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Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: london still, UK

yo all u geezzers hope everyone is healthy
all very good here same old story been to busy to update between working 20 odd hrs a day going to gigs and sporting events,going to rockness and glastonbury and sunny myself in croatia life is tuff...but i push on

check the photos went to rockness for a mate kingys 30th with a group of friends, went to glastonbury last week .. best festival ever once you got past the rain (shouldnt winge only rained 1 day) the mud and having to walk around in bloody wellys got to see absolutly brilliant performances by amy winehouse,jayz,the hoods,mgmt,kings of leon,vampire weekend,subways, and manymore

spent a week doing nothing in croatia, which is definatley my favourite place in europe so far

been very busy at work here an seriously thinking about starting my own construction company as apposed to taking other peoples already quoted work at the moment basically have garanteed work so will let u know
righto got to run me an dick heading to the local boozer for a couple

Sunday, 02 March 2008

Location: UK

yo all yes been a while

well had mum and ray over to visit on november which was grt, they seemed to have grt fun which was good even though me an dick managed to miss our flight to stockholm to meet them.!

me jo and dick went to poland and slovakia for newyrs skiing and had a brilliant time, ire a car and cruised around, all the ski fields had floodlights and their was skiing till 10 at night which was very handy as there were no early mournings.

returned to london and had a month of work left to finish off the units i was working on in clapham, finished them and then the architec offered me a job as forman of the next project, but somehow (happened quite quickly) managedto buy a van and a shitload of tools and start up in london mainly doing loft conversions, which is massive business in london as it allows people to put an extra bedroom an bathroom in their place so they dont have to moove, is loads of work here for reliable people. at the moment i get my work off a company called lofty creations they find and quote the jobs then take a cut and hand it on to me which works quite well for he moment. have scott rodgers working with me plus we grab a polski labourere when we need it so all good for now. Have just finished my 1st one which was a real mission having never done a loft, we were lifting massive steel beams into a small hole we made in the roof with a crane holding up whole streets, very stressful, plus rain is your worst enemy for 1st few weeks till its water proof (in london of all places) but loft came up perfect in the end and am told i started on one of the hardest types so should be sweet.

righto got to run hope allis well , have a few trips orted for this yr
rockness festival in inverness in june
a week on the beach in croatia in july
glastonbury festival in july
denmark in august and well go from there will update accordingly
peace galvo

Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

yo all still alive here but only just..
in hostel with the boys waiting for a nightbus to munich tonight for okt fiest, pulled allnighter last night here in prague went to some massive club made a mess of ourselves after playing drinking games at the hostel .took over the joint.. dover pulled every dance move possib. but just couldnt seal the deal with this prague moisty and dave could barley hold his head up to whatch bens mooves (which is happening to him more then not)

had last few days in amsterdamn which we r still all a bit scattered from but heads will clear hopefully...
continued 3 days later
hey had to slip off for few days in paris now had few days at ok fiest in munich was awsome smashing down styne of bavarian beer eating full chickens (no sides) an running amoke stiring any german we could.
yes the boys may tell u i spewed but at least i didnt passout asleep like both of them did, dover was flat on the ground in a side alley an dave on a milk crate

well heading out now in paris been to louve and tower today, an we fly to marsielle in mourning for quarter oz vs england then back to paris for argys vs scotland sun night,an back to london monday for work again tue shit

just spoke to lukas payne got him a start with us at work so now it really is becoming the dubbo team
over galvo... will upload photos directly promise...

Monday, 10 September 2007

Location: london, UK

righto well true to my word have kept the updates frequent...not
well think i last updateed just before the calgary stampede, it was as youed expect a real red neck party where big is best had great time though
am now living in london, have a three bedroom unit, with dick in one room and a dude from mudgee in the other so keeping the central west dream alive...

have scored good job as carpenter, often have the keys and am the forman, (got dick a start a chippi to) not to far from home bout 8km so i ride to an from work, playing rugby for civil service in the london 1st league which is a high league an the competition is tough playing 5/8 and having grt time, team full of kiwis so all sweet a

have meet up with some mates made in south america doin lots of partying, going to c hoods in london in few weeks, caught up with the knightmare brothers in brighten other day, so been busey..

