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Glen in Ghana

Ghana on 10th June till 20th Agu

Diary Entries

Friday, 08 August 2008

Location: Achaise, Ghana

we went to the school to teach the kids again ( it was well good they were amazing ) had sum bentter with everyone and got the book club to gather had a really good reading session i am half way in the book Woo hoo its a good book hung out with the kids

Thursday, 07 August 2008

Location: Achaise, Ghana

today we went to the school and filled in forms for Platform 2 rather than teaching ( p***ed off ) so went borrowed a book from heather ( the Yes Man by Danny Wallace ) and started to read it as she needs it back by Monday ..................................................

Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Location: Achaise, Ghana

3rd and 4th just read my book Chopper

we went to the school to teach and the lids though we were all traveling so they did not turn up the had to be called over a bit microphone type thing. Children were happy to learn Art ( i was just assistan Shana ) then went home and a\had a book club meet with all members it was good ..................................................

Saturday, 02 August 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

woke up at the usual time got ready and went off to the market with Sarah Aysha Gladys ( host mum ) and Ama ( host sister ) where i got lots of things such as fabric and after the market we went to a guys seamstress and got measured for a pair of pants ( they are so cool i will show you them when i get back ) ..................................................

Friday, 01 August 2008

Location: Achaise, Ghana

woke up and everyone was getting ready to go ( most of the group were off to Moli excluding Me Aysha Sarah and Phil i just used today to do sum washing and read my book at my personal book meet lol .....................................

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Location: Achaise, Ghana

work up and went off to work and lifted sum bricks as there was not a thing to be done and the whole group were frustrated at the fact that we are building toilets for a community that already has the facility in there home and the ones that don't have them in there homes are to poor to use them as we found out that they will have to pay 5GHp ( 2.5p ) Also i find it quite upsetting that we are not in a very low poverty level community that really need Platform 2's help
the rest of the day i stated a book club with Shana and Aysha and we dubbed it the Galaxy Club ( we have been reading books from the start i have read one book prier to this )...........................

Monday, 28 July 2008

Location: Anamabu, Ghana

after breakfast anf afew hours in the sea i went in to recption and sing out and wetting everthing and waited for everone travled home and showed off my gatherings i was very proud of it all ha ha ha later on i readed Karems medicien bag as i had soer eyes nose and mouth

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Location: Anamabu beach resort, Ghana

we arived last night and had sum dinner and got to bed and this morro we had sum brekfast and sat on the beach and swimming all day it was well fun .............................

Friday, 25 July 2008

Location: Achesi, Ghana

work was boreing and after work i went to the Mosque with Kanem and Ifsa as i walk in ppl were saying SALAM to me went home and done sum washing and talked about Anamabu ( we were going the next day )

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

wnet to work and the bloks were still not dry from the day b4 so we struggled on with little to do and after lunch i hung out with Karem Ifsa Shana and "stevid the firedragon guitar" ( i name my guitar that lol ) so we went back to work in the afternoon and moved 15 blocks and that was it went back home and chilled with the kids Karem Sarah Ifsa Shana Aysha and we listened to "Ode to joy" by Cazlo like 10 time its well good ....................................

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Location: Achisie, Ghana

no work the day as the rain is way to heavy ( its the rainy sesson ) so just sat around all day and selabrated Shanas BDay it was well good went to the local bar and played "RING OF FIRE" LOL it was well good fun....................................

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

Karem and myself woke up and he told me that i said




in my sleep so after talking about that we headed to the breakfast table and had food with the girls for the furst time and we left for work and just out side the work site there is a house and out side the house there is a young girl crying and her dad slapping her over the face and draggs her in side where she was betten with a balt for a half an hour b4 anyone stoped it and we were able to see the belt cuming down it was makeing me feel sick and after that the rest of the day did not ever matter just thinking of it is macking me feel sick .................................

Monday, 21 July 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

went to work there is not a thing to be done yet again so i head off to get my parcles and after withing about 30mins and going from one person to an othere i got them and headed out of there so i got hoem and everone was asking wot did i get and i showed them and the saw the Galaxy and all woited a bit ( there was only 1 standerd size bar and like 12 ppl i was not going to work ) so i opend the rapper out flat a and had it on top of it and i folded it in half and put it all in my gob and everone was like OMG it was well good ( we dont get good choclate hear ) best day ever.......................

