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Welcome to Fishenden Family Travel Blog. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a "hello" for us as we will be missing you all.....

Diary Entries

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Location: Maui, USA

Floss-Surfie chicks rule! Yep! Actually standing up and catching waves on a Maui coral reef break into the shore! Best teacher as we stood up and caught waves EVERY time!! Absolute blast!! Two hours of total fun! ( We were definitely the loudest cheerers too!) But a bit scary as over coral reef just knee deep in places so kept reminding us to land feet first if you come off...think that's why we stayed standing up most of the time! Mind you....arms pretty sore today! Lol ! Not long til we're back in Oz! Miss you all xoxox

Brodie-List of things I miss/can't wait to see:
-Fast Wifi
-Grandma and Grandpa
I was so close to meeting one of my internet friends.

Teagen-We went surfing and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Even though I got really burnt on the back of my legs and we come home in two days and I'm so excited.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Location: Maui, USA

Floss-3.45am start for the airport after going to bed after midnight! (Yes there is a 3.45am even on holidays!)Blah!
Maui is beautiful...Great luau and fantastic snorkelling! I swear the girls are part Fish! Watching Brodie free dive past a guy on scuba gear was priceless!! (Must do Great Barrier Reef one day!)Another early rise to go ziplining down the Maui Mountains! Incredible! Hot stone massages are pretty good too!!!Teagen and I are off for another on this evening! Love and miss you all...see you soon! XOXO
Brodie-Hello .I got sunburnt. I went snorkelling. I went ziplinging and ALMOST DIED. I'll be home soon! Yay! Bye. Xx
Teagen- Had fun snorkelling even though I bearly snorkeled just kept diving and sliding down a huge slide on the back of the boat. I had fun ziplinging it was scary but cool.

Friday, 09 June 2017

Location: USA

Floss-Had to spend an extra night in London (not to keen after horrible London Bridge situation) due to visa or rather no visa! SERIOUSLY!!! Then had to RUN to catch connecting flight...arrived in Frankfurt at gate B and had 20 mins to get to gate Z66! Ran on to plane to PA announcement welcoming aboard the family from London...we are now cleared for takeoff! Yes we were treating ourselves to business class!( I'm sure "economy" would have left without us!) First time I didn't want an eleven hour flight to end!!!
Universal studios was brilliant!!!

Brodie- HEY! GUESS WHAT! THE HOLIDAY IS ALOMST OVER!!!! I seriously can't wait until I can hug my friends again! I'll miss this holiday tho....BUT IM ALMOST HOME!!!! (The reason my story writing part is so short is cause I'm lazyyyyy) Disneyland was bad. Gold Coast was way better (miss you Ferals) but Universal Studios was AWESOME! Byeeeeeee! Xx

Teagen- Disneyland was really bad. I got a Belle figure. That's it. (She's on her tablet and is lazy too)

Saturday, 03 June 2017

Floss-Having a Great time staying with Aunty Angela,and catching up with family! (And eating and walking! )Exploring more of Andrew's hangout including Foxes Forest.....can see where Andrew got his love of the bush and his interest in war old battlement place...girls had a great time hiding in the tunnel and climbing the steep banks! Beautiful scenery and perfect weather! ( England isn't cold wet and miserable after all!!!) Then went to Essex and caught up with Aunty Carol and Uncle Ken walking the worlds longest pier and stayed with Uncle John and Aunty Nicola...had an amazing feast at their family restaurant " Mangetout" and caught the Underground to the Zoo with family....walked over 10 miles and finished day at Rainforest Restaurant and ate Cinabons on train home!,,, Yep still eating and walking our way around the world!!! Miss you all so very much! Xxxxxxx.
Teagen - We had a lot of fun at the zoo and caught heaps of trains! I Played heaps of card games with Aunty Angela and beat her every time so no one will play with me!
Brodie-Brodie is sleeping and miss you all love dictated to Mum from Brodie still in bed at 11.15 am!! Xx

Monday, 29 May 2017

Floss-Caught the Eurostar to London! 27 minutes under the sea travelling over 300km per hour!!! Pretty crazy 😜Brilliant day exploring all Andrew's old haunts including his primary school and the garages he used to jump off the rooftops of! The favourite lolly store Stubbins was still there too! ( just abandoned) Spent yesterday at Brighton Peir going on every ride and walked along the so called "Beach" how can you make a sandcastle out of pebbles??? And we lost Grandad too! Beautiful walk home through county lanes (bridle ways) So miss you all xxx

Brodie- WHERE ARE THE CHICKENS AND DUCKS AND POULTRY AT?? I haven't seen any! But I get to speak Britlandish so that's fun! (lol Jasmine) I FINALLY GOT SOME BOVRIL! Me and Teagen went for a walk that ended up taking 50 minutes. Yesterday we spent the whole day at the Peir (roller coasters, fairy floss, my Mum Floss, chips, ice cream)

Teagen-Got a blister from walking SO MUCH. And I like catching up with my relatives. (That's all she wrote because she is watching YouTube)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Floss- Fantastic afternoon with my two favourite travellers! Claimed the Eiffel Tower to second level.... 685 steps!! Exclusive restaurant meal left girls wanting Maccas lol... beautiful cruise ...Paris definitely looks prettier at night! (And needs more trees!)...realise I'm more of an open spaces rather than old places kinda girl!!! (Miss Africa and home!xxx)

Brodie- Today I slept until 1pm had lunch, had dinner in the Eiffel Tower got on a boat with my weird sister.....

