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Trip 2011

Welcome to Trip2011's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Location: Thailand

Just a quick note!

We have done Vietnam.............Laos was amazing.........
In Chiang Mai today and leaving for Bangkok this afternoon.
The country is celebrating New Years. There is a nation wide water fight going on. You can go anywhere with out getting soaked. We will be purchasing weapons in Bangkok!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An
Hoi An was a very fun experience! The boat rides, The Websters, and Earth hour down by the river. Many lanterens were in the river and the place looked like a fairytale.
And......of course a trip to the Tailors...and the post office!

A very cold city. A good thing that we were just passing the through!
The highlight was the supermarket that we found by getting lost!
The night train to .............can't remember the name..... was as good as it gets by train........a choice a bowl or hole!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

Nha Trang

Nha Trang - We had a very short stay- as Emma assured us that the next destination would be better.
The city reminded me of Waikiki Beach 30 years ago. We walked the strip looking at the sights. The Louissiane Brewhouse was a great, some what, expensive restaurant that we ate our mid afternoon snacks at or enjoyed happy hour. The catch was that we could swim in their pool for free if we ate or drank there. For our other meals we ate at a great restaurant called Cyclos. Gord got the recommendation from a friend of his in Victoria. The food was superb and the prices great! A keeper.

Emma Abby and I got a $5 message at the Brewhouse with a pedicure and manicure for a little more while Gord chose to sleep on the beach.

We took the local train to Hoi An-----very------ very local

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

If anyone is seeing Fern in the next little while please give her extra hugs............We are all missing her!
And Gord would like someone to say hi to the boys...... :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Location: Saigon, Vietnam


Wow what a city. There are no words in the English language to discribe what
happens and how it happens. We stayed in the Kelly Hotel in District one.
Right in the heart of the city. The traffic pattern was a very comical-organised confussion. We travelled to the Cu Chi tunnels by tour bus and recieved a very extensivetour. Abby got to shoot an AK 47. Definitely
a highlight for her. The roundabouts with 6 or 7 mulity lane roads coming
off them were her low light. Mine too!These intersections invariablly left me
cut from the herd-standing solo as the herd members laughed and encouraged
on the other side of the road. Many alley ways have left images imprinted in
our memories. There was a garbage inciident- but what goes on the road stays on the road. Thank God for the code. I'm not sure how the children of this city survive their
childhood with all of the commotion and precieved hazzards. The people of
this city live with very little personal space. They are very friendly and helpful. Nice people.
We departed from Saigon on the local train. It was very local.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Location: Vietnam

No words in the english lanuage to discribe the city of Saigon........
More when I have time to reflect. We are off to Nhan Trang (sp? ) on the early morning train. Happy for the experience but also happy to be moving on. I have to get out of this room as I am melting...........hope it is my turn for the shower :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Location: Australia

A few Highlights and lowlights from the trip thus far……………….

Hawaii was fantastic. The accommodations were great and the company even better.
We enjoyed Kailua Beach a mere 200 meters from our door step.
Shopping seemed to be a major theme; Shannon and Abby’s favourite store being Forever 21 on the strip at Waikiki Beach. Grandma’s favourite shop was definitely Macey’s. Gord found a great thrift store which seemed to have him on a short lease.
We had a very interesting drive up the north coast and watched the surfers playing in the waves on Sunset Beach. The North Coast was so delightful that we when back and hiked through the national park to Kaena Point. The hot dusty hike that was well rewarded with the site of Albatross flying overhead and nesting under small shrubs; a Monk Seal was seen lounging on the beach. Blisters were manufactured on the way by some of the crew but little whining occurred. Ted’s Bakery was like an oasis at the end of the hike.
Shannon and Abby got to witness great communication techniques as Gord and I continued to get lost in the maze of highways, roads and freeways that had very poor signage. I’m sure the girls learned a great deal about “freeze outs” and “shut downs”. The road rage with in the car quieted when we got lost heading to an early morning flight and the only person available to get direction from didn’t speak English. We then realized that we would have to work together to make our destination on time.
The flight from Hawaii to Sydney was long. I’m not sure what we would have done without our entertainment package. The flight from Sydney to Perth was like being in a torture chamber. In self-defence, Abby fell asleep immediately, Gord slammed a drink or two to dull the senses and I learned a new yoga pose called “The Jetstar”. I was able to hold the pose for 5 hours.

