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Welcome to Scouse Mouse's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of our work here in Kenya for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. when I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Location: Kenya

Our Last Day.....
We had a very emotional day and both Jo and I were moved to tears. We had spent hours buying all kinds for the school and some more uniforms. We bought sweets for all the school and give them out on the Friday morning...we did our cabbages and gave the staff loads of stuff they gave us a wish list of 28 things and we bout around 25 which was fantastic...this was in addition to the shoes uniforms pencil cases. They held a special assembly at 11am for us , just before we had gone round each class with buckets of sweets, which was almost a free for all and I think the teachers lessons all morning were totally disrupted. Chris held the assembly and thank Jo and I for everything we had done and then the kids sang songs to us, which was so fantastic but really emotional and I had to drop my sun glasses down so no one could see my tears. Chris then asked us to say some words, Jo could'nt speak (a miricle in its self ha ha) so I said the words and Chris translated at which point Jo burst into tears and I struggled to speak choking up...It was so unbelievable to have all the teachers and kids should infront of us and singing waving and smiling at us...I searched for all my favourite faces as this was likely to be the last time I saw them in person. It went on for about 20 mins. OH YEAH, prior to that I had the kids in footie kits and taking pics. My good friend Pam in the Lakes had sent me over a ManU kit with Ronaldo name and number on, it was brand new and only small so I was making sure one of my favourites who deserved it got to keep it...Martin got it and was so overjoyed with it and all the other kids were envious of him...even after I said it was only a ManU kit "what was all the fuss about"!! I got pictures of him in it which I will post on this site tomorrow when i'm home. The other kits were divide up and some got shorts and others got tops???? don't ask me why...but I got pics and you can see for yourself.
...anyway after assembly I went back intoi my class and hugged and shook hands with each kid they all kept saying THANK YOU Thank You...and I was really all choked up. Cha Mary thank me for all my help and told me that she had been very pleased having me in her class and all the children will miss me. I gave her a hug (not sure if this was PC) and all the kids giggled. I quickly left the class before I spilled over with too much emotion. We then said good bye to Fred (the Cook) Ken and Rogers...and Chris who thank me and everyone back home who had supported and donnated. He also said I was uncomparable I am such a special person...make of that what you will.
We left and walked home and put out bags in our waiting ride, the dissapointing thing was Alex & Patricia went out and never said goodbye....
In the afternoon Maggie Carolyn Jo and I drove to Hell's Gate and when cycling for 3 hours in some fantastic sceanery, we had a guide and it was hard work in the sun but fantastic...we camped overnight on a site and it was so funny because we had two 2 man tents on this lawn in front of some holiday cottages and there was only our tents..the fab four had a real good laugh all night we even went clubbing on site till 2am...another rare experience i can tell you.
This morning we went out on a boat on a small lake in Nairvasha and got reall close to Hippo's in the water and Giraffe's which was also amazing...then we head for Nairobi werte we are staying overnight before getting our flight home in the morning.
Thank you everyone for all that you have done and given we have seen the good it does and the thrills and happiness its given those kids, making their lives just that little bit better...I'm really proud of what we all did, us and You, and I thank Great Places for giving me so many unbelievable experiences that I will never have had the opportunity to have got in my lifetime if as a group we didn't have the Kenya Project....I sound cheesey and you have heard it before but....nothing can prepare you for what happens here and no matter how much you think you know you can't help but be blown away by almost everything here...its amazing, sad, frustrating, exhausting, exhilerating and unique..everyday was a new series of never before experiences...i have been humbled and privilaged to have meet all these amazing, unselfish life valuing kids...and heartbroken at the knowing they may never fulfill their potential or live to reach adulthood...but with our continued help we can make small difference to their lives and give them positive experiences they may never have expereinced otherwise....I can come home filled with tears but also happy that I and Jo made some good decision have left behind something worthwhile, longer lasting and give quality in a small amount to their lives while we have been here..and I say this not from a conceited point but from seeing those lovely little face light up at the smallest thing we were able to provide with your help and your donnations...I feel blesses..and I ain't religious.... thank you xx PS. keep looking over the next few day I have loads of pics and more stuff to tell you...see you all at home.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

