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Glenno's Geezer Return wif Gusto!

Ive decided to pack the pluggers and take off to the land of low sun and pasty white tans!!! Thats right sportsfans im in geezer - home of wayne rooney and bangers n mash....

Here you can find my random smatterings of life style on my journey here for a while - hope its not too crap if anyone really cares i have a phone number 07 815 925 119 i think if its from oz land its like 00 11 44 7 815 925 119 ... fark that - i know you are all too cheap so it doesnt matter... Its dinkum time

Diary Entries

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Location: UK

Work Work Work eh... So normal life is well and truly involved these days so much so that its a Saturday right now and there is just the Finance team in the office. Instead of being in bed trying to get some much required sleep I am toiling away doing filing and the general fun involved when the audit is coming.

If anyone checks this anymore, get on Facebook i guess... We have uploaded all our photos from Cyprus on my page. That trip was insane, you find yourself trying to go on holidays that involve Sun these days.... knowing fully that when at home in Oz its just normal life. But here, the winter is coming and the days are amazingly short. Cyprus in a shell - sun, beach, good food and just all out relaxing fun, we drove dune buggies for day, got 15 again and spent an entire day at a water slide park, then got adult and went on a 75ft Cat for the day soaking up the rays drinking and general play in the ocean.

Reality kicked in and since then (mid October) its been all systems go, we've begun working on a plan for coming home. Its not cast yet but i believe we have picked a rough date - lets see eh, jobs and what not could decide how that plays out seeing what roles we end up in for the new year.

Anyways, thought i'd type something on here, must get back to work - hanging when not staying til post 7pm each night including Fridays is not the norm.

Peace outz

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: UK

LLLllllllllllllllllllllllong time between drinks here, I guess thats just part of being a tourist to start with here and now shifting into normal life. Anyways, in case anyone reads this lately has been quite busy.

We shifted housing to another area in Fulham - its a nicer house and has been refurbed so its new. Not ratty like the old digs and of course no mice.

Anyways, this week we are doing another jaunt hitting up a place called Paphos in Cyprus. There are 6 of us making the trek for some sun action - it has been dwindling away here and amazingly the sun is starting to go bye byes after what most people call summer... but this year we just called it shit

There was around 2 massive weeks of whats called summer this year - not great, but..according to the experts this winter may not be as warming, making the seasons evaporate

Anyways, im working so i gotta get back to it


Monday, 20 August 2007

Location: UK

This page is dying somewhat is it not - it's my fault for not updating it but, in reality - its the internets fault for not providing me with out of work internet...

We've shifted house! thats right we can now say "yeah, we live near the river"... the Thames actually..

The lease expired at our old pad we were sharing with Pete n Net in June, due to my over-retardedness (but Hayley also) we signed up with a dud company called "Interlet" who - stiffed us £80 in return for giving us the priviledge of looking at shanty's and hobo squallers for housing..

With this sweet companies help, we decided that we should look ourselves for a more productive house hunting approach.. we had to stay in an ex-council flat areas for 1 month - which, was actually pretty cool as we met some decent folk for that month. It was also really beneficial because A) no stress and B) we needed somewhere to stash our bags because we were finally heisting off for some travel action - destination.. Spain... agenda - Funski

We had planned to go to Pamplona and participate in the Running of the Bulls.. a great bit of festivus for the rest of us that involves alcohol and the persuance of bulls... well.. more like bulls trying to gore scared people! Some friends also decided to come along and suggested a bit of fun in the sun beforehand in Valencia, luckily the America's Cup was also housing in Valencia, so we got a spot of boat watching in whilst frolicking on the beach all day, everyday.. I got sunburnt like a lobster on the first day - even with sun creaming it, must be due to the over-geezeness i have been exhibiting by living here for the past year and a bit.

I enhance our stay in Valencia by also saying that because the cup was on, that the beach/boating arena also cranked up the fun stakes - they had in the harbour where all the syndicates were staying a massive stage where bands played nightly, clubs/bars all set up on the waterfront that were not usually there and so forth.. A great time was had, sun - sun burn and fun.. Next place - Madrid

Madrid... hot... and land locked... thats about it really, nah - it was great fun we got around and took a look at some of the general tourist spots, a fun thing to do - is the Bernabeu (Real Madrids soccer stadium) this was amazing, they have won over 300 trophies and are the biggest sporting club in the world. I even managed to get myself interviewed for Tv on the sporting channel, even though i did not speak spanish...booyah

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Location: London..townz, UK

So just a brief update I have uploaded a vid from my recent Spain trip - well just a vid really of a portion of the opening ceremony from Pamplona - the start of the Running of the Bulls .. or San Fermin

Sweetness, i hope it works - its just a smidge of the madness and this was before the noon kickoff - insanity

Other than that, I'll make sure that some pics and jazz are put here too - you can tend to get a little lazy when you have no internet at home... which I won't have in about 3 days because we have moved... thats right baby - moving on up

Moved to another part of Fulham, more closer to Putney, its a shared house and its been refurbed so its not a dung hole like our last house, the room is way bigger too so its cool - the only downer... we pay...MORE!!

