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nick in south america

Welcome to nick's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. see you soon..

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Peru


we got to mancora a bit tyred after traveling all day so what else was there to do but go out, it was a friday night and we had just met up with a couple of budys that we`d met along the way, they said we know a great place to get some sea food so off we went.
the seafood was absolutly fantastic i had a speceal menu with a dish called cevichy (raw fish in a lemony / vinigery sauce) followd by a sea food marenara wich is onestly the best i´ve ever had so good infact we ate the same dish for four nights in a row.
friday night was great it was good to be out of the desert and going out. we spent most of the night in a little bar called iguana nothing to special but the beer was cold and the music loud.
saterday night started the same with a sea food diner and a few beers at iguanasand then it was off to another bar wich i dont quite rember the name of but it was nice. just as the night was winding up joel met some random guy who said he was having a after party there were a few people going so we said why not and jumped in the back of his ute. to our

Friday, 12 May 2006

from lima we went to a a little surf town called huanchaco. we spent a couple of days there surfing and hanging out since then not much has changed except the towns and the senery.
from huanchaco we kept going north to chicama and spent a day there this place has one of the world´s longest left waves in the world. from chicama we went to pacasmayo the surf was more sizey and a bit more consistant here there was also a pritty cool hostel there so we stay´d and relaxed there for a week after that it was of to chiclayo and then to lobitos.
lobitos was ok there realy isn´t anything there except the 4 surf breaks wich wern´t exatly fireing we even had to get our water from a well despite all this it was still fun we had a couple of good surfs and read alot. we are now in a town called mancora it is good to be around civalisation again.

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Peru

we are now in lima looking for surf matty decided to stay in lapaz and go to lake titycarcar and a few other things, joel and i have continued on and want to get to the surf as soon as posible. the plan was to get to lima and hire a car to drive up the coast un fortunatly cars are expencive so we´ve decided to bus it a bit further and hire a car further up the coast.
until next time adios

Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Location: Cusco, Peru

lapaz was good i got to recover from being sick, we did a city tour wich was interesting there are some realy welthy people in la pazand some poor ones to, the city is pritty cool to it nestled into a valy with mountains surounding it on the second last day we did the death road bike ride this was an experiance, we started at around 4800 meters the first half was tar and then it turned to dirt for the remader of the ride and just about the hole ride was down hill with only about 45 minuet of up hill wich isn´t much considering the ride was about 94 ks was awesome seeing cars busses and trucks trying to pass each other and then there was us on our pushies. on oneside there was a 200 meter drop with the other side a clif that rises straight up they say that about one car every three months goes over the edge and that 2 weeks befor we did the ride a tourist went over on his bike lucky for us no body went over and we receved our death road surviver t-shirts at the end of the trip. from la paz we went to cusco for a few days to do Machu Picchu.
cusco was a realy cool city the center was made up of realy old style buildings built from big rocks perfictly fited together and mud bricks with two huge old churches in the corners.
from cusco we went to the Machu Picchu ruins this place was absolutly amazing our day started at six where we hoped on a bus for a 45 minuet bus ride to the train then after the train another bus ride up to the ruins. we decided to ditch the tour guide and show our selfves around as we didn´t have much time first we ran up to the sun gates and then through the ruins and then climbed up to wanna pichu nerly breaking me i don´t think i was made for altitude. it was mind blowing to think that people built, farmed and live´d in such an obscure place.

Sunday, 09 April 2006

Location: lapaz, Bolivia

woa so much time has past. where to start?
BA was fantastic such a friendly city friendly people and a good atmosphere. we got to BA late on friday night and didn´t have any thing booked, we were told about a hostel called the clan unfortunatly it was totaly booked out for friday night so we found a place to stay for fri and then moved in to the clan on sat arvo dumped our bags and started getting ready for our first night out in BA and what a night. Club´s don´t open until 2 or 3 in the morning and go right through till 8 or 9 the next day the clubs are huge with great music and loads of people. during the week we decided to a few touristy thing´s, we went to go to a museum but got lost and ended up at the collage so we wanderd around there for a while. eventualy we found the museum but it was shut, we decided to walk around for a bit and stumbled apon evitas grave this grave yard was amazing the toombs are gigantic some are as big as a mideum sized bedroom with coffins stacked on ither side and dateing back to around 1820. we also went to a suburb called la boca it is well known for a street full of houses made from second grade matereials but they paint them with bright colours so the look pritty they also sell heaps of art and are known for there tango skills. the next thing we knew it was the weekend again and time to party we started on wednesday and went through till sunday by the time it was over i felt like i´d been chewed up and spat out again very glad to see the end of it we did a couple more things round the city including the museum and caught our flight to santiago on friday. we were pritty keen to rest our bodies and go for a surf so we booked a bus straight away to Iquique and went and surfed and chilled out for a while.
another awesome bus trip, we decided to book another nice comfy bus again for the 25 hour trip and again we had dramas not a crash but one of the windows blew out. we stopped for a while and they were going to do the dodgy and put some card board over it and tape it up lucky for us another bus came along going in the same direction so we jumped aboard and we were on our way again. after traveling for hours through the desert we came across Iquique a town on the coast in the middle of no where but it has some realy nice waves. we found an awesome hostel and stayed here for four days just chilling out and surfing allthough freezing it was good to finely get back in the water again. unfortunetly on the third day whilst surfing i managed to dislocate my sholder, not cool.
after Iquique we were off to a little desert town called san pedro
from here we planed to book a tour to see the salt flats and cross into boliviar. the tour was a 3 day trip in land crusers on the first day we crosed the boarder and reached a hight of about 5000 meters above sea level this was a little bit of a struggle considering we´d gone form sea level to so high in only two days.
we saw a number of lakes some wich changed colour and some that were so still tht they gave a mirror reflection of the back ground the pictures don´t do them justice we also crossed 2 masive salt flats one on the second day and the biggest on the third day.
unfortunatly on the third day i caught a bug of some sort and was teribly sick not cool when you have to catch a bus some where and all you want to do is keel over and die. i maneged though with a little help from the boys and we made it to la paz where i spent the next couple of days in bed recovering.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Location: Argentina

