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Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


So, not much to say... Not much has been happening except for a lot of uni... and a tad of procrastinating. :)

The girls (Mel & Bridge) are home in a little over a week and I am so stoked and excited that I think I may actually BURST!

Anyways, love you all long time... Will post some pics from the Girls' Homecoming Party!


Tuesday, 04 July 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi guys!

So, after exams, I decided it was time to take a little mini-break to give myself a little treat, so Danny and I went to Sydney for the weekend!

We were booked in to leave on the Friday, but our flight was cancelled due to fog in Sydney, so that was a bit of a downer. We tried to get onto a Virgin flight, but they were all booked out. So we were put on the 6am flight on Saturday morning. This meant we had to get up at 4am (what the?)... but it turned out to be okay! We decided to go out to dinner on the Coast anyways and pretend that we were in Syds. So Danny took Fifi out to the Champagne Brasserie, which was lovely and we got so drunk off winos. Definitely made it a little harder to get up at 4am to get to the airport! We made it nonetheless.

Got into Syds and checked into our lovely hotel. We stayed in Darlinghurst in a boutique hotel called the Kirketon. It's in all the Hip Hotels books... we felt very trendy! :) It was lovely, with very modern deco, with dark hallways and it was uber chic!

We went and explored around the area... did lots of walking which was good. But it was so cold! Definitely different to winter on the GC.

We had a nice brekky at a little French cafe, which was lovely. Walked around the area - Darlinghurst and Paddington.

Then we took a cab to Randwick to suss out Dad's unit there. Then we walked all the way from Randwick to Coogee, which wasn't too far, but we definitely felt it in our non-walking shoes! Chilled at Coogee for a bit before heading back to the hotel for a bit of a rest.

Then we went to Woollahra to our fave deli and ate yummy sandwiches on the side of the street. Walked down Oxford Street and did some shopping... although Fifi didn't make any purchases.

Then we went and ventured Darlinghurst for a place for dinner. There were so many restaurants and bars to choose from. We decided on a Spanish tapas restaurant where we had JUGS of Sangria and ended up soooooo maggot. Walked down the road to the Cross and went to a few bars and had heaps of cocktails... danced around the street... took an excessive amount of photos... then went back to our hotel where we went to the bar there and had more cocktails... definitely wasn't feeling too good by the end of the night... :)


Had brekky in Darlinghurst, then headed down to Bondi. Walked around for a bit sussing everthing out and then went to the markets, which was really fun. :) Danny had to leave for the GC but I stayed another night. I braved walking through the Cross by myself, the train and the bus system by myself and made my way to Newtown where I met Cat for dinner. Went and saw her dorm at Sydney uni. It is super cute! Went to a few bars and had yummy Vietnamese before making my way back to the hotel... hehe... so drunk on the train and bus. I hope no one noticed! :)


Gina picked me up and we went to the City. She showed me where she lives with Ry Ry and showed me her local Bronte. Had fun in the City before having to leave and head back to the GC!

Had a fantastic time and even took a flu back with me as a souvenir! :)


Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Hi all!

So, I've posted some pics from Mel & Bridge's going away... But I only could post a few because apparently I've run out of space and have to upgrade to First Class? Haha.

So, the night started off at Central where we consumed a lot of wine as usual... lots of our friends came and it was a really fun night. There were quite a few tears though!

After Central, we ventured off to Ruby, Liquid, Berlin and Elsewhere... pretty much the normal routine! :)

All in all it was a great night... but it is all a little bit of a blur... thanks to these poisonous concoctions we had at Berlin: Jager Bombs... with a little bit of Blue Caracao in the Jager, and Vodka Black and lemon squash INSTEAD of Red Bull... WOW! But they were so yummy, we just could not resist. :)

I took the girls to the airport the following Thursday and it was really hard to say goodbye. There were definitely a lot of tears. But I have been speaking to them a lot which is great!

