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Welcome to the life & times of Georgia Mae & Co.!!

Heres whats happening in Boho and Abroad!! Enjoy.....

Photos - Click Below


School to date!!!!

whats gos at yanco? your questions are answered!!!! here!!!!


The shop To Date!!!

whats happened in the shop latley!!! we have the health inspectors tick!!!! yay!!!


some of my random pics

heres some of my life!!!!!!!


the wonderful puppies!!!

heres tilly, dotti, mini, and boo!!!

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Recent Messages

From Muma
Hello darling - great pics, love the puppies. Can I put some photos on here too - so you can see them when you are at bording school and Bonnie can when she is OS and Rose can when she is in Tassie (and Matt too) and Corrie can wherever he is!!
Response: yer sure!!!! ok duckie!
From bon bon
aw cute as
buy were r the pics of u all

love yu bon
Response: i put some on now you bossy boots!!!!
From jess lees
such cute little puppies!!!!!!!!! shame bout the person holding it
Response: your horrible!!!! i think the person holding them was very cute!!!!