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Hi All,

This website will keep you all updated with my travels, I hope you will be able to stay in touch through this and emails! Basic journey is starting in south India, moving north into Nepal, Thailand and surrounding countries then off to Oz and New Zealand!

See you soon,


Diary Entries

Monday, 11 August 2008

Location: Nearly home!, Australia

Just a quick note to let any old readers that I'm back in Blackburn for a 'holiday' so want to catch up with as many people as possible before jetting off back to Oz!

Look forward to it!

Monday, 02 June 2008

Location: Melbourne...still, Australia

Is anybody still listening?

Hello dedicated readers…again no excuses, I know its been a while!

So how is everyone…messages on my noticeboard please??!

All’s well and good in Melbourne – really nothing too earth shattering, have been working hard for Kodak…really enjoying it actually and learning lots of new stuff so certainly a step in the right direction! They have offered to sponsor me so I can stay for a little longer – I decided to accept and see how things go there at least for the mean time. I am coming back home for a holiday in Blackburn (never thought I’d hear myself say that) in August for a few weeks so will get to see you orrible lot! Really looking forward to seeing everyone actually as it would have been over a year and a half, which does feel like a long time!

I’ve been up to a few things other than work of course. My birthday back in March was fun, spent it out on the beers with friends round the bars of Melbourne – it was odd to have a birthday on a 40deg day appose to the usual dreary cold and wet! I went to V festival in April with housemates and the Scots which was cool.

It was Sophie’s birthday a couple of weeks ago so I took her to Sydney for the weekend. This was partly as I still hadn’t been which no one could quite believe! Sydney has to be the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, especially around the harbour and in the old parts of town. There’s a lot more history in Sydney than Melbourne as this is the place Captain Cook first landed and declared British. I read of one particular area called Two Rocks which was meant to be like a mirror copy of a sleepy English village set up by Cook – it was unbelievably English, as soon as I stepped foot into the old windy village I felt at home. We spent the Saturday night having dinner next to the harbour bridge and then to dodgy Kings Cross until a messy 5am finish…this was followed by a nice early 10am throw out of our room so we spent an hour or 2 sleeping in the botanical gardens with the Opera house a stone throw away!

Last weekend we had a May Christmas where 16 of us ex-pats rented a mansion on the coast with hot tub and all to celebrate Christmas in more festive conditions as there’s something not quite right about autumn and winter coming round without any presents or turkey! As you would expect everything went a little ‘big brother’ in the house and we had an interesting Christmas! The weather is well and truly chilled now with winter approaching fast and nights drawing in – makes it that much better to have a holiday home in the UK summer!

I’m sure there have been more eventful things going on back home – would love to hear about them – either email or message here!

Hope your all well and looking forward to the UK summer – I know I am!

See you all in August – can’t wait!


Saturday, 23 February 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hello…hello……is anybody there? Well if you are reading this (apart from my mother) I am impressed with your persistence…..I could say I’ve been far too busy but truth be known I’m just a lazy tool!

Christmas in Oz was good fun, spent the day at Sophie’s Aunties place eating and drinking way too much… be honest very similar to a UK Christmas apart from when we went out to play cricket later on which allowed me to really express how poms can’t play…..bowled out by a 6 year old! I added some pics of Christmas.

New years was spent at a 3 day festival which was very messy! Apart from having a stint as a confused transsexual it was a really good do…Kings of Leon and Groove Armada head lined, both top notch! All ended on new years day about 9am..…shortly followed by an hours sleep being woken up by 40deg heat having to pack all our gear away and make the 4 hour trip home! Thankfully we were near the beach so could nip down for a dip during the day…don’t think I would have made it without this!