world cup just started and uk and europe has gone rugby made cant wait for this weekend as protractor an danger arrive tue an were headed for cardiff next weekend for oz vs wales and figi vs canada, also have trips booked for, amterdam, prague, germany (oktoberfest) france (world cup quarter finals) ibiza barcelana an more while the boys are here should be massive will keep u posted.. not.. mabey see how i go

righto got to head cheers all

Saturday, 07 July 2007

Location: Banff, Canada

hey hope all is well
have spent the last couple of months living and working in Summerland, British Columbia a small town just outside penticton

Lived in the basement of a very nice old ladies place, bought a push bike and rode to work each day working for a top bloke named ken doing a big reno in the hills above summerland surrrounded by vineyards and cherry and grape fields,

Really enjoyed my stay and would loved to have stayed and helped ken out for longer, learnt alot working for him plus will really miss the amount of time spent in his shed playing continous games ( kocanee, botchi, ping pong etc) with a beer fridge that was always full, but had to keep moving, as headed for the stampede in couple of days (should be a real red neck party).

Managed to get a few games of rugby in for the Pentiction Harliquins, top bunmch of blokes , we won 3 hames and lost one, had heaps of fun, its all about the after match celebrations for them.

Tried my hand at snow skiing also as arrived in canada just to catch the end of the season, think i made one pass without a stack out of about 20.. was my 1st time ever skiing literally started the day on the flat magic carpet, but by the end was hammering down the step hills (completely out of control though) had to use trees and shrubs to stop if i didnt stack had grt fun thought even considering could barely walk for 3 days

Canada reminds me so much of home its not funny (may have even started missing home bit) and the people are so nice, they go out of there way regularly to help you out wherever possible.. they love aussies

righto all promise to update again after the stampede
cheers galvo

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: LA, USA

still in La
have been working here for past few months renovating berns place, just about got most of it done, have done everything from bobcat wk to tiling bricklaying and much more. dick left a few weeks back for canada and em has been here helping with painting and building a retaining wall, has been grt to get some home cooked meals again (bern never misses dinner now)

Although have been working lots fitted in plenty of site seeing
went to universal studios, checked out an indi grand pre, spend today down at newport beach in orange county (ferraris everywhere) went to coachella music festival in the dessert, had good time bud dont worry to much didnt match an aussie festivals
Had a weekend in vagas which was crazy, place is really sin city... the strip is massive checked out all the big casinos (no winnings) and went to a circus cirla show, it was a beatles tribute. Even though the main strip is an awsome set up and really safe, as soon as u go a few blocks back it gets dodgy fast, guess u would expect that from a city build for gamblers, alcohs and drugys, had big weekend though...

heading to canada on wednesday have to be out as my visa is up on thursday looking forward to heading to alberta somewhere in the rocky mountains to find wk mabey have game of rugby to as their season started last wk
check yas later

Monday, 12 March 2007

Location: USA

hey there hope all is well

Have been in usa for bout a week now, spent few days in san deigo, recieving great hospitality from mary ann, and are now at uncle berns place in la, has a place up in the hills close to the water and overlooking la, have our run of the place here, hes even hooked us up with an suv to drive round in. Bout start doing some alterations to his house, plenty to see here so wont be hard to fill in the weekends between wk.

Spent 3 weeks in mexico before arriving here, food was grt, spent 2 weeks on beach in cancun swimming in the carribean sea water was fluro blue and beaitiful temp, awsome place for a holiday.

Have to say am happy to return to the western way of life that im used to (awsome to have fresh milk), but at the same time cant help feeling guilty for the amount of things we take for granted. i visited villages were the houses were mades of mud bricks and sticks basically for the roof(if any), electricity was scarce if existant and fresh water often a mission to find, yet the people never stopped smiling and very willing to do whatever they can to help you out. Dont try to tell them its flash houses, fast cars, plasma tv's and expansive food that makes you happy.

have to say loved the place.. keep safe all

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Location: Brazil

oi all hope all is well
thought id drop a line as its been a while, had memorable xmas and new yrs i think...
after new yrs spent 3 weeks in buenos aries, this place is awsome although really bernt a hole in my wallet
we managed to get the arse from milhouse (shithouse) hostel (and they call themselves a party place) but were welcomed with open arms by the clan- anything goes here grt place. drinking games every night.
lost and found and lost again my camera, but finally got new one and put some new photos on site.
Had a steak almost every day in ba they were massive and easily best ever tasted, went to a few night clubs but the best was easily opera bay an opera house replica were the roof opens and u dance under the stars and then the sun..

