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Saturday, 12 November 2005

Saturday 12th November

Last time of writing.
Yes it is the last time of writing 5 weeks have past so quickly.
I am enjoying my last day ,,I looked after Peace for Pat while she did the house work then Alex said he would take me to the dump for the last time. The smell as you get nearer is so bad you can hardly take a breath and the flys cover your body as you walk.We went down to dump to see people who live in caves there it was a suprise you could not call it a cave it was a hole in a bank it was about 3 ft high it went in a little way the odl man had an old shirt over the entrance for a door.There is no goverment money or houseing for the old here so if you have no family you have to live rough.It was hard just to give him some food I had bought for him then go away knowing I could do nothing realy because there were so many there in the same boat.
Pat was ready when we got back Alex said he would join us just to make sure I did not lead to far from the stright and narrow! After Alex left us we went shopping I am cooking tonight poor thing can you see me cooking a curry on a parffin stove .When we were out we met Roger a teacher at the school he invited us to has house .P at and I took a bike , it is a bike with a seat over the back wheel for a person to ride on it is quite scarey as the matutu just try to push the bikes off the road and they were only little boys peddling. We raced and Pat own. I was shocked to see Rodgers house it was a mud hut he rides his bike 3miles to school and back there is no fire for him to dry his clothes the floor is dirt the only things in the room are a single bed and a dinning chair. It was so kind of him to ask me to meet his family.We left and then another matutu ride had to done , this was a new adventure today we drove along at speed with 3 young chaps standing in the open doorway.Again I live to tell the tale !!

I am a little sad tonight as I have meet such lovely people they have been so welcomeing and they keep saying dont go stay another week I am pack and I leave here in the morning.I will miss them all and the call of 'How are you mzungu ?"

The Things I have missed
[1]Been able to go to the kitchen and get a cup of tea in 5mins.

[2] A hot bath.
Here shower start hot then go cold and quite often sparks come out of the shower head!!!

Tonight I sleep in a house for the last time that if there was a fire no one would get out because all the windows have bars that can not be removed well I have lasted 5 weeks now.
Thank you all for your letters and emails and for takeing the trouble to read my ramblings I am sorry about my computer skills I should have listen more in class!!! See you all next week .Take care Love GWYN I am off to do the cooking now!!!

Friday, 11 November 2005

Friday 11th November

I had a lovely evening last evening we all went out for a meal, Amber has already gone, Alan goes tonight, I leave on Sunday the others stay another few weeks.Emma [ she came the same time as me] her diary is the 5th most looked at dairy this month try and have a read offf her dairy. Last night was our leaving night. Alex made me feel like old mutton dressed as lamb, I wore my jeans for the first time . He said girls wear jeans my mother does not, his mother is the same age as me.I ttold we all wear jeans at home he said no, anyway we had a good night even if he is a cheaky young monkey.
Today I worked at the baby orphanage I enjoyed it.The people are very nice I am just asked to feed babies or play with them if they cryor I can play with the todlers it is wonderfull. I ran back here it was great Alex does not know I am 56 and I feel like a naughty girl !.
I will not be climbing Mount Longonot as I am worn out of bargaining why can they just say the price and have done with it. The man said I need to hire his jeep to get there 50 pounds for 1 hrs drive I can go in a matutu for 3 pounds but if I dont have his jeep I can not have his guide also he want me to pay 30pounds for fuel . Fuel is very expencive here he says.I am worn out I just can not be bothered to spend a morning sat in his office barganing to pay the right price. That is the advantage of going with a travel company or Richard they sort it out for me but it does make me lazy.

Thursday, 10 November 2005

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Thursday 10th November
Ben of the bikes phoned last night so he came this morningto take me to work on a bike, I have not riden a bike for a long time it was fun .The famous matutus were out in force they stop for no one they blow their horns all the time and expect you to get off the road for them, I live to tell the tale.
Then I went to the baby orphanage I enjoyed it I spent the time feeding babies and playing with them.The babies are well cared for and feed, they have lots of equipment and lovely light rooms to be in.Ben came back for me and we had a ride around town it was good pity I fell out with him I could have had some good rides with him. He was suprised that an old woman like me , could ride a bike he kept saying African women do not ride bikes.He learnt his lesson the hard way never judge a book by its cover .Even when it is a mad Weish women.
Tonight it is our last supper together Alan leaves tomorrow and me on Sunday so we are all going out somewhere should be good.

Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Tuesday 8th November
Alex returned last night ,he was able to get the water to come in the house again thank goodness, 7 adults no water for washing or flushing the loo was a real pain .I am in trouble I told Alex I did not like teaching here so I was not going.He was suprised no one had done that before, Neil try to say I should go, Kate thinks I am the pits.I told them all I had worked for 37 years and loved ever min and at the age of 56 I was not going to spend my days doing something I did not like doing. I told Alex he could find me some thing to do that I would find Interesting to and I would do it or I could stay with Pat and the baby.I told him about an orphanage that might do we left it at that,they all went to work and I stayed with Pat. Later I went to town to find out about climbing Mountn Longonot I will climb if Alex does not find me work that I like. Just the same as always no one can make me do what Idont want to.

Wednsesday 9th November
I went with P at to the baby clinic I love going to the places that the people who live here go to, we talked to the other Mums it is just the same as going to clinic at home .We then met Alex and were taken to meet the lady from the baby orphanage. I realy enjoyed it they have 10 babies and 4 todlers .It is so sad that girls have to leave babies in hosptial ,1 baby was found in a bag by the road .Anyway I am behaving and I am working there for the next 2 days. Then I will be getting ready to come home. Look out then the bossy one will be about again.

Sunday, 06 November 2005

Monday 31st Oct.

We got up at 1 45 .We dressed in layers of clothers. Sammy the cook left us tea, we set off at about 2 30 after vist to the outside loo wondering if you manage without it,.It was so cold and dark .Would I fall in ? Would I freese my back side?We set off and climed steadly up the screed we had stops to rest on the way. I did wonder if I was mad ! You all know the answer to that.When we looked up we though we could see the top as usuall when we got there it was not the top.We had to carry on across a rocky peice of ground going up wards all the time. It was so dark but we were in luck the sky was clear the stars we so clear.We arrived to early to summit so we waited in a hut for 25 mins I got so cold then I remembered my other jumper ,I felt better then. It was time to go!Off we went we climed for a while then Isaac stopped by a rock so I sat on it,. there was the orange glow of the sun about to rise.Then Isaac said come on I looked we had to climb up rocks covered in snow!!Oh hell !! I have never done that before there was quite a steep drop down to .As you can tell I made it. When we got to the top there was a wall of rock up to my chest (not very big then} we then had to bunk ourselves up it. We were there it was wonderfull, we had made it just in time for the sun rise. We then had to get back down over the wall of rock that was a bit difficult we made it.We then went down another route slipping and sliding down the now melting scree to Shiptons Camp. When I went in the hut there was a boy from A bergavenny we were talking together but I could not listen there were mice everywhere I said "There are mice here !!" He said "Yes the b....... are everwhere they were in my bed iast night" O hell I could manger the mince but not in my bed .It was so cold there we were frozen.The mice were in the kitchen the dinning room and the bedroom when ever I said any thing nom seen to care .Worse was to come I went to the loo just started to wee ,a mouse came out of the hole I jumped thankfully I did not wet my clothes because they would have frozen on me.After a good evening we went to bed, I told Isaac he had better be close by because if a mouse came on me I would screem the place down.We all slept well I did wake and hear the mice but none came on me thank goodness.

Tuesday 1st Nov.

We slept well I heard the others leave in the night for their go at the summmit.We got up at 7 40 we had been in bed 12hrs amazing for me I must have been tired after the climb.We ate breakfast then we set off for Old Moses Camp. It was only 3 hrs we though that will be easy .If only when we had gone for about 1hrs it started to hail it got so cold then it rained and rained.By the time we got to the hut we were cold Neil was soaked , because it was a short walk he had not packed propley so everthing was soaked we were frozen and he had nothing dry and the mice were there to!! The care taker brought us a fire and we sorted ourselves out. A little later some girls came in they were soaked so we set about another drying out time.We had a nice evening with them then I slept well. Neil nearly died he said because some of his things were still wet well he seemed fine in the morning.

Sunday, 06 November 2005

Sunday 6th November

I have returned I was so worried before I went. I have aiways had a travel company or Richard to sort me out. I t is so diffcult so bargain for how much to pay ,then you have to wonder is the guide any good . Neil said he would like to climb as well that was great ,he had never climbed a mountain before . I though his mother will kill me if anything goes wrong he is only 28. Luckly we had a wonderfull time and we both returned fit and well.