A week later Soph and I flew over to Perth to start our 6000km road trip to Darwin. Once in Perth we picked up our ‘wicked’ camper van which was basically a jap transit van with a mattress thrown in the back…..these vans all have individual spray paint jobs on the sides..…ours had a couple of huge fairies which allowed me to show off my masculinity! Perth was a little unimpressive but a little town nearby called Fremantle was a beautiful little place…..see why mi boy Ash spent so much time there. We met up with some of Soph’s family over there and got a free feed but no bed  Due to our tight budget and sky high fuel prices (still half price of uk) most of our nights were spent either parked up on a beach or sneaking into caravan parks…..we became increasingly good at this and only got busted the once..…the shame! We spent the first few days stopping off at random little towns with their own strange backwards little ways of life… you can imagine our ‘wicked fairy’ van caught a lot of attention especially with the quote on the back “what winks and screws like a tiger”….answers on a postcard! After a few days we made it to a place called Monkey Mia which is a world heritage area and therefore incredibly protected. The main attraction here are the dolphins which come into be feed in the morning by the guys who run the place. Each dolphin would look at the crowd on the shore and choose who they wanted to be fed by..…I was snubbed but they loved Soph. In revenge for my dolphin snub I went fishing that evening but even though the fella I was next to was bagging one after another I didn’t see a bite..…BUT just as I was getting ready to call it a day my line took off and after a good 20 mins I managed to land a 1m reef shark… reaction I hear you ask: “Oh shit”! I couldn’t get near the thing with my little snippers to unhook the BEAST so had to cut the line and throw it back…..I don’t think the world heritage committee would take too well to me snaring one of their sharks! Sorry no photographic evidence! We spent 2 nights here as it was an incredible..…the second evening we walked up a deserted jetty on the beach and watched the sun go down while underneath us swam huge turtles and stingrays with dolphins jumping around..…for that moment it was the most perfect place in the world. Our next stop was Shark bay which is pretty intimidating from the name. It was another beautiful spot with amazing beaches and yes..…plenty of sharks but only the small ones! We took a charter boat and went snorkeling along the amazing coastline coral reef…..just like I experienced in Thailand this reef was alive with al sorts of multi coloured tropical fish…..thankfully no sharks though! From here we started to make our way inland to Karijini national park. On the way we had to stop in a miners town which is purely set up for the workers. This place was strange..…and the people, well lets just say they were ever so slightly backwards. Having a pom to take the piss out of made their year I rekon…..especially when I rolled up in the fairy van. Karijini national park is basically where heaps of gorges come together and make some amazingly diverse scenery. We were also able to swim in little pools which was cool. The pictures don’t even do this fantastic place justice. We had a few more stops on the way up back to the coast towards Broome. On the way we stopped at Lake Argile which is a massive water reserve. Again we decided to cool off in the water but not before being told to watch out for the fresh water crocs as the guy told us…” the freshies might bite but won’t kill you” and I’m proud to say I was brave / stupid enough to then run to the end of the jetty and jump into the water…..I didn’t see any crocs but did enjoy the fresh water swim… I can say I swam with crocs anyway! We finally made it to Broome which is a pretty northern town. To be honest we couldn’t make the most of it here as it was 40 – 45deg all of the 3 days we spent here and the fact that you can’t swim in the water this far north due to the killer box jelly fish makes it a bit frustrating as the huge Cable beach in Broome has to be one of the most impressive beaches I’ve seen yet and watching the sunset there was an incredible feeling. From here we made our final journey north to Darwin. It took us 3 days of harsh weather and freak storms, with the most ferocious lightening I’ve ever seen..…there’s something not quite right about traveling in a tin box with lightening crashing down next to you which is so close it strikes a blue colour! On the journey up we spent a night in another national park and were woken up in the night by a pack of Dingo’s (big wild dogs) which surrounded the van…..Sophie woke up to their panting with one next to the open door next to me…..she quickly slammed the door so I wasn’t a meal..…’Dingo got my Craigy’! Finally made it back into civilization when we reached Darwin which is a really cool city. Not as big as Melbourne but certainly growing it was good to reach somewhere that has nice bars and restaurants. As it was our last night we decided to live it up and stayed in a top notch hotel, went out to an actual real restaurant for dinner (beats beans on toast from the camp stove) and got suitably pished…..perfect way to end off our holiday!

