miss you!!! COLD???!!! Ha! Cant feel my nose! xoxoxo Hows Surfing?
Hey Ez, your newest nephew is very cute!!!
Response: I know! Bit like his Aunty!
From Tan
Yes, we need to get dad facebooking, it's been intresting to see some old friends on facebook due to mutual friends. Only 13 more injections and 5 more sleeps till your next nephew arrives....
Response: less now...could still be a niece! so excited! dad on the computer is scary enough hey!!
From Dad
'The end is nigh'? What kind of english is that. Ah ez this planet ranger is only the start, many more adventures to follow yet. Luv ya. X
Response: wat u mean father?? You need to get on facebook now... u might be too old ;) .. i do suspect that there are many more travel's ahead.
From Tan
Got your KOL ticket.
Saw baby again today and he is definitely a boy! all looking good ...countdown is on...
Response: herro big sis! thanks for that .. gaurd with your life!!
another nephew..crikey!!!
glad all good. love ya xox
From Dad
Well popped into Sanity to have a listen to the K O L not bad i must say but Cowboy Junkies just ahead on points. All well here and on schedule for the move talk soon dad. xx
Response: mmm cant confirm that yet?? will suss that out! wub ya good luc with the move.. ps do have a crapload of stuff! xoxo
From shannon
Have the latest's good but the last album was amazing --totally totally loved it. For me they are definitely indie rock but I wouldn't say emo. How are you my girl??? Wouldn't a wee bit of sun be lovely? None here either I'm afraid :-(
Response: Sun?? what is that you speak of?? :) Love em and goign to get the other albums soon! I'm going well...and you?
From Tan
and so the football season for the Saints has come to an end :-( Nick now nows the Swans theme song thanks to the influence of his father.....
have a nice weekend!
Response: ooh what a shame! but all is not lost..always next year! GO Freo!
From Marta
Hi :)
Response: hello cheeky lady!
From carol flint
glad to see you are enjoying your new job. Hope you are having success in tracking down your eligibility to acquire an Eire passport. xx
Response: alas!!! i think not a happening thing, but cant wait to get out to Elphin. THANKYOU so much Carol for the FAB letter! Meant so much to me to get that news and maybe this weekend will head out there! Will write soon! :)
From nat
hey there you, how ya going. hey i dunno if you are getting my emails?? im on the defence one??
i guess you too busy enjoying yourself. i have a few questions for you but dont wanna bore everyone else with, just you hehe.
take care,love you
Response: ooohh hello sweetheart...not sure bout emails, only one thus far...BORE ME !!! what else am i good for?? will email you soon...very busy and not as much internet acc. xoxox love you too!
From tan
Hey Ez, the dockers and the saints are playing this weekend.....who's gonna win????
Response: Should one even ask?? Bet you a pint of guniness we win... margin 17points :)
From Shannon
Hi girly! Don't you think you should come back again???? Come on! Would be great! And what about that German? You could even move over here :-) Heading to Berlin tomorrow for the weekend and Arcade Fire are next Wed so I am really enjoying my holidays! This is just a quickie to say hi. Hope to catch up soon! Hugs and kisses xoxox
Response: Hellloooo...IT's A DEAL!!!! so def will be back...just cant confirm dates or location. U LUCKY GIRL, UR HOLS SOUND AMAZING!!! Thought bout Germany, the poss are endless! Ah Sebastian, nice guy, but alas...i have no time for all this stuff! :) Callya soon xoxoxoxoxo
From carol flint
Hello again Erin. Another weekly visit to my local library and having a look at your www, but you must be having such a great time that there isn't anything extra for me to read. Did explore your photo section and found Tanya and Nicholas. wow has he grown. xx
Response: HELLO! Glad your reading my site, Thanks! I have been flat out and having heaps of adventures. Yep, Nick is a big boy now! Great to hear from you! xox
From suey
I'm bored.. entertain me pleaseeeee! still up working on a website with benji. it's moving a bit slow and I'm tired and bored *yawn* what to do. hope you're enjoying your new pad. will there be pictures of this soon? xx
Response: entertain you...i got nothing!
of course pic's soon!!! I have not much internet access now. But sending you huge virtual hugs and kisses...take it easy remember! xoxoxo
From Colleen
HI there, have seen ya sis and little Nick, they stayed with me to go visit Nan. Tans looking good. All good here Rennae had her 5th daughter!!! mmm. i agree.
Nat has gone OS so she is a little closer to you now can ya feel her?? Damn its a little chilly -2 this AM we get to about 11 each day.. not much rain. you cooking for that many people thats a feat!! well done. Catch up soon luv me
Response: Hi Col. Saw tan thru skype not long ago, and yeah i always reckon she looks great, but you try and tell her that! It's weird, we will be so close, but so far away...11 pfftt! Nothing! Was a great challenge, love my cooking now, as the pics can prove! Hugs and yes see ya soon!xoxoxox
From suey
good to see you cooking up a storm! please inform me of this 'german chef' you speaketh of!!
Response: was awesome, felt like a true fat lady! (not quite got the Nigela Lawson look). Will update you soon. Very yummy Chef indeed! Great for the eyes ans can cook!
From F o FD
Go von chef! Hope you are enjoying your new abode nice to have some space. Look forward to some home cooking.Luv ya talk soon. Ps Pearl sends her love. xx
Response: We shall see Wessie! :) Lovin it. Had a quite night in with vino and movies. I also will be looking forward to some home cooking! Fish Tajine!!! Bring it! Hugs and love for you and Pearl! xoxox
From Tan
You will enjoy have some private space again. Although hope living in a Nuns orchard isn't an omen for your lovelife :-) hehe

Love ya little sister
Response: ha! prob is... but did get another chance meeting with the german chef??!!! we shall see! ahhh private space!!!!
From Colleen
Yippe announcing another engagement Jay did the kneel on the knee thing and propsed to Bec. Love is grand isnt it. The first of the babies for the family due in 2 weeks (Uncle Dennis' Rennae) then comes the run of about 5 more including Tans all the best Tan love to you luv me
Response: Crikey's its all happening down south..must be something in the water??? Hugs to all! xoxox
I love Happy and Great News!!!
From Your "Dad"
Good job little daughter!
Response: Well Hello Luigi (Dad)! Thanks! :)
From natty
Thanks my Darling, so very excited, cant wait to share it all and be excited together!!!!
Big kisses for you, mmmmwaggh
Response: ME TOO!!! We can go dress shopping and all sorts of stuff! Lucky i'm coming back for a while hey! Make sure you enjoy every moment planning your special day chick! It's going to be one magical dream come true for ya and i'm glad i'm gunna be there when ever you need me!
From suey
little lady! hello to you. I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch since you left. how slack am I! been super busy, will email more. thanks for the pics! lots of love for you *mwah* x

p.s congrats to nat!
Response: hiya...i know you would be flat out...being the superstar that you are! fill me in when u get time... love ya and glad you liked the piccies!
From Shannon
I check your site every day misses so none of the "if anyone cares anymore"'s so part of my moring routine with coffee in hand that I will miss it when it is gone! Can't imagine you keeping it up when you are back home! Loved the photos of the aussies -- was great to see everyone! Can't believe you camped out in that horrid Irish nut!!! Hugs and kisses, Shannon xoxo
Response: he he he! :) I know you care! but perhaps you need a more excitig morning ritual! Yeah it will be not have to divulge all my secrets on the net!. Crazy weather tell me about it- and today i'm in a singlet getting a tan! Hope it's nice and sunny in Duisburg! Hugs ezx