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Nat in Oz!

Hey there and welcome to my travel page! Hope you enjoy the pics and if you leave me a message i promise i'll somepoint!

Photos - Click Below


Day trippin

Zoo and Blue Mountains...


Fraser Island

Fraser island is probably one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen...


NYE - Fat Boy Slim, Bondi

Bluddy brilliant!!! Hence why i didn't take many pics...too busy dancing :-)


On the road...

Most of these pics were taken on the journey around the Corrimandle coast and on the way to Whakatane (pronounced rude!)


Aloe Tree Hostel, Auckland

Hey, Here are some of the peeps i met at the hostel in Auckland. Ended up hitching a lift with Michelle round N.Z which was an absolute bonus!!!


Sweet bro!

Here are some pics of Vic n me in Auckland.


Sydney Rocks!

Hey there!

Here's a few pics that i took when i first arrived in Sydney. Hoping to upload some more soon but it takes bluddy ages!

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Recent Messages

From Your brother
Just been back to england Nats, its shite, stay there !!
Response: i know...wish i hadn't of come back god dammit!
From Cuz!
Hiya Nats

I'm not going to look at any more of your pictures! It just gets me down on days like this when it's p***ing down and i'm stuck in the office doing my boring job!

Take care, loads of love

David. X
Response: Hey u! Good to hear from ya, if it makes you feel any better it's pissing it down here in Sydney and i'm freezing my ass off most days (below 10 degrees now!)...still at least the sun shines!

Love to you and Laura x
From Meechelle!!
Why thanks for the intro, sweet bro eh!?
Must get me one of these sites..keep your eyes peeled mate!

Peace&love eh!
:-D xx
Response: Ah, i'll dedicate a whole page to my mad country pom travelling buddy when i get a chance! Guess what...i'm gonna stay a few weeks longer here in Oz....whoooo no minging British rain just yet!!! Got some waitressing work and have 3 days of reception work (so enough money to last me 2 weeks!). Hopefully all this work coming in will continue and we'll get to meet up in Sydney!
Anyway email and let me know what madcap, adrenaline stuff you've been up to! xxxx
From Gill Robinson
Love the photos wish I was there with you natalie
Response: Thanks Gill! Hope everythigns good with you, will more than likley see you next weekend! xxxx