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Around The World In 86 Days

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The UK

These are just some of the random pics I took of stuff that looked impressive in England



The Louvre


The Czech Republic

The first stop of our Eurotrip


Berlin '06

Some of the Berlin Pics from last year


Berlin '07

Some of this year's pics from Berlin

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Recent Messages

From Hamish McLean
What a great arm chair tour of the places you have visited. It looks like you have been having a fabulous time.
I guess you would have liked to have actually seen the scissor sisters rather than the empty stage.
Take care with all of the Speedy Gonzalies' in Mexico.

Love Heather & Barrie
Response: Thanks Heather and Barry, and thanks for the B'Day wishes. I'll try to look after myself.
From Amanda, Martin and B
Happy New Year
Response: Hi Mandy, Martin and Bryn, Sorry about not replying, I still dont know how to properly use this site. Happy new year, merry Xmas, and thanks for the birthday wishes. It's good to finally beable to enjoy myself leagally. I'll try to post some more recent photos when I find myself with some more spare time.
From Chloe
Hi Hamish! HAPPY BIRTHDAY1 Hope you have a great day.
Congrats. on your exam results. Jill said you will be in to the course you wanted. Well done!
Take care
Hi Nana, Thanks for the birthday wishes, and sorry about not replying sooner. As i told the Ellingworths, I have only just realised how that i have a messages page.
Nevertheless, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.