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Gem and Hannie's Round the world adventure

Hello lovely people! Well this is our travel page we will be updating as we go round the world. We're all technological now hey! You can leave us little messages if your feeling adventurous and we'll try and reply as soon as possible depending on what were up to etc. Either that or send us an email. either way keep in contact! Any ways you prob get the jist now so will let you read on! Much love Gem and Hannie xxxx

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 06 July 2005

Location: my home, UK

hey guys and girlies! well we are home!!!!

very strange to be back after such a long time away, but so far everything seems as we left it! which is weird, but sweet at the same time.

just wanted to say thank you for sharing this journey with hanni and me. the places we've been and the people we've met; we have so many happy memories of!

for those of you from home, your emails have been so much appreciated! so nice to hear what everyone is up to when your away! can't wait to catch up with you all soon! the pub awaits! a few drinks are owed one way or the other, i think. lol!

to those who we've travelled with. you have been wkd!

tamsin and fiona: you are two lovely girlies. the trip wouldn't of been the same with out you! can't wait to catch up with all your shinanegans around oz!

victoria and becs. so nice to keep bumping into you girls in nz and oz. hope brisbane is working out for you!

the rest of our thailand to singapore group: :D happy days

dyl: you mad welshy! You rock! I'd appoint you as the new pope any day. Sorry about missing the crab racing, but hey maybe we can introduce you to the maddness and thrilling pace of cam punting! probably not but hey its the nearest we have to it.

matt and mike: we love you guys so much. its so rare to meet people who are really themselves around everyone. so cool reading your shinanegans.. brings a huge smile to our faces. your so funny! missing the fake holland accent. hope to see you soon when you get bk

henry! no one dances like you! such a dude. see you in leeds!

dan and big mike! travelling up the east coast was brilliant with you guys! hope your travels in thailand were as wkd as ours were

the rest of our surfing buddies! sweet sweet memories!

well i will try and put some photos up for you. once i can work out how on the website!

well its time to unpack and decontaminate my rucksack of all the rubbish it has collected! nice.

take care and see you really soon
lots of love n hugs gem and of course the fabulous hanni!

Saturday, 02 July 2005

Location: still jo'burg, South Africa

hey one and all well this is probably going to be one of the last few entry's to this diary! which means one thing! i am coming home! whey. really looking forward to seeing everyone!

well we have had another quiet week. of visiting the mall etc.

met chris's girly on friday. very quiet! we saw madegascar again! such a cool movie! even better second time round you miss so much first time round! like shrek! anyways i am in love with the penguins! especially their quest to antartica! hehe!

today which is saturday, we went to the lion park! this is kinda like a drive through zoo! soo cool. got to see loads of lions encluding some white lions. ( the reason why they are white is similar to why humans have red hair - another useless piece of information!)
was a really amazing experience being able to watch these huge creatures basking in the hot winters sun. you don't appreciate how big they are until you see them up close. even the cubs have these huge massive paws! so cute.
really funny at one point one of the cubs decided he was going to sleep in the middle of the dirt track and go to sleep! so massive que of cars waiting for this thing to move. bless. but yeah was really cool. saw loads of other animals too like springbok, cheeta, hyena, warthog, zeebra and my favourite animal giraffes!

probably the best moment of the day, well for me was being able to fed the giraffes! they have amazingly long tongues! but they are sooo cute! really beautiful animals! really funny watching all the kids beinf freaked out by this big tongue heading their way! was so funny!
ooh we also got to stroke some lion cubs which was cool!

we then went to the sterkfontein caves! which was a real mission in itself. felt like you were in tombraider in some bits! so many holes you had to squeeze through. but really cool at the ame time. if you are fit enough. um the caves are situated in an area called the cradle of human kind. basically they believe that human kind started here, as they found a skeleton known as mrs ples. yeah she's very old. talking millions here! yeah we didn't see her though as she's moved up to pretoria museum. slighlty warmer than the caves apparently! possibly a bit better social life too! lol
but yeah it was cool to see where we originated from! the caves are pretty amazing too! apart form looking like you've been rolling around in a sand pit when you get out! its all an adventure hey!
well must be going! will see most of you soon!
lots of love n hugs gem xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Location: Jo'burg, South Africa

Hey guys and girlies

Gem and i have not been up to much over the past week. There is the slight problem of transport and not being able to rent a car. Driving is not as bad as i thought it would be. some interesting junctions but not to bad. You have to be 21 like most places to rent a car, so were pretty much stuck to going out at the weekends.

