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After years of dreaming about travelling around the world (thanks for giving me the bug mum!), I'm finally doing it! ...Happy reading! :o)

Diary Entries

Sunday, 09 September 2007

yay.. i have put up some Thailand photos.. check em out!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Location: Melbourne - home, Australia

..I'm home!!! :o)

Monday, 06 August 2007

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

...and so begins the journey from Koh Tao to Perth via Bangkok & Singapore over three or so days via taxi (aka sitting on the back of a ute), ferry, bus, overnight train & two planes! :o)

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

You never imagine a place to actually be picture perfect.. but this place is! It is just beautiful!
Can't believe I'll be home week after next.. how time flies!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Location: Chang Mai, Thailand

We caught an overnight train lastnight from Bangkok to Chang Mai after spending the day taking a boat up the river and then a tuktuk to go visit the beautiful temple of Wat Arun. Also squeezed in some shopping on Khosahn Road which was great & very reasonably priced.

This morning we arrived in Chang Mai around 7am and got a lift to the hotel where we were able to check in straight away (phew!). We all showered and felt refreshed, had some breakfast and then while some went on a learning how to cook trip, three of us with our tour guide, Sunet, hired biked for the day (50 baht each) and he showed us around Chang Mai and to the old temple. Had a great day.. even though I feel like a tomatoe (!!) -I had to throw out my sunscreen after it leaked ALL over my bag! -Thankfully it was at the bottom so didn't get on any of my clothes, but I had to save my towel and sleeping bag!

Tonight we are having a group dinner and then tomorrow we head off on a trek to visit a hilltribe, which I am really looking forward to! :o)

..And now.. off to find my aloe vera gel!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Gday! Wow, I am in Thailand! Yippee! It is absolutely amazing here -so different to anything I've ever experienced before!

I am heading off on my Intrepid Trip today so won't be 'connected' to the world -will write more when we get back to Bangkok in 9 days :oD


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Location: Heathrow Airport, England

Well.. I'll try and keep this short.. at a pound per 10mins!

I had another wonderful day today sightseeing. It has certainly been a productive day! I got up early, did all of my washing, caught up on some emails, checked out by 10am and then spent the rest of the day sightseeing. ..My feet are so incredibly sore!!
I went to so many places it's hard to remember them all!
I started by going to Kings Cross Station.. to keep the Harry Potter theme going from yesterday and so naturally, I had to go see platform 9 3/4. Unfortunately my camera battery died so I had to go buy a disposable one, wasn't too bad though as it was buy one, get one free! ..Not sure if everyone got that deal though, the guy who was serving me said i had a cute voice -maybe it worked in my favour?! ..I wonder if he was hoping for my number!? ..hehe ah well. Oops!
So from Kings Cross I headed to Leicester Square again and this time past Haagan Daz without going in for icecream! (The self-restraint was commendable in my opinion!)
I stopped at the Swiss clock as it was nearly 1pm in hope that I would see it do it's little chime and dance but unfortunately it didn't so I walked down to the National Portrait Gallery. There are some incredibly talented artists in this world! The diversity in the style of art was really interesting. I could've sworn some of those portraits were photographs they were so life-like! So that was lovely (and free! -which was great!).
From there I walked to Trafalgar Square and took a few photos before catching the tube to see the Tower Bridge. I walked over to the southern side of the Thames and headed down to the Fire Brigade Museum however unfortunately it is only open by appointment and I'd missed the last tour for the day by an hour. -It will have to go on the to-see list for next time!
After that I walked back over the Thames and took a photo of the Tate Modern Museum -no time to go in though.
Then I caught the tube to Westminster Abbey & Big Ben. I was going to walk there but my poor little feet were feeling a little worse for wear by that stage!
I decided I had a little bit of time left so quickly headed up to Buckingham Palace, took a few quick photos and then headed to Hyde Park Corner to catch the tube back to the hostel where I'd left my bags for the day.
After that I walked back to the station and caught the tube to Heathrow, had to squeeze my handbag into my carry on luggage as you are only allowed one bag through xray (!!!!), including your handbag! -When the lady at the check-in told me I didn't believe her ....silly me! They were being very strict -everyone was getting patted down as they came through. Didn't have to take our shoes off like in America though. It's funny how every country does it so differently!

Well.. time to dash.. my flight has just been called for boarding.. can't belive my second leg is about to be over! Am scared but excited about seeing Thailand. Am excited about doing the Intrepid Tour thoguh as I've never done an organised tour before and the itinerary sounds incredible! Hopefully will meet some nice people on the tour too.. always a bonus!