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

i woke up about 9 and played scrabble with Zach Billy and Karem till lunch and just after lunch i was in my room and i hear Zach ( ryan you got mail ) and as soon as he said that i ran out ( i have been waiting for mill for like 3 weeks) so i got my mail and it was a letter from my cuz and 2 parcel notces (i have to go and colect them) i was so happy the reast of the day .................................................

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Location: Achise, Ghana

work up at like 645 and got ready and as i came out the shower Billy cums ing and we both attact Karem with Pillows it was well funny lol ha ha after Billy had gone we were just liying there and my phone feel of the side of the bed and i pulled Karem off his bed and over to the phone and and pushed him back up after he passed it to me lol after we were muking about we went off to the cultural center where i traided my 3GHC ( 1.50 pounds ) hat for and "lazy drum" and a pen worth 9GHC wot a bargan. we had dinner at the Chicken inn it was good then went off to the hat musem ( i have been looking forword to thuis sinse i found out about it like 6 weeks ago ) so we get there and then it is cloused for renavashon i was well p***ed off so we go off to the market and buy sum fabricand i went totly crazy as it was weel good just a rush of picking a fabric and then getting it made into sumthing woohoo as i was walking to and from the market the is constantchearing for "Fat Joe"and as i was looking for a trotro they put a Fat Joe song on just coz i was walking past lol got home and had dinner after witch i became Chief Big Joe lol got sum fabric that i got that day and put it around me as a Chief would..........................

Friday, 18 July 2008

Location: Ashise, Ghana

there was not much work to be done so after 3 hours of not doing much work we had a group meeting and then i was on the hunt for a guiter and after looking aroun for ages i finlay got one the guy was asking 60GHC ( 30 POUND ) just for the guitar and i got him down to 49GHC and the asked him Te so ( Twi for give me sumthing more ) so i got a pair of Drum sticks and guitar bag and new strings then i asked him to put the stings on ha ha ha how cheaky is that lol

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Location: Achasie, Ghana

woke up in the morring and then when i was getting ready i hear "hay bryan" it was Atta he cumes in and gives me a Kenti scarf ( cloth of very rich ppl ) and says its for working from your hart. so after talking to him i set off to work and work very hard i did as most of the others were missing about with lizard eggs witch realy p***ed me off. After work we had everone around for dinner witch was well good Kele Wele and after dinner we had a few card games such as Egyption Ratske ( Ron tot it me and i passed it on ) had a few games of Scrabble then a few card tricks i done the paper trick where u have to push a 50p coin though a hole in the paper and my lovelay assistent Karem helped me out with the one where you push on the cards and i will tell you witch ones you touched in order and after that it was time for tea witch was fufu ( i pounded it ) tryed to get Phil to try it hye was not haveibng it i got Billy to he liked it........................

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Location: Anamabo, Ghana

woke up to the sound of the see it was a well good sleep and went and meet Ron and had breavfast witch was good and about 30 mins later Billy came and me Billy and Ron just sat on the beach and swam and played chess and got sunburn after tea we all were beat so we hit the hay.......

got work up with billy asken about water at 2 o'clockso we go on a wee trek to get sum lol funny

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Location: Cape Coast - Anamabo, Ghana

woke up and got ready to go to Anamabo beachand get told the rest of the group are not staying at Anamabo they will be cuming back to Cape Coast and i said i am staying coz that was the plan we are not even ment to be at Cape Coast last night so we went for brakefast witch helped me calm downand just as i do they say they wont to stay for a bit befour we leave so 2 hours and 30mins later we leave Cape Coast 15 mins later we arrive at Anamabo beach resort and as i get in i am like wow so i weet up with Ron ( the guy from the us )and after a few hours the rest of the group went so we just chilled on the beach till 930where we endded the night with a bonfire.................