Jo'burg has been somewhat of a culture shock for me, in that there are bars on the windows, and gates within gates. Somewhat like a high security prison. So am feeling somewhat cooped up at times. Have been sleeping tons though.

Chris's family are really wonderful. Daleene and chris have been taking care of us, which is really lovely. its so nice to be back in a family environment again.

So far we've been bowling, visited the appartied museum, seen monte casino and its bird park and watched chris's cousins band play and be interviewed. Totally cool!!!! The guys are really good so hopefully there album will be released in the uk pretty soon too. amazing once in a life time experience!!! this weekend were meeting chris's girlfriend and going to visit the lion park and the caves. Should be very cool!

Well my lovelies i'm looking forward to seeing you all very soon and giving you all hug big hugs. It will be good to get home and breathe for a while.

(((((((((((((((((((Love you all)))))))))))))))))))))))

Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 24 June 2005

Location: joburg, South Africa

hey guys and girlies sorry haven't updated the website for a couple of days. well so far what we've seen of s.a has been cool.

had trouble hiring a car as we aren't old enough so haven't been able to do much to be honest with you. but it is no biggie!

we have been to the local mall twice which is massive! has some really cool shops. we have spotted some old cadbury's astros! i dunno if you remember them but they are like really tini biscuits with chocolate around them! so cool. its like the pez sweets, nerds and other candy we saw in oz! brings me bk. so cool!

apart from that we have been spending time with chris and his family. which has been nice. hannah is really enjoying her time here. they both get on very well. which is really cool! i have fallen in love with the dogs! they have 3 and a cat. though sparky is my fav! so cute!

oh have been sleeping lots too. haven't slept so much in ages its great! i obviously need it!

watched bridget jones's diary today. so funny! oh really getting into an africaans soap called 7delaan. which is in africaans thankfully there is subtitles but very cool! never thought i'd be saying that about a soap.

see most of you in less than 2 weeks!

love ya all loads
big snuggles and kisses
gem xxxxx

Monday, 20 June 2005

Location: jo'borg, South Africa

Hey everybody! Well we have arrived here in Jo'borg. We had a really long flight! Think we managed to watch 3 movies in that time. Plus the loop of the music programmes a couple of times! Whey. So yeah that was the whole day. We saw the sun set as we arrived here, which was really beautiful, very cool thing to see as you are landing. We Met Chris and his mum at the airport. So nice not to be confused as to where everything is when you arrive in a strange country. Really nice to finally meet them. Had the best night sleep! Whey.

Today we have just really tried to work out what we are going to do with the 2 weeks we are here. Will have to rent a car I think to see some of the stuff we want to do during the week, which will be cool. There is so much to do here, so hopefully will be able to see at least some of it.

Anyways hope your all well. Just think 2 weeks before we get back. Just cherish the quiet that you have for this time. He he. Han and I are really looking forward to seeing everybody again! So excited!!! Think I'm going to need some serious re adjustment!

Love you all loads Gem and Hanni xxxxxxx

Saturday, 18 June 2005

Location: Perth, Australia

hey guys well we are in perth now for the brief moment. had a horrible flight from cairns to here. loads of turbulance. not fun! but yeah apart from those few minutes of worry the rest of the flight was cool. very tired as arrived in our hostel about 3 am perth time whichis 5 am cairns time. but thankfully didn't wake anyone up. really nice room.

have had a very exciting day sight seeing around perth. went down to the esplanade. had a walk along there. visited ther town centre. spent a couple of minutes trying to work out how you got into the art museum.