Will upload the rest of my photos when I get back to Oz and will write my next diary entry from Thailand! Yay!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Location: London, England

I had a wonderful day today! I caught up with Sarah and we went to see the new Harry Potter movie (-I resisted buying popcorn!), after which we went to Madamme Taussaud's -where we saw none other than Harry Potter! Got lots of great pics!
After a cruisy day we went to Haagan Daz icecream resteraunt and i had the most disgusting icecream! -IT WAS DELICIOUS! yum!
Then I met up with Jeanne and we had dinner at a burger place, followed by desert at.. yep.. you guessed it! ..Haagan Daz! -I am definately ice-creamed out for a while now I think!
It was a really great day and awesome to catch up with both Sarah & Jeanne.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Location: England, UK

Ello ello! ..I have had a wonderful week catching up with friends. I've decided I'm just about sightsee'd out (is that a word?!?!) so I will have to muster up some enthusiasm before Friday when I arrive in Thailand.. however I imagine being nothing like I have ever experienced before, that shouldn't be a problem!

I arrived in England last Tuesday. I have caught up with so many friends it's been great! The run down...
Tue: Emily & her bf Aaron (Grade 1 & 2 (AIS), Belgium, 1989)
Wed: Michael (High School (Billanook), Australia, 1993-1998)
Thur-Sat: Sally & her parents Wendy & Graeme (Grade 2 & 3 (AIS), Belgium, 1989-1990)
Sun: Alex & her bf Rob (Grade 5 (ICS), Switzerland, 1991-1992)
Mon: the Hills (family friends from when we lived in Harpenden, 1982-1986)

I must say it was wonderful catching up with everyone & having an abundance of home cooked meals and comfortable beds to sleep in -quite a novelty! Many stories shared and good times had.

Tomorrow I am catching up another friend, Sarah who I know from skydiving from back home & Jeanne whom I met when I was travelling in LA.

..So a little bit of sightseeing & seeing a few more friends and then on Thursday I am off to Thailand for three weeks. Sorry but you'll have to wait till I get back to Oz for the next round of photos!!

Hope everyone is well.. wherever in the world you may be! :o) xoxo

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

I tried my best to get my photos up to date since I've been at dad's but the rest might have to wait I'm afraid!
I have uploaded photos up until the end of my national parks tour at Yosemite NP (California) & I also uploaded photos from my mini holiday with dad here in Europe.
So that only leaves Sacramento, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto & New York, as I've already uploaded my Niagara Falls pics.
....nearly there!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

I am so glad I planned this trip the way I did. It has been amazing and I wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way!
I got to spend an amazing leg in North America, flying around and then driving through some of the most amazing national parks in the world over four weeks. That was followed by a three day train ride to Chicago, through some beautiful countryside on which I met some great people. I then crammed three cities into a week -it was a bit much I must admit, but I am not a city person so it was okay.
Then, exhausted after 8 weeks of non-stop travelling through USA and a little of Canada I arrived here in Zurich to stay with Dad for three weeks. I had planned on doing a little travel around Europe while I was here, but it occurred to me that the rest of the trip I will be on the go, so I took the opportunity to have a rest for a while, put my feet up and do a whole lot of nothing! -And it was great!
But now my rest is over! Today I take a bus, tram, train, train and plane to England, followed by three or so more trains to get to my old school friend's place in London, Emily. We went to school together in Belgium back in grade 2 and 3 and Dad and I caught up with Emily's sister, Anita and her boyfriend Chris for dinner when they were here in Zurich. I haven't seen Emily since grade 3 so it will be really exciting to see one another again!
Then tomorrow I head down to Southampton to visit a school friend from Melbourne who is living and working in England at the moment. That will be followed by a trip to Stonehenge on Thursday and then on to another school friend's place in Oswestry. Sally and her parents and my family have kept in touch ever since we were at school together with Emily in Belgium -I am really looking forward to seeing them again too!
And if I hadn't caught up with enough friends by then I am hoping to get over to Birmingham briefly at some point to visit an old school friend from when we lived here in Zurich, Lisa and then on Sunday I train it to a little place near Cambridge to visit another school friend from Zurich, Alex.
From there I am heading to our old town of Harpenden, where we used to live between '82-'86 and I'm visiting family friends there before heading in to London for a few days of sightseeing, and.. yep! you guessed it! catching up with a friend from skydiving in Australia and Jeanne, an aussie I met in Los Angeles who is now working in England!
Then, most probably entirely exhausted, I hop on a plane to Bangkok on Thursday 19th July.
So it will be a busy week or so, but will be absolutely fantastic!
I'm not sure when I'll next be online but I will try my best to keep my blog and you all updated of my travels! :o)

Hope you are all well xoxo

Sunday, 08 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I drove Dad to the airport today -he is off to Australia for 3 weeks holiday. But that meant I had to drive back to his apartment without directions in a left-hand drive, manual car! AND I made it!! Yaaay! Hehe.
I felt great getting back in one piece and I didn't even switch the GPS man on!

