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Welcome to Greg and Amy 's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. We decided that this would be better than us sending you all impersonal e-mails (which not everyone loves, I realise), as here you can write to us directly and we will do our best to respond.

Please keep anything you post clean(ish) as we don't want to offend anyone.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 09 March 2006

Location: New York, USA

Just a quick and final message from us before we get back to England. We are currently in New York which has been great so far, will bore you all with the details when we get back. We get back to England on Sunday 12th, cannot believe a year has gone already. Obviously we will try to catch up with everyone as soon as possible, but will be pretty hectic when we get back what with organising jobs, flats etc... I will be staying with my Dad in sunny Wokingham for a few days, while Amy will be back in Romsey from Monday onwards, however will not have any mobiles for a few days until we get new contracts so landline is best if you want to ring either of us.

Just to sum the whole thing up very quickly:

Cambodia - scary.
Vietnam - great, very pretty.
Thailand - cool islands.
Malaysia - a bit grumpy, but some nice bits.
Singapore - shopping-tastic.
New Zealand - beautiful, bit quiet.
Australia - not quite as good as they tell you, but some great things.
Fiji - best place we have been to (Greg's opinion).
Vancouver - really beautiful and good to stay with friends (thanks NIgel and Sheryl).
LA - scary, not going back, bit of a dump really.
New York - really cool, proper city, bit noisy!

Will not be answering following questions:

What was favourite place?
How did you put up with each other for a year?
How come you did not lose any weight, Greg?

Thanks for keeping an eye on this over the last year (that is those of you who did not die of boredom when we were back in Thailand), and looking forward to seeing all of you.

Greg and Amy.

Greg (01189) 619860
Amy (01794) 515425.

Friday, 24 February 2006

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Hello again, not long since the last posting, we are now in Vancouver Island, having endured probably the worst 2 days of our trip so far in getting here! Leaving Fiji proved harder than we thought with flight delays, planes with broken down engines and no air-con, meaning sat on the runway in ridiculously hot place for ages, not being able to take off, surrounded by crying children etc... The flight itself was pretty vile, dire food which we could not eat and two to three hours of the worst turbulence I have ever experienced, the plane being thrown around all over the place along with very little sleep. Finally after 11 hours flying we crawled into LA airport (on the same day we left as we crossed the International Date Line, meaning for us 23rd Feb lasted 48 hours), hours late, missing our connection to Vancouver. With no help from Qantas we managed to book another flight to Vancouver, and although we had to wait 4 hours for the flight seemed to be sorted, until this plane was also delayed, so stuck waiting in LA with no money (as we weren't supposed to be staying), feeling really tired having been up for well over a day and a scheduled time of arrival in Vancouver of 12.30 at night meaning no chance to organise car hire and no hotel booked.

Already p***** off we were then pulled over to be searched by US Customs who having already fingerprinted us, photo-d us etc coming into the country (bearing in mind this was only a transit stop we were not going out of the airport), we then had bag and shoes searched, body-search and swabs taken from our luggage. What has happened to the Anglo-American alliance, the customs people would not even go in for banter when I tried to have a laugh with them.

Having finally arrived through Vancouver customs at about 1.00am with nowhere to stay, we then had to wait ages for our luggage as carousel broken down, finally crawled into the first hotel we could find at 2 in the morning, having taken over 26 hours to get there from Nadi (it would have been quicker to fly home!).

However, moan over, we are here now and so far Canada seems great (what little we have seen of it), and we are staying with friends who have a really nice house on Vancouver Island. Apologies for the moaning, but I guess it is good to write a balanced view of travelling and while lots of things we have done are fantastic, some days are just really s***.

Hope you are all well, from a tired and emotional Amy and Greg!

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Location: Nadi, Fiji

Well as I write this we are just killing time in Nadi before catching a flight to LA and then a connection to Vancouver, so have got about 16 hours of travelling ahead of us today. We seem to have picked a good time to go as the heavens have just opened in Nadi, although the weather has been mostly good while we have been in Fiji.