loads of interesting pieces of art. some random cut a paste circles (not sure how this is art but then what am i to know.. actually would probably win the turner prize. i think i should plagerise his work and earn loads from it. felt so inspired! i think a 3 year old would probably have more artisic creativeness than this guy. but he has designed the weetabix packets out here so is minted! wrong job i say)

they had some really cool aboriginal art. and loads of cool glass work. oh and some really cool films by a jo'burg artisit which was awesome.

then we went across to the museum. learnt loads about the treatment of the aboriginals. felt very sad by what i read. especially the taking of children from their families. really really sad. had some other cool exhibits too.

yeah and that has been about it.

anyways we fly out to jo'burg tomorrow lunch time which will be cool. not looking forward to the 11 hour flight! but it has to be done.

anyways will love you and leave you. have a fantastic weekend. hope the weather is a bit warmer than here in perth. very chilly compared to cairns

big snuggles gem and hanni! ( avid flip flop wearer)

Friday, 17 June 2005

Location: cairns, Australia

heya! well we have had an exciting last two days in cairns!

we met a girly who we travelled round the south island of new zealand. so cool to see her. we were having lunch at the time. very cool!

apart from that just had an easy day. walked around the esplanade which is a long street near the waters. its all muddy around the bay where cairns is so no sand. but they have crocs! seen the warning signs and everything! so yeah i'm not going any where near the sea!

went out to johno's blues bar in the evening which was awesome. they had a reggae band on (not quite blues) and then another singer who did a couple of well known tunes. even a bit of bob dillion. very cool. ended up meeting this guy chris from st neots which was cool. such a small world! then met to aussie navy dudes. ended up playing pool for most of the evening! head is a bit fragile shall we say this afternoon.

today (which is the 17th) we have seen more fruit than you could ever imagin at the market next to our hostel. felt healthier just being in there! really cool. all looked so good.

also went to see madegascar i think this is how you spell it. anyway such a brilliant movie. so funny. and no we weren't the only adults there without kids! whey. yeah so have just got back from that. anyways the weather has picked up. i can see blue sky! so i am going to go for a walk i think!

hope your all having a fab day! and if you see my dad say happy birthday to him. he was 21 again yesterday! so embarrassing i know!

anyway love you all loads
take care big snuggles gem xxxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Location: cairns, Australia

wow five days to write up! so appologise if it is short!

11th of june:

we had a rediculously early start. of 7.30. well actually it wasn't 7.30 it was 8.30! our sheet of times had got it wrong! could of had an extra hour in bed! gutted. didn't help that the lovely bunch of guys in our room came in and talked have the night whilst being drunk. some people have no manners! so yeah spent the hour drinking coffee! good kick of the caffine! whey. we headed to magnetic island, via townsville. sorry can't remember much of the journey as slept though most of it, but im guessing we stopped off at some point. arrived in magnetic island quite early which was nice. we went for a walk to try and see some koloas in their natural habitat. loads of people had put signs on the ground telling us where they had been a few hours ago but unfortunetly didn't see any! so sad cause they are really cute. anyways we got to see some of the old fort there which was cool. thankfully didn't see any spiders or snakes!

stayed at base backpackers for the night really nice hostel. managed yet again to get the dorm furthest away! just a talent i've picked up since getting here! so many people are so envious of it! lol. but yeah really nice room. watched the all black moari's beat the lions! bit of a boring match. dunno if you guys saw it. really getting into rugby. our hostel was literally right on the beach which is so cool! sat and watched the sunset and the stars on the beach. would have been very romantic if the right person had been there! unfortunately no one. saw a couple of shooting stars! really awesome.

12th of june!

went sea kayaking in the morning, on a gloriefied sea kayak, more of a raft with bum holes that a kayak but very cool all the same. spent about half an hour paddling round then went back in cause it was too cloudy to see anything on the reef. got to see some coral and stuff but no fish unfortunately. we left maggie island around 11 and headed back to townsville and up to mission beach. had some really nice ice cream on route soooo good! saw a bit of tully and its gigantic gum boot! another aussie icon!

stayed in a really nice place called scotties! had a nice pool n stuff. v. cool. shame we were only spending the night here as the beach looked amazing! but it wasn't to be!