Friday, 11 July 2008

Location: Ashiase - Anamabo, Ghana

at 1045 we left for Anamabo or so i thougt half way down the rest of the group say they wont to stay in Cape Coast for a night then head to Anamabo first thing so we arrived at Cape Coast about 3ish and Phil Rich Zac and billy got rooms witch left me and heather with no room so we left to try sum where differant we went to the beach and saw this guy doing stunts on the beach and when he saw me videoing him he came right next to me and back flipped right into the sea where he smacked a womanin the face as he was landing after he saw the woman was ok he came up to me and told me about a showthat he was doing 2night. we went and had sum dinner then went to the show it was cool then as me and heather still have not found a room so we endup kipping on the guys floors i was in rich and pils room and when Rich and i feel asleep

Rich; "(sumthing in Twi)"

Me: "rember and bring thet wee stool"

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Location: Achiase, Ghana

went to work on time or 5 mins late as it was Ifsa day ( site maneger) but i did worked flat out all day then we had a group meeting then went home and played scrabble it was well good

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Location: Achiase, Ghana

anyothere day of work or so i though on the way to work we saw a chicken eatting a dead snake it was well funny and when we get to work me and stuart have a big arrgument so i walk off to stop my self from hitting him so the rest of the day was very boreing

so when i was sleeping Keram heard me say

Malaria tablet.... green or red?..... once or twice a day?...... read the label....... get the job done you little woman..... come te shop ( we hgave a guy from burnlaytah says "te" for "the"

Monday, 07 July 2008

Location: Achiase, Ghana

As i woke up with the rain beteing down i said aww i dont wont to work the day and Keram said i dont but we have to so we got ready and had brakefast and then left for work and about 35 secs away from the site all the rest of the guys and me get the same text saying no work the day so we just chill out at the tree for a bit and after all the kids have been playing the " Obruni game' (they would press my skin and watch it chang) for ages i decide to leave and use the exuse " THE WATER IS CUMING"

convo with Gladys (host mum)

Gladys;"Dont eat sweets - not good for you"

Me; "i ken Keram"

Gladys; "NO,NOT kenkey"

Me; "speak English"

Gladys; "no you speak Twi"

Me; "i do speak Twi Akwaba to my room (Akwaba is welcome in twi)

later on as we were sitting down to eat and we were talking about Tesco as Phil walks in and say "res a Tesco in Ghana?" and we say we its just down the road in Achiase and he bleves us it was well funny and we sat down and there was fufu it was well good then after dinner we all played sum scrabble.......

Sunday, 06 July 2008

Location: Nkoransa, Ghana

woke up and got ready and went for breakfast after breakfast we went to the gift shop where we meet Emanuella a 3and a half girl that was born with out arms or legs and her mum said " i am going to to her in the bush and leave her to die" so the Hand in Hand Opp toke her in she is so sweet and happy with her life and i couldnt even stand in the shop coz i had tears in my eyes coz she is so brave she a carer was sing a song to her ( if your happy and you know it say amen and she would reply amen ) we got a trocho back to Kumassi and went to the Chicken Inn mmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken after we had eatin we went back home and walk in to my room to fine all my clothes layed out all over the place drying it was well weard the rest of the family cum back from the wedding Pooching away ( i have been saying the word pooch for like 3 weeks and on friday just past i said i would stop and it was well funny lol ) off to my bed.................

Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: Nkroransa, Ghana

after a shower with an amazing view we wnet out and we bumpt into Bob ( him and his wife opend the Hand in Hand Opp ) and he introduced us to his wife she has beed awared by the pope for her work. after brakefast we headded for the monkey sancturey that we got a tour aroung and saw loads of monkeys. Then we went to Kantampo Falls witch was so about an hour and a half away so i fell asleep ( keram made a joke about me sleeping my way across Afraca ) so we got to the falls and the steps to get down to the bottem all 152 of them uneven and s*** we went under the falls it was well good and refreshing and as soon as i steped under i was confrunted by a man that was wonting a picture with me and all of a sudden there was a que of ppl wontting to take a pic with the obroney ( white man ) and after about 30 photos i left and was like no more and went and sat down with Ifsa and proseede to soke her lol. after the falls we went back to the Hand in Hand Opp and feel asleep...........

Friday, 04 July 2008

Location: Axhiase, Ghana

Went to work to find there is no vilagers so we could not do any work so we had a meeting insteed ( did not go to well ) then we finally got about half an hours work done after work i went home to pack for us going away for the weekend. i meet up with Ifsa and Karem we all hop on a trocho ( a wee bus ) and wentto meet rachel at the internet cafe and as we got there she was cuming down the stars so we left and got on an other trocho as we got on it there was many venders came to sell us stuff and things they were selling

DVDs - i was like let me see them and after i look at everone of them i handed them back and said its all right i have seen them all the guy was mad ha ha ha

peanuts - i was ask the peanut sellers if then have peanut butter and they allways ask if i wont peanuts and i am like no peanut butter