It was an amazing experience and it certainly gave me itchy feet for traveling again. Even though we spent 3 and a bit weeks sleeping on top of a van with the most intense heat I’m likely to experience, with very little cash and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner…..just being completely back to basics seems to make life seem a little more simple and that carries over and allowed us to completely relax and take in the amazing places we visited.

It was interesting to see some of the aboriginal setups and towns in the north. This is a huge problem in Australia with little media attention given to it overseas. It’s possibly the first country where you can see western greed and 3rd world poverty side by side. Indecently last week, Kevin Rudd the Australian prime minister made a speech to the nation where he apologized to the aboriginal peoples past generations for how they have been treated… won’t mean much to anyone back home but over here it has been a huge deal which makes it an important historic event in Australia.

Back in Melbourne now and I’ve just started a new job working for Kodak as a financial analyst which is going well but still early days…..not sure how I landed this one but I ain’t complaining!

Hope your all well back home and enjoyed my little spiel…..just to let you know today is bright and sunny with a maximum temperature of 30deg…..sorry couldn’t resist! I’ll have the holiday photos up very soon.

Take care

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Ok I have no excuse for leaving this blog so long…a mix of being really busy and ever so slightly lazy…not at all like me egh!

Now summer has kicked in Melbourne there is so much to do and see which means every weekend has been packed and usually involves doing something in the sun. I’m still living at the same spot with the same people and am still working at the same place…what can I say they don’t want to let me go! Work is good at the moment, lots to do but its pretty enjoyable being at work so alls good…unfortunately my visa dictates I can only stay at one place for 6 months max and believe it or not it’ll be 6 months I’ve been at this company in January…the time has flown by! Unless I can work out a loop hole I’ll be forced into working for someone else so we’ll see how that pans out!

Sophie and I went to a place called the Grampians last month for a long weekend. It reminded me a lot of the Lake District…but hot! We drove out into the middle of nowhere and set up a tent next to a waterfall and spent a couple of days out of civilisation…was really cool and got to see a few of Australians huge lizards…one that has a tail the same as it’s head to confuse predators which has to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!

The weekends are great here, I’ve been doing the Australian weekend of beaches and BBQ’s. There’s so many amazing beaches around Victoria and now the weather is pretty much 30 all the time with blue skies it’s the best way to spend the weekend. A couple of weekends back I went knee-boarding on a lake out in the country…knee-boarding is basically like water-skiing but on your knees instead so it’s a bit easier…having said that I spent most of my time under the water!

The festival season is here and I’ve been to a couple more over the last month. I went to one called Stereosonic last weekend which was amazing, got to see Armand Van Helden, Fedde Le Grand and Booka Shade – who needs Ibiza egh??!

The elections have just been and gone here which as expected is a huge deal. I now have a basis of Australian politics whether I like it or not! Labour’s Kevin Rudd got in over the Liberal’s John Howard who’s been in power for nearly 12 years so it’s a pretty big change for the country…a very popular change though. I went to an election party which was…well strange, politics and parties have never really gone together in my mind!

I’m aware Christmas is only a few weeks away but it really doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. Tarting up houses and festive decorations seem to be pretty much no existent at the moment and with the weather hitting 35 on Sunday, I feel along way from the usual feelings of Christmas. But having said that this is what Christmas is in Australia and it’ll be cool to experience a completely different kind of Christmas. I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of invitations for Christmas day….the Ozzy’s are really good in that respect, real shirt off the back culture. I’ll be spending the big day with Sophie and her family…which is a big one so I hope I won’t miss being away from home too much…just hope Santa knows where to drop my presents this year!!! New year is already planned, I’m going to a 3 day festival on the South coast with my housemates and some others friends…great line up with Kings of Leon and Groove Armada so canny wait for that!

As far as plans for next year go, I have planned a 3 week trip in Western Australia with Soph. We fly to Perth in January and will spend the 3 weeks in a camper van travelling up the coast into the Northern Territory all the way to Darwin. The west coast has the nicest and quietest beaches in Australia so I can’t wait. We’ll be camping where we can to get the true Oz experience and keep it as cheap as possible…the only thing is that this will be the hottest time of year in Australia and Darwin can reach up to 50 degrees which would finish me off! Really looking forward to seeing more of Australia though. As far as Shelia’s over here go you may notice I’m spending a lot of time with my ‘housemate’ Sophie, well lets just say it started as housemates but has been a bit more involved over the last few months!!!