13th of june! national holiday - queens

we headed up to cairns today. stopped off at a really nice waterfall and a really cool lake. lake eacham. hanni went swimming cause it was boiling hot! really nice to see the kids swimming about having fun. can't imagin how hot it gets in the summer. its hot enough now! we then stopped off at the bungy site. took 2 and a half hours for the guys to jump. so got a bit bored. walked up to where they jump! soooooo soooo wanted to do it myself. looks amazing. people were jumping off backwards. two of the people on the bus did a running jump off the roof! totally mad! but really cool. amazing to beable to see the sea from the rainforest! awesome.

arrived in cairns and were turned away at the first hostel, but found a bed thankfully at the next one. really cool place. staying at gilliagans. went out for a final meal with the oz experience people at the woolshed. not really getting why it is rated as good as it is. not feeling the vibe there unfortunately but the food was good. especially for $6.50. can't complain.

14th of june
carins. boring day of trying to sort out flight changes which weren't possible! and just walking around carins! its a cool city!

15th of june:
walked down to the esplanade this morning tried to have a swim in the lagoon but it was closed for some reason. sooo hot! woken up at 8am with a fire alarm! fabulous alarm clock should try this one at home. gets you out of bed straight away. amazing!
met 3 people from our thailand trip today. so cool. becks and victoria we, travelled a bit with in nz, but met another guy ross. so weird. the world is such a small place! but really nice at the same time. such nice people! so yeah totally awesome day! have spent a couple of hours sun bathing. whey! the sun is so hot though. trying to get a bit of a tan before home. my arms are the only body part remotely tanned! still have the next couple of days. whey. went to go and see mr and mrs smith. such a good film! really liked it. have just got back from the night market. haven't bought anything have resisted. very impressive. and thats what we've been up to. hannah has wrote something as well. trying to be clever. very funny! love ya! anyways must go. loads of washing to do so will spend the next few hours of my life waiting for that! hope your all ok and doing fine. not getting up to too much mischief i hope!

anyways. love you all loads. every one of you is an incredible person! i can't express how much you mean to me but you all mean a lot! probably even more than you may think!