spent last wk on and island off the cost of brazil called ILHA DO MEL grt place night club in the forrest, beach every day.
Oz day was massive me and dick hit the piss very early (photos)
however late in the avo things went pear shaped to the point of no return was in bed on dark, very crook next day, even rumours i may have spewed.

well boarding a bus tonight to rio de janerio.. and the party starts, 16 days there on cococabana beach, it is a hard life
il get back to u shortly
chow galvo

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Location: Mar Del Plata, Argentina

oi all
been a while since updated.. have been busy, just thought id drop a line before xmas..
spent last wkend in santiago, had to go back there to get a flight to BA, was awsome though partied all wkend with 2 aussies and 2kiwis great time, then flew to ba had couple of days there, but wanted to get out of big city (is massive) cracked it down to Mar del plata a beach town bout 4hrs south, me and dick bought boogie boards and have been going surfing twice a day loving it.. have next 5 months on the beach... uraguy, brasil, costa rica, mexico, san fran sisco, going to be hard, not a holiday though dick cracks the shits every morning when i wakre him at 6 to go to the beach...
Guess today would be lnock off day for most people, xmas parties( drink plenty of the bosses piss), so have a great and safe xmas everyone and ill catch u in the new yr

rito got to split
peace galvo

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Location: la paz, Bolivia

ola all
has been a massive past wk, just kicking it for few days in la paz, this german dude tobi am travelling with has gone to desert till mon and emily is in jungle til tue so .. galvo time
Went on inka trek last week for 4 days had great fun, camping in tents and walking for bout 7 hrs a day up and down mountains finishing at matchu pittchu, there were 15 in our group from all over the world awsome people which made the trek, played cards and drank coca tea 1st 2 nights 3rd night u camp at a place were there is a sort of pub set up me and another aussie...william from mlb.. blitz the 3rd day which got us to the pub by 2, 3 hrs ahead, of everyone else
on the 4th day u have to get up 4 to make matchu pittchu by sun rise, me and will were 1st up, never made it to bed, u can imagine the state we were in for last 3hrs of trek to ruins, as u can imagine the city just wasnt what it probably should have been to me...
thought id sleep next night wrong, group decided to have night out when we got back to cusco.. next night was spent on bus to puno and next to la paz so just starting to find some needed zzz´´s
saturday avo now so guess ill head back to hostel and c whose keen to head out tonight, i like la paz cool spot massive city, biuld in a big canyon that was once sea.
might go to statium for futbal match tomorro, doing death road on tue with tobi on mountain bikes, then heading towards santa cruz to meet spargo..good times all

p.s probably wont get back to u´s bfore homebake so have an awsome time, pissed wont b there, just checked out timetable looks tops have gt day wont to hear stories

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: Peru

hey. hope all is well
had my last day vollenteering today, at the school
have been working as a vollenteer for last 3 weeks at a school in a small village bout 40 minutes from cusco up in the mountains.
A combi van takes a group of us up each morning.. i have stuck mainly to the construction side of building more classrooms and a fence around the school, but most of the other volenteers actually teach the kids classes... if u want u can check it out at, it is actually run by a girl from the central west... jane gavel and her south american bloke selvywho is a real dude, knows everyone in cusco and taken me to some crazy parties...
The work has actually been very hard (took me back to the concreteing days) lifting odoby bricks ( massive mud bricks which weigh 25kg) for the external fence and classroom walls and putting up trusses made from tree trunks, basically the whole project bare the roof tiles comes from the ground..
Anyway done my time there now, leave at 5 in the morning for a 4 day trek along an inka trail which finishes at matchu pittchu... jane also organises all tours etc, u should check getaway aparently in late jan as they have been here filming some of the tours..
Other then working have been partying very hard thur through to sun every wk which is not hard to do as cusco is the tourist capital of peru and goes all night every night.
heading to bolivia after inka trail via lake titicaca, which is higher in altitude again, never usually get hangovers but cant be avoided at this height
hope the mlb cup treated all well
hear the hoods put on a show at oz awards... f--ken aussie gold
bout all the shit i can think of to spin for now. peace
word galvo

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Location: Peru

hey all
put some more photos on for u lot, most r self explanetry so shouldnt have to write to much...
had a great time in lima, did a days wk at the hostel i was at big family run joint, me and the sons knocked over some concreting, then all the sons and daughters took us out.. big night.
The next day they took me to play in there futbol game which was great fun on a dirt field, they live for it and, some of them were top players
Then moved into a hostel in Miraflores- lima meet up with and aussie and couple of irish dudes, couple more big big nights.

