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Greenie-Riley travels

Welcome to Greenieriley's Travel Page.

This will hopefully be a more interesting way for us to keep you informed of our excursions. Please feel free to leave us a comment and we will try to find time in our ´busy´ schedule to reply.

Hope you enjoy

Chris & Kerry

Diary Entries

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Location: Nicaragua

Hola Amigos.

A new continent and therefore a new map. After having a amazing time in South America we are now into our Central American adventure. Its a lot more tropical here and its unbelieveably hot.

After 3 great weeks in Panama and Costa Rica we have now arrived in Nicaragua where we hope to stay for a while and finally settle down and do some volunteer work.

Tomorrow we are moving in with a Nicaraguan family and hope to start school with the kids later in the week.

Hasta Luego.

Chris and Kerry.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Amazonia, Venezuela

After an amazing few months of sunbathing, sightseeing and drinking till the early hours everyday of Carnival in Rio we have landed back to earth in small jungle town on the Venezuelan Brazilian border.

After taking for granted all the modern delights of Argentina and Brazil we are now back to cold showers, periodical running water and no means of getting money out of banks on a weekend ...not good when you arrive with hardly any cash on a Saturday afternoon!

Tomorrow we head to see the worlds highest waterfall Angel Falls albeit at this time of year with a waterflow resembling a dripping tap! Even so, we couldnt possibly miss the chance to tick another box.

Hope you are all well surviving the snow back home.

Love Chris and Kerry.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello all

Have had a busy few weeks with much of our time sitting on Chilen or Argentinian buses covering the emormous distances of these two countries.

We have seen the South American Lake District, travelled south to the gateway to the Antarctic, explored the worlds 3rd largest Glacier park and were lucky enough to catch the Whales at the end of their season.

We are now in the buzzing city Buenos Aires, gorging on steak and red wine and trying hard to keep up with the locals who dont eat until 11pm!

Hope you are all well and hope you have a great Christmas and some much deserved time off!

Monday, 20 November 2006

Location: La Paz - Chile, Chile


We only planned on cutting through Bolivia to Chile but a combination of dirt cheap prices, amazing scenery and a bout of dodgy pate that left us both baño bound meant that we ended up spending nearly a month in this fantastic country.

We have been to the tropical lowlands and got eaten to death by mossies, swam in croc infested water and went fishing for Pirahnas.

Then, at an altitude of nearly 5000 metres (higher than our skydives) the Salt Deserts and flamingo filled Lagoons that borders Bolivia and Chile were some of the most incredible landscape imagineable.

Now we are in Chile and the difference is unbeleiveable. As we crossed the border into Chile our Bolivian dirt track immediately turned into an immacualte tarmaced road.

We are currently in a beach town called La Serena (just north of Santiago) with the comfort of airconditioned shopping malls, a variety of fast food outlets and bathrooms with guaranteed hot running water! Takes the pain out of travelling but out backpackers budget isnt liking it as much!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Hola Amigos

After a whirlwind 3 weeks with Nic and Ol in Peru we have finally managed to stop for longer than a day and draw breath in La Paz (Although very difficult at this altitude) and update our travelling web site.

In this time we have had a hairy flight in a little tin plane over the Nazca lines, spent several hours standing at the side of a road watching our bus driver trying to fix his vehicle and brought ourselves to the brink of exhaustion trecking the Inca Trail.

We are tired and weiry but are thankful that we have found a great English pub that shows Premiership football (well Chris is) a great little Dutch owned Tapas restaurant (with amazing Roquefort sauce to satisfy Kerry´s cheese obssession) and finally after 2 motnhs of searching a proper Indian that serves Tikka Massala! Think we could really get used to South American food after all.

We´re off to an Oxygen bar this evening for a quick fix and to continue our recovery before heading to the Amazon jungle for a few more days of insect bites, bad food and camping with no showers.

Hope your all well and enjoy the photos

Chris & Kerry

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

We are currently escaping the rain in Banos - a great little town with amazing views and an over excited volcano - Erupted last month and due to go again within a few weeks so may head South pretty soon.

