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Hi All, thanks for visiting our new Web Page. Hopefully this will be a way for us to stay in contact with everyone and you all can keep up to date with our lives as it's happening here in NZ. Please feel free to leave a comment for us and we'll reply to them! Bookmark this as our website and visit it regularly as we'll try to update it at least once a month.

Diary Entries

Friday, 03 November 2006

Like you all know our little blessing arrived a month ago. Time really goes by fast, he's already 1 month today! Well, I've update the pic's of the last couple of weeks. We absolutely enjoy our little man very much, no words can explain the feeling every time we look at him. He started smiling now and man it's awesome! He started enjoying his nappy off, so with alot of care... i leave it of for a while and he loves it! Yesterday we joined Phylip for a game of golf and walked with him around the golf course...of cause Jayden slept all the way, but it was still fun. We are enjoying parenthood very much, even with all the challenges it brings.

Monday, 05 December 2005

Location: Napier, New Zealand

Well... we're in New Zealand, and if it isn't too obvious to say, this place is much different than South Africa. As expected, it's very nice weather. Cool in the shade and when the wind blows, but hot in the sun, varying from 15 to 25 degrees C. Luckily, summer has started, so it should be getting warmer. Although they have winter rainfall , it still rains in summer. The hills are all changing from a deep lush green to a golden yellow. Strange, thinking summer is the dry season...

We're still staying with my parents. In, what they call, the sleepout. We were never supposed to stay with them so long. Thankfully they've got a 3 1/2 bedroom house with a sleepout, outside. Hopefully, Phylip should get his permit shorted out, early Jan then we can get our own place.
Food is delicious here: strawberry farms by the dozen, cheese factories, chocolate factories and hundreds of farmstalls with homemade goods. Next weekend, 11 Dec, Phylip's work is having there year end function at a winery. Can't wait, I think it's going to be a great and more wine.

We've done alot of sight seeing in the area. The buildings in Napier are all mostly art deco buildings that were build in the 1930s. Perhaps my favourite are the streets in town. The roads are all single lane and laid out with bricks, not tar. Someone said, the other day, it looks alot like the villages in England. The buildings are antique and they have an amazing peacefullness about them.

Christmas is a big thing here. Houses get made up with thousands of christmas lights. The weekend we went to a christmas parade, they had through town. Red fire engines, Scottish bagpipe band, Brassband and hundreds of floats made up with christmas decorations.

Phylip got a permanent position at a computer and technology company. He installs computer networks, telephone lines for intranets, and switchboards and sets them up. I've started at Porse which is a organisation for in home daycare for children, from newborn up and to 5yrs old.
Long story short, we're currently waiting for Phylip's work permit to come through.

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Phylip & Nicky

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