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Chris Franklyns Adventures in PNG

The Franklyn Kiwis have all flown home … but Chris has returned all alone,
Here on the pages you will see… all my great adventures in PNG.
Come along with me throughout this year, feel all the emotions of sorrow and cheer,
Although I miss Sheri and the kids while they stay back, I know the Lord is with them along life running track.
And when I’m back in NZ and My family I see, it’s big hugs and kisses, then off to KFC.

Diary Entries

Friday, 24 June 2011

Location: Papua New Guinea

Travel Diary of Lae trip

I left on Monday the 13th June which was Queens Birthday for PNG. No worries with the cargo and getting it on the plane. Arrived at Madang to find no staff waiting for me. I contacted Maggie and she contacted Douglas (CBM Staff member meant to be picking me up) and she found out he went to Air Niugini to get me but he was told there was no fight coming from Wewak. He didn’t realise that I was on Airlines PNG. So after waiting for 30 minutes he finally came and picked me up. No worries.
Douglas helped me run the wiring through the shop and get it ready for the new system we are wanting to install.

Tuesday: Went to Air Niugini to change my ticked only to find out their system was down (surprise, surprise) Went back after lunch and the system still down. However one of the lovely ladies contacted Port Moresby and sorted out my tickets.

Wednesday: Left Madang for travel to POM. No worries at Madang but pouring with rain in POM. Water every where and as a result the cargo I wanted to pick up was not moved to the pickup area. They said I had to come back tomorrow to pick them up. Got to the hotel and checked into my room. Nice room on the ground floor, but had to walk through the huge puddles of water to get there.

As a settled down to watch TV, I noticed some movement on the floor and was amazed to see a puddle of water move from the far wall and cover the whole room floor in about 3 minutes. My own indoor swimming pool, what luxury. The hotel was happy to move me to another room, this time the first floor, so no way the water was going to get me now.

Thursday. Abel picked me up at 8am and we went straight to the Cargo place. Managed to pick up the computers and get the Lae boxed lodged for transport to Lae.
We got back to the shop only to find out then one of the long term staff members for the POM shop (Kay) had died this morning. She had just had surgery a few weeks ago and the staff said she was looking a lot better. Not sure what the cause was but it sounds like it was cancer. The shop closed at noon and they will go to the haus crai. This is a shock to us all, and she will be sadly missed.

Was whisked back to the airport to catch the flight to Lae.

My time in lae.
All the computers set up and linking well. I have had some lousy nights sleet as the flat I am staying in is right next to the road and there are heavy trucks driving past all night. One night I couldn’t get to sleep until after 2am.

I must be getting use to is now though as I can generally get to sleep at about 11pm now.

Some highlights, and lowlights, so far:
Watching the neighbours across the road argue and fight. So far it has happened twice, in the space of a week.

Finding out that Enos’s wife died on Tuesday in the Madang hospital. Enos worked for CBM for 6 years and died last year. His wife Jane, suffers badly from asthma, and I have been told this is what killed her. The two boys are with relatives until they decide what they want to do with them.

Completed the stock take in 3.5 days. Staff worked well and I think we got all the items we needed to.

Staff are using the new system now. Started on Friday and a couple have picked up the basics quickly.

Saw my first looting in Lae today. Coming into work and there was a mass of people running toward a stalled truck carrying bags of rice. Some of the people had jumped on the back and had ripped open the covering. From there they grabbed the bags and took off with them. I got some photos and will load them onto the web.
We have checked out a better shot location for the Lae shop. It is in a safer part of town and has better security too. Last year the Lae shop was robbed as gun point, and a few weeks later broken into at night. It is situated in one of the not so nice places of Lae (Although the bakery over the road makes really nice pies and bread rolls!!).

Let's see what happens in the next week.

Till next time.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Wewak Airport Closed Due to Village Fighting

I can’t believe how many different things are going on here. Over the last few months we have had a tsunami, death of a close friend, fire at the Windjammer, and now fighting causing the airport to close.