Hope your all straining the national grid with shocking Christmas lights back home and the usual festive treats!!! I do kind of miss the tackiness of a good old UK Christmas!

Take care all and enjoy the snow…or rain!

I promise more pictures soon!

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From Ruth
Sounds a super holiday and made me laugh. Can't wait to see the photos. Love Ruth xxx
Ps another year older very soon!
Response: Thanks for reminding me...I swear these years are just flicking by now! It was a super'll have to make sure you visit this little island one day! xxx
From Ash
Gorton? A month in WA is surely enough ammo to update this site.
How was/is it?
Bet you're enjoying the awesome Melbourne summer.

Jobhunt is slow going, infact the 2 page CV is slow going!
Still not minding being home but a boring accounting job might soon change that.

Keep on truckin'
Response: Gitsy...good to hear your working hard on landing that pwc role...seriously though is it really worth it??! Been a lazy bar steward on this site recently but plan to keep it up once more...interprate how you feel! Good luck with the job hunt!
From Lorraine
wow guess u'v been kind of busy then! if you do go to Perth - make sure you both get to rottnest island - its got these really nice kangaroo like animals - very tame but its a great day. Well if we dont speak to you before had a great christmas and new yea - dont get 2 drunk - Michael and Lorraine x
Response: hope your good self and mick had a great christmas and new year! Mine was...well very different from any other ive had before...very strange being in a hot country at xmas time! Off to perth in a couple of days...i'll be sure to visit rottnest island on your recommendation! Hope your still getting down to the rovers and giving abuse! Take care xxx
From Jonny
umm, picture number 3 got me very intreiged, WHO THE HELL ARE THEM 2 LOVELY SHELAS??

Response: What can I say mate, that Blackburn accent goes a long way out here! Get over mate!!!
From Jonny
umm, picture number 3 got me very intreiged, WHO THE HELL ARE THEM 2 LOVELY SHELAS??

From Ruth
Suzanne settled into Uni last Sunday. Enjoying her job at LUSU and did guided tours for parents and freshers on Saturday. Chris has his pride and joy in and out of the garage and drive! Black corsa 1.2 three years old. His driving lessons anr going well and passed his theory on 28th August.
Enjoy your job and trust your Mum and Mark have been enjoying themselves too. Ruth xxx
Response: Ott ow...chris has got his new racing machine to pump out those tunes around out! I'm sure mark and chris will be exchanging boom box volumes before the year is out! Suzanne heading back to uni after a year of work and travel...sure she'll make the most of the student lifestyle and do really well! Mum and mark really enjoyed Melbourne, it was good to see them again after all that time but not nice saying goodbye...again!!! Hope all is going well with you and work at the bank is going well. Take care xxx
From Mr. Harrison
Hey Mr. Craig, todays very unproductive as we did a Penthouse Party in preston last night so I'm well tired zzz and doing anything not to work so I've read all your recent blogs and messages. May I just ask - Who's Sparkle?

Also get online and download Alter Ego - Why not?

You'll love it - it has to be the best song you'll ever hear this year! Type in google - alter ego why not mediafire - and you'll get it!