Teagen- We went up the Eiffel Tower ate dinner (wasn't that good) then we went on a cruise and waved to people for an HOUR saw the tower at night and got some
GORGEOUS earrings of the Eiffel Tower

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Floss- Last night in Venice asked hotel guy where to eat and found perfect restaurant in BACK ally ...well it was perfect til Brodie saw baby goat and baby rooster on menu!!! .... Venice nice but needs more trees!!!
Here in Paris! Ok there are lots of old buildings & historical sites.... Teagen's face at FINALLY seeing the Eiffel Tower was brilliant!!!! Seems there is no fresh fruit or veg (Just like in Venice) Asked for veg with meal...only got fries!! Love and miss you all! Xoxoxo

Brodie-Today we went on a hop on hop off bus and TJ's reaction to the Eiffel Tower was priceless! I just wanna eat chicken......😂 Miss everyone at home! 💜 Lots of love to Manchester💜

Teagen-When I saw the Eiffel Tower I squealed so loud everyone looked at me. I got a blister on my foot from walking so much and I love this holiday!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Location: Venice, Italy

Travelling to Venice by train at 300km/h...through heaps of long tunnels in Panini Mountain Range....spoils the view!!! ..come to a stop in a tunnel with announcement that seems to be something wrong with the operating systems on the train! Really!!!! After half hour decide to find food...only identifiable food is..... OREOS! Yay Oreaos to the rescue again(think Bali!) Next announcement is to turn off ALL electricals including lights to attempt to restart train! Mad scramble for torch(Always take BUT never use!) then discussion on who we would eat first if necessary...definitely some tour guide who kept telling bad jokes and giving quizzes....Another 15 mins and train starts! Cheers all around!!!!
Finally made it to Venice with mad scramble to reach gondola ride on time! Crazy things...swear we were going to tip the whole time...gondalier kept telling me to stop leaning opposite way! Lots more walking AND eating... LOVE and Miss you all xxx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Floss- An adventure navigating the Italian train system to Firenze (Florence!) train travelled at 250km/h. Pretty impressive ! Claimed the Duomo a spiral stair case inside a wall with 463 crazy narrow steps! Claustrophobic and vertigo all in one! Yay! But spectacular views! Still filling up on gelato and pasta.... Miss you all xoxo
Teagen- too many stairs and the last stairs I crawled
Brodie- Sup! Ha! I don't know......we ate so much Gelato!! Walk three steps Gelato, ride horse, Gelato, look at dog, Gelato! BUT ON THE TOPIC OF DOG There is so many dogs here!!!!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Location: Italy

Floss- Internet! 😁 Flight to Johannesburgh looooong!!! Was a human mattress but girls did well! Africa was as beautiful as ever.... people and place....had welcome party as girls met their Nono-very special!!! drives fantastic and ate Mopani worms, crocodile tail, warthog and more. Will definitely be back!! Xox Amazing flight over the Alps to Italy....full of ancient places, pizza, pasta and gelato and sore feet! Yesterday walked for 5 hours around colosseum and ancient ruins and today 4 hours around Vatican City ... Miss you all!, xxx

Brodie- I MISS YOU GUYSSSSS!!! I ate so much gelato today!😂 The pasta is soooo good here!! Africa was amazing and I finally met my Nono (who is an amazing cook!!) I spotted some lions and painted dogs. The guide said we brought the luck (we saw lions people stay for five days and don't even see one, we saw 5 and then it rained a bit) I ate a lot of strange food so that's kinda cool. I DIDNT GET MALERIA! Miss my chickens 🐔 😂❤️

Teagen- Africa is amazing we want to stay there forever. My Nono cooks the best pasta and we weren't even in Italy yet. And I'm gluten Italy.....where it is pizza and pasta....always. So much walking!!

Miss you all heaps! Heading to Florence tomorrow! Love and hugs! Xx ❤️❤️

Monday, 08 May 2017

Location: Perth, Australia

Floss-Arrived in Perth to a wonderful welcome picnic with Ivone, Stephen, Angelique, Paula, Joao and many more...have been eating and socialising ever since!! ... introduced girls to koeksisters a fabulous treaty treat all sickly sweet and gooey...a massive sugar hit! Now feeling deliciously fat and full of biltong, koeksisters and Ivones wonderful cooking! Ahhh holidays! Xxx
Brodie- We went for a walk, shopped, ate a freaking awesome meal and then just chilled.
Teagen- I have been having a great time and I liked the baby chino at the café and now we're watching the BFG and it's funny
Love to you all xx

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Hi guys. We love your photos and comments! It's exciting following your journey. You are making such precious memories. I'm jealous of your travels but so happy that you're getting to experience all these wonderful things. Jas says hi to Brodie. PS She broke her leg at youth group last week.
Response: Jasmine! Be more carfeful! (Don't worry I almost did the same! I fell off a wall) I'm speaking Britlandish in Britland!
From Ivone
Awwww have absolutely loved have you girls here ❤️❤️❤️&#