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Friday, 14 March 2008

Location: Apulia, Italy

Are You Sure to Know all Italy's bike routes?

Puglia occupies the entire heel of southern Italy. This region is more surprising than any other region of Italy and includes:

* Forests and the limestone cliffs of Gargano
* The Trulli of Alberobello
* Stunning Byzantine, Romanesque and Baroque architecture
* The oldest olive trees
* The sandy beaches and coves along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.

The spur of the boot of Italy is Promontorio del Gargano (Gargano Promontory), a popular tourist destination.

Some tour guides say it is one:
"An encyclopaedia of nature ... where legend relate to the tradition goes deep into the soul."

Gargano white rocks were carved by the sea, creating beautiful natural caves and arches.

Its winding mountain roads and are ideal for medium and advanced bikers looking for adventure.

Serious bikers would attack the tortuous route that circles the mountain, with stellar views along the way.

The interior of the land on the forested mountain is Umbra, a protected beech, oak and pine trees with trails and campsites.

The fauna here are only small animals, such as egg-buck, fox, badger and the wild cat.

La Foresta Umbra (Shady Forest) includes more than sixty thousand acres, hundreds of species of animals and two thousand plant species normally associated with many northern climates.

Monte Sant'Angelo was a major destination for pilgrims during the last fifteen hundred years.

Among them were St. Francis of Assisi and the Crusaders en route to the Holy Land.

Suggested 8 days itinerary:
Day 1: Bari, sightseeing, transfers and accommodation in Ostuni
Day 2: Ostuni - Hermitage of San Biagio - Transfer to Alberobello
Day 3: Valle d'Itria: Martina Franca - Locorotondo and Alberobello
Day 4: National Park Matera and the Murgia
Day 5: Gargano National Park and Monte S. Angelo
Day 6: Foresta Umbra
Day 7: Gargano promontory - Hermitage of Pulsano - Bari
Day 8: transfer to Bari and departure

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