This latest event occured when two village’s youth fought each other on Airport land. Beer bottles were smashed on the taxi way the planes use and some light used for the jets to land (guiding lights??) were broken.

This resulted in Air Niugini stopping all their flights and the CAA closing the airport until a full inspection could be done.

Mean time we have just had our CBM Directors meeting that finished on the Saturday, and the directors were flying out on the Sunday. The 6.00am morning flight got away OK, but the fighting happened just after that and all other flights were cancelled. Several of the Directors were stuck in Wewak for 4-5 days trying to find other transport options to get them out.

In the end we got them out by MAF and New Tribes Mission flights.

Anyway, the airport runway has been reopened after almost a week closed, and the first big plane flight happened on Friday night. Just in time really, as I have to get to Madang on Monday to carry on with the computerisation project.

For you info, I will be going to Madang, then to Port Moresby Wednesday, Lae on Thursday, and will be in Lae for 2 weeks. They are the next to go fully live with the new system.

I am also over the half way mark for my next return to New Zealand. Very much missing the family and looking forward to seeing them again. Not looking forward to the cold weather though.

God Bless


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Village Fighting Closes Wewak Airport

Over the last week the aiprort at Wewak has been closed due to a large fight that happened on the airport grounds. The fighting occures in Sunday morning the 5th June.

Some beer bottles awere smashed on the taxi ways and some lights were damaged. Because of this Air Niugini stopped bringing in their planes and left houndreds of peole stranded in Wewak and Port Moresby.

The smaller planes (MAF and New Tribes Mission) were able to fly out, and we had to use them to get some directors and other people to other towns where they could catch other flights to where they needed to go.

Flights have started again on Friday the 10th, but the Jets have not returned yet.

On Monday I will be going to Madang to start setting up the computer system there. A few days later (Wednesday) I will go to Port Moresby for one night and then onto Lae for a couple of weeks. They will be the next shop to go live with the new system.

I'm missing the family lots and am glad I am over the half way mark before I return for another break. Not looking forward to the cold weather though.

God Bless


Monday, 23 May 2011

The Windjammer is Toast.

One of the icons of Wewak, the Windjammer, has gone up in flames. It was an amazing sight to see the flames licking the coconut trees and spreading from one part of the buildings to another. I think it started in the kitchen area, and buy the time it was put out it had spread to the restaurant and the bar areas.

Some accommodation rooms were effected too, but the main ones were untouched.

When we got there the flames had not spread to the outdoor restaurant area. There were people climbing all over it to get what they could before the flames burned it all up. One guy climbed to the inside top of the roof and was trying to cut away one of the carvings. Flames were literally right next to him, burning on the roof above his head, and only come down when one of the guards was going to beat him if he didn’t.

We saw people looting anything they could get their hands on. Carvings, Chairs, tables, roofing iron, matrices, and even the servery unit was being loaded onto the back of the truck. I had one small but come up to me with a carving asking if I wanted to buy it. I figured buying stolen goods would not be good, so I declined.

Boy, at times it is never dull in Wewak.



Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Windjammer is Toast.

One of the icons of Wewak, the Windjammer, has gone up in flames.

It was an amazing sight to see the flames licking the coconut trees and spreading from one part of the buildings to another. I think it started in the kitchen area, and buy the time it was put out it had spread to the restaurant and the bar areas. Some accommodation rooms were effected too, but the main ones were untouched.

When we got there the flames had not spread to the outdoor restaurant area. There were people climbing all over it to get what they could before the flames burned it all up. One guy climbed to the inside top of the roof and was trying to cut away one of the carvings. Flames were literally right next to him, burning on the roof above his head, and only come down when one of the guards was going to beat him if he didn’t.

We saw people looting anything they could get their hands on. Carvings, Chairs, tables, roofing iron, matrices, and even the servery unit was being loaded onto the back of the truck. I had one small but come up to me with a carving asking if I wanted to buy it. I figured buying stolen goods would not be good, so I declined.

Boy, at times it is never dull in Wewak.



Thursday, 05 May 2011

I Have Returned

Well, I have just got back from a couple of weeks back with the family in New Zealand. What a wonderful time and I really enjoyed my time back there.