Perth is a very lovely city with many fantastic beaches. We have spent the last week traveling around on the public transit entertaining ourselves. The waves have been fun to play in and the town of Fremantle is an extremely interesting place to visit. Crossing the street is proving to be a problem as I continue to step out into traffic. I can’t seem to get the right left thing organized. It is a good thing that Gord continues to pull me back.
We went to the Horse Races ……..what fun!!!! We bet on all of the races and broke even by the end of the day.

Off to Vietnam tonight on the Red Eye. What to take and what to leave behind?

Monday, 07 March 2011

Location: Pacific Ocean


We are about to leave Hawaii.............I will have time to think about this part of the trip on the plane......I will up date you on our adventures in a few days........
All of us!

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Recent Messages

From Ellie
Finally I found this site. Good to hear of your adventures. David thinks Fern is too skinny so I am uping the food and he may even take her to the vet.
The pigs are getting fatter as Karl is feeding them well.
Love ya all
Response: I wish I had Fern's metabolism....
From michele, ted and asi
Wow, sounds like you are truely getting the hang of this. yes the traffic in vietnam is out of this world. when i was there with sara, she would grab my arm close her eyes and then let me drag her across the stree, hoping that we didn't get hit. my advice is dont make eye contact with the drivers, if you do then they think it is okay to just run you over if you dont get out of the way. just dont get hit by a motorcycle like i did, can put a cramp in your style. happy travels and throughly enjoying your blog!!!!
Response: Thanks for your comments and concerns! The traffic is tricky....lept back on to the sidewalk yesterday to save myself
From Sara
Oooh brings back tastes of Vietnam. Really like on another planet sometimes! Please have a few massages for me along the way. Glad to hear you are having a blast. SB
Response: Sara
Hanoi was very dull but Sapa is fantastic! You would love it!
From Gina
OMG everything is sounding so exotic. Reading where you've been made me think of MASH ha ha. Hope your taking a few pictures. ttfn...g.
I have picutes just no time to post them!
From Karl
Sounds like you guys are having fun!! :D
Response: Karl we are having a great time. No Facebook in Vietnam. Abby doesn't like that. We are in Hoi An about 1/2 way up the coast. We are thinking about renting scooters today....but the driving here is crazy!!!!! The weather has cooled off...a bit rainy but not enough to stop us from being busy ..... miss you... I hope you are training hard and keeping your brother inline. :)
From Gina
So good to hear your family is bonding so well! Can't count how many times I've said to myself since you left "what would Elaine say in this situation?" So glad your trip is amazing...enjoy every single moment. Still haven't seen Ellie but Karl reports back to me. The drama here is the same....miss you all lots. Take care xoxox
Response: Gina..........
This place is fantastic....Hoi An...
there must be 500 tailor and dress making shops. Apparently you go get fitted and 1 or 2 days later your stuff is made. We have met up with a couple that I use to work with and it is great to see them. They ordered some shirts and a couple of dresses......grand total about $160. I think we might do the same and ship it home.
Miss you ....wishing we could go through the shops together....oxxoxo
From Mom
I just remembered this is available. Thanks for the additional info.
Response: Mom
We are in Hoi till you drop here. You would be amazed at all the tailoring/dressmaking shops. I'm not sure you would be able to sleep you would be so busy.....
Love you
From Norma
Great log entry. Good luck in Viet Nam! I can't wait for your next entry.
Love, Norma
Response: Hey