big snuggles gem xxxx

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From Tamsin
Hi lovelies - cant believe you r coming home soon - seems like ages ago that we went our seperate ways. It has been nice reading your memories of our thailand - malaysia adventure. Keep in touch. Fou sends her love xxx
Response: hey lovely! well we are home now. such good memories of our trip! definately should catch up when things have settled down a bit! very crazy at the mo! but home is so nice! so cool to be bk! take care hun. love ya gem
From claire
hi ya
i'm just clicked i'm off on hol on the 8th so i'm probably gonna miss u getting bak :( but dont worry i'm only goin for a week so i shall come knocking on ur door as soon as i am bak!!! enjoy SA whilst ur there c u soon.
Response: ok cool. it will be so good to see you again my lovely. its been too long. maybe we can go punting or something?
lots of love Hannahxxx
From Sarah F
Wow, only a couple of weeks and you'll be home again. Time has flown by! I've been keeping up to date with ur journal. Everything you've done + seen sounds amazing. I can't wait to hear about it all from u + c ur photos. Life here is the same as always-our little heat wave has just ended! Enjoy ur last few weeks-see u soon! xx
Response: hey lovely! so jealous you had a heat wave! sounding so gd at the moment. gets so cold here at night! yeah really looking forward to coming home now and seeing everyone! love ya loads gem and hanni
From Sio
Hello,i've been lazy for the last few days and not checked the site, sorry. new york was fabulous. wonderful place to go,glad to be home tho.i saw madagascar when i was there,its an awesome film.i thought the ending was a bit strange tho, obv left room for a sequel.but it was great watching it in new york too,we went to the zoo after watching it. There was only one kid in the whole cinema,the rest were adults. excellent. hope south africa is lovely. see you in a few weeks xx
Response: wow glad you had a great time in new york yeah that film is fab! loved it. i think me an han were the only adults with out kids but no worries, doesn't bother me. yeah so excited about going home! can't wait not long now!
see you very soon
lots of love gem
From claire
blimey more kayaking! ur being v adventerous (ok so jeting around the world in the 1st place was quite adventerous) its so hot bak here at the mo well in cambridge it is everywhere else seems to b suffering thunderstorms. had a weekend of bbq's just to make the most of the weather. SA is the nxt place i wanna head after oz u r making me so jealous u'd betta be prepared to share all the stories wen u get bak i'm 1st in line! enjoy ur last weeks (sure u will)!! c u soon.
Response: hey hun yeah i heard about the thunderstorms on the world weather. its wimbeldon i say! its bound to have bad weather! wow bbq sound cool. looking forward to the heat gets cold here in sa at night. brrr anyways thanks for emailing. will definately tell you all when we get bk! love ya loads girly
gem xxx
From Ellie
Hey guys!!
Long time no speak. Turns out i didn't have tonsilitus, it was bloody glandular fever and viral meningitas!! Missed 2 of my exams as was in Addenbrooks. Back at uni now tho.I'm so glad Hannah's being sensible on the old scooters, you can never b too careful!Gemma my lovely, i'm suspecting that the kangeroos prob got scared seeing you zooming towards them on scooters!Lol, i certainly wouldn't jump out to see you. Glad you've seen some at last though! It's so strange thinking of you being so far away. I'm missing you both lots. So glad you're having fun. Loads and loads of love, Ellie xxx
Response: so glad your ok! so worried about you the last couple of days. dunno why some weird instinct i guess. aww but so glad ur fine. phew scary news. have fun with the lumbur puntcures and all that. yeah the scooterooing was fun. kangeroos don't come ok till the eve cause its cooler ( dum comment) so thats why u don't see them. pretty neat animals! but yeah i wouldn't come anywhere near me either!! really beginni to miss you and every one at home! have so much to tell u when i get bk! ;-P anyways i'll love ya and leave you. take it easy babes! praying for you. big snuggles gem xxxx
From Juliet, Marcus and T
Hi Gemma and Hanna!

Jo has just given me this wonderful website address. So nice to read about all of your adventures and to know that you are both well. We have just got back from Greece (which seemed a long way with a 2 year old but it seems very short distance in comparison to your great adventure). Hope you seen you when you return. Take good care of yourselves. Love Juliet, Marcus and Toby
Response: heya! wow greece sounds amazing!!!! very brave of you with toby in tow! the world seems a very small place now with all the people we keep bumping into its nuts! anyways really nice hearing from you! see you when we get bk, much love gem n hanni
From Siona
hello my lovelies. Tis moi again. australia sounds good. whats the weather like there? I'm in New York at the moment with my wonderful wonderful darling bf(tim he says i need to put his name in case you've forgotten how wonderful he is), and its really really REALLY hot, like 30 degrees aaaaaaaaaargh.i hope you're feeling better now,being ill when you're not at home sucks. How is rach doing... haven't seen her for aaaages? anyway glad you're all good, its so interesting reading all you're doing. even more impressive is that im still checking every day, even though im in a completely different country. oh yes im reaaaaally dedicated. love you lots sio xxxx
Response: hello! majorly impressed/worried about the checking! feel very honered though! wow ny sounds hot! it is around 26 ish i think! very nice! rach is good! oh by the way yeah we do remember tim! picked a gd un there! neways have fun in new york! love ya loads gem
From Claire
Hey u 2!
i'm glad to hear ur both feeling better, it cant be enjoyable sight seeing when u feel rough. kangeroos r wkd animals it would b cool to see them in the wild. hav scooters ever been a good idea? bless han i dont think i would feel safe! i love my car to much. its funny u met rach i'd be gobsmaked if i went all that way n saw sum1 i knew. neway just thought i'd say hi n everythings fine back here with me neway. enjoy the rest of ur travels chat soon.
Response: yes it was interesting but hey now i've ridden on the back of a motorcycle. Thats one experience i never have to repeat again. scooters are just glorified zimmer frames on weels i think. stupid mode of transport! I'm still gobsmacked about rach. wierd eh?
lots of love Han xxx
From Jane
Hope your both feeling ok now and enjoying more of Oz. It sounds amazing. Thanks for the card. It will be good to catch up properly when you get back. Jane
From Siona
hello my dears. Its me again. Its good to see you're having such a fabulous time. I've been checkin your site every day to see what you've been up to. It all sounds so lovely. My holiday is only 13 days away now, wooo! How excited am I?!
anyway glad you're having a good time. Sio xx
Response: wow. thats quite dedicated!!!!!! holiday sweet! I'm really enjoying mine. Its rather and extended one though. Where are you going? Take care babes lots of love and hugs Han xxx
From Hal
Hey you two,
I wish so much that i could be there with you, life here is pretty crap for me at the moment. The only good thing is that i finnaly passed my driving test and have my own little red corsa! (third time lucky) Im glad you two are having a great time, i have another friend traveling the world too but i think he is going for 3 years or more so i think he will be spending abit more time in each place. Hope you continue having a great time!
Lots of love to you both
Response: hey hal! sorry to here things aren't great! send me an email and tell me about it if you want to. whey congrats on passing! still haven't passed mine! oooh new car wkd! having fun learning to surf wkd time. love ya gem
From brother andrew
hello again
just thought i'd update you on my exams situation. i had maths on monday and theres not much that needs to be said there, i think you can guess how it went. i had german reading and writing and listening and writing today, the reading went ok but the listening was a bit dodgy ( didn't finish the paper) oh well, have fun whilst your in oz hope to speak to you soon.