Sheri had to get use sharing the bed again althought she kept trying to push me out all the time. I think she looked forward to my return so she can have it all to herself again.

Back into it here. Still lots of work to do but the staff are taking it up well.

This period away from the family is about 11 weeks. This is the longest period I have been away from them ever, so we will have to see how it goes. I talk to Sheri every few days, and to the kids when I can.

Thank you to those who are supportsing Sheri and praying for me here. It is very much appreciated.

God Bless


Friday, 08 April 2011

The Death of Auwi Muki

There are a few PNG people that I connect very well with, and Auwi was one of them. His death really shook me and the team at CBM and the Christian Brethren Church of PNG.

Auwi was medevac’d to Wewak from Anguganak on Thursday the 31st of March. When he arrive I was at the airport with Roger to greet and help him where we could. We could see that he was in a very bad way and when the CBC vehicle arrives he was taken straight to the Wewak Hospital. We followed and checked in if there was anything we could do to help.

Martha (Auwi’s Wife) was with him and asked for a few items to help, All Auwi wanted was an ice Cream!!! Probably not the best thing to have considering his start.

Roger and I left and I went back to work.

About one hour latter I got an urgent call from Roger saying he had heard from Martha that Auwi was going downhill fast and could I get the team together and pray for him. We did this and we tried to return to our work. This was all quite weird, and it was hard to believe that Auwi was in so much trouble. He had been to Wewak the week before to attend a writers workshop and I had a couple of meals with him them. He was his usual happy self.

We got a call a few minutes later to say Auwi had died. What a shock. Stund silence and disbelief. How could this man be gone.
I grabbed the Truck keys and Kalado, Reggie and me drove out to the hospital. When we arrives there we could hear much wailing and crying going on. The look of loss on Martha’s face was heart breaking and there was little that could be done to comfort her in the loss she had just felt.

I went into the intensive care room (if you can call it that) and saw Auwis body lying there. There are only a few times I have seen a dead person up close. Both times have been in PNG. First with Enos, and now with Auwi. It is a strange feeling to be in the room with the body of someone you had great respect for, and know that the real person is not there but now with the Lord Jesus.

The next few days were a stand still for any work being done at CBM. There was lots of organising for the funeral to be done, as well at the days of haus krai .

I have put a few pictures on to show you what was happening, but it is really hard to explain the impact of the event if you have not been through one yourself. The Melanesians handle death and funerals differently than what we do in NZ. I think the Maori culture would be similar, but still different.

We will miss Auwi and his input into CBM and our lives. But I know I will see him again.

I just wish I could have got him his last request of an ice cream.
God Bless

PS. I still so not know for sure what he had, but I have been told it was typhoid with malaria, leading to blood poisoning leading to the shutting down of Auwis organs.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tsunami Goes through Wewak

The massive earthquake in Japan pushed a wave towards PNG and at about 3am local time the wave hit shore in Wewak. It would have been about 1 meter high and a number of the low lying businesses were affected by it.

CBM Bookshop was OK but the head office had dirty mangrove water all over the floor. I have pur some photos of CBM Head Office on the page but unfortunately did not get any of the other businesses in town.

The Garamut business (right on the water front) had a huge amount of stock damaged by the wave (in the millions of Kina), but most other places just has to mop the floor and dry out the buildings.

Life is certainly not dull in the Land of the Unexpected.

Till next time


Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Arrival back to PNG

Well after two and a half months away it was a strange feeling to return back with just my bags and no family with me. Sheri and I had decided that I would return this year while the kids got back into the rhythm of New Zealand life and School. With all the travelling I an expected to do we felt it better to have the family back in NZ where there is more support and help for Sheri, and more things for the kids to do.

So, I will be updating the website periodically, it may not be regular but I hope it will be a good record of what I have been up to and the experiences I have here. I know I will miss Sheri and the kids over this time, and look forward to finishing up the project so I can return to them. All in good time through.