We have a farm in Africa.....
Hello this maybe the last update in Kenya if we can get online over the weekend we will....
I went shopping with Meryl Streep will have to wait for the photo to fully understand....we bought more shoes as you know and today we had it going well but then the word got out and mayhem ensued. We have had kids shouting at us "cha shoes, dress jumper please" its been mental...we managed to kit out everyone we took measurements for and some pants were too big or dress...but overall did well..then others would slip in and we would be looking over all our notes checking double was made

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

The Day After That.........
We ended up staying at Maggie & Carolyn's hotel for dinner and a shower which was good as we talked and I didn't have to think about little Faith all the I am resigned to the fact their is very little I can do for her except ensure the school she loves going to has a place for her and they can improve their facilities with our help and give her a better quality of life while she there...I can also ensure all the volunteers that go there make her feel all be warned ha ha ha....
We went to Lake Nakuru "the girls" and I and saw the amazing pink Flamingo's and other was a really lovely morning which started at 5.45. This afternoon we had round two of shoe buying yesterday was such a laugh (retrospectively) we were pleased when we found our stalls from yesterday and they turned into our personal shoppers and got what we needed...and we just paid. We then went and got the uniform items which was a much easier process and dropped everything back at Maggie & Carolyn's hotel, they will bring everything up to the school tomorrow when they are picked up otherwise Jo and I would be like packed mules walking to school. We are coming to the end of our stay here and we still have to cram in more shopping for the school and things they a video for everyone back home...staff conference etc...and say our good bye's to the kids and the school which will be emotional. Saturday we are going to go to Hells Gate and somewhere as we make our way to Nairobi. We have to stay over night there and be at the airport for about 3/4am Sunday morning for our flight home. I will be expecting crisps clean sheets, long soak in a nice bath lots of glasses of decent wine (if any left) and either a takeaway or a decent cooked meal...MV there are your list for preparations for my take note.
I put some more pictures on here and hope to put on more tomorrow with the kits (what a saga)...and so others from today's journey around Lake Nakuru...I was nearly quids in when I almost sold Maggie Carolyn and Jo for twenty shillings each...buyer backed out at last moment of negotiations...damn! Maggie & Carolyn are at a meeting as we write this to discuss our involvement in long term projects that Great Places can support/build/finance to improve life here. We had some good discussions and Jo and I have given our input and opinions for discussion. Its been really good them coming out and we have enjoyed catching up on stuff back home..i.e GP getting back into the top 100 at 62 (i think) which is good news. Maggie also getting to see a side of me she would never have been able too back in England ...the lest said about that the better ha ha ha.... Hey a BIG UP for Karen Pugsley... thanks for all you've done I now you and the team must be mad busy but we appreciate all the extra stuff you have had to do for us with the money business etc..and we all thought it was going to be easier this time round! In case I don't get the chance tomorrow "Thank You" everyone who has read these blogs and all those who have messaged us...we really needed and loved to hear from is so not easy being away from home in this environment...and my MV missed ya loads thanks for the sacrifices you've made...xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Good The Bad & The Ugly.........
Today I cried but I'll get to that in a bit....The GOOD ....Maggie and Carolyn joined us at the school and they did most of the cabbage chopping...but you could tell it was their first day, Carrotts and cabbages were to think...but they did most of it. Jo and I didn't get into class our task in the morning was to measure feet and check who needed shoes and new uniforms. This took longer thwn expected and after break maggie and Carolyn joined us in doing this. We need 63 new pairs of shoes. These were where the shoes we so bad they had to be replaced. 15 other kids only had flip flops and therefore because these were ok we haven't got enough to replace these given 63 shoes and dresses, shirts, jumpers, shorts and full uniforms we have to purchase as well, this is going to come close to 900 pounds. Plus there are other stuff we need to buy for the teachers. Maggie and the directors are paying 120 water bill which is cool (no pun intended) All 4 of us went shopping for the shoes and took Chris the principle with us...what a laugh it was like an episode of the apprentice with Maggie and me on one team barganing and routing through shoes for 37 boys and Jo Carolyn and Chris on the next stall looking for 26 girls was mental because although we measured the feet we had to try convert this into shoes sizes but all the shoes had different sizes on them i.e euro sizes, american we had to measure the shoes and say ..right we need 11 pairs of those 3 of them...and so on. i was so hot and just mental. we managed to buy 20 boys and 26 girls, but the girls team sent out to differnt stalls, so Maggie and I reckon we did much better on our task....
I had to go back to the school and go see the football team and give them the kits and get some pixs which i have...the kits have been split in two, as the smaller ones we will give to the school tomorrow and I'll get some photo''s then. Howeever "Here come the Girls" I hope you noticed I went back....Jo went off to have a cool shower at Maggie's and Carolyn's I was invited to shower but i was running late so I had to go back to the school ...I went home to grab my stuff get my CD to print pics on here tonight and grab towel etc...I'm hot sweaty and gagging for a home and Jo got key to our room so couldn;t get to Maggie's Hotel and they had left!!!!!! I went to a cafe we frequent and there the 3 of them...The Girls...all cleaned up and looking glamourous and their's me the street urchin dusty sweaty and dry....still they let me walk 10 paces in front of them...cheeky! We had some lovely milk-shakes and aft this Im gonna et a shower at theirs...but pics will have to wait till tomorrow.
The BAD....Everything was going great today and we where setting off for town this afternoon to go buy shoes. I was walking with Maggie & Chris and he was asking who my favoirites were at school so after saying my stock answer "They all are" I told him who really are my favourites...We then got into a conversation about Faith and I was explaining about her abilitiews at school work and how her writing is better if she copies from her page than the balckboard....there is a secial needs school next to the Walk Church and he said they traid to get her in there but they said she wasn't bad enough...which I said great because she loves being at the Walk School...he the said well yes but you know she is sick...she is positive.....I was shocked and the tears just rolled down my face.I had my sun glasses on and so no one saw. Apart from her disabilities she's very healthy and happy...and yes I also know people with HIV can live a happy healthly normal life with the right treatments etc but this is Africa and we know those treatments and that level of healthcare is not available here..Its something I/we are very much aware of that there is a massive HIV issue in Africa and we have never asked if any of the kids were affected. Chris said there are a few at the school....I was just blown away that my little Faith is not only disabled but is HIV as is hard in Africa and so unfair...She is also the youngest person I have meet with HIV...I'm really heartbroken.