Our Ecuadorain experience has seen us take in 40 hrs of Spanish, haggle with the locals in the Saturday Otavalo markets, snorkel in the galapagos and go to the Cloud Forest of Mindo.

Please see our snaps

Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Hola Amigos

After an 11 hour flight from Madrid we arrived in Quito to begin our travels. Although the room was a slight come down from the creature comforts recently enjoyed at Mrs Riley´s & Mrs Greens abodes and sparodic availability of even luke warm water (Nic & Ol be warned!) the social atmosphere and amazing terrace garden at the Secret Garden meant our return to hostel life was more than OK.

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Recent Messages

From Dad
Hi Chris,Kerry,
como esta usted?
The Nicaoragua photo's are special they provide very different phase to your journey, with the work and play experiences. I guess the teaching is the next step on your career path! Where were the sport activities? only viewing football now!
Cuan to tiempo queda usted ? I guess you are looking forward to Mexico and seeing Nicola, Que se divietan (nothing to it Spanish in a week!!) Love to you both,Mucha suerte, Dad
From Romulo
Hi, Kerry and Cris, I hope everything is o.k with your trip around southamerica, now centralamerica, I hope you really enjoy Venezuela, specially Margarita Island and of course our place here on the island... was really nice to meet you guys... see you in a short future... and Lets go Liverpool... kicks chelsea f*****g ass!!!! upsss sorry...
Response: Still having a great time though of couse miss your lovely hostel. Hope to see you again and desparatley hoping we see off Chelsea and then beat Man Utd in the finals
From Mum
Hi Kerry
I would like to see you and Chris without glasses!!, in the pictures!!
Response: What do you mean. You are actually able to leave your house without needing to wear sunglasses in England ?
From Paula and David
Hi to you both

David and I regularly visit your website - it's the closest we're likely to get to such far flung places.

We're sticking to Europe - we were in Madeira last month and are going to Seville and Southern Spain at the end of April. We plan to spend the month of June in France - sounds a bit low key compared with your travels, but we're later coming to such adventures.

Look forward to seeing you on your return.

Paula and David
Response: Think your next hol should be to drag my parents up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Drink enough Cocoa Tea and you will be fine
From Ben Street
Looks all good - very jealous. All fine here in China. Currently trying to plan my escape back to ......somewhere. Take care and enjoy, Ben
Response: Will be great to have you back. PS You may be a superstar in China on 2 pints but just remember to ask the barman to water down your beer if you want a 3rd back in Blighty
From Little Ragsi
Well you have made it now...Planet Ranger's Feature Photo this month.... I have big plans for you guys!!xxxx
Response: I know we are also very proud of our photographic acheivements. Did think my hand and a turtles bum may have got the nod but I guess our carnival picture does have a wider appeal.
Response: De nada. Gracias por todo su ayuda y especialemente su gran cantando.

From Motty
Hello travellers, thought I'd let you know that Samuel Harry Wilmot came into the world on 15 Jan weighing in at 7lb 4oz - clearly not in need of too many of mrs. riley's most excellent dinners... mother and Sam doing well - Dad trying to remember what sleep was... Keep having fun! We're all jealous!
Response: Fantastic news pal, absolutley delighted for you all. Are you handling the sleep better yet?

Send us a photo when you get chance ... keeping my fingers crossed that he gets his looks from his mothers side :-)
From mom and dad
Hi Chris and Kerry
Thought I would look to see if there were any more photos but I expect you have been too busy learning the lingo! Lovely to talk to you both the other day and to know you're having a great time. Take care. Love Momxx
Response: Mom, Dad welcome to the sight - only took about 5 months so you´re making good progress.

