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It's Jacks first passport stamp and we are taking him to meet his extended family. I am going to be doing my Buddist duty and Yamin and I will be planning next years on....

Diary Entries

Friday, 23 March 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Hello Again
I left the temple last night and slept very well on a mattress again, My stay their was very peaceful and went extremely quickly and I am very pleased that I had the oppertunity to experiance it.
We were due to be travelling to Chang-Mai tonight but we have been advised by Som not to go as their are forest fires in the area and the city itself is cloaked in smoke at the moment and is very unpleasent so we will spend the weekend in Bangkok at Nets appartment instead, Yamin is going to take me into China town and to see the Jade budda which I have yet to see so I am very much looking forward to that And of course she will take the oppertunity to head back into the Jakachak market to sort out a little more business.
Monday we are off to Yamins brothers house in chantaburi and then hopping over to Koh-Mak for a few days R+R before flying home.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Hello again
I find myself unexpectidly e-mailing from inside the temple as the head monk has borrowed a lap-top for me!
I have just amended the last photo page but will be unable to add any more until I de-robe on the 22nd.
Life inside the temple compound is very peaceful (as you would expect), with the morning Alms collection, Lunch & afternoons spent in the shrine however this morning we traveled to another temple to embrace a new recruit and I would guess that more duties will spring-up from time to time.
I have arrainged to wire-up some of the monk houses as four of them (including mine) have no electricity but they will not let me work during the day as it is too-hot so I will be doing it by torch light tonight!!
Not a lot else to say about my time as I don't wish to bore you all with my buddhist teachings, If your interested then you can ask me when you see me. as for Yamin & Jack they came to give alms this morning and are both very well. Yamin is very proud that I am a monk and Jack is not missing me that much.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

I unexpectely find myself back at the family home again with a few hours to spare so will up-date as best i can.
Since 9am yesterday their has been a relentless series of rituals and tasks too insane to try to explain in any detail so I will leave the pictures to tell their own tale ( I just hope I have the time to put them all up). Ow by the way I am now a buddist monk called 'Pa Sa Nang No' which translates as "man who believes in Buddha"

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

Like most things that you plan in Thailand they never work out quite as you expect them..I went to the temple yesterday afternoon where a heated debate ensued concerning the best day for me to leave the monistery and it was decided that I should remain their until the 22nd, 4 days longer than I had anticipated.I also find myself back at the family home today which was most unexpected but does give me the free time to update you all and hopefully add some more pictures (they do take an absolute age to upload).
Last night I stayed at the temple attempting to sleep on the floor (hard floor & Sean do not mix) and was woken at 4:45 to shower & ablut! before 5am so that I could accompany a trailing line of monks through the streets collecting alms (food) for approximately 1 hour.then we ate before I was told by Yamins nephew that we could now go home for the day coming back to repeat the process again tonight.
It's a bit of a mad house here as the family are planning a huge (800+ invites) street party for tomorrow in honour of us 3 to be monks, Their are marquees popping up everywhere and massive pots of bubbling liquids not to mention guests arriving by the hour as I'm sure you can guess Jack is loving every moment and Yamin is in the thick of things.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Location: Saraburi, Thailand

We Finally prised ourselves away from Saraburi for a few day trips and started by heading to Lopburi on Thursday where we lost Jack amongst all the monkeys (I'm not entirely certain we came back with the right one) as you will see from the photos the place is overun by the furry little critters.
Jack was obviously in his element and loved every moment (until we had to leave) feeding most of them individually.
We then headed to the mountains to see the bats flying out of the caves but even though I have been their before we were unable to find the right temple so we were all a little disapointed by that when we got home. Hopefully we will get to see some bats in Sukothai next week instead.
Saturday we headed to Ayuthaya so that I could be the tour guide for Yamin and Nook (Yamins niece). We took a boat ride around the old city stopping off at several temples along the way before hooking up with Pui & Apple two of my old Thai friends in the evening.
On Sunday I had the unenviable task of driving in downtown Bangkok and anyone who has been here will understand how hairaising that was however we got their (and back) in one piece. We first wen't to the Jakachak market but it was too hot and their were too many mozzies for Jack so he and I went to M.B.K. instead and left Yamin to shop......
Yamins nephew has persuaded me to join him and his uncle in the temple when they become monks which as far as I'm aware means that from tonight I will be staying at the temple and learning how to be a monk then on Thursday I will become a monk with them! but I will only be a monk until Sunday while they stays on for 2 weeks which will certainly make for some interesting photos and Yamin is over the moon that I am going to do this.
After the temple experience we are heading to sukothai to see Yamins home-town then onto Chang-Mai To plan next years Buddist blessing, Then we should finish the month off on an island but I don't know which one yet. I will update after the temple thang though...Sean

Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Location: Thailand

I know it's a little bit late but here I am at last. Not an awful lot to say actually apart from Jack making the flight slightly more tiresome that the 13 hour ordeal that it already is. once we arrived he settled in in no time and is now ruling the roost with the whole family bending over backwards to pamper him (It's Yamin's birthday today but you woulden't know it).
To be honest we have not been out of Saraburi yet although we are going to be going on day trips to Ayuthaya, Lopburi and bangkok over the next 3-4 days so I should have more to say after all that.
I have taken a few nice photos of Jack and the family but have yet to attempt to link my camera with this ancient machine so you will have to wait a little longer for those...Soon..Sean

(NOTE FOR ANDY & SAM:- The exchange rate over here is 68 baht to the pound so DON'T CHANGE IT IN ENGLAND)

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Recent Messages

From Mink
Dear Monk Sean
It is very respective and impressive seeing you in buddhist monk dress. I admire you very much doing this for yourself and it is good for yamin's family.
Highly respect,
From Pu/Lawan
Hello Yamin. How r u? Hope you can recognize me.. I am glad to see you and your family, very nice pics. Your little boy is so cute and lovely. And Sean looks nice in the yellow robe. ...:)
From Ray
Hi Sean
sounds like your having fun. have to meet up again when you get back. good luck on the rest of your trip.

From som
hello i have seen your pictures. they are very lovely. you have a good web. see you soon.
From Bill & Irene
Hi Kojak
Looks like your all having a great time, Keep the photos coming.
From deb
yamin you look stunning in that last picture!
From Andy, Sam & Family
Sawadee Khrap! Glad to see you are all ok, Happy Birthday to Yamin. Will see you at the airport Monky Boy...
From Danny W
Hey LF Clan,
Photos are great, can't believe how big Jack is already, Olivia isn't far behind.
Keep the updates coming thick and fast. Have to meet up when you get back.
Danny, Sue, and Olivia Williamson
From Paul (Skanska)
Looks like your all having fun, still got your hair I see !!!!
cant wait for the monk pics

best to you all
From Catherine
Hiya Bro. Sorry not written. We just got back from our hols. Wow you guys look like your having a great time. I can't believe how huge Jake is getting. How's the wedding plans going? Have you got accomadation sorted out yet for us all? We are all getting soo excited. We took the kids snorkling last week to give them a taster of whats to come. Give our love to Yamin and a big kiss to Jake.
Love always Cat XXXXXX
P.S... are you going to have to shave your head then when you become a Monk? 8-)
Response: Sean has been shaun 8-(
From sarah
Looks like your having a whale of a time, look foreword seeing you soon. Love n hugs, me
Response: Hello Me Good to hear from you..Me
From deb
mwah! as in a big kiss silly!
From deb
dont do this to me! i miss him so much now! haha.tell him!loadsa love to you all xxxxxx
Response: Jack sends it back sloppy mwah's all round
From Irene & Bill
Great photos of Jack nice to see some photos of Yamines family. Hope your having fun and having a great time. Keep sending the photos.
Response: will do
From Mink
Me again, would like to suggest you go to Semet Island.. Oh it is fantastic. Close to bangkok. White and soft sand beach. it is lovely. go go go
Response: We were planning to go their as I have been about 4 times before but Yamin's family want to take us to a lesser known island!!Which I am fully up for But you are right Semet is lovely.
From Mink
Hi sean,yamin and my little monkey jack..
Glad to see you all happy visiting Thailand. Lovely pics. I am very new to this site so i hope you got my message. Say happy birthday to yamin 4me. Though it is late and i forgot as usual :-( . But wherever she goes i always bless her.hehee will call you guys soon. Love
Response: Cheers honey..Will do
From Helen
Enjoy...enjoy!!!!big hugs H XXX
Response: We are..we are ..thanks honey XXX
From deb n phil n kate n
we miss you jack! keep ruling!happy birthday yamin.mwah xxxx
Response: Thanks guys..MWAH? (excuse my web ignorance)
hoping you al aving wonderful times and all keeping good best wishes alwyn and nyra
Response: We are doing our best M8..Cheers
From Sean/Yamine/Jack
Hi to you all hope you have a great time keep us informed. Happy Birthday Yamine have a rest I bet the weather is lovely in Thailand at present in Uk its in the 100s HaHa not really its bloody rain.
c u soon
Irene & Bill
Response: Hi Guys..Cheers for that Yamin is missing you too (If you can believe that)
From Maribel
I'm so envious of you lot! I'm sure Manchester weather is the punishment to all my sins!!
We want pictures now! so we can turn even greener with envy!
Ps how's your Thai coming on Sean?
mine is limited to ordering food in Thai restaurants!
Response: You want pictures, You got'em. My Thai is still nit noi
From Helen & Mick
Got your e-mail & link! Look forward to following your travels.
Response: Cheers chaps, Feel free to pass-on the link to anyone who knows us as I am missing several e-mail addresses.
From Dez
Looking forward to seeing some pics!
Response: It Took me an age but their are some up their now..Cheers