Friday, 06 July 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Well.. I am endeavouring to catch up on my blog entries from north america so to save you the time of working out which ones are new I'll tell you! :o) ..More to come in the next few days, and photos too.

23 May - Zion NP
24 May - Canyoneering Trip
25 May - Las Vegas
27 May - Three Rivers
28 May - Sequoia NP

Enjoy the reading!! :o) xoxo

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Location: Chamonix, France's raining, it's pouring.......
and we are inside the hotel, nice and dry, hoping this weather will pass and the clouds will lift so that we can at least get a good view of Mont Blanc while we are here!!!

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Well, sufficiently relaxed after a few weeks staying at dad's place in Zurich, today we are heading off on a short holiday down just over the border into Italy and France. We are going to Ilanz to have lunch with an old friend of mine, Julia. She and I did an exchange to/from Mainz, Germany in Year 10 (in 1996), each for three months. We've kept in touch ever since, so it will be great to see her again! She is now working as a doctor in Ilanz.
From there we are heading to a little place called Andermatt for the night and then tomorrow will head over the mountains, rather than through the St Goddard tunnel -figured the view would be better going over the top! :o)
We are going to Locarno, Ascona and a view other places along the lake there before heading west across to Chamonix, Geneva and then we will drive up to Lausanne and back home to Zurich on Thursday.
We are going to be driving through some beautiful countryside! :o)
We considered driving back through St Moritz, but I really want to see Mont Blanc. I was originally planning on doing this trip last year and doing a hike in the Mt Blanc area, organised by The Cancer Council back home, to raise money to find a cure for cancer and Mum also visited the area on her round the world trip in 1974, so it was somewhere I really wanted to see this trip. :o)
Well, I will update my blog when we get back to Zurich, and I will try to fill in the blanks from my american leg of the trip then too, before I head to England on 10th July!! -Oh, and there are still a few photos to get up-to-date too, so I will endeavour to do that next week.. keep your eyes peeled! :o)

..i love holidays!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Have been rather slack with the diary entries but I've uploaded some more photos today :o)
The new pages are (they are listed in chronological order):
- Universal Studios
- Death Valley National Park
- On the road to Three Rivers
- Sequoia National Park
- Yosemite National Park I
- Ghost Town of Bodie
- Mono Lake


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

After 7 hours on the plane I've arrived in Zurich, greeted by dad at the airport! Boy was it good to see him! :o) ..As for me now though I'm off to have a nap!


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: New York, USA

Today certainly wasn't meant to be a long day, but it turned out to be after I spent nearly an hour at the World Trade Centre Memorial Gallery. It is so moving. I can't begin to imagine the pain the thousands upon thousands of people effected by 9/11 must have felt, and the emotional scars that will be left with them for life.
This trip has been a dream for so long and one mum and I talked about and discussed every so often. I remember flying back from our trip to Europe after I finished school in 1998. I'd spent my 18th birthday in London and Dad had flown over from Switzerland. It was kind of weird us all being there, Mum, Dad, Paul & I, in London, to celebrate my 18th -but it will be a day I will remember forever. In the airport on the way home I bought a map of the world and I circled all the places I wanted to go on my round the world trip, which at the time was only a dream. Mum told me stories of her trip around the world in 1974. When I began planning the details of this trip last year I found that map and I've thought of it and those stories often. I am sure there are plenty more I never got to hear.
I've been thinking of mum often this week -probably as I have been to so many places and am feeling tired and a little home-sick. Whenever I go to a new place and see something amazing I think, 'Mum would love to see this/be here" and I wish I could just call her up and tell her all about it, but instead I trust that she's with me the whole way, watching me from above.
Going to the 9/11 Memorial Gallery today made me realise just how lucky Paul, I and all of my family were to spend as much time as we did with mum and tell her that we loved her before she passed away.
That's something we can all cherish forever.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Location: Toronto, Canada

Wow, 3 cities in a week! 2 down.. 1 to go & then I fly to Zurich to see dad.. yay!

Wow, I took a tour to Niagara Falls today.. It certainly looks much more incredible than it did when I looked it up on Google Earth, that's for sure!