Thursday 27th Oct.
First thing we went to town to get some bits that we needed and do our last emails.After going back to finish packing say our good bys we meet Rebecca and Amber in the cafe for lunch,Sue,Emma. Marrion and Kate came to send us off.we then went to matutu sation after fighting off people trying to carry our bags and sell us tickets we got on a matutu we then had an hour and quater to wait untill the bus filled up.We had one change and arrived at Mount Kenya at 6 o clock.What a place it is so beauitful and it is so quiet I just love it. After super we met Joseph and decided we would sort the climb in the morning.

Friday 28th Oct.

I had a good sleep also breakfast was good. We then had the money sort out it took the rest of the morning worn out or what anyway it was done.We then visted Tinas tree project they are trying hard to save the mountain.WE came back ,as usuall it rained all afternoon so we read and slept all afternoon.It is so cold here I went to bed in my fleese . 9 o clock start in the morning .

Saturday 29th Oct.

I woke up at 6 o clock ,I went outside to see the mountain it has been shrouded in cloud all the time we have been here, today it is so beautifull. After breakfast we all set off, Neil and myself to go to the top Amber Tina and Rebecca a days treck with us.Not long after 9 o clock we were off that was good for African time keeping.We drove to the park gate we have 5 people with us a cook ,a guide and 3 porters.It was a good walk to the Met Station we walked through the forest . We had a good lunch of soup and sandwhiches then we walked a bit higher and back down .The other left.We just sat and read and watched the wild life,we thougt this is the life little did we know what the rest of the huts were like.

Sunday 30th 0ct.

My Birthday today. We had a good nights sleep.we woke at 5 45 . Breakfast was 7 15 then off to go.WE WALKED UP THROUGH THE TREE LINE . The sun shine was beautifull the walking was good. WE ARRIVED AT Mackinder Camp at 1 o clock. It is much cooler now lunch was goog we are at4 ,200mt now. We can look out at our climb we are starting at 2 30 am. We now have to start to put on thermal under ware it is cold . Two people who summited last are here .AFTER A GOOD SUPER IT IS OFF TO BED EARLY ready for our early start .

Thursday, 27 October 2005

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Wednesday 26th Oct
I am haveing a good day I went to the new project it is lovely there .The boys, all boys have been taken off the street , they live in the home, they have a house mother, they go to school in the day .Only the small stay there in the day,I looked after them we sat on the floor and played games they were so good that is the first time I have been in a classroom clean enough to do that and also that the teacher though that playing games and doing jigsaw was learning.The headteacher was very forward thinking and could understand it was important to ask children questions . No more about school.I am going out tonight it is the last night we will all be together.I will be going in the moning to Mount Kenya there is no internet there so I will not be in touch untill after we have climbed, I hope to summit on my Birthday that would be such fun. Take care everyone I wil be in touch end of next week when I will have done .[ That is if Tina has booked it up by the time we get there]Love to you all Gwyn

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Tuesday 24th Oct

I got here ,the only thing that frightens me here is the matutu [14 seat bus]they should only carry that many but they keep stopping and picking up people my record is 20 these are large people but Sue and Emma have the record 24.I expect you see why I alway WALK today there was a thunderstorm so I gave it try again well I made it just. This morning I was meeting Ben for a bike ride tothe Menengai Crater. He did not turn up so I went to town to get guide suprise suprise there was Ben he started to say the weather was to bad up high ,I said Donot lie to a bossy welsh women, he did stop .He must think I am daft anyone could see the top of the crater .He thought I would not make it and could not be bothered. Anyway I went to the ploice station to ask how to get a good guide they told me I could never make it go by taxi and they found me one.It was so easy I could have riden a bike easly. If the Brecon people find out I had a taxi they will drum me out of the group.THE veiws at the top are spectacular. I then went back and started to pack it is only just over 2 weeks untill I am back it is going so quickly.Your peace will then be gone.