Since I last wrote, we have been in the capital Suva, which is quite a small laidback place, went to the Fiji Musuem, which was really good, although some of the cannibalism stuff was a bit grizzly! Also spent a couple of days taking it easy, did a bit of souvenir shopping and swanning around various cafes and restaurants, not exactly exerting ourselves! From Suva we then caught a bus onto a small resort on the Coral Coast on the south side of Viti Levu the main island. Was a really cool little backpacker resort by the beach, very tropical, staying in big cottages. Did some coconut jewellery carving, Amy had a Fijian massage from a ridiculously friendly big Fijian woman, I also had a short leg massage, got told I had the legs of a No.8 (thats a rugby position for those of you not too up on your Rugby Union), rugby is a national obsession here, several of the locals have talked to me about the rugby. I also got to do the last bit of snorkelling before heading home and saw a large reef shark and some huge rays (a couple of metres across) so all good.

Last night we headed back to Nadi, where we fly from, and checked into the Mercure, which is luxury compared with what we are used to, decided to splash out a bit on our last night. All in all, Fiji has been absolutely fantastic, I think it has just about been my favourite place so far, will definitely be coming back if I get the chance, the 11 days we have had here has just not been anywhere near enough. Still, no complaining, we still have LA, Vancouver and NY to see before getting back to England, so life is not bad.

Hope you are all well and hope that wedding preparations are going well Hannah, see you all soon,

Love Greg and Amy.

Saturday, 18 February 2006

Location: Suva, Fiji

Bula, Bula, (Hello)

Just a quick message to say we are in Fiji and are both well, having left Australia 5 days ago. For the last few days we have been on the island of Nananu-i-Ra, just off the main island of Viti Levu. Was probably the nicest island we have been to on our whole trip, the closest to the 'paradise' cliche that everyone imagies, white sand, perfect blue water, vast coral reefs teeming with tropical fish etc... Amy did 2 dives while she was there including a 12 metre dive at the 'Dreammaker' dive site, a world famous diving site, she has pretty much got the hang of diving now. As well as this we had great snorkelling just off the beach as the island is completely surrounded by vast reefs. Saw the usual things, clown-fish, clams, triggerfish, but I also saw highly venomous sea-snakes, Amy saw a moray eel while diving as well as a porcupine fish and a stingray, though no sharks this time.

As well as all this the atmosphere on the little resort we were staying in was great, met plenty of good people some of whom we hope to catch up with back in the UK and also if we ever find ourselves in Germany, and had a room right on the beach, facing the ocean (although the room itself was a little... basic to put it nicely!) All in all a great place to stay so we are loving Fiji so far. Have just reached the capital, Suva, having had no access to the outside world on the island, hence the lack of contact since we left Australia last week.

We hope you are all well, just think only a few weeks and you get to see us again!!!!! You must be excited by the thought of that!!!! I bet you are all wondering how you have managed without a visit from us for the last year.


Love Greg and Amy.

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi everyone, there are 2 new pages of photos to see on here.


Greg and Amy.

Friday, 27 January 2006

Location: Queensland, Australia

Part 1

Hello all from tropical Queensland where we are currently sat in a cafe trying to stay out of the rain which has dogged us for the last few days. Since we last wrote, my Dad has arrived in Australia and after a few days in Sydney (where we did the Bridge Climb which was fantastic), we flew up to Cairns in North Queensland. Straight away we could see the difference in climate as is far more tropical than Sydney, extremely humid but bursts of rain then very hot weather.

From Cairns we took a trip out to Green Island on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Was only a small cay (island made from coral and sand), surrounded by large reefs, surrounded by clear, turquoise water, very scenic and the first chance we had to do some snorkelling over on the Great Barrier Reef itself. Amy and I did quite a bit, Dad had a go, but not really his thing, I think, he preferred sitting on the beach in the sun. While in Cairns we also did a few trips up to Cabe Tribulation (where Cook ran aground, hence the name), Daintree National Park and Mossman, which are all large areas of National Park. Did plenty of walking and the odd dip in the various gorges to cool down, managed to avoid crocodiles thouigh which was good, as the area is reknowned for the presence of Saltwater crocodiles ('Salties'), which can be as long as 7m in length and are quite partial to an English backpacker or two.