Have seen and done SO much I hope I don't forget before I catch up on all my diary entries.

Hope everyone's well, wherever you may be :o)


Friday, 01 June 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA

I just arrived in San Francisco today. Have decided I've so many journal entries to catch up on that I am going to sit down when I get to Dad's in Zurich and write them all then, along with uploading all my photos!
Have had an amazing few weeks seeing all of the national parks but am glad to be giving the rental car back on Sunday! I've had enough driving for the time being! Am looking forward to the extraordinarily long train journey to Chicago where I cna put my feet up and enjoy the view :o)

Hope you are all well xxoo

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Sequoia National Park, USA

Saw the biggest living thing on the earth today!! -The Giant Sherman sequoia tree. It was quite impressive they could grow to be so enormous! The people looked like little ants in comparison to the size of the tree! Quite amazing!

I really enjoyed Sequoia National Park, it is beautiful and was lovely to be in a forrest, surrounded by trees and nature again after spending so much time in the deserts of Arizona, Utah and Nevada!

We were going to go to Kings Canyon National Park on our way to Yosemite also, but the day was getting on and we were told Sequoia was the one to really see, so we left it at that, however we did kind of go to Kings Canyon as you have to drive through part of Kings Canyon NP when visiting Sequoia NP! ..don't think it really counts though! hehe

We are staying at a lovely hostel near Yosemite NP, called The Yosemite Bug. We are in a room with six bunks all to ourselves which is great -no snoring or stranger's smelly feet! Yay!

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Don't stress to much.......i've told customs not to let you back in.....

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Hey there MLKG
tis safe to come home now.....big brother has finally finsihed.......

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So what is bright red and glows.......he he you!!
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g'day mate
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don't update your diary
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stu boy... :-)
Response: Hehe.. ahh yes, I keep saying I will don't I?! ..I get back to Zurich on Thursday and will make time before I go to England to get up to date, promise!! xoxo
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hey globe trotter :-)
great photos mate have fun
with your dad I'll keep checking your web site to
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to you.
be bad but safe

stu boy...
Response: Cheers! :D
Off to Italy next week which should be beautiful!
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Won't say anything too sloppy here but this.....

we all love ya katie!!
Response: FTWOAW xoxo
From Pauly bro
i had an exam today, i did ok which is good, i atleast know i passed and its only an elective anyway. 3 to go and my lit review and then i can drink again.....ok drink heavily again...hope u've been doing lots of that! Toronto is about an hour or so from where my friend Nicole lives, I msg'd her ur number but turns out she'd changed numbers so she didn't get it in time. Anyhoo, have fun, you'll see Dad soon! And then I will in July, i suggested me and him go to NZ, he said he'd think about it....
Response: Hey! Good luck with your last exams! Bummer about Nicole -would've been great to catch up! I'm off to Zurich today to see Dad -yay! Hey now, New Zealand -that would be nice! You two would make a great pair on those black runs! Don't loose too many brain cells partying, you've still got a semester to go! Hehehe
Love you! your sis xoxoxo
From kiwi Alison
Hi Kate - really enjoying your travels. Sat down tonight to read from start to finish but have only got to 10th May, Eloy. Great adventures! Great mates! A bit of luck finding the wallet and map. Glad things are going well. Your mum would be proud of you! xxAlison
Response: :o) Thankyou! I think of her often. I hope she would be proud. xxoo
From pauly
Hey there,Thanks for the text msg,Just checked out your pics,Awsome country side,Some of it looks alot like here.Just spent the weekend flying for some mates doing tandems,Aghh jump flying!!!Beats the normal locals I fly around,Theres something about the smell of a jump plane?Its smells of skydivers!!!!
Take care and stay safe
Response: hhmmm funny that!!??!! hehehe
It's great through isn't it?! Well, that's why you fly down with nobody onboard and the door open to air out the plane isn't it?!
From Brett
I got this text from a friend the other day:
"What's that movie with the girl in it i want to be like? The one with the cops in it and they have a mission to catch the baddies?"

I still recon it's probably Police Adademy 3 ....... but hey what would i know.

Response: SWAT!!!!!!!!! Michelle Rodriguez! yeah yeah
From peter puschak

it is great to see how you move around. Petra sends her love, and Britt is envious (although they are in Alice Springs for 3 months with Keith's job).

Cheers, .................peter p.
Response: Great to hear from you! Alice Springs is a wonderful place too, but I prefer Utah! :o) Look forward to seeing you all when I get back :o)
From Matt
Kate --

So *that's* what a joshua tree looks like. I'm not sure I've ever seen one before. I'll have to try to make it out there sometime, when I get back to the L.A. vicinity.