Will try and keep the photos upto date for you.
From Phil
Chris - have just down loaded your pic's - fab!! - the one of Machu Pichu (with no-body in shot) has been sent around all the offices to be used as a screen saver on their p/c's with the incentive that any exceptional sales performers can have their own personal experience! (a laminted copy to pin on their bedroomn wall)
Response: It is a good photo I agree but these American Sales people are easily pleased aren´t they???. Not sure the city slickers in London would accept a laminated copy of Machu Pichu as reward for their hard efforts but I guess if it works ...
I have seen your pictures and are so great. Actually I am developing a web to help the turism to bolivia, teh site is
Would you agree to share the pictures in our site, I will put a watermark with your name and if you want a link to yours site.

Please help us.

Ernesto Zavala
From Banny
Hello, sorry it's taken me so long to be arsed to write you a message. Anyway, hope you both have a Merry Xmas. Like the web site. Particularly like the Beunos Aires photos although for the life of me I can't work out whether Kerry is the one dressed up as Santa or Maradona.
From Lil'Ol
Good to see greenie has finally learnt to take her hands out of her pockets for photos!!
From Andy G
Glad you're both having a great time. Some truly fantastic pics. I especially like the looks of the giant tortoise ride on the Galapagos.
From Mark
The comedy poses continue...Great starfish technique Chris!!
Although I'm worried that my sister has turned into Terry. Does Dave know something I don't?
Missing ya!
From Steph
I didn't think it was possible but it seems your fashion sense has gotten worse kerry! I am putting together a schedule for when you get back, we will very slowly integrate you back into society! Although i fear if it gets any worse it will be too late! xxxxxxx
Response: Steph i fear you may be right. We are heading to the Glaciers next - you should see what i am planning to wear then!
From Dave
Ah Mr.Riley and Terry i have finally made this damn device work all on my own.Good to see your having a nice time and i am glad it is Terry with the hand in pocket pose rather than facing Riley pocket billiards.
Love Dave
Response: Dave, good to see that your abilty to turn a computer on has impoved. just a shame we´re still stuck with your same smutty sense of humour. Suggest you let Suzy proof read your next message on this family website :-)
From Paula and David
Keep it coming Chistopher - are whiteheads welcome where you are?
Response: As long as you have a pocket full of dinero people are very welcoming! Now can you please teach my parents how to use the internet!
From Tina & Mark
Was this an endurance trip, seems like you will need a well deserved holiday when complete - where next, beach, sun & sea with plenty of 'vegging' & opportunity to wear 'dressing up clothes'......If I had a hat I would take it off to you both, keep on trekking, lots & lots of love, Tina, Mark, Dan & Matt xxxxxxxxx
Response: Dressing up clothes? Dont you like my rainbow sock look then?
From Russ
Howdy peeps! It looks you're carrying on the 'speed tourism' tradition which I'm pleased about "Mad Dogs."...Chris - I notice you wait until Liverpool beat Villa to stick your head above the parapet...don't think I hadn't noticed!!!

Looking forward to more updates - don't forget to leave little mementos at places that we can pick up this time next year!
Response: The way Liverpool were going I didn't think I would able to write till the end of the year. I am working with the continents major hostels on how to make a proper cup of tea (currently it's shocking). Hopefully they will have cracked it by the time you visit.
From Steph
Oh No!! What has Chris done to you Kerry! I didnt even realise that you owned a pair of rainbow socks, let alone thought it was fashionable to wear them on the outside of your trousers!! We are going to have to do some serious shopping when you get back
Tell me about it mate. I dont think i will be able to show my face in England again!
From Anna
Oi you lazy sods! I have been waiting for updates & nothing! :-)
Response: Stop sodding moaning - we´ve updated for you now alright
From Steph
Oh My God!!!

This is so amazing! Chris you are a genius!

I am so looking forward to seeing more updates!

Response: Steph - I am pleased I have this in writing from someone - I will add to my CV immediatley
From Andy Y
Chris, let me know your forwarding address - I'll send you some decent clothes. There really was no need to do all your pre-trip shopping in charity shops - or does that lovely stripy (unwashed) polo pass for 'style' up in the bland hinterland of the midlands?
Response: Fashion tips from a Mackem! that´s a new one. How is that Pink tank top of yours going down at work these days by the way?

That said providing you don´t send me your Sunderland shirt any extra supplies are more than welcome