Moving on from Cairns, we travelled 350km south to Townsville, which despite being the 2nd largest city in Queensland, was a ghost town. It seems that in Australia, each state has one very large city and that is about it, apart from some small 'cities' and towns as well as a lot of empty space. While here we drove out to a remote, quiet area of countryside where we saw wild kangaroos for the first time (well apart from the roadkill variety which we have seen plenty of on the side of the road).

Moving on the next morning, we stopped at a wildlife sanctuary just south if the city. While looking quite tatty from the outside, it meant Amy got a chance to hold a wombat (a very dumb looking animal) and a koala (a really dumb looking animal) - incidentally, Koalas seem to be bucking the trend of evolution, as scientists have shown that they are actually getting less intelligent over time and less able to deal with their environment - sort of like people from Portsmouth really. We also got a chance to see 4m+ crocodiles and other Aussie animals such as dingos, wallabies, Taipans (the world's deadliest snake), as well as getting to feed tame Red Kangaroos.

Part 2 (Written in Melbourne)

Later in the day we reached Airlie Beach 250km south. which was a sort of backpacker version of Benidorm, not good, however an unavoidable base to get to the Whitsunday Islands. Amy and I felt pretty old wandering round the streets, so not sure what Dad made of it. Suffice to say we managed to avoid both the wet-T-shirt competition and the foam party at the main nightclub.

From here we went on a boat-trip to Whitsunday Island, the main island in the group, where we headed for Whitehaven Beach, which is very famous in Australia and we have seen photos of it in our go\uide-books in travel agents, everywhere really. Did not disappoint, flour-like white sand and turquoise-bluse sea, with huge sandbanks making it a unique site, particuarly from the lookout, higher up on the island. After a bit of swimming and lounging on the beach (having to wear stinger suits to protect from box-jellyfish, very fetching), we then hopped back on the boat and headed for a small secluded bay where we did the best snorkelling we have done since we started travelling, fantastic brightly coloured coral and masses of tropical fish, just how I imagined the Great Barrier Reef would be.

Since then after stopping briefly in another ghost-town, Mackay, and spending too much time in tropical storms, we returned for one last day in Sydney before Dad sadly had to fly back to England, although with only 6 weeks of our trip left, not too long before we see families and friends again. I think he had a great time, even if he did have to spend 2 weeks with Amy and I, which is not easy for anyone. Amy and I have subsequently flown to Melbourne, where we will be spending the next 2 weeks travelling the Great Ocean Road and from there onto Adelaide, before leaving Australia and starting the month journey back home.

See you soon,

Love Greg and Amy.

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Location: Manly, Australia

Hello all,

Have not written on here for a while, so thought we would update you all with what we have been up to. Since Christmas, things have been pretty busy, starting with New Years Eve, which we spent in the harbour, watching the fireworks. The fireworks were fantastic, mostly fired off the Harbour Bridge itself, had a long wait but was worth the wait to see them. The next day we lounged about on Manly beach, with Sydney having it's hottest New Year's Day ever, temperatures in the mid to high 40s.

I then finished work last week which I am very happy about, particularly as got a kayaking trip around Sydney Harbour as a leaving present, which I am going on this weekend. Last weekend it was also Amy's birthday so on the Saturday night we went to the Opera House to see Madame Butterfly (a bit cultured for us I know, but had to see something at the Opera House before we left Sydney). I think Amy really liked it (I thought it was great) and was a great experience especially having half-time drinks with a view over the harbour, before going back into to see the second Act. Then on Sunday (Amy's birthday) we went on the OzJet which Amy's brother Tom and his girlfriend Amy had bought for her. Was a bit white-knuckle, as it goes bloody fast and the guy driving it takes it into 360 spins and the boat took off several times as we went through the wakes of other boats. We also got absolutely soaked, having decided not to wear ponchos (let's be honest they do look bad and are a bit Disney), it took about 5 hours until we were dry again. Thanks to Tom and Amy for the present, was great, although felt a bit battered and bruised when we got off.