love brother andrew (mmmmmmmmmmmm)
not sure if youll get the (mmm) bit. sorry if you don't
Response: hello brother andrew mmmmmmmmm this is a very sad serious and solum occasion! well for you and your exams anyways! only jkn! in sydney now! had 2 hrs sleep in the last 2 days wohooo gonna crash in a minute so tired! how was cricket by the way. cheeky monkey it would have been nice to talk to you! yeah maths mmmmmmmmm eugh! nasty subject. hope all the other revision is going ok! thinking about you at the mo! the end is almost in sight! anyways email me soon about life etc! love ya loads gem xxx
From Grandma Dena
Kia Ora,
Thankyou for your card and letter. I envy you your fantastic trip though realise that it might be a bit hectic for an old'un! Its amazing what you are doing. What memories you will have! Do get that stinky stuff off you before you get home, though. Fwaaa ... !!! My canal trip was pretty exciting for me in Wales. Just got back. Love you lots. God Bless. Grandma Dena.
Response: wow! i would so love to go on a canal boat!!!! it sounds like you had a fab time! nah your never to old to go travelling we met a guy on our trip to queenstown who was around 70 and went bungy jumping! brilliant to watch him! yeah rotora mud is all off now! you'll be glad to know! your welcome for the cards etc! hope the weather is better for you at home its rained for the last couple of days! lots of love n hugs gem xxxx
From Claire
Hey Girlies
Its great to hear ur still having such an amazing time! a 17km bout of kayaking!! we cant really complain about grafham water now can we! although i should think the weather n general water conditions were abit easier than GSCE PE, and the views more enjoyable. Its blue sky n white clouds back here at the mo but rain predicted for pretty much eternity after this so ur not missin the 'summer'. i've been well and turely biten by the travelling bug after reading about ur adventures just wondering how u managed to arrange it all? i think i best start saving so wen u get back with all ur amazing stories and pics i can afford to go myself! Love to u both x
Response: STA travel! they will do it all (apart from paying for it). yeah kayaking was sweet! much warmer than grafham! ooh the good old days! at least its abit warmer in the uk! off to the warmth of oz on thursday morning! a guy we met on the kiwi bus is gonna take us crab racing in sydney! its a must apparently! mad welshy. yeah if u need any help with organising stuff then just email! be happy to help! can't believe its been 2 months crazy! love ya loads gem
From Ellie
Hi guys,
New!! Can't really claim to have done anything nearly as exciting...EVER! Have had two exams in the last two days. Have had special arrangements made so that i can sit them in college as am not very well. Either got tonsilitus or glandular fever. Not at my best. It's 2am here. Can't sleep so thought i'd see what you guys r up to...SOOO envious! I honestly can't wait to hear all your stories and see your pics. I love learning about new cultures...Moaris sound fascinating!! Might look them up on google now. Not going to sleep. Anyway my lovelies...take care of yourselves, i would say watch out for wild animals although lamp posts appear to be far more threatening (Don't know what i'd do without you Gem!). Love you lots. Ellie aka Golf ball glands xxx
Response: awwww honey! well i hope your 'golf ball' glands clear up soon! hope that your exams are going ok and are almost over! yeah really loveing it here so sad were leaving in a few days. off to christchurch tomorrow at 7 .30 am just got bk from a night out in queenie! so cool. they do cocktail tea pots for $15 bargin! so funny. anyways have to go and pack if i get 4 hrs sleep it will be a miricle! much love gem. p.s praying for you to get better soon! love ya xxxx
From Ali
wooooo springboks!!!!!