Thursday, 16 December 2010

Well I know we are slack and entering entries, but most of you are aware then we all returned to New Zealand in December and have settled back into life there.
We have decided that Chris will come back next year and work on the computerisation project for Christian Books Melanesia, but not as the General Manager. They role has been passed to Roger Redford. This will free Chris up to work on the project.

Thank you to all who supported us over the 3+ years we were in PNG. It has been an experience for us and one we will never forget. The Lord has been with us and we give him the honour of what we have been able to achieve in PNG.

God Bless

PNG Franklyns, Now flown back to NZ.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Location: Papua New Guinea

Just another quiet Sunday.

A quick update on the events happening in Wewak. This morning the police shot and killed a boy near the local club. Apparently it was not provoked and the person shot was not doing anything illegal. The police man was talking to some boys when he walked over to his police vehicle, removed a shotgun, and shot the boy at close range.
This happened early Sunday morning and after church we were out the back talking and we all could hear yelling going on. There were 2 quick gunshots and a police vehicle sped up the road we could see from the church. The youth had smashed up a police vehicle and the police fired the shot to scare the kids away.

The boy who was killed lived opposite the Seaside Flats where I have stayed before, and where a lot of visiting missionaries stay. Obviously there is a bit of tension in the air, as the youth may decide to pay back the police by attacking the police station that is just down the hill from us. We are pretty safe where we are (so don’t worry mums), but will take it cautiously for a few days.



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Hi Kiwi, yu stap wanpis a? Sori tru. Thanks for the incredible photos updates - very moving re Auwi. "The chariots and horsemen ..." 2 Kings 2:12. Take care and trust Chreos system goes well. ATL
Any update on the Windjammer fire? (Saturday Post Courier 22/5)
Response: Have a look now. IT was an impressive fire. Rebuilding has started too.
Time for a farewell blog? :)
From Judy Mackay
Hi Franklyn family. Just wondered when you are coming home and will be around Palmerston North?
Looking forward to seeing you again. Things are crazy here! We're going up to Laura's grad next week and bringing back Scott and Jess who are flying in from Sydney. Must go off to work. Every Blessing , Judy
Hello ol pikinini ... are you counting down now? How about a blog entry from E-M-M? Looking forward to seeing you soon :)
From Richard Print
So sorry to hear about Enos. When I was at Wewak in early March he seemed his usual self but maybe he wasn't. I always found him bright and cheerful and very helpful. It must be hard for his wife and little children. Our sympathies go to the family and all at C.B.M. Blessings
Response: Thank you Richard - we will pass this on. Warmest regards
Enos was a great friend -cheerful, musical, rejoicing in the Lord. One of his favourite songs was "How deep the Father's love for us". Now he is safe in the Father's house. Sincere condolences.
Response: Hi Andrew, Thanks for the message. Enos is being missed by everyone in CBM.
God bless
Are you surprised 3 years is almost up - told you it wouldn't take long! Fantastic to see God's hand of blessing and CBM progressing well. Key issue with the expansions will be "SUSTAINABILITY" down the track, especially in the more lawless / remote locations. Keep trusting and keep up the good work. Hope to see you all later in 2010 DV :)
Response: Thanks Andrew, yes three years gone! Wow. Regards
From Richard and Grace Pr
Thank you for your interesting update. We pray that the payback unease will settle down again quickly. It was good to hear of the great result for Sharon's sister. Our God still works in marvelous ways. We will be praying with you as you make your decision about the future. It will be good to have the book stock on the computer system. I'm sure the auditors will be please. Andrew Linton was in P.N. last week. Take care.
Richard and Grace
Response: Thank you Richard & Grace. It's wonderful to hear from you. Chriss made it back safely from Tare with hopeful ideas and no gunshot wounds! He also went up there to settle on a brideprice for a wife for one of the Head Office staff! That was interesting!!!!! Warmest regards and blessings to you.
From Mark Wainwright
Thanks for the update. Wow, I'm surprised to hear that Fred has gotten married. Good for him and praise the Lord for Evelyn. I'll be praying that the Lord clearly directs your important decision regarding your future there in Wewak. Blessings to you all.
Response: Thanks Mark, it is sad to see Fred go, but it's a fresh start for him and the family. I hope your sleepless nights are getting less with your newbee!!! Warmest regards
From Judy Mackay
Hi Elizabeth. A big happy Birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a special one! We've been back about 3 weeks and are slowly settling in. It all takes time. We saw our children only briefly , so have planned trips to Auckland in 2 weeks and to Sydney in the school holidays. It is great to read your news and see your photos. Elizabeth, you made a lovely Mary! And congrats on your English prize!
Response: Thank you Judy - good to know you made it back safe and sound! Elizabeth: "I guess I will have a good birthday, and thank you for writing to me. Miss you!"
From John H
Hi to the Franklyns