So now it is up to Drea and I to update the GC website... So keep checking in to see any updates... although at the moment my life consists mainly of studying and studying. :p

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: Australia


Due to my (mel) BLACK EYE there will be no photos posted of the last 6 days.....its still clearing up :(
got punched in the eye whilst at a pub watching the boxing - what was i doing there in the first place - ghood idiot! any excuse to get out and about hehe

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: Australia

heeellllooo everybody! we apologise for the lack of updates recently! unfortunately I really havent been getting any snaps that are nice enough to put up!

well bridgie and i get to london in less than 3 weeks! time is going by soooooo fast... i have definitely being partying tooo much in anticipation of my departure! its kinda sad! but very exciting! cant wait for all you guys to show me around your town! we are only there for 4 days friday 2nd - tuesday 6th (leaving early in the morning).... looking forward to catching up with you all, and celebrating alex's birthday! YAY!

well coming soon will be pictures of our going away party! we cant have it at alto cause it is booked out...bummer! its also Ginas going away too - she is moving to Sydney with her boyfriend..

well girls - love you all! speak soon x

ps. be sure to let me know if you want anything bought over for you!

Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Happy Easter Everyone!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed a few days off.. and that the Easter Bunny brought lots of choccie eggs! xxxx

Well, a quick little update...

We had our usual Good Friday BBQ in the Broadie Park (um, with meat and alcohol - ooppssie)... It was great.. The weather was beautiful and we had heaps of food, as usual!! It was really relaxing but we missed a few of our usual attendees (Majorca and London is CLEARLY not as good as the Local Park! ;) He he!!).

We then ventured to Nicky's house where more drinking ensued.. followed with drinking games, dancing like chickens, telling Robbie Williams that "we are bad", Grease sing-and-dance-along performances.. and a very drunken walk along the highway to Bernies to get burgers (aka gross meat patties - spew).

Next stop: Bubbly Broadie. We lasted a few drinks at Watergate and after we got yelled at a million times for smoking in the 'wrong areas', we decided it was time for Surfers. We went to Central - it was the only place allowed to serve alcohol.. then at midnight, we went to Hollywood.. where we were taught how to be poll-dancers (see Photos for visual illustration). We need a little practice... Warning: It's not as easy as it looks! Um, then Fi managed to get kicked out of Hollywood - don't ask! Drama, drama, drama! ;)

Most of the night after that was much of a blur... Although I'm pretty sure we danced up a storm at The Drink, decided we were too cool to pay $5 to get into the Bourbon Bar, ate pizza and forgot about the concept known as Lock Down. ;)

All in all, fabulous Easter celebrations!!

Monday, 03 April 2006

Location: the GC, Australia

hhhhheeeeeeeeellllllllloooooo everybody!! sorry for serious delay in updating the GC page!!!!

well..... we start with photos of bridgies new unit.... its very cute nesstled in surf parade in broadbeach, just 2 diagonal blocks from fi's house... it is empty at the moment but we have been searching around for furniture to put into it so we can have a house warming party... bridge was totally keen to get some stuff from life line - however, it was not as great of an idea as she had hoped and the couches in freedom are now looking waaayy better.. hehe :)

Fi's Sister came to towm to visit us from LA... fi's house has been full of family for like the past two weeks!! we took her out (see photos) unfortunately that night went totally BANANAS and thus there are NO good photos to put up... we went to dinner at marina mirage, then to central for lou bromleys 21st, then to ruby and then finished off the night walking out of "the where" at 5am... oh dear!!!

Then we come to this weekend just passed... the weather was fantastic and the beach was beautiful!!! so nice as we havent had a good beach day in a couple of weeks!

Saturday night we had a girls dinner at HIBARI - our new fav restaurant.. it is just up the road from 3 beans... so by the time we left there we were all wasted.. and headed to our local broadbeach watering holes to meet all the rest of our GC buddies... we went to element for a few winos... thats when the fire alarm started going off and we all sat at element debating weather "joy" or "meyer and prichard" was on fire... before going over to the fire engines and climbing IN!!!!
The fire men seemed to think it was a good idea to invite 5 very drunk women into their truck, but soon realised that in fact, it was not! We all started putting on the fire hats, taking photos, climbing over the seats, and screaming as we do when us girls get drunk!!! The firemen were totally overwhelmed as you can imagine. We then started singing 'the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we don't need no water let the mother f--ker burn...burn mother f--ker, burn' oh dear. Claire next decided to change the words of the song so that they resembled something like 'burn Joy Hysteric, burn'!!!
...then after causing all the commotion in broadie we decided to get a "take away" bottle of wine and take it back to claires house... we got there and turned on "time after time" (from strictly ballroom) and danced "romy & michelles high school reunion" style... we woke up just about everyone in the building who were leaning over their balconies watching us.. at the time we thought they were all loving it!!!
then we decided we neeeded to get to alto like ASAP.. so we once again ran through broadbeach to get to alto... the night continued on from there......lots of yelling screaming singing dancing running etc... we scammed drinks of randoms, smoked ciggies in the 'no smoking' section, pushed past and pissed off lots of peope, and basically kicked up a storm in the bar. it was just another ALTO night!!

