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Welcome to will and brons Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 09 July 2006

Location: Australia


sorry we haven't written a message for a bit but we've been having too much fun! our news is that we have finally made it back to Aus... much to the surprise of family and friends.
after barbados we headed to mexico for a few days, we loved it so much, we were lucky enough to get to see the ancient pyramid region of mexico called teotihuacan. the people there were amazing and the views were stunning. we went to a cactus plant farm and were shown all the interesting uses for the plant, including for paper, soap, thread, tequilla and dye. after sampling the home-made tequila and pulling the silly faces that come with sipping the toxic stuff we headed out for dinner... tacos, burritos and all that... arrribaaaa!!!
we had a brief stop in LA, bron fully expected we would meet many celebs... no such luck. we did have the greasiest, most unhealthy diner-meal of our lives though...yum!!! we spent our day at manhatten beach looking at the cool 'baywatch style' lifeguard!
our final stop was fiji, we just had to come home with a tan!!! it was a really relaxing week spent mostly in hammocks on the beach sipping cava. wil got to do some surfing on the outer-reefs of tavarua. we made some life-long friends there and now have second homes in every corner of the globe.
well kids, thanks so much for checking on our travels, hope you have enjoyed sharing the journey with us. we have truly had the best time of our lives, we couldn't be more in love than we are, the trip has brought us even closer. we are happy to be home and cant wait to catch up with all our friends.
thanks again travel safe
love wil&bron

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: Barbados

hey there everyone,
well we have been relaxing in beautiful Barbados now for 2 weeks and are loving every minute of it!! this small island is definitely the tropical paradise everyone says it is!! we are staying in a lovely studio apartment near a gorgeous white sand, turquoise water beach. we've rented a car as well for the month which is just perfect for travelling to all the different beaches all over the island and especially handy when discovering our own little hidden paradises and secert surf spots. Wil is out surfing every single day and he is in his absolute element, the waves are getting bigger now so hes jsut loving it! Brony has also rented a board and with Wil's tuition has been hitting the waves as well! most of the time she is doing what she does best. sun tanning and reading girlie magazines hahaha!!

in the next few days we plan to visit the island's 'Malibu factory' as well as doing a little more sightseeing!!

we will write another message soon and give you the latest!!
make sure to take a look at our new photo entries aswell!

take care everybody and hope to hear from you soon!
love Wil and Brony xo

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: Barbados

hello everybody!
we hope you are all well and happy, we sure are!! hehe!
we know its been a while since our last message but things got pretty busy for us during our last couple of weeks in england. we were trying to see as many family and friends as we could in that time, its been really great. we headed to bristol for a weekend with our friends rich and rach, it turned into a crazy night of drunken poker and dancing around like idiots. one of wil's old mates nick turned up which was also really nice. we also headed down to the cornish coastline for a few days with nick and penny, we all treated ourselves to the nicest food and way too much wine!!! wil and nick also tried to surf one day in the coldest crapiest surf ever!!! wil was reminded why he made the decision to move to australia!hehe!
the final few days were spent with family, wils dad and judith are now engaged to be married so there was much to celebrate, with the help of some moet and chandon. we spent lots of time with tom, leigh and isaac just chilling at there place which was cool as well as going for nice dinners out with the family. wils mum gill and brother james drove us to the airport and after a very teary fairwell we boarded our plane for the next step in our journey.
we are now in barbados in the caribbean after arriving two days ago. we have absolutely fell in love with the island. it has the friendliest locals and the most relaxing atmosphere. the water is the clearest we've ever seen and the surf is good to keep wil happy!
we have hired a car for a week so we can explore the island fully, we'll put some photos up soon to make you all jealous.haha!

we best be off the malibu is calling us!

love to everyone
p.s. congratulations dad and judith
pps. happy wedding anniversary tim and caz

Tuesday, 02 May 2006

Location: prague, Czech Republic

hello peoples!!!!! our final week in europe has been sooooooooooo good! we had an absolutely amazing train journey through corinthia and the austrian alps. we meandered our way through snow covered mountains passing quaint little villages and towns all the way to vienna.