I have been surfing down my FAVOURITES and hit on your blog. Great to read about the holidays and the trip to Wom etc., what a great place. The kids loved going there so did the rest of us. Red Eye, what a pain. It went through our school like wild fire and the family, except I did not get it. I can still see Edward holding his eye lids out and just living in a blackened room until it past. Hibiscus High School is to have a reunion in Septemeber, I am seriously thinking of coming over to Wewak for the occasion. Sonja Ramoi (was Barry) who has a guest house in Wewak is organising it. Sonja was at Hibiscus High school when we were there. Could be fun.

Must go, you all appear happy chappies, we trust and pray that it will keep going for 2010.

Blessings from the GCiM Office

Response: Thanks John. We will look forward to catching up (hopefully) in September.
God Bless, Chriss
Hi wantoks, thinking of you all and wishing you a cool Yule in wintry Wewak :) God's blessings for 2010, keep up the good work!
Response: Thank you Lintons - Hope you entry your Christmas BBQ (?) ! In "sunny" NZ !
From Ruth Thompson
Hi Chris & Sheri, Elizabeth, Matthew & Mychal,

We had our final Kingston St Missions Team metting for 2009 recently. Even though it revolved around a very yummy BBQ @ John & Helen's home, in sunny Palmerston North (ha, ha), there was also a focused time of prayer for you guys and our other K. St. Mission Partners. It was an excellent way to finish the year.

I will very much miss being part of the K St Mission Team in 2010, as God willing, we leave for C*, mid January.


Praying that you will have a very special Christmas Day, however you choose to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

With love,
Ruth & Robert
Response: Thank you Ruth, safe travelling to you both. Hope you too have a wonderful Christmas.
From Judy Mackay
Was just thinking of you all so thought to tell you our family's latest! Laura has just got engaged a few weeks ago! Her fiancee has just finished his physio degree. They hope to get married at the end of next year.
We have only 4 more weeks of school here. Unbelievable!
Trust you are all well,
Response: Thank you for your message Judy. Wonderful news about Laura, please give her our best :-) Warmest regards
From David Broome
Hi Chriss & Sherii,
Great to keep reading of updates and news. The time you put aside to keep your news current is valued by many, including Jannie and myself.
Tell me, Chriss, do you have holidays over the Christmas Season, or just the children and Sherii?
We are staying put as my parents celebrate Diamond Wedding Celebration - wow - that's 60years!! A long way to go for us all. Dave and Isobel celebrate the same end of December 2010.
We are considering some building upgrades - hopefully soon able to say, starting to build, but progress is steady even if slow.
For now, enjoying following up families from successful Light Party. Open doors so far - PTL.
Thanks for keeping in touch. Blessings - Jannie and David.
Response: Thank you David and Jannie - Chriss doesn't really take time off over Christmas, except the stat days, as there's not really anywhere for us to go, and he's too tempted near work anyway!!!! Wonderful news re the Light Party - keep up the God work ! Warmest regards ...
From Myk Habets
Awesome to have Mario and Michelle visit. I hope it works out for them in PNG! God bless.
Response: Thanks Myk - we will see where the Lord leads this :-) Hope Liam's 1st birthday went well!!!!! Love
From Myk Habets
Good to read you guys are still doing well. Thanks for the photos and info you put up to keep us all up to date! Your kids are growing up fast too. We are doing fine and keeping out of trouble, my sabatical goes well and I am working from home most days so the family and I are having fun. Look forward to catching up one day when we can. God bless, Myk, Odele, Sydney, and Liam.
Response: Hi Myk, thanks for your message. Often think of you guys and how you all are getting on. Your kids must be growing like weeds too! Hope plans for Liam's first birthday go well at the end of the month! Love to you all ...
From Judy Mackay
Hi guys. I put a message on earlier but don't think it reached you. So sorry if it did and I duplicate news. It was good to catch up with yours!
We are Ok except graeme has just had a shoulder op and is off school for 4 weeks. Our borrowed TV has just died which kept him sane within the confines of our 3rd floor tiny box flat!
We've done lots of travel which seems a bit unreal at times: Scotland, Europe, Israel, Ireland, Wales etc. We go to Spain for half term in 3 weeks. I've continued to get plenty of work at St Giles Special School.
We leave the UK on the 3rd January, go to India, then home on the 25th. I'm looking forward to being back!
Laura turns 21 on the 6th October. We'll have a PNth party for her when we arrive back. She's having a potluck party in Auckland at her flat this weekend, so hope it goes OK for her.
Trust all is well with you.Hi Elizabeth!!
God richly bless you all!
Response: Hi Judy, wonderful to hear from you too. Hope Graeme recovers well. Your first message did reach us, but our internet at home is down again, so have to do everything from work - AAAGGGGHHH. Anyway, we're all well and kids love being back at school after their break. Love to you both and say hi to Laura for us when you next talk to her. Warmest regards
From Ruth Thompson
Hi Chris & Sheri,