You've jumped out of an airplane over 600 times (601)? Holy. That's amazing.

It was fun to chat with you about your trip on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Hope the rest of the trip is outstanding...
Response: Hey! Cheers! Joshua Tree is amazing -definitely worth a visit. Enjoy your trip too! :o)
From sean
Hi Kate.
The photos bring back some memories for me. Looks like you are having a great time.
Response: Indeed I am! So many amazing places, I wish I had more time!
From Brett
Hey there my little Katie girlie
Just came accross this and thought of you and your travels.....
"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies." - Aristotle
Hope all is well - have fun and kiss lots of boys!!

Response: thanks bud! :op xoxo
From Katie VNS
Hi Special K, Me again today Fri 18th May it has been one of those days @ the VNS office very flat out me coming in every second Friday to get ahead on advance bookings. Confirmed 41 nurses and 41 hospitals so I am on a roll...Yipee. Hope you are well and happy Special K and keeping out of mischief.. Know u are in my thoughts every day and know im growing with envy each time I rad your blog:0) Take care Miss Kate keep safe,god bless and keep smiling. Hugs and Love Katie xoxox
Response: Wow, it must be busy! That's awesome! I am going on a tour to Sedona today.. should be great fun! Am glad you are doing well at home! Take care chick! Hugs! :o) xoxox
From Rachel
Kate - it was so much fun meeting you and sharing tunnel time with you! You were terrific in there! I got such a kick out of watching you - you learn so quickly (all that Aussie beer must be good for the brain...!). It was so awesome when Mick got us doing front flips!!! Come back and play with us again some time!
Response: I will most definitely! Just got to pay this trip off first! :op
By the time I get back you'll be coaching me! :o)
From Katie VNS
Hello my Special K,
You are in my thoughts as you travel around the world enjoy every step,smell, taste,view soak it all in as I know you will store it all in your suitcase of memories. Love you heaps babe and continue to take care and don't forget to soar like an eagle.
Wor'ks been flat out but we're coping. See you when you get back and keep safe. Love and hugs Katie xoxox
Response: Hey chicken! Awesome to hear from you! Am loving everything of my trip, the good and the bad! See you in August :o)
Take care xoxo
From Paws
Sounds like yr having a great trip.
From Brett
And just for all those non-divers..... or as i like to call them, the sane ones..... what in the world is a tunnel??
All i have is images of homer simpson in a wind tunnel..... although that would be fun too.
Response: A vertical wind tunnel -is mostly used for training as it simulates freefall.
From Brett
Well there is probably a reason why people go out to expensive French resturants and not American
And you probably won't get lost as much if you get a guy to read the map for you.....did i type that or just think
Have safe.......and do everything that i wouldn't
From Kylie - Work
G'day (in case you forgot the Aussie slang over there), thought you might like to know its KPI time again, so I posted you your pro-rata 5%....enjoy it!!! Everyting going well here, I am definately missing having my special person to do my odd and unusual jobs for me though!! However, odd jobs vs life experience, yeah I know what I'd choose. Take care....lots of love Kylie
Response: Yeah! Go team!! :o) Thankyou SO much -that means I can afford more time in the tunnel!
Am loving the 'life experience' but looking forward to coming back and doing all those odd jobs -the best part of my job! Take care, miss you all heaps! xoxo
From Will
Hi there sounds like your having an awesome time. sorry for the delay been in SA mines setting up Fire&Rescue

Keep smiling and enjoy your trip.


Response: Oh wow, that sounds like fun! Am loving it... will post photos today! :o)
From Jaya
Sounds like you are having an Awesome time! Jett and I are great, looking forward to catching up in August.
Response: It is so amazing here -the landscape is just spectacular! Looking forward to seeing you in August :o)
From Pauly bro
I'm is poo...feels like i'm climbing a never ending mountain - that I need to get to the top of by 4pm Tuesday...currently its 6am Tuesday - stupid due dates! When I reach the top I'm gonna roll down the other side drunk, bugger walking! Hope ur well and having fun! Lotsa luv xoxo
Response: HEhehe.. You'll make it! I just know you will! I've everything crossed for you so I hope you do and then I can uncross everything again! -Havin heapsa fun :o) Lotsa luv xoxo
From Brett Thompson
he he he....... you are now officially a backpacker!! Next time your at a supermarket get a pack of energy bars - they don't take much room in a bag and are perfect when your starving!! Stay safe - have fun. FTWOAW
Response: Thankyou!