The next day we got up dead early to go on a 3 day eco-tour up near Port Stephens, about 250kms north of Sydney. We camped by Myall Lake and near several huge, beautiful, unspoilt beaches with hardly anyone on them. Over the three days we did kayaking, snorkelling, surfing (yes I tried again, still hopeless), bush-walking and sand-tobogganing amongst other things, as well as having camp fires in the evening where we toasted marshmallows and chocolate-covered bananas, as well as learning how to play the didgeridoo. Remarkably we were both pretty good at this, even though it is a bloody difficult instrument to play. Amy is already chatting about buying one, but I am not sure I really want to be lugging around a 4 foot long wooden didgeridoo for the rest of our trip! The tour was really good, although on the last day when we had to pack the camp up the heavens absolutely opened and while Amy sat in the van keeping dry, Russell (the guide) and I spent about 45 minutes getting absolutely soaked and covered in mud, trying to take the tents down, pack the van etc...

That just about brings things up to date, we have now got 3 days in Sydney before my Dad flies out to visit us on Sunday, then on Tuesday we all fly up to Cairns to see some of the Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef amongst other things. We hope you are all well and that English winter is not proving to be too depressing!


Greg and Amy.

PS As of Tuesday 17th we are leaving our apartment, so the address at Manly and the land-line number are no longer in use, although we can still be contacted by mobile on +61 423 646491.

Friday, 23 December 2005

Location: Manly, Australia

Just a quick Christmas message to everyone (sort of like the Queen's speech really except without the stern look and the strange posh accent). We both hope that you all have a great Christmas, spend time with friends and family, and more importantly get good presents, eat too much food, watch too many bad repeats and live on cold turkey for the next week, in true English style. We will be having an odd Christmas, not too often that I feel homesick, but being away at at Christmas does seem a bit strange.

Also, we hope you all have great New Years Eve and wish you all the best for 2006.

You will all be pleased to hear we will be putting xmas photos on the site in our cossies on the beach in 38 degrees of heat on xmas day just thought you would like a taster of whats to come!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Enjoy your tinnies and tucker miss you all!!

Love Amy and Greg

P.S Thanks to everyone that sent us christmas cards they are pride of place in our flat with the 45cm tall christmas tree!(thanks Mum!!!)

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From Summers
I'm very touched that you consider me a comedian Greggy!!

Will be good to see you both when you're back... dinner at chez summers soon..

Sgt S
Response: ah ha it was you mr s
Thanks for the invite will be great to see you again

From Alasdair
Greggy and Amy

Welcome home!

Response: Thankyou
we would love to see you soon
hope you are well!
Amy and Greg
From The Neighbours
You've left your oven on
Response: Who's the comedian? Webster, Wheeler, Summers, MacFarlane? If only we had an oven to leave on, sniff, sniff, we are homeless.
From Hannah Virgo
Hmm, my ears have been burning! Hi Sophie - young Hannah is indeed getting married!
Sounds like you guys had a great time in Fiji - you've definately sold it to me as a destination! I hope the rest of your flights etc go a little more smoothly. Amy - all the other bridesmaids are getting worried that you are going to make them look really pale stood next to them with your tan!! Anyway see you very soon,
Han xx
Response: Hi,

The cold temperatures in the US are paling me fast, can't believe only a couple of weeks till the big day and a week till we are back, am really looking forward to seeing you. Speak soon, lots of love,