Great to keep up to date with your news on this blog. The beach clean-up sounded like a lot of fun!?

We had another awesome Kingston St Missions Committee Meeting last Thursday evening (Sept. 17th). We rejoiced in what God is doing through you guys in PNG, and spent time in prayer for you all, as always.

Its not long now, until the annual Kingston St Missions Sunday...October 11th. It will be good to have Teri & Joel Lauder, and John & Fiona McIvor back in NZ to participate in that, amongst others.

Praying that you will REMAIN IN HIM (John 15:5)

With love,
Response: Thank you Ruth for your continued thoughts and prayers. Warmest regards
Congratulations on 2 years at CBM ... fantastic. Keep up the good work! Good to see you all in July to share Myra's farewell - thanks again.
Response: Thanks Linton Family.
From Margaret & Lyn Gisbo
Great to hear news of good old Wewak.Sad to read of the robberies and armed at that.
Great group cleaning up the beach. Did you find any real
treasure like shells, say a
"Golden Cowrie"?
.We have a huge collection of shells from Wewak.Romans 8.38,39.God bless.
Response: No treasures, unfortunately, just LOTS of rubbish! On a positive note, we have now seen other crews out there doing the clean-ups too, which is always good! Warmest regards and blessings ...
From shobha Linton
Made it at last.
Love to you all.
Response: Thank you Shobha - hope you and Alan are feeling better now - blessings to you both
From Beck - your slack, f
Hello my beautiful family.

A big thank you from us back here for your wonderful gift and phone calls with the arrival of our new little poppet - Bella Elizabeth Shayna Metcalfe.

I can't believe how much your beautiful babes have grown - Slow Down!!

We're all good back here, Bella is now 7 weeks old and growing like a mushroom - fast and furious. I don't know where the time has gone.

We'll be seeing Stew and the kids at the end of the month which we're all really looking forward to, as he travels on his way down south to do some work.

Miss you all lots and hope this finds you all safe, happy and well. Love to all.

Becks and fam xox
Response: My beautiful little sister - wonderful to hear from you and to know that she's doing well. Love to you too.
From Myk Habets
Hi guys, trust you are all well. All teh family are good and growing well, Sydney sings and dances and Liam giggles and explores. Great stuff. Work continues to go well. Love Myk and Odele
Response: Hi Myk - thanks for the contact - hope the book launch goes well. Sorry we can't make it! Please accept our apologies! Lol