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Hi everyone,
I thought that rather than email you each time with all of my travel photos, I'd start a travel page so I wouldn't block your emails with lots of images! So, here they are! As I go I'll try and add pictures from things I did in my three months travel in 2006 , however for the moment its just images from weekend trips at the end of 2006 and early 2007.

As a snapshot, last year's travel included the following and I'll add images when I get a chance

- USA (LA, Palm Springs and other areas in the Arizona desert, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Chicago and New York)
-Mexico (Peurto Escondido, San Cristobal, Palenque, Mexico City)
-France (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, Paris, Aix en Provence, Diijon)
- Italy (San Remo, Sienna, Florence, Rome, Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre and Venice)
-Spain (Barcelona, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Madrid, Seville and Granada)
-Czech Republic (Prague and Cesky Krumlov)
-Austria (Vienna, Salzburg and St Johann in Tyrol)
-Germany (Munich)
- Yorkshire
-Sweden (Stockholm)
-Belgium (Brussels and Bruges)
-Hong Kong
George xoxox

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Location: Wimbledon, UK

Headed out last night to Wimbledon with Sar and Amy. We decided being in London that we couldnt not go to Wimbledon even though the weather has not been all that great. So we decided to head out after work to see how we would go buying tickets out there. When we got there at 6pm it had just started to rain which was great in a way as it meant we were able to go straight through and purchase our £12 tickets with no wait in the queue whatsoever! As it had started to rain, play on the centre court had been suspended, so we thought we would go and check it out because we knew we wouldnt be allowed there once play commenced.

We were stopped by one door lady who wouldnt let us go through, but we managed to walk up the stairs in another section and just sat down! A guy did come over and ask for our tickets, but we just acted like we didnt realise we weren't allowed on centre court. He then told us we would have to move if the game resumed. We decided to move over to some other seats so we wouldnt get in trouble and little did we know we went to the section that the lady that originally had barred us was manning!

Anyhow, she let us stay there and we sat there in the freezing cold with rain pouring down. It was really really miserable but we didnt want to move because we knew we wouldnt be allowed in our seats again! They announced that the rain was due to last for 20-30 minutes so we just sat there the whole time! There weren't that many people doing the same as us because the rest of them had tickets!

Although it didnt look like it, the rain did clear and everyone cheered when they removed the cover and suddenly the crowds filled out again although not that many people came into our area (which we couldnt understand as they were such great seats with the best views). So we got to watch the rest of the Serena Williams and Daniela Hantuchova match! Although Hantachova was winning 4-2 when the rain intervened, Williams had two hours of treatment time for her leg injuries and although Hantuchova won the tie break when play resumed, Williams ended up winning 6-2, 6-7 and 6-2 to win.... I wasnt too happy with that as it really seemed as though she was putting on how injured she was and was being a real drama queen making lots of noises and limping.

A great match to see and we realised towards the end when we were wondering why there werent too many people sitting in our area and when we looked over and saw Venus Williams and the rest of the Williams family sitting in the same section as us but on opposite sides that we were most likely sitting in the section where Hantachova's family and supporters were. No wonder they were giving us funny looks!

It absolutely started pouring down when the game finished and the wait for the bus in the rain with masses of umbrellas joined together as everyone tried to leave wasnt very pleasant, especially for Sar who only wore her shorts and thongs with a little top!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Wales, UK

Spent the weekend with Anna Day in Wales. Thought it was a good time to go in summer although even then we had a bit of rainy weather which put a bit of a dampner on things. But we managed to see quite a bit and the scenery was a lot different to what I imagined. More pine trees and waterfalls than I thought and quite different from England. Still so green and lovely! We stopped at plenty of cute little Welsh villages with lots of yummy Welsh foods and couldn't get our heads around the weird Welsh language! Basically the itinerary included Abergavenny (where we stayed the first night and went to the local pub quiz and the guy leading the quiz had pink nail polish with black dots - quite a character!) and all the ladies in the pub were dressed as though they were 20 years younger with short skirts and low cleavage- apparently an example of lots of Welsh girls!), Chepstow Castle, Caerphilly Castle, Brecon Beacons National Park, Hay-on-Wye (over 30 bookshops full of books for £1 and lots of yummy food), Caernarfon (we spent the second night in this coastal town which was really lovely), Isle of Anglesey which is home to the longest place name in Europe - (wont even try to spell it!) and then Snowdonia National Park and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Scotland, UK