anyways enough said.... love and miss u all! enjoy the photos! xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxo- xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

Monday, 06 March 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Welcome to our GC website.. How Very GC! ;)

This website was the spawn of Saturday night, when we (Mel, Fi, Bridge, Drea and Nikki) were drunk (suprise, suprise) and were on the phone to Julia and Claudia.. and had the idea of setting up a GC website! As you all probably know, our good friends Alex, Claudie, Julia and Grant have made the move to London and they all have been great with keeping us updated on thier adventures in the UK on PlanetRanger, so us Gold Coasters have decided to also set up a page so that our buddies can see what we have been up to and stay updated with the happenings back home! :)

So, where to begin?? Well, Nikki is also making the move to the UK.. She leaves this Friday (miss you already Nikki - it's going to be great! So jealous!). So in honour of her departure, we decided to go out for dinner and then drinks out in Surfers (just for something different). Well, the 'dinner' started a little earlier than expected. Fi, Mel and Nikki being bored on a Saturday morning, had the brilliant idea of going down to Tooleys for a casual Saturday lunchtime drink to kickstart celebrations and waste the day away. One drink turned into three bottles of wine and then an (overly) garlic pizza. Tooleys was great, but we left at about 6pm and went back to Mel's to get changed and down a few Baileys. Nikki looked lovely in her red dress, Mel was looking very stylingly GC in her boots and Fi was in Supre (which incidentally is also very GC - he he).

We made our way into town and met Bridget and Drea for dinner at the cutest little Japanese restaurant "You" which is conviniently located right next door to Melba's. We had more bottles of wine and plenty of gyoza.. and in true fashion of us girls, managed to get extremely rowdy (aka lots of YELLING).. and got kicked out! Jules and Claudie, you'll know this since we were on the phone to you guys then. Nikki and Fi performed a lovely Jewish song and dance for Julia.. It was funny at the time. :)

We then made our way to Liquid for a party. We had plenty of Jager bombs and then decided to go to Melba's where we were greeted with more friends who had come to celebrate Nikki's Bon Voyage.

On our way to Melba's we came across a Japanese sticker photo booth so we decided we would make some! The stickers say "Surfers Paradise" - we thought it was very fitting. We then stumbled past DFS, where Drea and Bridge thought it would be a good idea to do a Bvlgari photo shoot. Hilarious.

Melba's rocked - plenty of dancing, drinks, photos (of course) and Moet... I don't think we even like champagne..

We then made our way to "The Where" (aka Elsewhere).. We saw Tasha and Kim from Home & Away! I'm sure you all appreciate how much of a significant event this was for us. Damn groupies. Ha ha! :) - refer to Photos for our claim to fame..

Then... we made our way to our most beloved Ruby.. and much after that was a blurr... Fi managed to stay out to 6am.. so that was a great 18 hour drinking effort. Nice one. :)

Um, well I guess that was our night. Wish you all could have been there with us!!

So that brings us to the end of our very first Very GC blog. We've joined the our fellow PlanetRanger crew now so we hope you all keep checking up on it and enjoy our stories!! xoxo