The UGLY...well thats me aint it??? I need a good shower.

Thank you for listening/reading......Mark xx

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From sakena
HI Mark just a line to let you know.sunday mum,shahnaz, nadia soraya will be at mine around 3 pm nadia is cooking dinner for mothers day. iknow you wont proberly land back in England till late but if you want to say hello i,m back to mum or anyone thats when you will catch them if not dont worry about it . travel safe and i will see you when you get back , love to your children sakena
Response: Hello, yeah I don't land till 6.45 at night so be about 7-30 or so by time i get through customs etc...but have a lovely day and see you xxxxxx
From wifey
hi Mark, back from my jaunt but no where near sober, will do that tomorrow for work!!!. gob smacked about Faith, no wonder you were in tears. If only we could work miracles. I hope just by being there you have made her life a little more intresting and exciting. Glad to hear you are feeling better, not before time too. I do hope you get time to relax and enjoy and unwind when you get home, and even come for a bit of r&r with mv in the lakes. Photos are great but where is the man u strip and who got it!!!!. Hope you get this in time before you come home if not will hope you took a photo to show me. Portugal was good, very windy but sunny, not long enough but nice break all the same. Think we were youngest in hotel but had a laugh anyway. Time to get the free gin out of system now!!. Couldnt face drinking the vodka as it was called Jerkoff vodka!!!!. Anyway Mark, have a great few days and a safe journey back to your warm bath and mv. Speak soon, love ya loads and you gone to top of my list as friends to be proud of. Kisses all round for the kids and this is not the end. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey wife...Martin got the kit and I have photo's which I'll load up Nairobi at present in some dodgey internet cafe..we fly out in the morning and will be home for about 8pm tomorrow night. Glad you had a good break and will see you/speak to you very soon xx
From laura
that other message is from me incase you didnt guess, silly me!x
Response: somehow I guesses because this one showed first...
well i was looking for any old excuse for a night out...i will make arrangements on your return! we can have story time with mark!
not many sleeps left now til i see your mush ha bet you cant wait!! see yaaaaa xxxxxxx
Response: bet you can't wait ha ha ha..and what a lovely mush I've got xx
From violet
Hi Mark
Glad to hear everyone is well .
It is sad about little Faith and the others especially when it could be treated. It is terribly upsetting even when you don't know the people affected personally but it really hits home when it affects someone you know and care about.
I feel ashamed about the number of pair of shoes I have when I read that you need another 63 pairs!
The pics are great keep posting them.
It won't be long until you are home so have a safe journey back.
We are moving into our new office on Monday so you will have a nice new space and desk when you return.
Take care and tell the glam 3 I was asking for them
Response: Hi Violet...Thank you for your words and understanding. The shoes was a task and a half to size buy and give out we have to buy another 4 pairs so funny/mad buying that many. I will pass on your best wishes to "The girls"...see you Tuesday in Oldham. Tell Elaine I send my best and I hope everything is going really well...xx
From John (without the 'o
Me ma didn't, it was me Dad that wanted john. Call me either. I'll look forward to seeing you when you get home. x