we arrived a little later than expected and the hostel that we were booked in for locked us out. we ended up staying in a cool little cheap hotel just down the road which turned out to be loads better anyway (free internet and satelite tv) about landing on your feet!!!! we only had a couple of days in vienna, it was a cool place to just wander around and take it all in. we visited the vienna palace one day which was really impressive and had its own zoo!!! the local cuisine is strudel and schnitzel, so we got stuck in!

we then headed to prague with no accomodation booked and no clue of what to expect! we were approached at the train station when we arrived, by a cute old lady who spoke very little english (veeery funny) offering us a place to stay at her and her husbands house for cheap. the location turned out to be perfect! a short metro ride away from the most beautiful parts of prague.
prague has turned out to be one of our highlights... its just so beautiful!! there are so many different styles of architecture here like gothic, art noveau, baroque and renaissance all combining to have the most amazing effect. walking through the lamp-lit cobbled streets at night time made it feel like a fairytale.
the food and beer here is really wonderful and not expensive, we had traditional czech cuisine on our last night (pig knee and dumplings) celebrating the end of our europe travels. our meal was followed by some blues music down in the basement of a smokey bar drinking half litre's of czech beer.

europe overall has been fantastic, it has proved to be better than we could have imagined. we are really ready for some sun now though! he he!

we are off back to the uk tonight to stay with relo's again for a bit and then we are going to mexico and the caribbean to find that sunshine!!!!

we love you all to bits miss you wil&bron

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Location: Italy

hey hey everyone!
we thought we would write about all of our Italy experiences in one message, so here's a little bit about rome, florence and venice.

after a cramped overnight train trip from Paris, we arrived in Rome with the intent to take things very easy. we knew we had a week or so in rome to see everything so we booked to stay in a place called Prima Porta, on the outskirts of rome in the countryside! we tried not to overload ourselves with sightseeing so we decided to just do a few things day by day! the weather happened to be amazing the entire time we were there which made our visit even more pleasant. we visited the vatican city over a couple of days including the museum, the sistine chapel and the basillica (where the pope speaks from). there is just so much to see! the history of rome is really facinating and we really enjoyed learning more about all the famous landmarks. its bizarre how rome is so industrial and yet has the most beatiful historical buildings scattered through it. we visited the colosseum both by day and by night, it is just breathtaking how huge it is and how well its lasted. you can really imagine what it would have been like back in the day. we stayed at the campsite long enough to make some really great friends, we were sad to leave but were treated to some tuscan family wine from the owner before our departure.

we travelled by train through tuscany up to florence, the train trips are so beautiful over the italian countryside. we arrived to find our campsite 'camping michealangelo' which we were amazed to find had the most wonderful panoramic views of florence with the back drop of the tuscan penines. we found florence a great place to just wander round the old cobbled streets, we walked over the famous 'ponte vecchio' bridge which has goldsmiths lining either side of it... bron was on a strictly look but dont buy policy!hehe! we also queued for about two hours one afternoon so we could see the original of michealangelo's David, which we have to say was well worth the wait!

after passing over land through bologna we arrived in venice, we stayed at the twin campsite to the one in rome so we kinda new it was going to be good. we were so amazed by venice, we spent our first day just walking around getting lost in the maze of cobbled streets and cannals. going to venice you feel like you´ve gone back in time, its a completely unique city from anywhere else. we found the place to be so romantic, our evenings were spent in candle-lite restaurants by the cannals sipping wine and watching the gondolers pass by. one night we went to a small, hidden church to watch a venician concerto, playing mozart and vivaldi.

overall our time in italy has been the highlight of our europe trip so far. the people here are so helpful and friendly (unlike the french!) and the culture and history of the place is breath-taking. one of the best things about italy iis the food, wil is in heaven with the pizza´s and bron with the gelato (ice cream). the great thing is, it is completely socially acceptable to have them breakfast, lunch or dinner so consequently we are big fatties! he he!

our next message will be after austria and prague the last two stops for europe before heading back to the uk.

we love you all and miss you lots love wil&bron

p.s.our new photo pages are taken with our flashy new camera and are good so make sure you check them out!

pps. happy birthday james, enjoy thailand!!!!!

Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Location: Europe

Hey Everyone!
Wow, we have been so so busy since we last left a message, jetting off here, there and everywhere!

We flew out from Bournemouth airport, with Rich and Rach, after spending a couple of days in Bournemouth to visit one of Wil's great mates, Sharky, it was really nice to catch up!

We arrived in Amsterdam in the evening after a short flight and a terrible landing! Flying over the city at that time was incredible!
We caught a train from the airport to the heart of the red light district! it was amazing arriving at that time, the streets were alive with people, busy restaurants an coffeeshops. We set out looking for a place to stay but most the places we tried were fully booked. We finally found 'Bob's Youth Hostel' which was a really dodgy 12bunk dormatory with the steepest, longest staircase we'd ever seen! It was great to finally arrive and after a long awaited meal we hit the Amsterdam nightlife!

on the second day we celebrated rach's birthday. we spent the day shopping, experiencing the local cuisine and then topping a great day off with an evening at a really cool live jazz cafe, until the early hours of the morning.

Over the next few days we really tried to experience Amsterdam to the fullest. We visited the Van Gogh Museum where most of his work is, however we were more impressed with the 'Anne Frank House' which was nearby. Amsterdam has a lot to offer with its beautiful cannals and streets with barely a car in sight, literally everyone travels around by bicycle or tram.

the day that rich and rach flew back to england we caught a train three hours south to brussells in belgium. bron was getting really excited at the thought of all the chocolate. she wasn't disappointed... there was chocolate shops absolutely everywhere down every street! we bought way to much and felt very guilty as we polished off the lot lying in bed at night. we both found brussells to be absolutey stunning, the streets are old and cobbled and the place buzzes with atmosphere.

a couple of days later we caught a train an hour south to paris and have spent the last few days sight seeing. we visited the eiffel tower on our first evening and enjoyed some pretty special french cuisine in a nearby restaurant. the following day we spent entirely in the louvre... its absolutely massive and after a full days visit we barely covered a third of it! the architecture of the louvre is just as beautiful as some of the artwork inside, its truly impressive.

today we are catching a night train to rome so we'll be in italy as of tomorrow morning for at least a week. we both cant wait and cant believe the amount we are experiencing together each day!

love to you all! missing you lots w&b

p.s you'll notice the amsterdam photos are missing, they are all on richs camera so we'll post them when we get them.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Location: UK

Hey Hey
hope you're all well and happy!
We have been having an absolutely awesome time in the UK! Las week we headed off to Dublin for a couple of days. We thought it would be nice for Wil to see where Brony grew up and to meet some of her old friends! we stayed at a girlfriend, Amy's house, and really felt at home with her very hospitable mum and family. We headed off to the Guinness factory for a day, learnt the history and making techniques ending the day with a rather large sample... bron's dad must be proud! Later that evening we headed out for a lovely meal at one of bron's favourite restaurants, Milanos, with a couple of mates.. a great way to round off the short trip!

After arriving back in England we spent the weekend catching up with wil's friends in Tavistock. Bron loved the opportunity to meet everyone and we all had lots of fun together.

Sunday was mothers day in England and so the Broadbridge boys cooked a three course roast for their mum, Gill. it was a really great day, lots to drink and lots of laughing!

Today we are heading off to Amsterdam from Bournemouth on a flight that is costing us a penny each! This special offer is so tempting that Wil's friend Rich and his girlfriend Rachel are joining us in Amsterdam for a couple of days too.