Speak soon mwah!
Response: Glad to hear my blog is keeping you entertained in your hungover state...I know the feeling believe me! Good to hear that penthouse has moved out of blacks, slowly taking over the UK egh?! Thanks for the cds too, absolute life saver...some great mixes on there...I'll check out Alter Ego too! Sparkle is the infamous anne...that is her secret agent name I think :>) Went to an amazing festival the other week, really electro daft punky style which was ace! Hope your enjoying living in the new Cherry tree pad...those apartments are a pretty cool place to live! Take care pal x
From Lorraine
Hi Craig, hope ur ok :) could you please send some of the nice sunshine back with your mum please - would be ever so greatful :) so your'e learning the Aussie language are you hehe - u know what thongs are yet? sound like your'e having a great time seeing loads of bands - lucky you. work is ok - michael still ploding along. hope the animals are ok - add some pix :)hope your ok - speak to you soon x
Response: Well seen as my mum brought the rain with her I expect she smuggled some sunshine back through customs......thats such a peter kay joke!! The strange language is now starting to make sense...thongs took a while especially when a girl was telling me "all you'll need is some thongs in'll wear them all the time and because there made of rubber you can just hose them down when they get dirty" - should of seen my face!! Pics will be up very soon! Hope your well and the old dog turnbull too....take care x
From Enzo
Hi pal, great to hear you are enjoying yourself and are well settled. Ibiza was good although last year was always going to be a hard act to follow!! Settled with Becky (girlfriend) who is a copper!! (no jokes please!! lol). Sad to hear you are staying out longer but I don't begrudge you making the most of your experience!! Take care
Response: Good to hear from you pal! Glad Ibiza went off for yet another year…wonder if anyone took hotrods crown this year though?? I doubt it ;) Good work with the mrs mate, a copper too egh? That’s got to make an interesting night at Sankey’s! I’ll save the rest of the jokes for when I return! Miss our nights out but trying to bring Melbourne up to Manchester standard……teaching them some tricks of the trade ;) Went to a electro house festival at the weekend which was an amazing day! Say hi to young Fil and take it easy mate
From sparkle

thought i'd seriously missed some stories from your travels, so just checking that i haven't.

anyway we're off to garlands 2moro for dels birthday, so should be good. will let you know how it goes xx
Response: Good to hear your sampling Garlands from around the world…how does the Liverpool and Spanish counterpart compare?! I wonder what matt bought del the fussy madam….don’t tell her I said that (unless she has a sneaky read)! Been really busy out here, works been a bit crazy and you wouldn’t believe all the stuff that goes on in this city…not quite the same as Liquid Wednesdays and Cav Saturdays ;) Hope you’ve had a nice break from the study…guess you’ll be starting again soon? Hope you all enjoyed dels bday xxx
From jonny vulgar
yes, my holiday was sureley ruined by that grey haired munich barstewards team. i think you were lucky as usual and you will get your cumupance on boxing day mate. holiday was wicked. spent a fortune and went as crazy as ever. all good. how are you pal?
Response: Well I hate to spoil you Christmas as well but it’ll be 6 points to the Rovers mate…cheers for that! Glad to hear you enjoyed Ibiza…sure it was as messy as always and you felt like you needed another week off when you got back! Alls good down under…weather has become bootiful so the bbqs have had the dust blown off and Melbourne’s blooming so happy days! Been busy which explains my lack of updates but there’ll be one along very soon! Take it easy mate!
From Big bro.
Hey bro hope ya ok n dat. Just seein if i can email ya off my fone so Duno if it will wk. Hope ur job is goin ok. Got ya package this morn which was nice. Thanx. R ya still livin it large wid all ya partys n stuff. Speak soon take care Luv big bro Mwa.
Response: Glad you liked the t-shirt…very fitting I thought! Well just incase your wondering it did work and I have got your message ;) All is still good down under…works been busy, training hard and a lot of parties so had little time for anything else! Hope works going well and your not doing too much grabbing old man! MWAH!
From jonny vulgar
yeh, 2 days till i rock the white isle. woop woop
Response: Enjoy Ronson - don't do anything I wouldn't ;)
From jonny
come on come on, come on come on. city play you scum bags on the second of sept. i will have to watch it from a bar in IBIZA.
i cant wait to get there. gutted i aint gunna be at the game tho. got united this sunday, we will hammer them!!!
hows things? you got the duck yet Mr Triviani
Response: Apologies in advance for ruining your holiday but the blue of blackburn are going to smash svens 11...sure you'll do utd though! It's difficult to catch the footy here but I'm making the effort to watch the blackburn game tonight....midnight ko at the local so tomorrows not looking good! I guess your off to Ibiza with everyone else then - don't do anything I wouldn't mate.....hmmm! Got a message off nic the other day, she was talking about dragging you out traveling with her - I think you should mate you'll love it! The duck is now a house member and eats more than I do - greedy bugger! Take care mate Mwah
From Ash
I don't have one seconds recollection of Arctic Monkeys. One of you's date raped me on me last night!