Ah well

On some other side note I've obtained permo employment here.. had some interviews and they apparently like my ways so - I'm in!!


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Location: UK

Recent rousings have included some rather different shifters in lifestyles..

My oldies were here!!! Thats correct - its been a year and they decided to pop on in during their large trip, its awesome to see people from home and i guess family always take no.1... great to see them, true to form they couldnt be bothered with seeing the sites which made it better - i mean, really... who wants to see a crummy pensioners palace and other old stuff, the only new crap since they'd last been was probably improvements at the airport and the london eye!! not the tubes....still shitez

So i was fortunate to have a couple of days of work with my parents doing some general cruising and catching up - the perfect pre amble before what was happening on the 9th!! Download - my parents left the nightbefore to a teary eyed catchya!

I have once again gone off and done the Download Festival, held at Donington Racecourse - this was headlined this year by bands such as Iron Maiden, Linkin Park and MCR - mind you the other bands around these and headlining at other stages would shite all over 2 of the 3 bands, but.. hey!

So, this year we recruited some more folks to come and play - our housemates, other pals Erin and Andrew and Daver n Jaz, a fair posse, we roused up via vanno's on the Friday morning eager to get amongst some Buck Cherry action - only to fail because we tried to smuggle in booze in bottles to the campsite - yiss camping times as its a 3 dayer, meaning no shower - sleeping a tent, and...the worst part..... using either A) ground or B) demounted toilets which are just crapper pits - try using one of those badboys later in the day after everyone has been drinking heaps and eating festy foods... not good - even worse when its hot.

So the day got off to some good kick, after being herded in and having to pour out all our water to fill with booze we pitched our tents and sat around having a little food and drinky drinks before the 1st band of ilk... Megadeth, awesome fans..awesome the remainder of the day Wolfmother, Korn (triumphant in the small stage), Velvet Revolver etc you get the drift - this goes on for 3 days and there's about 120,00 people hitting this place. Some highlights were definitely getting involved in the circle pit action this year, going in there for over 2 hrs watching Machine Head and Slayer back to back on the saturday was bullocking. It's mental - Roadsy, Dave and myself were so slammed that we tried to faux run into each other later in the night but we were too bruised and battered... homo times i say

So after saddling up for Saturdays efforts we kindly retried it again in the pit on the Sunday for Killswitch Engage - we mustered up some strength and battled it out again, once done - we retreated to the hills to watch an awesome display by Iron Maiden - the whole fest takes in over 60 bands and its our second year and i cant wait for a 3rd.... check out some pics - awesomeness

Friday, 22 June 2007

Location: UK

Bon Jovi.... "ooooohhh we're halfway there" seems to be my entries of late eh - So like i was saying, Bournemouth - we arose to some sweet sun lovin' - we immediately jumped in the rental car and cruised around trying to get to the beach.. We know it wasnt hot enough to swim but we did a good job doing other ghey beach activities like kicking a ball and crap like that - we decided to perch up and have a beverage, upon which some lovely cretin of a man decided to start informing us all that Aussies all work in bars, we are all convicts, our education is crap because it wasn't from the 2 schools of Oxford and Cambridge etc etc with all the great knowledge i was garnering here i patiently bit my tongue until like popeye says "I can't stands no more"

I let him have a verbal barrage and we packed up our bat n ball and left him to dither in his spasmode... ended up going to have lunch and attacking the guy running the restaurant because it took 2.5 hrs to get food out to eat - -Bournemouth was starting to suck a little so we took off for home.

The next day, we ventured out to the Church again - a going away party - i won't go into it much because there's nothing that needs to be said about the Church.... it's a dangerous place - they don't give you 1 drink they give you 3 at a time in plastic bags and the floor is saw dust - cop that!

After awaking from a rude slumber, it was time to hit the Glousctershire Cheese Roll.... one word - Unbelievable...

We piled into the car and van and a bunch of us drove out to check out the mayhem, its pure 100% carnage. Anyone that actually goes in this must tick the box in either "deranged" or "drunk" - I did want to go it but we got there late, in time to watch some runs down the mammoth hill. Its basically an annual event in which people charge down a hill thats about 70 degrees downwards chasing a 3kg cheese wheel - - the winner.... gets ... the cheese wheel...... re-tard-ation

It was funny as all hell though watching people spanner themselves, definitely doing it next year - from there...homewards

Epic tales to continue....

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Location: UK

So...because im a lazy ferker - I havent even done much with this site for some time. Mainly thinking no one reads it anymo'..

And because i'm such a man about town i guess i can break it down for ya'll to what has been rockin' these pants for the past month, i guess i can start with the past few weeks as they've been quite busy-ness

Just recently there's been some public hol's or bank holidays as they call it - we decided to finally bring out the road warrior boots and hire a car for the weekend, and.... as you'd guess... drive somewhere

After a night of working on some battle plans Hales, our mates Rohan and Sarah worked out we'd hit this place called Bournemouth - a couple of hours drive outta here and its a beach town - instantly, i thought of pommy beaches = rocks instead of sand and more pasty white on the beach than a bag of white sugar

So... the plan, nick off on the Friday night - drive..stay until sometime and come back - easy timez, the first such oh-so easy task was picking up the car in town... not so easy when we ferkin turned up and saw the nightclub line to hire a car... we lined up at this place for 1hr n a half - it rammed a bit of a dent in our time but hey.... never done that befo'.