We'll pop some photos on the site soon and keep you posted
have fun and take care
love w&b

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Location: Devon, UK

good day fine fellows! (english accent)

Well we safely arrived in England! When we got off the plane at Heathrow the 30 degree drop in temperature was a bit of a shock!! Our shorts and t-shirts were replaced by jackets, gloves, scalfs and beanies verrry quickly! We were welcomed by Wil's dad and his girlfriend, holding a huge banner with 'WILL AND BRON' written across it... very embarassing! The first weekend we stayed up in London at Howard and Louise's house (Wil's relatives) and were appreciative of the good food and the cosy bed. After visiting the famous Tate Art Gallery in London for the day, we went out to dinner for the Broadbridge family reunion. It was a great chance for Bron to meet everyone and see where Wil gets his sense of humour... just as crazy as Bron's family haha! We then travelled from London down to Devon (where Wil grew up) and met up with his Mum, his oldest brother- James, his middle brother- Tom, Tom's girlfriend- Leigh and their new baby boy- Isaac. It was Wil's first time meeting his new nephew Isaac, which WIl had been looking forward to so much. They didn't stop playing with each other all night!

We are staying on and off for the next few weeks in a beautiful English cottage in the heart of the devonshire countryside with Wil's dad and girlfriend. Bron thinks it is the most wonderful home with low ceilings, exposed stone walls and an open fire with a really English atmosphere! This afternoon, we are going with Wil's brother Tom, whose a farrier, to shoe horses across the neighbouring farm lands. wil's mum Gill and bron are planing a girly shopping trip to the nearest city plymouth and also spending the next few days relaxing catching up and getting to know eachother.

Its always been very important to Bron to meet Wil's family and complete the final piece of the puzzle which has been the greatest feeling as she can now see where Wil gets most of his qualities. Although it has only been a few days, Bron already feels like she has become part of the family.

we are on the computer now booking our next adventure to Ireland and wales, so we'll let you know how all that stuff goes.

loads of love

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From Chrissy
I have way to much jewlerry on me at the moment.

white rabbit, black cat, technocoloured pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: you are a crazy kid!!!
hey guys. sounds like your having a gnarly time over there. when do u get back to aus.
Response: we are home clinty, see ya real soon!!!!
From mikey boy
hey guys hows it all doing, heard ur in Fiji now, hows it all popping
good shots with the surfing i gotta say, looking like uve improved alot mate good stuff

wat else has been hapenning, where u going after Fiji, u gong to Cloudbreak again,
yeh man im stil in Chile in Iquique, pretty famou surf spot in chile, its not that crashhot though some good waves, mainly crazy heavy pointbreaks that run for a bit

heading to Arica tomoz, last spot in Chile before i get into Peru so pretty excited
rightio peeps good to see the shots and see how its all going

cant wait to get back and have a sess out in Sydney waters
Response: hey Mikey!! wow sounds absolutely amazing... cant wait to swop photos and lear all about the places you stayed at!! we are now home which is so exciting... we surprised everyone coming home 2weeks early!! :) we just caught up with Lee and his gf Soph last night, so great to see them!!
when do you get home??
love Wil and Brony
From mummy
lovely pics of you both. impressed with your surfing will. improvement on the harlyn days. hope you`re still having fun. looking forward to more pics from mexico and fiji. lots and lots and lots andlots of love.
Response: hey mummzy, we are having a great time on beachcomber island in fiji... its paradise... today we might kyack over to treasure island and feed some turtles hehe. miss you lots n lots and love you heaps too
Wil and Brony
From Rob & Can
Hi guys
Glad to hear you are having the time of your lives! The photos look amazing, what i wouldnt give to be surfing without a wetsuit again!!!
Anyway, keep on trucking mate, love to you both - Rob & Can
Response: hey matey, hows it all going? we are at beachcomber island in fiji at the mo. hasn't changed much since w e were here mate, all those years ago! bron is loving it, she says to give the baby a kiss from her. miss ya buddy, love to candice, take care w&b
Hi Guys!

Sounds like your having a great time! Are the rumours true? Are there really pirates in Barbados? Yar, Barbados! Sounds like a pirate lovin place! hmmm very random... Cant wait till you guys get back... We'll have thousands of beers and cheese crackers!!! haha
Take it easy!

