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I started this page to show members of the Bribie Island Seniors Computing Club [] how to write their own pages - decided to go ahead and write one for me. Hence, no apologies if I appear often! The name Gubgar is my name from the grandchildren, and now children - I refuse to be called ageist terms such as Pops, or Granpa etc etc!

Just updated in July 2018 and thinking about using it to show some autobiography stories .....?

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Location: Bongaree, Australia

Only once upon a blood moon do I enter stuff here, but as we have just seen one, I thought the time had arrived; in addition, I became 81 yesterday! In particular, I have a friend, no name/no pack drill, who is having trouble sending photos to me - I either receive no attachments or the ones I do receive do not open. Amongst other things, rude and otherwise [such as getting a Mac!] I have suggested he should update his PlanetRanger page.

For those of you not aware of this magnificent site, have a look at the home page, sign up for free, and have a play. It is a marvellous way to show your pics and to make diary entries, and to receive comments online from viewers - and you can keep it all secret if you wish.

So, in addition to my friend, have a look at my comments and entries, send me your comment, rude or otherwise - and have a go at setting up your own page!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Location: Bongaree, Australia

Have been teaching seniors for many years - how to use computers - and, occasionally, how to use Planetranger. Just reminded two of our locals about Planetranger before they take off overseas.

Have now just sent an email to two Pommies telling them the same. Richard has used it for some 11 years since I first showed it to him when he visited me in Australia but he is concenrned about moving house and email - referred him to the help contact.

Tony is worried about social media so told him that Planetranger is not in the same category.

I do not use Planetranger because I am now a cave dweller on Bribie Island having seen enough of the world, and never living in the same house for some 40 years - till now! Don't like even moving out of this suburb on Bribie to take my wife shopping! At about 80, ride my bike round the island, walk the dogs around some splendid playing fields, and play golf 4 times a week; life is quiet, pleasant; weather is ideal; people are so friendly .....

I am adding this page and some photos to show those two pommies what they can do!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Location: Bonagaree, Australia

Just trying to see if I can make some pages I have produced in the past for my seniors available to people easily...

Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Showing lovely ladies how to use this program

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Location: Adelaide, Australia

New entry for Tony especially - have just re-established contact after some 39 years!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Started this page several years ago and told my senior students on Bribie about the site, plus a few other friends. Unfortunately, haven't been back for quite some time! I now live in Adelaide and teach senior citizens how to use PCs, even though I am a Mac man.

Some of my current students and email correspondents are having trouble with images sending and receiving in emails - so thought I would revisit this splendid site with them.

I have left previous entries and photos in here so that they can get a feel for the possibilities, and added a couple of new pages of recent photos of my staff.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Location: Bongaree, Australia

Have been looking for a site that may be easier to use than Cookiefest [using Wordpress] for our computer club members. Can't find anything simple, free and useful, then remembered this site.

Will send it to a few and ask them to add some words.

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: Bongaree, Australia

Amongst other things, I work for the Bribie Island Seniors Computing Club [BISCC] and I made this entry on the day when we had a class on how to use Planetranger. Our web page is at and there you will find some magnificemt photos of Bribie Island. BI is one hour's drive north of Brisbane.

Having just written to some friends in UK, my first photos show me and my new grandson, and for those who did not get the same email - here is the gist:

Vanessa came home from Dubai to have her baby at the same hospital where she used to work and where her daughter was born. Stayed with us for a couple days with husband, then on to Adelaide to stay with sister Sarah, and Mike went back to Dubai. I went down to Adelaide before V went into hospital for a caesarian principally to give a Sarah a hand - she has two littlies of her own, plus V's daughter and going to see V in hospital etc. Stayed for the time V was hospital and a couple of days after to help them all settle in, then returned to Bribie. V followed two weeks later and was here for 5 weeks - Mike came over for the last few days to help her get back to Dubai - 7th September. Delighted to think that I held Aidan when he was only one day old and then for the first 6 weeks! Poor Mike has to try and imprint himself on his son when son is used to my smell, sound, feel, beard etc etc!

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From Louisa
Not so sure about this lot. Honey and I would prefer much more publicity, considering how we are now your principal carers, Cavedweller!
Response: Sincere apologies, Louisa - I will prepare a new page full of you two! [July 2018]
From Gubgar
Great stuff and I can see you are a fantastic No 2 - sorry to see the No 1 has moved on. Who is the new boss?
[Feb 2018]
From Robrid
Probably a good way to spread the word Geoffrey.
I thought you must have be in a mellow mood when you mentioned two lovely ladies...could not resist a peek to see who they might be!
[May 2015]
From Gombi
terrific pics
Response: Thanks - I will now put some more on there as you like that first one. [April 2012]
From Lesley Anderson
Had a look at photos of Grace when I should have been getting the tea.
Have yet to have a look at youdu. Tha nk you for becoming involved in Biscc again. You look happy and we are happy that you will be staying on Bribie.
Response: Only just got back to this site - how did you manage to find it? [Jan 2009]