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Gum Valley ISDE New Zealand 2006

Hi welcome to our web page. Gum Valley riders Glen Debel, Matt Dumigan & Michael Hand are off to race the ISDE in Lake Taupo from Nov 14th. We are also looking after Capricorn Dirt Riders Justin Tate, Ian Gull & Brent Stiller. We hope to keep you in touch with our days events and add heaps of photos to our site.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Location: Koumala, Australia

Hi everyone
Well we are home now and I thought I should let you know how it all went.
It was cold, wet rainy but we all (?) had a lot of fun and experiences. First off I should thank supporters and wives girlfriends for the support from the riders some days were very long & tiring & I never realised how scary it is to stand there and wait for someone to come to a checkpoint.
We had some experienced 6 day riders from old come down to helpand some first timers as well but without them everything would not have run as smoothly.
It was perhaps one of the hardest 6 days ever with over 240 riders dnf and many just sore & bruised. Matt, Glen & justin all finished on silver & Michael & Brent Bronze. This was a extreme effort and we are very proud of all öur"boys. Many people now know where Gum Valley & Cap Dirt riders come from.
The final Mx was fantastic run on the same MX track as the Oceania the weekend before but probably not suited to tired enduro riders who just wanted to finish. You must complete the MX to finish the 6 days. !st went Brent who was doing well at the front end of the pack when he struck clutch trouble and faded towards the end of the race, Then Matt who ended up 3rd in his leg and the fastest Aussie time for the MX. Then Mick who finished 5th in his leg and swears he will never ride the AG BIKE again especially for MX. Then Justin who flew past us, as we cheered 7 called out little did we know his throttle had stuck on & he wasn't all that happy or in control. He then had some problems but a quick run up the track by Rob with a bumbag soon solved them & he was on his way to finish. For a moment the boys were going to run & help him push it over the line but lucky they didn't as he would have been disqualified.
Glen was our last rider and had a great start and finish in the top 10.
I wish more could have seen what these boys did over the six days & hope you all get to see photograph or movie of how it really was.
Thanks for looking

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location: Taupo NZ, New Zealand

Hi Guys
Sorry haven't let you know what is going on but we are having really big days. 5.30 starts and sometimes not getting in till after 8.00. The weather has been horrible. Cold, wet windy (nearly cyclonic) Yesterday was day 4 and the forecast was heavy rain and flash flooding and thats what happened.
The boys were still battling on but it was pouring rain and the trail was a mass of ruts some over the tank deep. Very scary to be at the back of the packl but even the trophy riders were having trouble. Glen & Justin were caught between checkpoint 2 & 3 and finally made it out. Giovanni Sala had led out a group of about 100 riders just to get them to safety. It is very nerve wracking to be standing at a checkpoint and not knowing what is going on .
Matt & michael Oliver & Kurt Hutton got through to Checkpoint 5 But Brent, Michael & Kristian Sprenger were in the forest
Sorry Got to go will continue later. But all boys are okay now & have made it through to day 6

Friday, 17 November 2006

Location: Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Day 2 - Wed 16 Novemeber
Riders Comments - Day 1 & 2

Day 1 was easy compared to day 2 which was a crash course in riding ruts. A lot of crashing and I still haven't worked out how to ride ruts.

Each day is getting more challenging. Ruts like we haven't seen or ridden before. Just keep poking along. The French are ignorant and buggers.

Rain rain and more bloody rain

Trophy riders were coming in late and most QLD riders lost time. Kirk Hutton and Oliver Udy said there were ruts as deep as fuel tanks. One guy hit a rut and it popped out his fuel tank. Times were very tight.

Day 3

Geoff Ballard said this was the hardest track he has ridden in 20 years of riding enduro.

While the riders were out on the track half of the riders got over a bridge when the bridge was washed out leaving the other riders stranded. A "sweep rider" then took the remaining riders back to a Special Test where they completed the test and that section. The trail section was wiped from the event giving riders back there lost time. The supporters at the check points were having a lovely day battling the rain and the wind while fueling, feeding riders and keeping spirits high.

There was lost time through out the day but all riders fully completed the course of day 3 under extreme conditions. Gum Valley looks like a trail ride!!!!!

Day 4

At the begining of day 4 before any riding had started the Australian Trophy team was in 4th position and the Aust. Junior trophy team was in 3rd place with 30 seconds keeping them from 2nd place.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: Taupo New Zealand, New Zealand

Hi everyone
Sorry I didnt write yesterday, but it was very big and we just ran out of day. Day 1 was an eye opener. Huge ceremony as each rider left in 3's. The weather was great 19 degrees, sunny but with a cold wind.
The day was quite challenging with the track rutting up quite badly. The terrain here is amazing. Huge hills, big dropoffs and foprests that go on forever. The boys were all nervous but soon got into the swing of it. It is very demanding with one Qld rider losing time but they all made it home.
Other riders had dramas & it's hard work as support crew getting to the stops early & we look after 15 riders with fuel, food, drinks &keeping their times correct. Yesterday times were B times which allowed a little time to get it together.
Then came day 2
It rained overnight all night, and everyone was unimpressed. Various rude comments were made but all fronted for the first work period. I must say how great the NZ officials are. They have people on road everywhere and they are all friendely and easy to get along with.
Today was hard . The ruts became huge with I guy hit one that popped his fuel tank out. Udy said the ruts were up to the fuel tanks. It was B times again because of the rain but still they lost alot of riders. 3 Qld's have pulled out but all our boys are still going. Only Matt was able to keep time but as the day progressed
and more bikes went over the track it got worse. A lot of trophy riders lost time . At the end of the day they didn't issue us with a new time card so we don't know times for tomorrow.
We have a few niggley injuries but all in all they are holding up well. A few comments from riders {the rest were slack }