Many warm regards, (<I've been in the office too long)

Response: philly, being the smelly pirate hooker that you are you'd love it! he he! thanks for the big email, love reading about everything and we cant wait to be back with you again soon too... miss you and love you
From Chingy aka Mr.Alba
Halloooo again, nah trav and drevo did a video for her speeches. They dressed up as Ez and did a 'day in the life' doco. Classic. Everyone there commented on it as the best 'speech' they'd ever been witness to. It was unbelievable. I cameo'd, but deserve no credit for the video.
I'm very much looking forward to holidays, beginning monday. Keep living it up, xox Jessica's husband-to-be
Response: hey Mr Alba, wow that sounds awesome, ill be happy as long as i get to see the video they did!! :) hope your enjoying those holidays!! i think i need a holiday, im pretty stressed out as hot fiji island life is hard work! hehehehe!
miss you lots and see u soon
love Brony and Wil
From Chingy
Hey Wil & Bronster!
Weirdest thing ever. I was thinking about you guys last night and I had heard you had a travel page. Searched for you guys on Google and couldn't find anything. Wake up to an email this morning telling me all about it! Whack huh?
Tonight I think I 'll search for Jessica Alba and hope she turns up at my door tomrw morning...
Love you guys,
p.s. About ten thousand Jealouses of all that you've been doing.
Response: hey chingy wingy!!! its so great to hear from you!!!! hahaha.. dont talk to me about jessica alba (Wil's her biggest fan and she's my worst enemy) hehehe! hope your looking forward to uni hols, we will be back soon so cant wait to catch up and hear about all the silly things you've been up to.. also, did you speak at ez's 21st coz i heard the speaches were the best!
love ya lots Brony and Wil
From Tom & Leigh
Hello you guys
Just caught up with your travel page.
Photos are fantastic and you both look so good. glad its everything you imagined.
Would love to hear from you soon.
Love Tom, Leigh and Ickle Isaac xxxx
Response: hellooo darlings, thanks guys we feel pretty good, its nice to be in the sun again. i heard you guys are getting some hot weather, i bet its not quite 35 degrees though! he he! we miss you so much, we are in mexico now and its kinda difficult to call so we´ll get in touch as soon as we can. big hugs and kisses from us both to you all. keep safe. love wil and bron
From Chrissy
f--k man, your making me miss the surf more and more and more and more!

Just got down from the top of Africa. 5895metres. im buggered. SOOOOOOOOO GOOD
Response: brother man, yeah im pretty pleased with the pics, brons a great photographer! we are on the ´feature photo´ on planetrangers home site so it must be alright!haha! jesus mate,5895metres, you must be mad, i think ill stick to relaxing on the beach! love you matey. wil and bron
From leeroy

its been a while. f--k, looks good hey. surfing it up in the caribian. I went out point this morning and was pritty epic itself. keep at it with bron. Tell her i know she will get there!!! stay safe kids and keep in contact.

LG, ps. sophia is as a star surfer already ;)
Response: hey bruv, yeah its been pretty fun, wish you could be hitting it with me too! bron is going alright, she gets a bit scared though, but nothing we cant fix. she´s jealous of sophia, she seems like a natural!he he! miss you so much mate. wil&bron
Go the Socceroos!
Beck's no chance, Kewell has.
$50 Aus to win.
Guess who?
Response: thanks tim, in your dreams buddy. its been 32 years since you've been in the world me sceptical but id say your chances are slim!!! we shall see! from wil
From bex
hey guys,
wow - last time I looked on here (ages ago now) you were just in Thailand...what an awesome trip your having..I'm sooo envious...the photos are soo nice to see, but it makes me miss you both heaps more!! haha...anyway, keep on having fun, surfing and dining...and making us all jealous!! hahaha... love you both lots..miss you more! bex xoxox
Response: hey there sweetness,
its so great to hear from you!!! yeah we have definitely hopped from one country to the next, and absolutely loving it too!!! we have seen so much and still so much to see!! we miss you very much too and it wont be long till we are home, it looks like its going to be mid july!! :)
take care gorg!
love wil&bron xoxo..
From Chrissy
Dude, im probably hitting england for a quick and nasty week and want to try and hit the waves. 1. DO YOU HAVE A BOARD AND WETSUIT AT HOME FOR ME
peace bro, making me jelous with surf photos
Response: of course you can stay with my olds dude. no worries, they'd love to meet you. sadly no boards back home but i'll let you know where to go and maybe one of my mates will hook you up! ill write you a long message nearer the time. lots of love matey wil&bron
From Tiff
Hi Guys,
First of all thanks Bron for the photos - and thanks to your mum for dropping them into work. Also just thought I should let you guys know I will be heading back to Melbourne for good in about 6 weeks! I have finially quit the pub! Told you Will I wouldnt be here forever. Anyway Im sure I will see you guys again, I plan to still make visits to Sydney and you can always visit me in Melbourne. It will be very sad to go, but I think its about time.
Love Tiff
Response: tiffy, first of all congratulations!!! i bet its a great feeling to finally break away. whats happening with todd is he keen for melbourne? we will miss you so much, dont think for a minute that you've escaped us though he he! we are friends for life, we'll come and visit the first chance we get. good luck sweety
take care wil&bron
From Chrissy boy
A bit of somthing to remind you of home!