Xiang Jiang ( duracell ) - i saw sum guy selling batters and i was like have you git any AAA ones and he was like 1 min i will be back a min later he cums back with 4 AAAs and asking for 1GHC and i am like not way and just as that the owner of the stall he got them from cums across and say 30GHP ( 15p for 4 AAA )

we got to the Hand in Hand Opp ( the Hand in Hand Opp is a charity for children with disabiltys and been abbandoned ) and had a tour of our houses and we got an outdoor shower it was well good. we settaled in and meet for lunch at witch time i found out my phone was missing so Rachel calls it and no answer then about 5 mins later ring ring its my phone calling ( the guy found it in the trocho and i said " hes useing my credit" lol ) the guy cam and gave it to me and i gave him 2GHC for his help. so wqe had tea and chilled out at this rock over looking a cliff it was well good.

Thursday, 03 July 2008

Location: Axhiase, Ghana

i went to work and got way to hyper and started shoveling dirt on Keram and Ifsa and when Sylvia finally said it was time to go i jamp in to the mud and done a dirt angle then went hot to get my clothes washed for 1GHC ( 50p to you ) and sum lunch witch was Kelewele ( thats plantain with ginger ) and apart from making sum OJ with and for the kids i fell asleep and so it has been wirten befour iat 11.11pm i said "pooch" ( in my sleep )

Wednesday, 02 July 2008

Location: Achesie, Ghana

i wake up with a realy sore tummy i cant go to work with so the day is very intresting as Karem gose off to work i just read my book "long way down" woo hoo its well good and my friend Atta cums in and says Bryan i hear ur not well i brought sum dvd for you so after haven a chat with him for a while i set in to the dvds and not move till tea time as i am feeling better i tuk in to sum spag boll that sum of the guys made it was well good after dinner i go off to the tree with the guys meet up with Ifsa and rich and apprently when ever Ifsa and i are togather we get so hyper but its she is the only person that is up for been hyper with me and evrone ( Karem ) is just boring lol after sum time at the tree i head off home .............................

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Location: Achesie, Ghana

This morning Billy wakes me up at 7 and i am well p*** off as it is a public holiday \. so we just chill out with the kids and have a game of "Bryan" and after a 4 game win Karem jumps in and says he wont a shout at the champ so i am like ok and only coz i have played 4 other games befour hand he wins 5-3 and just befour i can call rematch he gets up and says right kids lets go to the zoo so i as he takes them off i have sum time to catch up on sum reading and when Karem gets back we have another game on "Bryan" and i win 5-2 coz i am a champ and i have a celabrational XL bar ( XLs are well good bisc )...........................

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From your bro
hi man not long now everyons asking for you we all missing u like mad just wana see ya well gota go rhys says hi and jj says llllllloooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkk lol look lala says well done and i say very well done m8 well i shal see ya when u get home m8 k i wont bother you unitll u get home and we can catch up and have a beer u can tell me all about it when u come home well love u and missing u and well done love wayne
Response: aww thank you v much just really missing everyone and cant wait to get home
From mum
hi ry not long to go hope all ok i cant wait to hear all your news your kebab will be waiting for your arrival home lol love mum
Response: aww that brill ta love you xxx
From ur sis
omg cant beleve u still out there miss u lyk mad cant wait to c u again but im very proud of u the pics are well cool im gona put them on bebo ha ha anyway take care and if anone annoys u tell them il come get them love u way too much and il try ge u a phone jan and smegil and manny send there love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: aww cant wait to c u xxx love ya
From Alison
Mr Glen,

where has your chat gone? i feel the news is over a week out of date...hope you're cool. things here are good - exodus going well, but could be more entertaining and loud with your presence ;-)