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From uskwalker
Hi. Have a good time do just what you want t o make the most of it. Everything is fine here hardly see Christopher and his gang he worked all last week.Tenant next door is going at end of month he has told Lesley and myself take care bye
Response: I am having lovely time only one more day to work .On S aturday I think I will cook supper for the house how I will manage on 1 parffin stove I dont know. It will get me back in the habbit of burning for you lot !!Take care
From Grace
Following all your fascinating tales Gwyn! Sounds an amazing experience. Feeling and looking much better now, working and out walking everyday. Well done for climing Mount Kenya. See you soon. Love Grace xxx
Response: Glad you are feeling better, I am at the baby orphanage now it is sad but I love it Take care Love Gwyn
From Jane in Manchester
Hi Gwyn, have received your letter and have sent you an e-mail to the aol e-mail address. Well done for climbing Mount Kenya.
Response: Missed you ther this time next time you must come
From Mike
Hi Gwyn,
Congratulations on summitting Mt K. The cross country race today went well. It didn't rain while we were racing but it was very muddy. Your girls did very well and us blokes didn't do too bad either. Hope to see you soon.
Response: Photo are sent today hopefully.
From Andrew and Caroline
Hi Gwyn. We've been reading about your exploits - how strange!! We hope that summiting Mount Kenya was everything you hoped for. Any chance of bringing some sun back with you? See you soon!
Response: Thank you for the message I summited M K AT 6 OCLOCK AM ON 31ST OCT . Soon be back to see you all Take care LOVE GWYN
From Anne & Barry
Well done. See you soon.
Response: Thank you Take care Love Gwyn
From Helen & Peter
Hi Gwyn
What an experience! You will have plenty of stories to tell us when you return Peter says send him a picture for the website.
Response: That is easey said than done. I am back fit and well .I would love a bath all showers here are strange Take care Love G WYN
From Jane
Just found your web page.Sounds as if you're having a brilliant experience!
There are a couple of emails for you to pick up when you get back. Hope you have a fantastic birthday at the top of mount Kenya.Love from all at school.
Response: I am back in Nakuru safe and well .Summited M.K. on 31st Oct wonderfull time .Take care Love Gwyn
From Andrew Taylor
Hello Gwyn,

Hope this reaches you. Great to read your adventures. Take care - we are all missing you at the Club.

I'm going to Portsmouth, then Swansea but your journeys put mine in the shade.

Love, Andrew
Response: I am safe after my adventures, it is lovely to know ever thing is the same for wher I return.Take care Love GWYN
From uskbowler
If i am going to lose contact with you for a while i would like to wish you a happy birthday and anniversary for the 30th. I have asked Christopher to text you so enjoy yourself,i hope you manage to climb mount Kenya be careful bye David
Response: Thank you for your messages I have just clled in befor we set off Take care and have a good time Noffy
From uskbowler
Saw Joshua and Ellie today, Ellie has put on a little weight not quite so small, did not go to park it was raining.Will be playing bowls all day on saturday. Take care if you climb up mountain hope you get a guide bye for now David.
Response: I am fine looking forward to the climb, I am haveing a good day hope you are ,is Christopher allright? no says anything about him Take care Noffy
From pat & maureen
Got your letter this morning.
A lot of writing in your diary.
Well done.Glad everything is going well. Will message you again when we have read your
Take care
Response: Thanks for sending a message
From The Hendre
Hi mum, glad your well. Steve and I have been getting into the country life. Collecting wood, picking slows and stocking up for winter. Apparently we get lots of power cuts, so organising candles and alternative heating. Missing you so much all our love Steve, Hannah and of course Barney xxx
Response: Lovely to hear from you I am well looking forward to Mount Kenya Lots of Love Mum
From uskbowler
It has been raining here for the last few days and they give a real bad week. I have just come in from playing bowls. Michael coming up tonight about 10 i expect, going out for a drink with Brian June and Robert tomorrow take care bye
Response: It rains here every afternoon but it stays hot have a good time Noffy
From uskwalker
It is eleven 0'clock here just got in from the quiz, the two brothers were there we had a real good laugh going over to Kirsty's on tuesday morning to see Joshua take him to the park.Bowls tomorrow then a night in, take care bye
From mike and kirsty
hi mum just found ur web page glad ur having fun hope u enjoy the game parks does sound fun will speak to you again love from mike kirsty josh and little ellie xxxxxx
Response: Lovely to hear from you I am fine as you can see love Mum
From uskbowler
Ihave just read text for today it has been raining all day today. Iam just getting ready to go to bowls, Saturday night will be first night in since last Saturday. Going over to see Joshua next Tuesday spoke to him on the phone today all's well bye
Response: Thank you for your message good to hear you are well off out tonight
From Rosemary
Glad to hear you are having a good time. Found your site eventually, I think you had too many coms in the address. Beat David at scrabble and did his computer homework for him. Off to Poole on Saturday, not quite so exciting as Nakuru, but very nice. Hwyl Rosemary
Response: Have agood time I am off to a game park.Love to you all Gwyn
From Mike
Hi Gwyn,
Hooray! I've managed to find your website. Haven't read all of it yet but you seem to be very busy as usual! It's 11 PM here as I write to you. I've just come back from football-- lost again! - I think I'll have a glass of beer now, drown my sorrow
Take care
Response: Well done I thought I had gone wrong again.Please other how to find it.Gwyn