Response: ha ha ha and so it came to pass that he should be call John...x
From Laura
Geez, im bet your so glad i didnt message you at the start of your travels, think of all the messages you would have (what with my one a day pledge)
anyway just wanted to say that along with lots of others i am so pleased you got the oppurtunity to go over there and do all the amazing work you have been doing - you have all done a brill things for the kids and made massive changes im sure.
hope you have a safe and non eventful journey home and that your wish list is catered for with yummy food and much wine action!
cant wait to see you, we need to sort a night/meal out in manch or something to celebrate your return at some point!!
lots of love xxxxxxx
Response: Sounds so damn good a night out to welcome me back YeY!
From Mel Price
Hi Everyone!!

You are doing a cracking job out there...I feel really gutted when I realise the reality of how these people are living and how lucky we are!?...(especially when Mark wrote about little Faith - i think of my own kids...they are so priviledged)..I'm making a conscious effort not to moan about things which are immaterial when we have such a comfortable lifestyle here!!

Love Mel xx
Response: Hey Mel me little sweetness & light..thank you ...Mark
From Brummie Emma
Hi Mark and Jo

Just saw that your pages are the most visited this month! Although Mark is winning... sorry Jo!

I felt so sad reading about Faith ( I re wrote that sentence a few times as there never seems to be the right words to describe how you really feel). I cant believe you two are going home next week, time really does go by too fast.

I keeping thinking about how sad ill be to leave everyone here! At least you colleagues who visit next year will be able to keep you updated with the children's progress. Although i'm sure you will be very jealous of them!

I have been getting on well and think i settled into life here alot better since the Safari. My classes have just sat their exams so I am busy marking their papers... some did not do too well unfortunately.

This morning I joined some community work taking food to families in the slums. Saw lots of pigs! Was an eye opening experience stepping inside their homes.

I bought some of the kids flip flops this week, i wasn't as organized as you though and ended up with some too big and too small. Fortunately everybody was very happy!

I hope you both enjoy your last week! Take care emma xxx
Response: Hey my fav Brummie ....You do sound more happy and settled...good on on for getting out and into the slums...we never went in the houses when we went to the slums but have since been in a house which was cramped but doubt as bad as in the slums....I was guttered yesterday and today resigned to not much I can do about it...its gone far too fast but I will be leaving feeling we have done some good here. We went to Lake Nakuru this morning and thought a lot about you, sorry we missed it will you and we felt it would have been great if you had done it today with us and our colleagues who are out here for a week...take care and keep in touch when we get back and hope the rest of your trip is just brilliant for you...Mark
From Janet Sullivan
Hi Mark

I've read all your blogs they are brilliant. I've laughed at some and been really moved by others but today when I read about Faith I cried. At least you've brought a little bit of love and care to her poor little existence. Enjoy your last week and I'm glad you're better. You look great on the photo's - hard work obviously agrees with you. Love and best wishes. Janet
Response: Hi Janet thanks you, and this last week so far has been busy buying shoes and uniforms so far, which has been an experience I can tell you...hope to see you soon and thanks for your message...I love you loads & loads...Mark
From Jonno
Awww Mark, I'm so sorry about Faith, you did mention her a few times and it's obvious you are going to be in bits when you leave. I would. I know Africa has little or no contraception to prevent the spread of HIV and of course my cynical self thinks some big company somewhere is profiting somehow over this. Don't even get me started about the addictive baby milk.

I'm sure that you all have done 100% more than - well - all of us in our comfortable lives here, and you should be proud and happy that you have had the balls to do it. I also hope you will be able to keep in touch with the camp when you come home.

Also I'm sure you'll be thinking of ways to increase monetary input for the camp when you return. My Mum sponsored a child called George in Honduras years ago. She took him right through his education and he used to call her Mummy in the odd letters she received. Is sponsorship per child available there?