(response to ur response to andy's mssg if ur confused!!!!)

Response: I no- there shirts are just the coolest!- Green - the best colour in the world.
From ur little brother
hey gem and han and anyone else who might happen to be reading this message. just got your email (from gem). good to hear your having a good time. 2 pints for £1 hey, not bad. not sure if your in oz yet but i dont think i would turn down a rugby shirt. anywho i need to do some work now so hopefully i 'll talk to you soon.

love andrew
Response: hello to my not so little bro! ok still in nz! will get u an ozzie one or all blacks u choose or springbok for that matter. hope the revision is going well! gd luck with it
From Steve
Hi there
Glad to hear NZ is sssssoooooo good! You'd never get me on a horse though! Sam and Amy would love the wall to wall Mattresses - maybe at the expense of the others...I guess not everyone likes 2 and 5 year olds using you as a bouncy castle! Continue to have loads of fun. Steve
From Rebs
hiya! I sounds like some much fun, you are making me jealous being stuck here in preston! cant wait to see you photos - bet they r really gd!
From Dad
Thursday 28 April 2005 - Aukland. How much caffeine have you had. Random is not the word!!!!!!!!
Seriously glad its all going well, have a great tour thru NZ. All missing you back here but very amused by your antics in the Antipodes! Love you lots and lots and lots. Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Response: hey dad! yeah caffine does the trick for randomness better than alcohol i think! loads of lovely walks around here! fantastic scenery! and english weather!!!!! bit cold but its a nice change from the heat! missing you all to say hi to everyone! lots of love n snuggles all round gem and hanni xxx
From Claire
Hey Ladies
it sounds so amazing all these sights, cultures, and experiences ur enjoying. its been pretty miserable weather wise here this week so i'm really glad its been so wonderful where u r (ok i'm just jealous) u've gone half way across the world to shop! sound good! well done for findin jeans that fit it is a mission! neways best let u get on enjoy urselfs!
Response: shopping is a necessity not a lifestyle! yeah wonderful here you should try and come over to nz if the plans for oz are still on! weather is the same as home here (its autumn now) very cold but the views make up for it! yeah very impressed with the jean shopping and my new trainers no blister wohoo!
love ya girly xxxx
From Ali
Have you met up with Sarah yet? Is she still there in NZ? (I get confused easily!!). Hope you've both slept well!!!

Response: no she's still in south island will hopefully meet with her in the next 2 weeks! hope your ok? hows uni going? yeah sleep is so good! han had 15 hrs not bad! not bad at all!
From josie
Ha Har.... I've got the computer for a little while.....Hi there Gem and Han,.... Have been keeping up to date with all your news and travels and experiences, great reading about the amazing things you've both seen and done......Auckland here you both come.......with a quick bounce through Sidney at 5am tomorrow morning..shall be thinking of you both at 8pm take off time...All is fine you lots.
Response: heya! arrived in auckland lovely city! just very jet lagged again can't do changing time zones at all! glad to here everything is ok! lots of love gem xxx
From Lisa
Just wanted to say hi!
Love, Lisa
Response: Hello my lovely!