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From mel
fifi...i just noticed you put up a few sydney pics...of course you got one with the fountain...its totally your thing...hehe miss u
Response: you KNOW i HAVE to have pics with the fountains. so my thing! hahaha. i put it up there just for you and bridge to see if you guys would notice! hahahaha. i thought it was classic Fi/Sydney style!
love you
From Jules
Hippy at heart you suck
Response: who is the hippy?? i am still really confused!!
From Claudia
Glad to see you made a GC update and very cute photso!! Sounds like you had fun in Sydney!! Mmmm .. and you had yummy spanish tapas and sangeria... gosh that stuff is addictive!! Love you xxxxx
Response: i know... love spanish food! so good. danny and i had way too much sangria!! hahaha. it was fun!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From hippie at heart
i'm a hippie from Mullumbimby. I may have invaded planet rangers alright!
Response: huh??
From Meils
I miss you fi fi and drea!
xxxxx I miss everyone!!!!
Love you x
Response: love you meils!!
when are you going to come up to play??
From hot guy
there's not enough photo's. c'mon, chop chop.
Response: who is this?? haha
From Jules
WHO THE WHAT THE is Hippie at Heart!!?? Wow.... they invaded all our planet rangers! x0x0
Response: i know! i don't know who it is???!!??!! what the! hahahahahaha
missing you!
From hippie at heart
where's ya's foto's?
Response: i'm posting them now... not that there's too many since the girls have left!! who is this btw?? xx
From It's my b'day in 3 w
Hi Girlies!!! You all look so pretty. Can't wait for you to come over - get ready for PARTY IN THE PARK....going to be so much fun.
Response: yay - cant wait!!!!!!!!!!
From Jules
So not long till you come now hey!!! Whooo! Can't wait x0x
Response: i know!!!!!!! cant believe it!!! let us know if you want us to bring anything over!
i miss that nikki girl, she was the coolest person ever. sooo cool.
Response: whatever nikki
From nikki
i wish my site was as cool and updated as this!
Response: you just wait.........
From Jules
WOW such a massive update I like it! The photos are so funny! I love the 'house is on fire' song idea. Those fireys had no idea what they got themselves into hey!! Bridge, your place looks awesome and I will definately be at the house warming it spirit ; ( x0x0x
Response: yah its very exiting... its our page great.... definitely greater than nikki's :) miss u!
From Claudia
haha you guys are sooooo funny!!! Love your photos especially in the fire truck!! p.s will definatly be at bridge's house warming party in spirit.. Miss all you 'gc' girls!! xx
Response: love u, miss u too xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
From nikki
far out, you guys are crazy. love the fire truck, can't believe they let you in it! so were going to have to try and out do your weekend over here and have a 'photo off'....oh and im so jelous of the beach photos! ill send you some in a few weeks of a beautiful pebble beach with arctic water and an overcast sky in the background, bet you'll be jelous!
xxx miss you guys
Response: hi nikki... yah we are totally crazy! how funny.... hope your well.. miss u all soooo much! x
From Bridge
Oh god... Saturday night was way too messy for my liking. I hope everyone enjoys our 'fire truck' photos.. and i'll have a house warming dinner soon which you foreigners can come to in spirit.
From nikki
gee this sight rocks
Response: haha.. ghoood~!
From hippie at heart
doesn't matter who this is. it's the thought that counts....any more photos?
Response: random
From nikki
eerr you guys cant even update the photos... not like me...
Response: shut up nikki!!! putting more up today.......
From Jules
Ohhh guys where the photos at? Keep up! x0x
Response: oh excuse me! we havent seen hardly any pics of nikki with you guys! and anyway - clearly A&C's page is the most behind the times :)
From Drea
Hey smell
mabey you should have thought about which photo' s you put up there, very funny night- brings back memorries !!!!
Response: haha, i picked the best ones i had.. what a fun night!
From hippie at heart
you guys look awesome. drunk and debauchery is always the go. keep it up! maybe i'll see ya's out one night in town. i'll come say hi and have a swig.
Response: who is this??
From Alicia
Well considering we've got a planet ranger page for everywhere else, i may as well start a melbourne one! You up for it Miels?! ;)
I miss all you guys!
PS: where and what the hell is "Ruby" .. I leave for a few months and I'm already so outta the loop!
Kisses! xoxox
Response: Hello!!! yeah you guys should totally set up a Melbourne sight! good to hear from you! p.s. Ruby Tramp is a new club where Bad Girls used to be... its VERY fun! x
From lizzie
hey girls... great idea, i love to hear what u are all doing back home...
ive been going to the japanese restaurant for year.. 'You' is a great little place..
are u aloud to go back?
melbas still sounds like the place to go.. im going sport fishing on the weekend so excited its with these guys who work for the owner of bacardi Rum. the boat is called RUmba... lots of dinking going on here at the moment, fishing, surfing, wakeboarding and more drinking.... my sister is coming to visit on thurs for 10days.. we are going to travel round costa rica together.. its so beautiful here... bye poeples love lizzie
Response: Hey Liz! Great to hear from you.. Good to hear you are having a fantastic time.. miss u!
Niki - be sure to take the red dress.. we can have a 'mustard' and 'ketchup' reunion!! hehe how exciting!
Response: is that you nikki?? are you leaving comments for yourself! :)