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Trip to OZ

Welcome to Gari and Karen's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our trip to oz.
We fly out on Mon 28th Feb (9pm) and will get there Tuesday (7pm).
Please check back for updates.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 17 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Had a nice time in Sydney - did the tour of the harbour and went to a stunning restaurant called Quay which had a panoramic view of the harbour and went to the famous bondi beach - more photos to come.

We will be back in Blighty on Saturday mornin (boo) so will see you all then.

Bye for now


Monday, 14 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi All,

We are back in Melbourne now.

Perth was fantastic - had a very busy week. Have uploaded some photos of visit to Perth.
Tomorrow we fly to Sydney for a couple of days - will update the site further when i have some time - see you all soon.


Saturday, 12 March 2005

Location: Perth, Australia

Hello all,

We're in Perth at the moment.

Dad - I haven't managed to tie up with Hilary as she lives a long way away from Jen.
Its really good here as its much hotter than Melbourne and we've had the full guided tour by a local (Jen).
So far we've been to local markets, had beers on some of the best beaches I have ever seen. Had a traditional aussie barbie and much more. Will do a full update when able.
We're off to the beach - see you all back in Blighty.

Gari & Karen xxx

Sunday, 06 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Grand Prix.
Picked a spot at turn 10 and camped out for the quali and the race. The loudest thing i have ever experienced. Its difficult to photo F1 cars at they move a bit quick so i just took video and will try to upload some stills.
Walked the track after the race which was interesting.
I'm already thinking about planning a trip to the British GP - Roon, G, Ralph???

Saturday, 05 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Visit to Melbourne zoo - see photos
Dinner at the Mecca restaurant then a visit to the crown casino - dont worry, didn't do any gambling - just watched everyone else losing their money!

Saturday, 05 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi all,

Was woken today by the sound of the first practise session (thats how close we are to Albert park). They have the practise sessions live on TV here - better than ITV!

We're off to Melbourne zoo in a minute - will upload the photos from yesterday and today tonight.

See you all soon.


Friday, 04 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hello all,

Relaxing day today..

We went to St Kilda - the weather was a bit cloudy but brightened up later on.

Saw lots of dead jelly fish on the beach - see photos.

Thursday, 03 March 2005

Location: Australia

Hello all,

Had a good day at Albert park.

Met Jenson Button and Rubens Baricello at an autograph signing session - check out the pictures. Dave I'll upload the video of Jenson to your ftp.

See you all soon

Gari and Karen xx

Thursday, 03 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hello all,

Starting to feel a bit more normal today after spending yesterday wandering around like zombies.

Yesterday went to the F1 parade and saw Mark Webber burning up and down in his new Williams and one of the Minardis.

Went out in the evening to a top restaurant for someones 30th birthday and Danni Minogue turned up - which was nice (more cagey photos).

Today is people's day at Albert park so entry is free. We plan to wander down (as it is just round the corner) and catch some Formula 3 and supercar racing.

Hope all is well in the UK.

Gari and Karen

Tuesday, 01 March 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say we've arrived safe and sound but rather jet-lagged.

We shared a flight with Martin Brundle and Tony Jardine so getting in the F1 spirit already.

We're just off to watch the F1 parade round the city centre to get some decent photos.

Hope you're all ok in the freezing snow :-)

Gari and Karen

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Recent Messages

From Nana Tidy
Hope you are both having a nice holiday. See you soon.

Love Nana.
Response: Wow - didnt know you had internet Nana - will come round and show you all the photos when we get back. xxx
From Jenny & Dave
Gari & Karen

Thanks for the card - arrived today - and got on the website immediately. It sounds as though you are both having a great time. Looking forward to further updates.

Love Jenny & Dave (Berkeley)
Response: Hi Jen and Dave,
Glad you like the site - we fly to Sydney tomorrow so will upload all the photos from Perth and Sydney as soon as possible. See you soon.
K & G xx
From H&G
Hello- got your text. Glad you're having a good time. How is perth? Hot? Thinking of you. Have fun!! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Lots of lovexxxxxxxx
Response: Hiya! Having a wonderful time with Jen - weather is fantastic (34 degrees today) and so we're off to the beach. Had a great night out last night with some of Jen's friends - had a lovely meal by the river. Hope work is going ok - chat to you soon. Love and hugs, K xxxx
From Catherine
Come on guys, up-date the site, I want to know what you are up to. I check nearly twice a day. Thanks for your text Karen. Thinking of you. X
Response: Sorry hun! Been very busy as Jen has set up a busy schedule for us! Its great here - weather is glorious and Perth is a great city, loads to do and see. Hope all is well. Love and hugs, K xxx
From Rooney
British GP? Hmm, quite possibly.

Shame about Jense! And you were wearing you BAR t-shirt and everything!
Response: Yeah I was gutted. I think he had a problem and wasn't driving flat out! Good to see Schumacher didn't finish. We're in Perth at the mo - its bloody hot here - just off to the beach to do some bodybording. See ya
From Jen
What a great page! Enjoyed your photos! Hope you are ready for Perth - should be a bit warmer than Melbourne for you! See you tomorrow! x
Response: hiya! looking forward to seeing you in the morning - we're flying into terminal 3 (11.20am; dj291). See you soon!!! K xxx
From Mum
Thanks for the card for Mother's day. Vicky, Brett and the children came round in the afternoon so had a bit of a hectic time for a while. Look forward to seeing more pictures when you return. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Lots of love to you both.