I miss the 3am starts.
Passing the drunks and degenerates to pick up the final passanger.
The open sky, the stars on the highway.
McDonalds stops at sunrise; coffe, muffins, apple pies in the car.
The music and the laughter, the stupid and the serious.

I miss almost dozzing at the wheel, and being watched over by caring eyes,
keeping me safe and awake.
Sleeping in the back, being drawn on by imature mates.

I miss that final moment before the destination.
The first look at the crystal ocean,
the lines running down the point like steam trains.
Warm water cleansing sleepy eyes, sore arms after to much indulgents.

I miss crescent trips with the boys,
the journey and the destination.
Response: chrissy!, aahhhh you sais it dude we have it pretty nice back home dont we! wont be long before we'll all be hitting it like that again. i cant wait man. should be one of the first things we do when we are all around. i miss you matey and so does bron. keep safe wil&bron
From mikey boy
hello team, gotta say those photos of Barbados lok super, could only imagine places like that.
good to know all is fantazmo
im in Chile trying to surf but its the opposite here , silly cold, alot of rain and wind, heading north into the desert area in a couple of days, for some warmer water and sunny weather

love u kids and missing ya, stay safe, and i hope u didnt forget me at the Malibu store haha

righto ciou mi amigos
love Mikey boy
Response: mikey!!!!! hello mate, yeah barbados has been so awesome, the surf just keeps getting better and better. ill put some surfing pictures up soon so you can have a peek. i love the sound of what you're up to aswell dude...very different to me though. i miss you mate. be well wil&bron
From Mummzy
Hi Guys!
Wil your family look so nice, must have been sad to say goodbye.
Hope the next leg of your adventure is living up to all you expected it to be. You are both visiting some beautiful places, and now with warm temperatures again, steel bands and Mai Tai's what more could you ask for.
Keep safe and remember it's only money...(private joke!)
Love u both X
Response: hey there lovely mummzy and daddzy!!!
you are definitely right in saying we are visiting some beautiful places... Barbados is magical!! we have put a few photos up so definitely take a look!! :) youll be jealous hehe! we're off to the malibu factory soon which could end badly hahaha!! love you guys very much and we miss you loads!!!!
love w&b
From mikey boy
gday folk, well ive just discovered ur webpage, even though it was sitting in my inbox for a while, u know these things take time ha

sounds like u guys are having a super time, and its all been unreal, yeah its good to read bout it all, missing u crazy kids good to know ur still kicking it and happy.