hola from argentina
when i wrote last i was on an island in brazil called florianopolis what an awesome week that was we surfed just about every day and it was a great change of pace it was very hard to leave.
we then jumped on another bus and headed of to iguazu falls we left at about 6 in the arfternoon and arived at iguazu somewhere about 9 in the morning. from there we organised a tour of the falls some where to leave our bags and a bus trip out of there. most people say you need at least a full day to do the falls but we were on a mission to get to Beaunos Aires and do some partying.
the falls were great though absolutly amazing the size is mind blowing, first we di the boat trip up the river ( they actualy take you right under the falls) then we walked back up to the top and right round the argentinian side of the falls. we then jumped on the little train that takes you back to the park entry then back into town and just managed to catch the bus. Bs As hear we come. As it were it probably would have been better to miss that bus, althow it was the most comfy bus we´ve been on so far, and get the next one you see on the way about 5 hours into the trip, just about to drop of to sleep we side swiped another truck or bus were not to sure but eventualy when the driver regained controle of the bus we pulled over and all hoped out. about 30 centermeters of the windscreen on the bus was smashed and then the whole side of the bus was scratched and all the windows were blown in not good although the bus was in need of major repair there were only a few cuts and bruses. so after they were all fixed up and another bus was sent out were back on our way and only a few hours late. yipee another bus!!!

Saturday, 11 March 2006

Location: florinapolis, Brazil

hello to everyone
well what a great few weeks it´s been carneval was awsome they board up all the shops and sort of close the streets then night time comes around and the streets over flow with people this last´s for about a week recovering through the day only to do it all again the next night on the last two nights we had tickits to blockos these are semi tralers with a band on one and a bar in the other and they drive down a circut, they have a hole pile of security people around them holding a rope and if you have a shirt for that blocko you can dance inside the rope.the one on the last night was absolutly packed fat boy slim was playing and you could hardly move it was so much fun though.
we then went to rio de janeiro and after recovering from the 26 hour bus trip we started to do the usual tourist things. the statue of christ was huge and the view was awsome it´s the most amazing seting for a city snugled right into the rocks. we also did a favelor tour. these are sort of like suburbs, run by the drug loards, it said they are the safest place to live though beacuse the drug loards don´t like the police coming in so no one causes any truble or you have to front the drug lords usualy this means a trip to the forest. the one we went to was said to be a farm and the farmer started to sell of his land when people started moving to rio eventualy they ran out of room so the people started to sell there roof´s and so on. no one´s sure but they think there´s about 300 000 people living in this one.
we are now on an island called florinapolis we´ve rented an apartment over looking the beach and are just relaxing for a while

Saturday, 11 February 2006

Location: Australia


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From Si
I dont remember buying ham!! Have fun in Columbia mate!!
Response: thank´s mate see you in Austria
From matt
hi nick, seems u really are having fun. all my bus travels have been fine, so i dont think ill ever meet you again! who am i kiding, i love you...ive said to much..
From Snowy
Hey squeezer, looks like your havin ball, soooooooo jealous. Enjoy
From Chris And Katrina
More Photo's Big fella Less of the sleeping and more of the Picture taking. This is such a grand Idea.

Have fun and stay safe.... Love the bus Journey.. We need them in this Country what do you think?
From Megan
Hello YoYo
How are you going? sounds like your having a blast....although you really havent said much on your page. anywho hope your well and keep safe.... keep up on the emails and photos, love looking at them.

love me
Response: hi yoyo whats your email so i can write
From charney
how u doing hippy just checking in to make sure u havent been killed or any thing yet have fun talk to u soon
Response: yeah i´m still here how´s work sucker. traviling is awsome. an average day consist´s of hmm not much realy maby a surf or a lay on the beach i´ve been getting heaps of hamock time and afternoon snoozes, mater of fact i might have one now. take care. nick
From celina
Hey where are you? had no idea you were going o.s again.... im a fabulous friend! Have a great time, keep in touch
Response: hey what´s going on i´m in a little town by the beach in florinapolis, brasil just relaxing what have you been up to
From snowy
hey squeezer, hows travellin?
Response: oi what´s news, travellin is awsome you should get your but back over here i can´t beleave you only spent 6 weeks over here wevé got 4 months and i don´t think it will be enough