Keep enjoying the Melbourne life & save the 24th for a beer.
New Zealand is a very pretty place. Chocked with English backpackers, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not.

Response: You paralysed yourself with the yaga juice mate, there is no blaming me for that one - especially enjoyed the taxi ride home where you were drueling into your way to finish off oz! You pics of NZ look really cool but my god I bet its cold! The 'real' monkeys on tuesday were on top form and that night ended up with a 4am finish and work the next day....rough! Enjoy your travels fella!
From pint guseling, pork
So now you’re down under, are they coping? I hope your drunken antics aren’t gonna get us brits banned! I plan to go one day and I hope to see the hamster dance sweeping the nation when i get there! AFL and NRL, wish I was there with you and a pint or two watching them.. Get on the Storm next week, buying money.
Your trip and photos sound amazing; you even encouraged me to do a bit of research about Cambodia. I guess you will be out there for quite a while now, be careful though, I’m giving the Uk about 1 more month before we disappear under water.
Whats life like out there? Work, pub, work, pub? Is your body handling the change and now pumping fosters round? Have you met any shelias? Heard an unconfirmed rumor that there is Bols II on the way.
Keep the updates coming!
Keep safe
Response: G'day mate! I guess Lorraine has passed on my greetings although I am now concerned that I will return to an under water world of strange looking amphibions all called bob!?! I'm getting into the AFL now, took a while to understand what was going on but a weekly attendee now....its a lot cheaper than UK footy which means its a cheap easy sunday, well apart from the booze! It has been pretty much work, pub recently and they don't do anything to discourage it....friday afternoons consist of having a beer while trying to finish the weeks work..prob why I wonder what I'm doing on monday! No fosters though and...take a deep breathe....everyone drinks half pints here - unbelievable! I was walking through a pub with a glass of wine at weekend and thought, if this was back in blackburn would I make it to the other side of the pub without abuse?! No! The hamster dance has not yet made an appearance as I don't feel the audience is quite ready although I feel I cannot keep it locked away for much longer! Glad Lorraine and your good self are ok and keeping the blackburn workforce strong! Take care mate
From Ruth
Glad you have managed to find a job so quickly. The dinghy's are out in force yet. We have had 2 months solid rain although it is sunny at the moment. Just heard from Suzanne and she has left the project today so found a computer to e-mail after 2 weeks and fine.
Look after yourself and enjoy, Love Ruth and Nana. xxx
Response: Glad to hear Suzannes ok, I'll email her this sure she'll be having the time of her life! The jobs going well and certainly helping the bank balance, the works not too bad either which is a bonus! Hope you get a little bit of sun this summer as im guessing you've had plenty of rain! Take care xxx
From Sparkle
hey you!!

congrats about the job & wonderful time you're having in Oz!!.

just a quickie let you know i've passed my exams, & am very pleased!! only about 6 more to go, but am sure the time will fly by since i don't really get time for a breather.