I in this little place o nthe borfer of Argentina and Chile right in the Andes, took this walk today, somehow got diverted and ende up walking halfway around this mountain thick with snow, following a dogs trail i dunno, i always wnder how i do these things, but alls good now, bout to get some dinner cooked for me by these lovely peeps still cant cook haha
alright guys, ill hit this sight more often, hope u get some sick waves in Mexico dude, f--k how good will that be,im gonna hit Chile up for some waves, but its silly cold
Will three hot girls just walked into the hostel so gotta go
hope ull be catching some waves as well bron
love ya both
Response: hey little buddy!!! bron and i are in barbados right now, this place rocks!!!! there are waves all over the place and the water is super warm. its just heaven, i made a sick barrell yesterday, brony was cheering!!! miss you heaps buddy, go get those girls!!! he he! lots of love wil&bron
From Chirs the G
Chicklets, i have to say, sounds like your having a blast. You Guys, your making me want to find a cute little french backpackers to attach myself to and spend the rest of my life with curled up in a ball sipping expensive wine, naked on a king sized bed (opps, sorry to much info). haha. your so cute. Im in opressive Lusaka at the momet waiting for a bus that leaves tomora ava. Malawei, i cant wait to get there, herd increadible things

stay safe, be good
Response: hey matey, we are having an absolute blast! we are back with tha family now for a little bit, we are planing our trip to barbados at the moment...sick!!!! the waves are suppoesd to be awesome! enjoy your travels my friend. lots of love wil&bron
From Rob + Candice
Hi guys, sounds like your having a great time over there!
Give me a ring when youre back, were not in the pub yet but should be soon.
Anyway,looking forward to seeing you both soon. Rob + Candice
Response: hey rob and candice, we are back in tavy now i'll give you a ring soon and we'll meet up... we're here to the 20th. take care matey! wil&bron
From Charlie
Ciao ragazzi!
Glad to hear you's are having a good trip and dont forget about me, and Roma!
Thanx again for helping me move my stuff from the apartment to the campsite.Work is much easier now that I live up here.At least I can get an xtra hour sleep now!
Much love from your Italian/New York pal at Camping Tiber,
Response: hey there charlie, its so great to hear from you! how could we forget a guy who made our time in roma so special! say hi to johny, chris and the gang! take care matey and keep in touch!
lots of love, w&b
From Phil
Hey Guys! Wow you guys have been busy! You really are going everywhere. Bit jelous! Band stuff is going crazy! Our band is called Serenik. Decided on the name while getting ridiculously smashed at mona... we got kicked out! bastards haha... check out our website at It's got photos and you can listen to our music too! Anywho, hope to speak to ya soon. Hopefully I'll be home when ya call!

Miss ya guys!
Response: hey phil, cool to hear you're having such a fun time! i like the subtle plug of your band on our webpage very smooth! ha ha! we got some emails from everyone saying how much you went off at your gig, we wish we could have been there. book us in for front row seats when we get back, vip's!!! we miss you heaps, lots of love wil&bron
From Cazza
Life's good. Having a busy time, either entertaining or socializing. I'm sure you'll be doing much the same. Maybe not doing the entertaining but being entertained. Phil displayed his skills on stage over the weekend and managed to surprise us all. It was awesome, the guys were brilliant and a great success. Sorry you missed it, have photos to prove it all so check your hotmail address.
Are you now in Prague? Missing you so much. Tiff has been given the Xmas pics so hope they work out.
Enjoy what's left of Europe and stay safe.
Love u 2 bits and pieces. Mummzie X.O.
Response: hewo mum!
wow, we will check out the pickies now, and thanks for giving the pics to Tiffy! we miss you lots too, check out our new diary entry and photos!! today we are off to austria and then in a few days, prague... cant wait!!
love you lots, miss you tonnes, love w&b
From Leigh & Tom
Hi you Guys, Hope you are still having a fab time. Your Nephew misses you lots and cant wait to see you again. He stops crying when he sees Brons picture on our computer the little tyke. Love to you both. xx
Response: hey guys, thanks for the message. it sounds like isaac has a thing for the ladies like his uncle wil! he he! we miss you guys heaps too! we were just saying how nice it was when we came over that time, it would be nice to do something similar when we get back. Or maybe if you wanted to go out to dinner together, after isaac is asleep, we could babysit. anyways we'll talk about all that soon enough. until then take care of eachother, love you lots wil&bron