From sophie
Can't believe 'little' Hannah is getting married . I feel really old now!!.
Would you both like to come to lunch Saturday or Sunday the 25th/26th . We are away the week-end before that and we would love to see you before you go back to the big smoke. lots of love xxxxxxx
Response: thanks for the invite, I know i feel old too, how grown up!!!
thankyou for the invite but we are busy that weekend as my friend angela is moving back to oz for good and she is having a party!!
this is great though already filling my social calender!!!
would be great to re arrange!
lots of love
Amy and Greg
From Sophie
Hey Guys ,What a horrible journey.Hope you're enjoying Canada bet the kids have grown Amy !.Really looking foward to seeing yoy both.What date do you get back exactly?. How long are you planning on hanging around in Southampton?.
Bet you've missed quaint old Romsey eh !.
Is it Hannah Virgo that's getting married by the way ?.
Lots of Love Soph xxxxxx
Response: hi
it is hannah v thats getting married we get back on the 12th prob in romsey for a couple of weeks and have a job starting the beg of april which is good.
look forward to seeing you guys too
Amy and Greg
From sophie
Hi Guys , Gary and I got back from 4 days in NY on wednesday.It is the most fantastic place I've ever been and you'll love it!.Make sure you go to the top of the Empire State Building at nightime , ice skating at the Rockerfeller centre and of course TIFFANY'S. A word to Gregg -the silver floor is much more affordable!. Four nights without the kids was also fantastic,although My Mum nearly had a nervous breakdown by the end of it!.
Anyway ENJOY and we'll see you soon . xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: thanks for the tip glad you had a great time we are now in vancouver seeing our friends we head to NY in a week or so
see you soon
Amy and Greg
From mrs g
hi guys,
well, fiji sounds great, bet you really like new york, though it looks to be pretty snowy right now,skiing down fifth avenue so we have been led to believe, we have had some of that too this week , what can you mean about your telly, surely you two will be sitting round the fire of an evening practising on the didge and telling tall tales !!!!!
speak soon xxx mrs g
Response: Mum,

Really looking forward to New York, although have a week in Vancouver first which we are also really looking forward to. Last day in Fiji now (sniff, sniff), flying to LA then straight onto Vancouver, about 16 hours travelling ahead of us!

Have not actually got a didge yet, going to have to order one from UK, as just as cheap as sending it from here. Bet you can't wait!


Greg and Amy.
From MRS G
hi guys,
good to hear from you, fiji sounds great, but then it was going to be really wasnt it, i would have been surprised if it had been like clapham common on a wet wednesday, hey ho, give my love to the fishies, take care of your good selves, speak soon xxxxx
Response: Mum,

Yes, Fiji definitely lives up to the reputation, one of the highlights so far, not really much like London on a wet Wednesday at all. Even Amy has become less of a stress monkey here! Are you counting down the days until we get back? I'll be able to take that big telly of your hands!

Love Greg and Amy.
From Hannah
Hi there guys,
Hope you are having a cool time travelling. Just wanted to check - did Amy get the email I sent her a while ago? Wedding getting v close now - I can't wait!!!
Anyway! I hope you are both well and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Response: Bula,

Yes I got your email, really sorry I have not replied, have been stuck on an island with no communication to the outside world for the last 5 days and I am crap at replying. Am looking forward to seeing you too, hope all plans are going well for the big day,

Love Amy.
From sophie
Hi , latest house news -
We are now buying a re-furbished victorian property in Lumsden Ave , Shirley.
We were given some information regarding the area surrounding the new house in Lordswood so pulled out. The house in lumsden has got a loft conversion and been done out to a really high standard. Am very excited about it.
Anyway , take care and enjoy yourself xxxxxxxxxxx
Response: oh no what was wrong with the plot!! look forward to seeing the new house.
have tried sending a long email but it keeps rejecting the email address do you have another address.
Amy and greg xxx
From Amy & Greg
you look lovely in the photo going to the opera.
enjoy from Nan & Grandadxx
Response: thanks nan and grandad we had a great time loved it there. i am now in the airport about to go to fiji so really looking forward to that, sorry to hear the sad news hope all goes well on wednesday!
Amy and Greg
From Alasdair
Greggy and Amy

I was at dinner in Covent Garden last weekend - on the table next to Sir Clive Woodward - Saints legend!

Response: Ally Mac

That will be the legend Sir Clive Woodward who is currently masterminding Saints slide to League 1? I hope you gave him some stick from me. I am guessing not one of your favourite people in light of being a) English and b) the guy who won England a World Cup re-igniting the English sporting arrogance and self-congratulation which I know you Scottish just love.