All in all I hope the whole thing leaves you (all) feeling accomplished, and your bittersweet holiday fills you with happy memories.

Right! go and shower, I can smell you from here!

Response: hey U....yep you can sponsor kids here....will get u details if u wish when I get back...I do feel we have accomplished something and deffo leave behind something worthwhile and on's so easy how the kids get into you and you warm more to all of them but some that little bit more...and you know me if the is a corner with one person on their own then I have to talk to them...Faith is in your words a "sweetheart"'d love her...see you sometime next week or so I guess...ta Jonno (which I hate ya ma christened u John) he he he ...Me
From stephen
Hey there Marky Mark,

The Good: sounds like your ideal afternoon out, going clothes shopping with 3 glamorous ladies!! Looking forward to seeing pics of the kids in their footie kits :)

The Bad: Thats so sad about Faith, I suppose all you can do is to try and make sure that she enjoys her time with you at the school.

The Ugly: well, the less said about the better... but your words not mine!!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon (believe it or not!), today is my first day back at Oldham since the refurb started and it's completely different... I ended up getting lost on the way to the kitchen!!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your time and safe journey back.

Steve & Fe :)
Response: Excuse me ...Maggie Carolyn and Jo...enough said! Ahh bless u for ya sentiment..but get ya own words ha ha can you get lost on the way to the kitchen????? see you soon xx
From Laura
well, i have cried at you latest blog (i was doing so well) so i cant even imagine what it feels like for you. It is so sad about Faith, she sounds like such a character and its great to hear that she is otherwise healthy and happy.
I love the though of you being a dirty street urchin haha, thats how i feel about you when we go to sainsburys, ooooh i bet youre missing me!
how are you feeling about coming back? it must be such a mix, it must be really sad to leave all the kids after spending so long getting to know them and building relationships, but then theres being in that perfect house of yours sipping vino to look forward to!
hope you are ok...xxxxxxxxx
Response: You cried...something melted that swinging brick of need to stop have those illicit thoughts about me...I've told you about that before!!! yep its going to be strange leaving them but then the smell of decent wine and clean sheets are wafting to me now across the oceans...and it smells soooo & stuff me xx
From mv
your blog has just knocked me for six....xx
Response: Guess u got a taste of how I felt then....yep sad but as I was told "life in Africa is very hard and so we move on from day to day not expecting much" ...xx
From Violet
I can't believe you are sharing a house with cockroaches!
poor Vincent not being able to swim. I know how he must feel as I only learnt to swim about two years ago but am still not confident in the water. Great news that Jenta is getting better at her lessons, tell Jo well done.
I am glad to hear Maggie and Carolyn arrived safely tell them both I am thinking of them. Their journey sounds exciting what a way to meet people.
Stell was an external candidate who comes from Stockport Homes. She has settled in well and is coming to the theatre with us next week to see Trevor's latest production.
We are on the move again next week but this time will be the last move for a while.
Got to go but tell everyone that I hope they are well
Take care
Response: Hi Violet have done, Maggie Carolyn and Jo with me now...we have had an interesting day!!!! Shall I hot desk next week till we are back in oldham? Thanks again see you soon...Mark
From jonno & Dyl
AAarrrgh! sorry! I NEED Bibi's roast to survive. Forgive me :P
Response: Ask my Mum and allah for forgiveness....
From Laura
I'm doing well so far on the message every day! Ireland was great thanks, was nice to be doing outdoorsy stuff on my grandads farm, and i have mastered the art of tractor driving, which i'm sure will come in handy...
I cant believe you are back next week, seems like ages since i saw you but then at the same time seems to have gone really quick?!
not sure if office will be done, it could be actually as the top floor was done really quick - you arent going to be sitting oposite me anymore though, not even on the same pod!! i bet you are gutted!!! life just wont be the same!
really hope you get to take some photies of the football kits, would be a real shame if not. you should defo try get some vidoes done, like you say, the photos are great but its not the same as seeing things as they really are like you do in a video.
so hows the tan then? and the hair?! you going to come back with braids and shells in it like monica on friends (if you've seen that episode?)
what is the kids english like? hope thats not a stupid question but do they speak much english?
hope your ok anyhoo, lots of love xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey well done for messaging English is not good a few word...yes Ive seen the episode of friends and no...not even close...I'll have a lot more shells....hairs getting longer and looks like nothing....tan is really cool. so wait and see...Tractor Girl
Funny you should mention your Mum on the internet dating scene. Someone called Bibi messaged me on facebook. says she's looking for action in the Liverpool area. It was signed F.Shah. She's caught on quick! :)
Response: how rude...i'll tell my Mum and you'll never get another plate of Bibi's best...just you wait Jonno!!!!
From Jonno & Dyl boy
Hi Mark!