Response: Hi Mum
Seem to have more pictures than i can currently store. Will keep updating this site so keep checking back.
See you soon
From Catherine
Wow, just seen the last ever episode of Buffy; I am the enlightened one. However, real Grand Prix is kinda cool. Thinking of you...but I'm not jealous. Love you so much. X
Response: Hiya, thats the end of Buffy then; you'll have to start on Angel next! The F1 Grand Prix was really good; we had a great day! Did you get my text the other day? Love you too. Take care xxx
From Shelly
Hi Guys

How was the race? Unlike the Roon an Anna i wasnt crazy enough to stay up for it.
Cant believe you met Jensen Button am just a wee bit jealous. He lloks quite sexy!
Hows the weather Anna seems to think its only 5 degrees over there but think me and dave persuaded her otherwise ;-)

Hope you get more sun. Are you staying in Melbourne or travelling round a bit?

Response: It was really good - hard to keep track of without looking at the big screens but much more atmospheric - walked the track after the race and got some goos photos which I will upload. My ears are still ringing despite wearing ear plugs - louder than the Farnborough air show. Its a bit warmer than 5 degrees - it was 25 degrees yesterday and we both have the sunburn to prove it (refer to photos). We're off to Perth on Wednesday (wheres its 35 degrees - eek)
From Rach
Wow! hi guys! I didn't realise you were doing a planetranger page! These pictures are awesome and the weather looks fab! It is quite sunny here but nothing like the sun there! Hope the Grand Prix was good - we taped it here just in case! Take care, have fun and speak soon. Lots of love
Rach xxx
Response: Hiya! Glad you like the piccies - there are loads more, and videos, but we'll show you them when we get back. Yeah, it has been sunny - weather here is very changeable, one minute theres rain and wind, next minute its all sunny!Chat to you soon. Love K xxxx
From Janet
Thanks for the photos-nice to see one of you too.The photo from mum and dad's flat must be great in the day time.Is Elaine setting up a web-site too?
Tell her that I'm asking about them both. Have a great time Karen and it will be lovely to see you when you return.Love Jan.xxxxx
Response: Hi Jan, Hope you are well. We're having a great time here and its lovely to see mum and dad. I don't think mum is setting up a website ... I'm sure she'll let you know if she does though. Yes, it would be great to see you when we get back - we'll have to arrange something. Take care, Love K xxx
From H&G
you just icq'd and we got in 2 mins after you left the message.. now you're offline!! Have to go to bed soon to sort out Karen's car in the morning so can't stay up much longer... get yourselves back online!!!!!!xx p.s. sounds like you're having a great time.. hope the gp is good.. thinking of youxxx
Response: Yeah sorry just missed u - will be on again tonight around 7pm - 8pm your time
From Vicky

Had a fab start to the holiday I see! Glad you got there OK, was thinking of you Monday night jetting off to the sun, whilst I was signing up with Virgin Vie Cosmetics!

Take care, hope you have a great time, look forward to seeing more pics.

Love Vicky, Brett, Josh and baby Olly. xxxx
Response: Hiya - hope all goes well with the cosmetics - Karens looking forward to your first party!
See ya soon
Gari xx
From Rooney
Anna says that your having probs with the ftp. Whats up with it?

You look quite embarrassed shaking hands with Jense!
Response: More sun burned than embarrassed - had to wait an hour and a half in the open to get that signiture - worth it though. Im not sure whats wrong with the ftp - this laptop has mcaffe security on it so its probably that. Ill try and disable it.
From Catherine
I'm checking up on you every day, so keep up-dating. Looks like you are having lots of fun, I'm so envious. I need more pics. Are you going to Ramsey Street, I want a pic of Harold. Love you so much. X
Response: Cool - will keep updating it as much as poss
Hello- great photos! the ones of melbourne look amazing. I see you are still schmoozing with the stars. Have fun and keep in touch
Response: Yeah I can't believe how many celebs we've met since we got here. The weather is a bit cooler today which im glad about as i got a bit sun burned yesterday despite putting loads of cream on.
From Rooney
I bet Brundle and Tony were in 1st class though! Did you see them?
Response: we saw martin & tony picking up their luggage - i got a dodgey photo of him which i'll upload. Yeah I'm pretty sure they were in first class.
From Mum and Dad
Did you manage to speak to Martin Brundle and get an autograph?

Expecting lots of snow here tonight. I expect you are enjoying the heat.
Response: I didn't get to speak to him as he picked up his luggage and was whisked away to a 5 star hotel no doubt. I'll upload the cagey photo I have of him.
From Mike
Hi guys! Hope you got there ok. I'm busy trashing your flat (hahahahahahaha). I'm sure you will have a great time. Work that tan while you get the chance - snow is forecast here again tomorrow - brrrrr! Mike xxx
From H&G
Take care of each other and have a brilliant time. We're going to miss you soooooo much. Love you, love you, love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xx
Response: Will do
We'll be back before you know it - if we catch an earlier flight :) xx

From Janet
What a lovely surprise-have a wonderful time -I shall be thinking about you each day and looking forward to reading your messages.Love
From Helen&Gary
Like the website. make sure you update it more than we did! We shall have a look everyday to see if you get into the top 5 pages ;)
From shelly
Is the cat coming with you??
Response: nah he doesnt like flying