It was another bank holiday here in the UK yesterday so I took an extra day off and Catherine Sherwin and I headed up to Scotland for 5 nights. We stayed in Edinburgh and did the usual sightseeing around Edinburgh and then took a tour up through the highlands to the Isle of Skye. Scenery was so rugged and lovely! Nice to get out in the country side! So weird still being light at 11pm. In fact, the photo you will see of the lighthouse was taken at 9.30pm at night. It was also great learning about the Scott clan and seeing the Scott tartan which I recognised straight away as soon as I saw it. Remembered it so clearly from Dad's kilt that he used to wear to Scottish functions when we were smaller. Next time I go, I will definitely go to the area where our family were originally from in Southern Scotland.

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Netherlands

Got back at 1am this morning from a long weekend in the Amsterdam. Went with six others (Catherine Sherwin, flatmate Jess Blomfield and her friend Lindy Appleton and Flora and Hamish Wehl) and we all got the bus down to the Netherlands so in one day we drove through the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Managed to fit quite a bit into the long weekend seeing everything that is typical of Amsterdam (loved the canal tour through the city and of course the red light district was an eye opener!), as well as some other things outside of Amsterdam which included seeing the typical Dutch windmills, clogs and cheeses! The highlight was a trip out to Keukenhof gardens to see all the Tulips in bloom. We were so lucky to be there at this time of year as they were all just stunning! On the way back we stopped at Bruges in Belgium and although I'd already been there last year, was nice to go back again as its such a cute town. Enjoyed a plate of mussels along with lots of Belgian chocolates!

Monday, 23 April 2007

Location: Northern Ireland, UK

Had a fantastic weekend in Northern Ireland. I decided after going over there all the time for work that I should actually have a look around so stayed over and worked from our office there for a couple of days. We had some customers out from the Ukraine so much of my time was spent with them which was interesting as they didnt speak much English! The Irish certainly dont do much work on Fridays that's for sure. Most my Friday lunch was spent in the staff canteen playing cards with 5 of the guys in our office (and I happened to win!) and I then finished up at 4 that afternoon!! If only it was like that all the time!

Then along with Catherine Sherwin, hired a car and covered the North in the one weekend. Was so easy to get around, and we had such a nice weekend. Every corner was breathtaking - stunning, lush green paddocks with steep cliffs looking right onto the water and the occasional castle. The hightlights were Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge and the Giants Causeway. Had no idea the water in Northern Ireland was going to be so turquoise in colour! The best part however, was when after trying over 6 places in Derry to stay for night without any luck, we came accross an old manor house on the outskirts of Derry. We didnt think we would have much luck and that it would be way outside of our budget because it was just so so stunning, but luckily for us they were so lovely and although hesitant to give us the basement room because they were worried about the noise in the room and us being disturbed by parties upstairs, they made it available for us.

The rooms were all boutique and so all decorated differently. So gorgeous and we couldn't believe our luck. We then went and had a meal in the restaurant there. We had one of the best meals ever (the entree was a red onion and fig tart with a blue cheese, beetroot jam and wild honey and lavender dressing! It was about the best thing I have ever tasted, and then had a risotto with local seafood and a yummy cheesecake for dessert). The people were all just so lovely to us, and the atmosphere was great with a live band. Have no idea why, but they only charged us £15 each for a meal that should have added up to about £40 each, and we must have had the luck of the Irish that weekend, because after our meal and talking to all the lovely old Irish waitresses, we found out our room had been upgraded as they were so worried that we wouldnt enjoy our time there!

Have never seen anything like it! There was a huge poster bed, statues in the room, french windows looking over the garden, a hallway in the room, a little area with nice settees, couches, mahogoney tables, huge old fashioned cedar cupboards, all decorated really tastefully in deep reds and browns. It all looked very old and grand! We found out the next morning that this was the room that both Bill Clinton and JFK and Tommy Hilfilger had stayed in. It was amazing. Think they must have thought we were from australian tourism or something because I've never ever been treated that well in my life!!

After a leisurely morning walking around the 32 acres of gardens, we drove back to Belfast, and did a tour around the areas where all the IRA and Protestant troubles were. Very interesting, and amazing to think that this was still all happening less than a decade ago.

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Location: London, UK

Have set this page up so that its easier for you all to have a look at what I have been doing! No need to block your emails with lots of images!

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