Just got off a 22 hr bus trip to cusco (home of matchu pittchu) today, the trip was pure joy as u would imagine, going to try and sort out some treks and stuff tomorrow.
later galvo
p.s HAPPY 18 PROTRACTOR...dont through that faki out youll still need it for Canada...

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Location: Sandiago, Chile

Yo peoples
hope your well, have been cruising along quite well myself.
Am currently back in Sandiago at moment flew in here on monday and had to get out, its dirty the smog burns your throat and makes your eyes water at first, theres about 10 million people here and nothing really going on accept a little shananagans at the hostel its a downer city.
Caught a train then a bus and went out to san hosea de maple or some shit like that.. a town at the base of the andes, we climbed some massive mountain that was above the cloudes was good fun but have been so sore since was about a 17 km trek with a bit of rock climbing towards the top, a good pre season for matchu pitchu.
Flying out to lima in peru at 6 in morning, which should be more fun apparently up to 1000 tourists arrive a day in the high season which isnt far away.
Well off to hook into some more corona long necks- bout $2aus here- sweet
salud galvo

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From londo
good to see you are still enjoying yourself mate.
i see u have been working hard on the lofts its about time you had a go. you must be getting close to coming home now. thanks for the usd's eventhose there worth bugger all these days.

have fun

cheers londo
Response: good to hear from u mate ... comming home well c.. these loft things r going mad...
still wearing my hitec shirt with pride hade it on today.. funny ay
From Ray
Wow! Great photos Jason! Interesting that loft renos in London. I see now why you Aussies are so keen on your world tour tradition, What a cut up!
Cheers, bud.
Response: cheers ray hope your keeping well mate
From doreen gaunce
So glad to catch up on the news Jason. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time.Will send you a pic of the completed house in Summerland.When are you leaving for Australia?Keep in touch. Doreen
Response: no plans as yet mabey xmas am pritty busy here at the moment
yeh would be good to see how place came up bet its starting to warm up again there now which wouldbe nice!! is snowing in london at the moment
From ambrose
g'day galvo, just read your thing on canada. sounds like you're having a ball! dunno if you heard (probly didn't) but i have split with the missus and im back at home. i also stopped working for dorry and im with some blokes at delroy doing about 30 new houses :D it's great. i saw paynie this week and he said he'll be going over there to join you at some stage in the next month. stay away from that boy- he's nothing but trouble
anyway i just thought id say hello. take it easy mate and stay out of trouble
Response: good to hear from ya mate
hope your doing ok, good to hear have lots of work, chicks mate stay away from em
yeh your right payne is a grub... remember the smell of him that day doin that pergola out towards narrahole...
catch up for a beer down the track bro cheers
From Jane Berry
have fun in Banff, my old stomping ground - it is an awesome part of the world. If you get over to the East Coast (T.) check out - awesome party, u may b able to volunteer
Response: cheers jane am actually back in banff for 2nd time right now, 2 months ago skied on rockys, think ill go mountain bike the rockys today..
From Rup
Hey Dog, hope you used a good waterproofer on that bathroom... looks like you having fun bro keep it up say hi to em too.
Response: will to
yeh couldnt find anyone descent so i did it.. but dont worry remembered what u taught me..
out HeBeL
From dick
great new photos vegas looked like alot of fun Ive added more photos from calgary and all over alberta its still bloody cold up here
Response: yeh well il be up there shortly
From Bec
Hey brother dear
Another great read (it's been a while for me). Your email attempts have been unsuccessful, dunno why?
Life in Syd is good, keepin it as real as poss. Taken up Poker, doing pretty well. Next time Protractor & Danger are here I'm gonna show em how its done at the Star City (which is practically my back yard since my move).
R u ever gonna come home?
Say hi to M and Bern 4 me.
Response: will do, u must be winning the money i lost in vagas
From sheree
hey jas hows it all going. sounds like your really enjoying it. we are all good this way. Shakti is 6 months now trying to crawl. we are going back to dubbo for easter should be fun. how can i send you photos
Response: u can send them to y email adress., say hi to everyone at easter
From Danger Mouth
yer the mansion is good. got some shit hot new technology in there like wireless internet and satellite broadband - got a satellite dish as big as parkes telescope on roof, haha greg had a heart attack and a fit combined when he saw it and wants it removed haha.
When u comin home dog?
Response: not soon