I’ve spent a good few hours reading all your blogs. Very interesting. Once again, sorry you have not been well – I’d be screaming for my bed. Nothing worse than being miles away from home unwell. Hope you’re on the mend? I bet when you come home you will have to seek therapy if you need to chop cabbage in Manchester. I saw one of your relatives today in the CAB. I had to get a form filled in. I don’t know her name, but she says a big hello and she knows Mum had sent you a little message. We had a good time in Mexico, you can read Dyls blog if you have the time. It’s here: he’s still doing it so it’ll be added to over the next few days. How he enjoys sorting out 500 + pictures is beyond me, but it keeps him busy and all I have to do is chuck a meal at him occasionally. And the odd cup of coffee. You are nearing your last week now, I think it’s going to be a little upsetting leaving the children. I’m sure you’ve grown attached to some/all of them. I’m looking forward to coming over when you get back and settled for a proper visit, and to see MV as well. Just tell us when. I hope you have a great time there in your last days and have lots of extra pictures to show us when you get back. Muchos xxx
Response: Ditto to all this and I will have...getting thrown out so gotta go......
From Maria Morris
Hi Mark,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and got to relax by the pool. Same old routine for me, football with Dean and Dancing with Kelly. Did have our holiday get together as we go to Floriday in 3 weeks so have done our Itinery. Getting excited now. Love the pictures of the kids waving the pencil cases, little things but sooo appreciated. Enjoy your last week, you'll be back before you know it, wishing you were there again. Take Care xxx
Response: Ha ha ha as if...had a lovely weekend thank you feeling much better and at last could enjoy it...I'll see you before you go may have to work in your office if ours is not finished yet.
From Soraya
Hi there little Bro! You'll be home soon and ye Ma baked a cake! Who'd have thought you'd be meeting up with a Queen on ye travells and her side kick. Hope u have photos'. We are all very proud of u and await the ripping yarns that no dout you'll tell us. This time will remain eatched in you memory and u will b able to visit it on demand. Naill and I r off to picts to eat pop corn and drink cold beer/wine! u'r favourits I understand! Take care, keep safe! love yea xx
Response: all that information and not told me what film you are going to see...see you soon xx
From pam and tony
Hiya Mark,
Better late than never! We are so excited for all of your accomplishments and hard work, making the world a better place. We send our love and prayers. It will be hard to leave all of those little faces you've become acquainted with, you are changing lives! Gods speed, xxoo pam & Tony
Response: As always lovely to hear from you both. Hope you're both well. I could of done with getting some teaching tips from you both to prepare me for here but somehow i don't think it would be the same as teaching in New York....Thank you for messaging really appreciate this and I have to say given all the things you both have done for disasters especially 9/11 I could only draw upon your thank you and speak to you soon...and are you coming to visit this year??? would really love to have you over in the uk and so would the family...miss you loads xx
From Laura McK
Just looked at your pics (i should have done that before my other message i guess) they are great pics, i really love the one of your class with their pencil cases - it really makes you realise what a difference you are making to their
Response: hey steady on your getting into a routine messaging me..ha ha ha I'm back next week can you believe it!! will our floor be finished or we still have to work from other offices?
From Laura Mck
I'm back - sorry, i have been in ireland so have not been able to do the messaging EVERY day.
Hows it going now then? i am enjoying the thought of you having a braid in your hair - i think you should keep it in til you get back.
i cant even imagine what its like to be over there doing what you are doing - must make everything we get stressed and worried about over here seem so insignificant compared to what people are going through over there everyday.
what do you do with yourselves at the weekends? have you ever been to any of the kids homes, to see what theyre like inside?
love lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oh ps, i am lusting from afar at the moment...not long till i pounce though ha!xxx
Response: How was Ireland....Yeah been to kids homes which are something else....I've not taken any pics of the dump site but we are going to do some videoing so everyone will get a realistic viewpoint to unease them..ha ha ha...
From FavNiece
ha ha no weight loss!!!

Response: Please don't you believe it ...just luring you all into a false watch out heffa....thanks Tasha for this (ha ha ha)