Response: ha ha ha i have been so busy with work i have niot had a chance to update it lol missing eveone see u soon
From mum
ryan not long now what a great time you have had
everyone asking for you
mind not to much in your case when your comming back
or you will need to pay so god only knows where your putting the drums and guitar
anyway will be on the phone
chat soon lovexxxxxx
Response: lol i will find a way lol
From Dean
Lookin forward to u gettin home glen! alots happened, and im sure its the same for you so we can chat wen u get back! ill come see u the day u get back! ill bring pizza and beer ;)!
Response: cool ccol man cait wait i am never leaving you again lol
From wayne
hiya m8 it was good to see your pics looks like your having lots of fun over there everyone is fine hear everyone says hi rhys is wondering where u r everytime we go to mums he says see uncle ryan and i so no he says how i think hes missing u m8 anyway gota go love wayne lala rhys jj xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: aww give them both a big hug for me plz
From Norman
Hi Glen,
been reading aa your posts pure dead brillyant.
look efter yersel.
Love and Blessings
Response: aww thanks very much i will do see u soon
From Kirsten
Glen - WOW is all I can say. So, so good to hear what you're up to. The few pics I've seen of you you look like you're having so much fun. Can't wait to see all the pics when you get back & hear more stories.
Take care of yourself. Oh....and keep enjoying the sun - nasty & grey here today. x
Response: awww nasty and grey i am missing that
From wayne
thinkin of you fatman xx

rhys says hi xx

jj says ooooooo xx

lala says keep up the good work m8 xx
Response: hows u all doing
From pj
hey man sounds likes your having a no bad time across there mind you would be quality if me dean joe and ginger dave were there with ya man speak to you soon, be safe man
From mum
hi ryan hope all is well everyone ok here joanne from birmingham is to be married next month in gretna green
i will send her somthing from you anyway peter gone out to night football thing what have you been up to how was your weekend did you remember tabs get kareem to remember you everytime i phone you tell me you forgot how is the family will phone you lovemumx
From rhys
hiya m8 watching u lol xxxxxxxxx missing u lots uncle ryan love u
From ur one and only sis
omg u sound lyk u having a ball and heres me worring about u lol take care we bro love and miss u too much xxxx
From Alison

loving the updates. glad you're coping with the ups and downs of it all!

i'm going to canada tomorrow morning!! i'm excited.

what's a throwing hats dance??
From wayne
chunk whats happend 2 my message bk im not happy with that lol only kidding chat soon wayne xxx lala says hiya fatman hears a big kiss fay her xxxxxxxxxxxxx rhys says jjgfxzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx jay saysuouioeap9rouisouoweroi xxxxx missing you hurry up and come home have fun got internet up and running k chat soon x x x x
From mum
wow the canopy walk saw it on internet i never thought you would have done that
lol everyone asking for you
phone bill jumped up 120 pounds must be love eh
well ryan am not sending the irun bru or the ben an jerrys
i will fill the freezer for you comming back lol missing you
r noise and the guitar on friday and saturday never heard from dean think he has gone looking for you anyway will close now love mumxxxxxxxxxxxif i dont phone you you phone me
Response: i am missing u 2 love you xxxx
From Brazilian Sam
Yoooo Bro!
I'm happy you're having so much fun!
When you come back you'll HAVE to show us the Ghana Dance!

God Bless you!
Good luck with the heat!
From Alison

where have you gone?? i'm waiting with anticipation for what happened after you met some nut jobs in the village!
From pj
dude your spelling is that bad i can actualy understand it but dude i never new that emaisl needed to have a shite now and again aye you lern somethign new ah the time ;)

speak to yi soon buddy
From mum
hi ry hope all is good how is the blisters hope feet is healing up ok everyone asking for you ryan to send your irun bru it will cost me about 25 pound along with your other stuff and i dont think i can send cans or bottles sorry
anyway water is better for you lol love u mind the tablets
set a time every day so you dont forget missing the noise
never thought i would say that will phone u luv mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From wayne
hiya fatman i want some bread and tea hahaha i had a pizza mmm it was good have fun building toilets m8 chat soon x x x your big bro
From Amy
Glen! I was so excited to hear that you were in Ghana! Legend!! I'm sure you're having an incredible experience! In 10 day's i'll be a couple of countries over from you in Liberia!! Hope you're teaching lots of people how to speak scottish! hey you'd be proud of me, I've got my welsh housemate saying "a dinny ken" (or however it's spelt!) it's pretty lush! anyways, take's great to see you news!
From Hannah
Hey, sounds like you're having a brilliant time. Keep on going with it all, and we are so amazingly proud of you. You're just a very groovy guy aren't you? You don't have to answer that!!

All the best mate
From Dean
aright man, sounds your enjoying it aye! not like home nah? haha. hows the people ure there with? me n dave are missing you mate, dave met some girl who hes been txtin, u go away and dave gets good luck haha. ure holdin him back son! we'll have a right good drink when u get back. i failed my test but my next one is on monday so fingers crossed mate. ill leave a message on this as much as possible ok!