anyway enjoy yourself
Response: Congrats on passing your exams - very happy for you! Actually, do you ever fail any - since I've known you all you do is pass, pass pass?! ;) And when I return I guess you'll be a driven business women on super bucks and look down on peasent traveling folk like myself while you drive on by in your porshe! Ha Ha! Hope you enjoyed Ibiza xxx
From King Poo Pants the T
Hello Craig, King Poo Pants here! Hope all is well! Friday was good we'll get the pictures up tonight so you can see what you missed! But I dont feature on them! Why doesnt any one like poo pants! Whats wrong with poo pants do they smell and look horrible?!? :( boohoohoo!
Response: Well Poo Pants, perhaps that is because you are an embarrasing situation and smell quit bad? I've seen the pictures and loved all the obviously had lots of time on your hands at work! Have seen your flyer for this month too....who designs these - very nice yes?!
From jonny
Response: I a winner?
From Lorraine
Hello its Lorraine - Michael and I just come back from Cyprus and had a great time though we are not looking forward to going back to work on Monday :( and for me to now see that you are in Australia makes me very jealous :( so how long are you stopping in Oz for and are you planning on visiting Perth while you're there? Hope you ok, take care Lorraine x :o)
Response: Hello mrs turnbull, how is your good self and your pint guseling, pork scratchin eating man? Good I hope having had a little of the Cyprus michael looking a shade lighter than frank bruno? I would love to say its beautiful and sunny here at the moment but its not, quite cold and a little wet unfortunatly but this (so i've been told) is the worst part of the year. Not sure how long I'll be here exactly but I definatly hope to visit Perth sometime next year! Take care xxx Ps. get lazy michael to send me a mail!
From jonny vulgar
haha. nice 1 for the text mate. im glad you are entertained by my corespondense. I have never and will never be caught speeding, because i never do obviousley, YEH.
Hope you are settling into the new love shack and if i win the lotto i will be over to see it.
have fun mate.
Response: The new pads going well mate, luckily landed with 3 sound people who like a wee drink! This weeks numbers for the lotto mate: 3, 6, 18, 14, 26, 49 - see you monday!
From Jonny
dam you Craig Gorton, i am sick of your inability to comunicate with the real world on a frequent basis. i look forward to your taimed diaries and look forward to making myself green with envy at what your up to. anyway, now i have bitched a bit i will proceed, how are you downunder? i wish i could afford to come over there for 2 weeks mate. that would be ace. snakes and salties are not my cup of tea. I would literaly poo my pants if i saw either, be careful out in the bush. have you seen Wolf Creak??? there are some looney tunes in the outback mate, you will fit in well!! haha.
you need to tell ur bro to come out more. he will be married with kids by time your home, uncle eggster.
This country is crap, it has rained for nearly the length it did in Noars Arc, 3 pissing, literal, weeks. my new car needs the sun to shine to show it off a little, it is a speedy machie.
still at the joys of AJH unfortunatly. soon things may change. Passed my exams so just the 1 year left now. i may even take up the traveling lark after that.
anyway, my life story is coming to an end and so is my will to live.
take care in the bush, u dont know where she has been, i had to live up to the title, sorry!!
have fun and get ur finger out and tell me some news.
mwah x
Response: Hello Jonny Vulgar, you certainly live up to your title! Sounds like I'm not missing out too much on summer back home...sunny balckburn always lives up to its reputation! How many speeding tickets has you and your new wheels picked up still legally driving?! I'm sure its a nice ride but it'll never be a match for the Escort with frying pan accessory...not every driver can cook up a storm on the way to work! Congrats with the exams mate, soon you'll have your own company and be able to take over the world but you need to see some before then so I recommend a bit of travel before then, seriously mate best thing you'll do! Thanks for the scare stories about the outback gimps but I'm sure i'll handle it - you've been watching too many movies. I have now updated the blog too as you can probably see so stop complaining and get back to work! Mwah!
From Ruth
Hi Craig, Glad you escaped from Laos but the photos of there and Vietnam are amazing. Suzanne is in Malaysia after a brief look round Singapore. Done loads in the 2 days she has been there already. Enjoy yourself in Aussie and keep up the blogs. Love Ruth.
Response: Yeah Laos was an incredible place, I'm sure there's not many countries on earth quite as chilled and picturesque. From all accounts Suzanne will love Malaysia...the trekking and wildlife there is supposed to be amazing. Enjoying being in Oz so far but still need to get used to the chilly weather but I'm not'll be barbies on the beach before I know it! Take care xxx
From anne

finally caught up on your travels & oh god i was way behind!!!

glad to see you're having a wonderful times & your pics are absolutely gorgeous. am soooooooo jelous!

finally stopped being ignorant & replied to your you've got something to look forward to xxxx
Response: Just read your mail, your really looking forward to Ibiza, Mambo's on a friday night with tongi was always my fav warm up spot! No more revision for a while either, good luck with the results...sure you'll get them though! One step closer to being an accountant...its what dreams are made of! Enjoy your holiday sparkle xxx