Hope all is well in Queens Park,

Greg. (You can cut out the Greggy, only Helen Rose was allowed to call me that).
From sophie
Hi Guys , sent a long email to Amy a couple of weeks ago. I Guess if you're travelling alot you may not have read it !.
The Photographs are great , both looking very brown .
Our latest news is that we are on the move . Found a house we liked on Saturday and sold ours to the first person who looked at it on Monday !. Because we are buying a new build and the guy buying ours has nothing to sell it should all go through in a month.
The new house is a three story townhouse in Lordswood. It wasn't an area we were originally looking at , but the house is big for a newbuild and good value for money. We will be all moved in before you come home , but will hold off the housewarming for you.
Hope to hear from you soon , lots of love Sophie & Co xxxx
Response: Sophie,

Amy has seen the e-mail and replied to it, but keeps getting the message bounced back by Hotmail, she will try and send it again tomorrow.

Hope you are all well, good luck with the house move!

From Paddy
What Ho, You Two!
Didn't you feel that being in and around the Opera House felt like being in the future? I did. It was jolly fun until some rumbunctious, chubby oik spoiled my reverie by exclaiming to his obese parents 'Ain't these curvy things kinda neat, huh? Ain't they?'
I mean to say, what a bally nerve! If want to be disturbed by loud Americans while admiring architecture I'll jolly well go to Kensington and attempt to gaze at the pleasing edifice of the Natural History Musuem.
All here is chaos and rain. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Bob sends his love and says he is making excellent progress in 'pimping yo' ride'.

Ta ta!

Response: Wheeler Sir, good to hear from you, just think another 5 weeks and I can come round to yours and give you that whooping that you have been waiting for! No seriously, hope all OK in leafy St Albans, what you up to at the moment?

On the Bob front, I am really hoping that when I get back the 'Turquoise Dream' is in one piece, I trust Elly, but if Bob has been in it I know it will be trashed.

Off to Fiji in a few days, will probably be the first country in the world you or I can walk around in and get called 'Tiny', am looking forward to that.

Take care and will bell you when I get back to the UK.

Greg and Amy.
From Dad - 30 Jan
How's Melbourne - I hope its not raining. Trip back fairly uneventful - got three seats to myself on the leg to Singapore, but plane was full on the leg to Heathrow. Stayed up until midnight UK time to get back into the swing of things and work was not too bad today although there was a mad panic on similar to the one I left before the holiday - some things never change.
I'm sure that you have seen the Saints cup draw and signings, but away to Newcastle could have been worse and the new signings look promising. My home town have a good draw away to Everton or Chelsea, which should help their finances - they seem to be a useful team at the moment as they won 18 of their last 20 games.
I have probably bored people already recalling my trip to Oz, but a number said I looked very well on it and were obviously envious.
Thanks again for everything you did.

Look after yourselves

Love Dad
Hazel and Amy send their love to.
Response: Dad,

Glad to hear you made it back to the UK OK, sorry you did not get the free upgrade you were angling for! I hope you are not finding work too tricky with the jet lag.

Saints wise, do not have to worry about the Cup anymore then, can concentrate on the league - new signings I have actually heard of good, although disappointing to see Quashie go, especially as he is heading for WBA, 2 relegations in 2 seasons?

Not too much rain in Melbourne, but much cooler than up in Cairns, in the low to mid 20s, so is quite pleasant.

Hope you are not freezing back in the UK, love Greg and Amy.
From Kevin
Hi Mate,

Have not caught you online much over the last few weeks, but hope all is going well.

Sounds like a long but fun journey home coming up. Have fun on the rest of your trip mate and I will see you when you get back

Take care

Kev, Liz and Holly xx
PS She still reminds me that the shark she will hand back!
Response: Simster,

Don't get onto PC too often now that we are on the move again, currently in Melbourne, heading off for the Great Ocean Road tomorrow, just 2 weeks left in Australia now.

Good to see Saints have bucked the trend of just selling players and have actually forked out some money and bought a couple (and I have even heard of them!). From what I gather the 'Lowe out' protests are gathering in strength and rumours of a consortium bidding for the club, so interesting times. Have just had the misfortune to see a Pompey fan in Melbourne, could not work out how a Pompey fan could afford to get to Australia, the Social are obviously paying out a lot in benefits these days.

Anyway enough with the regional snobbery, hope you are all well, will see you in a couple of months.

Greg and Amy.
From Alasdair
Happy new Year Greggy and Amy.

