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EMSTraining, National Adventure, Washington, DC

This site is dedicated to Global Go-First and the volunteers who participate in the ongoing training of youth first responders. GO-FIRST, developed in the wake of September 11th , 2001, builds upon the public’s renewed respect for First Responders as important role models, bringing together students and First Responder mentors from multiple disciplines and duty stations in special camps that combine hands-on training in safety, health and security with character, career and service learning.
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Diary Entries

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Location: Washington DC, USA

Thanks to over 65 National Camp Team Members -- led by an extraordinary group of Mentors -- we just concluded a very successful GO-FIRST National Camp. The attached pictures are first, the Students in formation after their study visit with a top Navy Medical Corpsman at the Navy Memorial, and second, the officers of the Alexandria Fire Department, who presented a GO-FIRST wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider on Sept 11 (with the Students and Mentors flanking them) as our tribute to all lives attacked by evil and terrorism. There are many, many people we will thank in our full report. Captain Rodney Masser and the Alexandria Fire Department Team he led; Embassy Suites Alexandria's GM Mary Anne Russell; SN Andrew Ruga and the men and women from the USCG Honor Guard who joined us in our most full days to serve as Featured Mentors and extra safety and rescue personnel; Jeremy Lockwood from GO-FIRST NZ's East Cape and Sam Plunkett from Hawai`i`s One Blade Ministry; Nashua Boys and Girls Club's Patrick Gill; Chicago's Mike and Sheila Clancy; Rye's Del Record; the Always On the Case Cristian Becker; Sherry Mills -- that's just a start. And thanks also to some who could not join us but made a very positive impact in our prep and solidarity: Vic Maceo and Mary O'Connor and USCG CAPT Don Grant. LSU's Team was really strong and ready to go forward in their state. Lots more thanks to give. Everything we did and everyone involved honored the First National Camp Team of Joe Pecoraro, Ralph Goto, Matt Miller, Vic Maceo, Gretchen Tyson, Dick Miller, The Goto-Town Hawai`i Team of Students, Capt Martinet and MSO Medina, John Mein and Gallaudet's Discovery Program and their pioneering work. Watch for the full report next month, which will feature more great pictures by the AFD's Wilson Wells, a White House photographer by day and an AFD member by night.

Saturday, 08 September 2007

Location: Harpers Ferry, USA

Rich in American History, Harpers Ferry is a fantastic area to train in technical rescue. The skilled instructors demonstrated the appropriate use of anchor points for rope rescue, mechanical advantage using pulleys beaners and locking figure eights.
Some hiked Maryland Heights where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet while others floated down the river.

Friday, 07 September 2007

Location: USCG Annapolis/Gallaudet U, USA

USCG Annapolis personnel demonstrated rescue & recovery techniques on board their 41’ and 25’ rescue crafts. Practical exercises included “man overboard”, shore/water rescue and pumping water from a sinking boat. During the timed team competition the girls came in with the best score of 1 minutes and 37 seconds. No one remained dry during this event.

At Gallaudet University (the largest university dedicated to the hearing impaired) team building principles and high the ropes course improved confidence and teamwork. Participants practiced repelling, superman balance and problem solving exercises.
No one could keep up with 60 something Jean Berube and her unending motivation.

Thursday, 06 September 2007

Location: Washington, DC, USA

City Manager Jim Hartmann, Alexandria Fire Chief Adam Theil and a host of dignitaries welcomed the National participants and described an exciting schedule. We will be very (12 and 14 hour days) training with Alexandria Fire Department, USCG Annapolis, Metro Washington Airport Authority, Washington Hospital Center, Harpers Ferry Park Service, Gallaudet University and Atlantic Kayak.
Planned training events include technical ropes rescue, repelling, swift water and ocean rescue, wilderness rescue along the Appalachian Trail as well as firearms training.

Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Location: Rye, NH, USA

Leaving for DC tomorrow with high hopes for this National Training Adventure. The training schedule includes working with US Navy Seals and other professionals in the DC area.
I will post as soon as we have some meaningful experiences. Please leave a message.

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Thanks so much, Del, for your strong character, powerful leadership and deep reservoir of kindness and direction for all who need it. You are like that lighthouse in the Gulf of Maine, off the shoreline of Rye. Standing firm, showing the way, sharing the light. Thanks always for these reports to the family, friends and the world. All the best, Noel / GO-FIRST