go easy on the old boy u know how red he goes when fired up dont want it to turn blue
From Tomo
When are you coming home, I'm missing you.
Response: after u come visit me mabey...
From Dangerous
what up hebel, it seems i have officially lost my big day out virginity as of a couple of weeks ago. Its great - and i am gonna be a regular now. I got a new job as a soil tech. at Barnson, goin good but still recovering from the debt of the casinos from BDO week . Send us some more photos.
Take it easy bud - Danger
Response: will get some load on shortly big dog

rumour has it u did your life savings at star things in the elepant mansion
From Dangerous
Whats goin on Hebel,
Started a new job at Barnson as a soil tech. Goin great - give me your email add and i will send u some funny photos.
''Its the calling, its what i hear in my sleep. Its the shiver up my spine when i'm feeling the beat'' - Peace Out, Danger
Response: nice wk big up danger mouth
From Protractor
Been in melbourne``be home soon.. nice pics bud.. did ya see the pics from hebel..
From largie
whats up cuz hows it all goin? shore is quite around dubs without ya! Timmys goin great! send us an email talk soon, Largie.
Response: will do mate grt to finally here from u... keep ridding tim
Response: yeh soon mate lost camera, things very mesy been scattered for a month... 3 wk bender.. soon... soonish
From Muledog
Hey Galvo, think u should try a long board bro! Will take no time to pick it up!! Catch u in the new yr mate, have a good one! Barto
Response: nah mate sticking to the boogie... def. easier to cart in a bag may stay away from bali
From Wisey
Merry xmas bro. keep on showing them how its done in dubs.
Response: doing what i can bro... johnny boys dont back down
From Ben Galvin
oi bro f--k i cant believe i am sittin in an office in dubbo while u are over there...but keep updatein this site it helps pass the time when i am on here....oh and forgot to tell and danger got tickets to the BDO in the ballet so fukin Tool, Killers, Lilly Allen, My Chemical Romance watch out!!!!!
Response: yeh mate 1st of us galvins to go to uni to...real dads as proud as a dog with two d--ks...
awsome news bout bdo, dont let danger start drinking before lithgow
From Sykesie
Merry Xmas Poofter boy!
Response: back at u buddie, in your house by xmas nice, lookout time to sign up lad
From Simon London
how u going mate. it's great to see all ur photos, and it's good to see you give the blokes a rest....fuk'n princesses.....ha ha

well, i'm off to bed with me paddle pop, so take it easy and look after yourself, and trudy says, CONDOMS.....

MERRY X-MAS........

Response: cheers slim will keep in mind, hope family has grt xmas, were u spending it at that island hytec probably owns by now (probably same place u do its banking)
u received those usd yet bud... oh still havent posted em soon...soonish
Response: always striving for FERGALISHUS approval dog.. i told them they be safe with u, that tomo is a rat.. protractor and transformer sang your praises... think tomo had a fat u could swing a gate off just for being given the yellow gersy in the tarago...
From Chopper
Good to see you got a hair cut. I like the Germans.
Response: thanks mate... u finished sykes tiling yet, does he have any limbs left
From Pizz
Galvo you are a complete poof ! get a real f--k'n job, I need someone to do some renos on the pizz dome
good to hear from u pizz, back in training yet old man..

i hope its a nersury u want to put in... they say impodency creaps up as the hair creeps off
From vortex
Hey champ,
Good times over there hey, keep off that drink, is it chicha? Whats the climate like over there at the moment, Its really starting to heat up over in dubvegas.
Response: yeh the chicha is pritty dirty.. cold when your up and warm when your down.. u keep fighting the good fight my friend
.. thats better tex a message i can actually display cheers