Thanks for reading it. Saigon is a very wild city off to Nahn Trang by train early in the morning....we are all having a great time!
From Rob n Maura
Heading to Smithers. Will carve a turn or two and raise some powder clouds your way. Do the same for us (except replace snow with sun and surf)
Response: We are off the Vietnam tomorrow...ready or not here we go.............Hope the snow is light and fluffy for you
From Fern
hi family; glad to hear you're all ok and having fun; bet you wish I was there to help find the airport, eh; don't worry about me; I've been having a blast playing with new pals on the beach and sniffing out bunnies all over the place; do miss all your hugs, specially Gord's!!! Skeya might visit? Yeh!
Response: Fern
We love you and miss you. Have fun with Skeya and be good
From sara b
LOL In my minds eye I am picturing the family dynamic of being lost early in the am on the way for a flight and the jetstar pose. It is so nice to get a taste of your adventure. Good to keep laughing....Thank you.
Response: Sara
When things get tough some one will say Sawa Sawa in a funny accent.....everyone smiles and settle back down
miss you
From christina
so, since you've left we've had snow, ice, wind, rain, and very occassionally clear skies and sun.... just to let you know you're not missing a thing!! hope perth is treating you well- after a high stress time in hawai'i!! we're missing you here. hugs to you all.
Response: Well being here is better that getting here.....we have a new yoga is called the Jetstar! Emma's place is fantistic.
she is a 15 minute walk from downtown in one direction and a 15 minute walk from a nice reccenter in the other. there are lots of things for Gord to do and it is easy for him to pop out for his walk abouts. Family dynamic hit an all time low when we got lost trying to find the Honolulu airport rushing for a early morning flight:) We have all since recovered.
Love to all
From Norma
Hi you guys, I'm looking forward to your news... but how hard is it to live an experience and blog about it at the same time... ! Pretty hard!
Response: is hard, but I am trying...We are at Em's and are about to discover Perth. Abby is experiencing jet lag for the first time.Happy Belated Birthday!
From Skeya
Hey. Did you take Fern? Hope not. It's really cold here with snow on the ground. If she is still here let me know and maybe we could go sniffing around together one day.
Response: Dear Skeya
Fern is suffering from hug deprevasion. A little sniffing would definitely help.
From Norma
Ridin' those waves?
I'm thinking about you all!!
Response: Some of the waves were big enough to takes us out....Many laughs were enjoyed by to members on the beach....
From Wendy Bingham
Have a great trip. Wish we were going with you. You will love the Kalapawai Market - such great sandwiches!
Cheers, Wendy and Richard
Response: Hawaii was wonderful! We traveled up to the North Shore right past Turtle b
Bay...nice place....hope you are enjoying your own excursions.

From Richard Ackrill
Gord, thanks for getting back to me..
Response: Hi
Gord said for me to tell you that he finally has his head out of his butt and will phone you. Thanks for still being his friend!
From Wendy bingham
Have a great trip! Wish we were going with you. Make sure you go to the Kalapawai Market for great sandwiches!
Cheers, Wendy and Richard
Response: I thought that I had answered this. Guess not.
Hawaii was great. We drove by Turtle Bay on the way north. Nice place. Hope your travels have taken you to grand places. We are of to Vietnam tomorrow....Yikes!
From Bob
OK, who is travelling where and when????
Hey Bob
Gord, Abby and I have been in Hawaii and have just arrived in Perth and are at Emma's house. The four of us are leaving for South East Asia next Friday....We are expecting to bond
From sara b
I cant wait to get some stories from your trip. This is tres cool!
Response: Sara
Life is good. I am missing our walks. the weather in Hawaii was hit and miss. Perth is hot and is getting hotter. It would be nice to be built like Twiggie in these temperatures.....
From Rob and Maura
Go Cat's Go! When's the big departure day?
Response: A week Tuesday!!! I am trying to figure out how to use this thing!
From Norma
Can't wait to see your trip take shape!!
xox travel safely!
Response: Thanks! I hope that I will figure this thing out.
From christina
you are so very high tech! this works well....
have you got time for a walk on wed or friday this week??
Response: Perhaps Wednesday let's talk on the phone this is all a little much for me! I have forgotten my pass word already
From shannon
im salking you...
Response: Shannon you should set one of these up !!!
From # 1 Daughter
Hey mum... pretty boring page you have here. how many sleeps till hawaii? Love you
Response: Not sure but I hope your bag is packed and your room is clean:) I am very you