Monday, 13 November 2006

Location: Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Hi everyone from New Zealand
We all arrived safely (some only just) There has been some mad weather here with thunderstorms in Auckland, snow near Palmerston and a hailstorm at parc ferme. It's bloody cold most of the time but but today it is fine & sunny.
The bikes are all impounded and it was a very stressed filled day witha lot of small dramas but ended up fine. The set up is unreal and the Kiwis have been really friendely & helpful. Taupo is a great place for it to be held as there is fantastic accomodation and plenty of food & social venues.
Yesterday was the opening ceremony and it was fantastic. All riders ,team managers, spouses & support crew were able to march down the main street. All in their nations colours waving flags & mascots. The Italians carried the trophy from last year & Sweden was about the only country that looked liked they had practised their march. Very regimented.
Afterwards we all went to the shed (official watering hole) for
refreshments. Ryan & Jim Dean where able to get a photo with Joel Shmits (spelling probably wrong) World MX champion.
Today we are getting the support crews & container organised.
Hopefully we will put some photos on this afternoon
Bye for now

Wednesday, 01 November 2006

Location: Australia

Hi well it's the 1st of November & the countdown is on. The boys are still madly traing & are getting their 2 tyre changes & an air filter changedone in under 10 min. The shipping container has arrived & is currently going through quarentine.1 more weekend & then off we go.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Location: Australia

Hi All
Well it"s getting close now. We have teamed up with the rest of the Qld riders and MAQ has appointed Ricky Madden to oversea the Qld team. This will be great for coordinating support crew & keeping riders on track. Our rider numbers came out today Matt 266, Brent 340, Michael 361, Justin 506, Glen 511 & Ian 597. They will be leaving @ 4 per min and there are 635 riders starting at 7.00am each morning. The maps are on the MA website in the ISDE microsite so you can follow where we will be.
See you for now

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Recent Messages

From Andrew & Di Thompson
Just got into the office after the weekend in Brisbane ON BUSINESS and have been busting to know how the team is going. The news is just frantastic that the Boys have made it through to day 6. By the sounds of it the conditions have sorted out the men from the boys Give them our congratulation's they are real champions.

Cheers for now

Andrew & Di Thompson
From for Justin
Hang in fellas we're proud of you - keep attack'n
From Mauds & Hayley
Just droppin' a line to see how your going Spud, good luck!
From Saunders
Good to see you are still in it. It is now that all those hours of training start to show through. Well done.
From hendo
good luck fella's.give em curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From The Perry's
Hi all in NZ
Give em heaps guys, good luck from everyone at home, looking forward to seeing you all when you get back. Hope you have lots of pics. Ann, you're doing a great job.
From Andrew and Di Thomps
It's great to hear that all the Boy's are still competitive and not timing out under such poor conditions. You Guys are dead set champs in our book's! Keep up the great work and we look forward to hearing more in your next report.

Cheers for now
Andrew and Di Thompson
From Ian Michelle and boy
Hope you're enjoying your trip! Track sounds like a challenge but keep at it. Ride hard and keep up the carbs.
From luffy
hey everyone,hope all is goin good over there,bloody hot here,but the beer is cold,hey matt,i here you hurt your shoulder......get out the sambucca mate...will fix it up no problem,well good luck and Debel....stop riding like a bloody chook!!!all the best fellas
Holy shit!Hope you fellas can hang in -remember when the goin gets tough the tough get going, good luck. Happy Birthday Will!
From Danny N
Hi to the Hand Family.


Your times for Day 1 are looking very consistent. It appears that you were even quicker as the day went on. Must be the "Endura" kicking in !.
Stay focused and best of luck.
From H Z

"Fortune Favours the Brave"

Go for it lads - very best wishes & good luck to all.
From Lauren, Ellie-Jayne
All the guys!
Hope the first day went smoothly, thinking of the race all day, too nervous to do much else. Good luck. See ya soon. Matt. Kiah said to say he loves you and can't wait to see you race in NZ.
From Ann
Hi Ann,
Pleased to hear you all got over there safely. Mike good luck Love, we're thinking of you all the time and missing you heaps.
Good luck to you all.
Love Nan Kay Zop Ben & Brad
From mike
-bleep- luck Mike and the rest of the crew thinking of you all having a good time without us luv Vicki Rod & girls
From The Saunders
Good to hear you and your gear arrived safely. Good luck for tomorrow and look forward to some great photos.
From mick hansen
where,s the photo's anne i need my fix
From Andrew and Di Thomps
Sounds like a total blast! wish we were there with you guys to share the excitment.

Tell us more, tell us more!!! we're so eager to every thing that's going on.

Cheers for now.

Andrew and Di
From Kayla
From Hi Guys
"Go get for gold boy's" best of luck. Hope mick had a hair cut so he can see where he is going. Keep it shiny side up greasy side down. Cheers Andrew and Di
From Justin
Looking foreward to following your adventure.Good luck, Lissa and Jim
From Jacob
Hey Ryan/Hands,
Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello
How was the trip over there, did you spew??? lol!!
take heaps of photos so we can see yous having fun and us having no fun!. boo hoo lol !!
Talk to you later!!!!!!!

Response: Hey Jacob Trip was great
I got my photo taken with a world Mx champion yesterday Ryan
From Lyndsay Busk
Best of luck to all the boys.
Hope you have a great time.
Givem shit chooky.