Hope you are now preparing your Burns Supper under the hot sun.


Response: Alasdair,

No I managed to avoid the neaps and tatties this year, funnily enough Burns Night has not been big news in Australia - was slightly overshadowed by Australia Day the day before.

Did you get royally trashed on whisky and tennants super in true Scottish style to celebrate the occasion and end up face down in a gutter in Queens Park or did you go up to Scotland?


From mrs g
hi , happy birthday greg, hope it was a good one, but all your days sound pretty damn good from where im looking! hope you have a great time with thorp senior, im sure you will, speak soon mumxxxx
Response: Mum,

Had a really good birthday thanks, even in spite of getting up in the early hours to go to the airport to pick Dad up! Yesterday we finally did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which was fantastic, despite the less than stylish boiler suits we had to wear (which made me look like a big baby in a romper suit!). Was not as scary as I thought as I don't always love heights, Amy and Dad really enjoyed it as well, so all good.

Take care, try not to freeze in London,

Love Greg.
From Hannah
Happy Birthday Amy!
Hope it has been a fantastic day!
Response: Thank you, had a great day, went on the OzJet in Sydney Harbour and got soaking wet. Also Greg took me to see 'Madame Butterfly' at the Opera House, was very impressed.

Speak soon,

Lots of love, Amy. xxx
From Katherine
Dear Amy

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time, we hope to catch up with you when you get back.

With love and best wishes to you both,

Mary, Alan, Neil, Katherine and Nils

Response: thankyou, that would be great to catch up its been a long time! Hope you had a great birthday too!!

see you soon

Amy and Greg
From Kevin & Granma
Just to wish Amy a very,very happy birthday & do not have too much to drink.Have a great day in the sun. Also to thank you both for xmas presents.
Response: Thats ok thanks for the birthday wishes i will try not to just hope it is sunny weather has been a bit rubbish but good for the bushfires!!!!
From Sarah
Hi Ya Mate,
Just wanted to wish you and Greg a happy New Year.
What will 2006 bring for you both????
Whatever it brings 2005 for you two have been amazing,what a great way to spend the year,just traveling,seeing new sites,Amy doing what she does best,shopping and sunbathing (HE HE)
Here's to a great 2006.

love Sarah,Kev and Mikey
Response: hi hope you had a great xmas and new year!! we have had a great year so heres 2006 is just as great!!! alos send another pic of mikey if you get a chance im sue hes loads bigger!!!
amy and gregs
ps kisses to mikey
From Lil Amy
heya i hope you both had an amazing xmas and i hope you have a great new years eve party. Thanks for my xmas present its great and it fits perfectly so thanks very much i hope you are both ok and liked all your presensts you got too. talk soon!
love amy
Response: Amy,

Yes, Xmas was good, looking forward to New Years eve and fireworks over the bridge as well as a few cheeky drinks. Glad you liked your present, ours were all good, hope you got lots of other good stuff from people.

Take care,

Love Greg and Amy.
From Sgt Bash
Hi Guys,

Hope you are well and have had a great warm Chrimbo. Even as I speak, it has started to snow down here in the land of milk and honey.

I'm a bit bored, hence why I'm on t'internet! Everyone here is now marrrrrrrrrieeeeeed so no one to go out to play with! Ah well, after my break this year, it might be back to the good old speed dating next year!

Looking forward to new year's eve though... this year I'm going to be going as Count von Count from Sesame Street!! Ah Ah Ah... twooo vodka and cokes!!

Anywho, mum's got tea on (nice to be home!) so must dash.

Smell you laters,

Response: Summers

What is it with the wacky fancy dress down in Bideford? I am quite impressed that you have gone as something different rather than dusting off the Del Boy outfit you normally wear at every fancy dress party you go to.

Speed dating eh, I thought you had given up on that? Surely you must have spent 5 minutes with just about every single woman in London by now? You are clearly going to have to improve on your banter.

We had a very good Christmas here, the sun burn has just about disappeared which is good and making plans now for New Years Eve, not sure what we will do but hope to see the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge.

Have a good New Year and hope Xmas was good down in sunny Devon.