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This is my page, no Im not getting a bebo, ringo etc! this will have to do so love it!!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Location: Kicking horse Mt, Canada

yesterday Mel Parker and I hiked up the now closed ski resort! We stop of at Boos house and took some photos and vids, and then needed to change our pants after he charged the fence a few times!!! After 6hours, about 10Km, and 4133feet (7700 feet above sea-level) we reached the top only to be caught in a small snow storm so we didnt spend to long up there even thou it passed in ten minutes. It took all of 30minutes to slowely ski down! After a 1hr hottub and a good night sleep we both felt in even more pain the next day!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Golden, Canada

Well, I have been uploading mass amounts of photos!! I have a laptop now so its alot easier to upload and keep my page upto date (tho I prob wont). Emily turned up on Monday and supprised me!! when we make plans to see each other it never works so now we ar ejust going withthe supprise visits!. We both seen our first grizzle bear to! Boo was out and playing in the snow. I dont know what im up to for summer yet, Ian comes over on the 20th April so it will be good to see him. I am thinking pof going to the UK soon to meet up with Mindy and criggles but I not making any plans as yet cause they always change!!! Well hope you dont get sick of all the pics -the titles are wrong, to hard to sort into proper folders!!!! love ya and leave you all for now,
luv me

Saturday, 06 January 2007

Location: Golden, Canada

Finaly, Emily and I meet up in Canada!! On Wednesday night when I got home Emily and Jojo were waitin for me, Big suprise!! so cool. BUT could of all gone bad as I had planed to suprise her at Lake Louise but the roads were closed the day before so I didnt go. The next night we went to the Highland pub for dinner, Emily fell of her bench seat and then hide under it, in the morning she claimed it was because there was a heater under there and she was trying to get close to the heat! -what ever em you were just to pissed to get up. Finally (with Em about 20m behind all the time) caught the bus down from the Mt and went to taps, where Emily lasted about 10minutes before falling asleep on the bar!! Good work Em, we luv you. They left the next day hitch hiking with a full snow board bag, snowboard, backpacks and supermarket shopping bags!! I thought they would never get picked up but they were in 15min! They then reported they were home safe and stoned (lol).

Monday, 25 December 2006

Location: Golden, Canada

Merry Christmas,
I arrived in Canada via Honalolo on the 29th of nov 2006, with out my bags!! grrr air canada!!!! The flight here was tiring but the food was pretty good for an air line service.
When coming over the rockies it was a wicked view, massive Mts. I had a few days in Calgary, cowboy centeral of the world! man we thought RM Williams gears in NZ were cowboy but Calgary is mad. There is the Calgary stampeed in July sometime and I hope to get some time of and go to that!. Calgary is a city with 1million people and is about 3hrs away. Emily is about 45min away at Lake Louise with super nanny jojo.
I stayed in Banff (very much like Queenstown) for a few days on my way to Golden. It was very pretty and there I was finally reunited with my bags on the morning i left!! It was actually good to be able to stop shopping for clothes each day (never thought i would say that!!)! and to have my own things in a strange country!. I went on the gondarla (canadians say go-doll-la) up to the top Mtn which was about 7000m about sea leavel (I think).
I then left for Golden, population 4000! When I arrived here I meet some more Kiwis and Ozzies (thats about all i have meet!)They had been there for a week looking for a place to live as it is very hard to get flats etc. so when i was offered a small flat above this familys house on the 3rd floor i took it!. While at the hostel i also found out that "dont let the bed bugs bite" is a true thing as Mel (Kiwi friend) was bitten by them, they look like mossie bites but she had about 50 up her arm and face!! yum your so attractive Mell. Our hostel room then had to be pulled apart, beds burnt and all our gear frozen for 48hrs! We were alowed a change of clothes, which they washed and that was it!!. The little bugs, about the size of a ladybird are very tolerant and can live for a year without food. They travel on luggage and so in canada when you are 'backpacking' you are not allowed to use your sleeping bags, towels, pillows etc they make up beds for you so to limit the spread of bedbugs! Ouzzies are ment to be the worst carriers of them and get rejected from some hostels sometimes (haha)!!
The super market here in golden is called OVERWEATIE pronounced over-weighty!! haha lol.
The first wild animal i saw was a sheep!! but they are quite different, brown and huge horns, i think they look more like goats then sheep. They just walk down the side of the road cause its easier then walking in the snow. I have also seen a chipmunk, like a squiral but smaller and they make high pitched noises! No bears yet as they are all sleeping! (oh wish i was sleeping).
At my (old) job Kicking horse Mt resort daylodge (cafe) there was a film production filming, it was a date show where ther were 10 suiters (guys) from Calgary and one girl. They only had contact in letters and she had to eleminate a guy every 2 days or so and got to date the last one, who was nice. I got to meet them all (well about 8 of them) and camera people. We had a big night in there hotel one night after an avalanch training night and I was very sick the next day (im never drinking again!!!) I carnt wait for it to air in feb-ish and for the re-union! lol.
Well I hope to get back to calgary soon to gat a laptop, so I can up date this more often as I have now been in canada for 3weeks and this is my first entry!! and upload photos. Bye for now.

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