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Geoff & Sue's Big Adventure

Welcome to Geoff & Sue's Big Adventure Down Under. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: Australia

Hiya everyone.
Sorry its took us forever to get some more pics on here. We are having a great time over here it really is amazing. Here are some pictures of new friends and places we have been to recently.
Take care
Love Geoff and Sue

Monday, 11 December 2006

Location: Mackay, QLD, Australia

Finally got around to updating our site. Please look at our new photo pages. Lots more to follow in the next couple of days.
Sue & Geoff

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Location: North West, UK

Hi everyone,
Just a short note to say hello.
Here we are still in England, but we thought we should sign up with this site so we can leave messages and show you some photos as we go.
As a start we have chosen some photos we took last year on our trip. Have a look - we're sure you'll begin to understand our reasons for going back for a bit longer.
See you,
Geoff & Sue

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Recent Messages

From minnie
Just got your blog passed on from Stephen, great photos, Mam and I have been looking through them. Enjoyed them very much, just like the holdiday programmes. Feels like we,ve been there already, so we'll save on the fare! Love from both of us.
From sylvia mcdonald
hi just found this page , hope you are both having a great time miss you loads
luv syl xxxx
Response: Hiya Syl
We miss you so much too! Will have some pics next week! Its winter here but still wearing shorts. Be good xxx
From Michael Keane
Some cracking sights. The weather doesnt seem as nice as in St. Helens. What have you both been up to lately?
From (Hilly and the Whist
Alrite G how you doin? Just been lookin at the pictures and Oz looks mega. Hope your havin a good time. Ps i've got meself ten golf lesson for xmas so next time you'll be in trouble. Ha ha later bro
Response: Thanks Ste.
Glad you liked the photos. Things are good over here (except it's rained non-stop this week!).
We'll try to keep more up to date with the site so keep looking.
Take it easy mate,
Oi you two where are the updates? We want pictures and exciting info of your travels!!!!

Hope you are both ok. Take care.

Hope to hear your news soon!

Love Val, JK and Danni XXX
Response: Hi all,
Just got broadband at home, so we'll be sure to put some nice piccies on very very soon.
From Skippy
I hear you coming to work in my back yard this year. Hope you bringing lots of sun tan lotion its set to be a scortcher. You two look a nice couple are you married, if not there is no better place than here in OZ for the big occassion. See you down under. Love Skippy the bush kangerooo.
Ta skip
From Mrs.Ranger!
Hope you have a brilliant time.Looking forward to the photos--see if you can get a better spider.
Response: Thanks Mrs. Ranger. We'll see what we can do!