We set off in my first driving experience in over a year, surprising i was still on the on-road stud i was before leaving.. booyah! We got down to Bournemouth around midnight, we were staying in this shanty styled hotel because we'd only booked it 2 hrs earlier - upon arriving the gent at the counter asked if we could park our car out the very front in the disabled park because "I'd locked up the carpark for security reasons".. even though we could easily work out that its always safer to leave a car parked under a well lit area instead of a secure bay we continued on - the rooms, old styled rooms, we stayed up in there having a few bevvies as it seemed everything was shut.. We woke the next day to some glorious sunny timez... Time to hit the beach

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: UK

New Video uploaded for ya'll... It's from out epic journey out this weekend, I will upload some pics also about our weekend trip out to 1. Bournemouth (coastline) and then to Gloucestershire for the Annual Cheese Roll


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Location: UK

Meh....Soooo apparently this page now blows donkey memberz, partly my fault - essentially all my fault - but in reality.. I can't be bothered jumping on a computer... Sorry tales but it could potentially be truth

In any case, what has been rampaging over here of late - apart from some eternally strange weather in May - by where the morning is grey - slight shower action, only to by around 4pm go fine - warm, sunny..then revery back and by around 7pm...good times - cant complain as its the business end you want the good weather...but thats been occuring

Apart from that some birthday party action took hold of us the other week, it was a long weekend (Bank Holiday) and we maximised the time with a couple of totally different birthday parties... The 1st being on the Friday 4th (or as my bell-ended friend claims from Star Wars - May the 4th be with you... bah) for a mate Jamie's b'day it was at this lovely timed place called The Cuckoo Club in Regent St he had a table hooked up by his friend, its a guest list only placing to which i guess isn't readily or seen in Perth ... If you thought Claremont was wanky, check this out...

It was an awesome place, small dark couches along the outers, barmaids etc - sitting at the tables you have to purchase Gas by the bottle, so Jamie started it off with some Whiskey - Hayley chimed in with some Vodka..the price per bottle £220.00, don't fret people - the mixers were free...whew!!! crisis averted - are you getting the picture of this place?

After dusting through some more bottles we pranced around the dance floor - the DJ mixed up house breaks with rock tunes...some tasty numbers were on play as i remember jumping around, but not sure what songs.. the place was cool and we fumbled out at close, back to Jamie's digs for some Guitar Hero 2 action-- keeping the music going until around 7am..where Hayley n myself bussed it back to ours for some rewarding sleep after my excellent efforts on Wolfmothers - Woman and other melodies

Annnnd, Saturday - next party, wake up...shower time then go off to another mate Andrew's birthday party - it was at a place in Acton called the Mill Hill... when you rock up it looks like a shanty, when you walk in - it looks like a shanty, but it had mega cheap drinks and pool tables and everything else - booyah, the offset i guess for the night before prices ..score, and - they even had Tool - Vicarious on the jukebox... so after depositing some coinage to here the tune, we heisted out back in the beer garden to join in his b'day festives - following the sun, this took us there til around 8pm where we waltzed inside to hit the pooltables, i re-discovered my 1998 Freo Hotel Pooltable World Champion form (check the pub, check the FACT!) until around 10pm where we bailed everyone back to our house..

Tne night ended up with Roadsy n I sitting up listening to Freo lose to Brisbane on the radio... time for bed... up..Sunday later and not so refreshed 2 birthday parties done and down - a night in of Dvd's was required and achieved, the Monday was filled with some Hyde Park action in which i think Hayley and I took in a marathon, we ended up walking from Embankment to Covent Garden, through Piccadilly, through Carnaby St all the way to Oxford to Hyde Park/Marble Arch - where upon we realised the tube was not going West...sooooo next best thing on a day off - we walked all the way from Marble Arch through Hyde Park (massive) to High St Kensington..from there yeahhhh tube home - it took a couple of hours but it was an awesome walk through the parkage area's... should have taken a camera to prove it ...maybe next time

Apart from that... not too much, weekends seem to be fesitve and during the week its work timez - we managed to go and see a band called Trivium the other week at Hammersmith Apollo which i recommend as a gig venue - this weekend its FFAF then next weekend it will be the Cd launch of my mates band "Stealing Green" - check em out... decent timez

Well - it's time i left for the day, last night we went to the Slug (hole) and watched Freo beat the Hawks - good to see them back in the winners circle.. Other stuff has happened but its gone now, and that was like weeks ago -

I should update this more often, time will tell - a quick note - this time next week Hayley n I have graced these shores for a year.... 1 down, how many more.....

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: UK

There are some photos to be had of our latest lifestyle movements, i will link up the kodakgallery here for you - there will be pics of Hayley's birthday and also our Amsterdam trip and some i guess from St Patty's day....

Lets see if that one works..if not...sheesh

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