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Hannah's Adventure to Oz and Fiji!

Welcome to Hannah's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me to keep me in touch with what's going on back home! I will try to comment you back as soon as possible, but I'll be a very busy bee!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Location: 200 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Just a quick last entry before I go to the ZOO! HOORAY!
I hope you've all enjoyed my entries over the last 3 months, thankyou SO much for all the messages, it's so nice to be able to speak to you all over this. I don't know how I would have managed without it! Hopefully I'll turn this into a book so I'll have a record of it to keep. I'm also going to make a BIG scrapbook with photos, leaflets and bits and bobs in so I'll show you all when it's finished...
Thankyou so much again, all that's left is to say bye bye before my last day in Singapore and my flight HOME! See you all really soooooon!
Over and out...

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Location: 200 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Hey there! How's England?

Just in Singapore now for those who didn't know, but I will fill you in on the past couple of days and the last few in Thailand!
Okay so I was going to the full moon party... We got ready at about 4ish in order to get a taxi to the boat for 6pm. The boat ride over to Koh Phangan was pretty manic, with everyone getting into the atmosphere and some randoms dancing crazily to something with lots of head-banging and air-guitar. Crazy! Once we got there we explored the town a bit, had some dinner, and went with some girls we met to get their ears pierced. I was very tempted to get mine done again, and I now regret not getting it done! Oh well. Anyways, we explored the town and then headed to the beach which was already crazy. There are sooooooooooo many people, apparently around 10,000 people are at each full moon party in high season, so there was probably around 8,000 when we were there. The beach basically turns into one huuuuuuuuuge club with music, stalls, food, dancing, drunkeness etc! It's actually INSANE but sooo much fun, and you meet so many people who are staying in Thailand which is wicked. Whilst milling around, and painting ourselves neon(!), we managed to find one of the guys we met on Koh Tao who was staying next door to us. It's sooooo weird to actually bump into people you know as there are tons of people and then beach is enormous! Although, throughout the night and the morning we bumped into Jon from Koh Tao, Ollie (a guy from Brighton!!! who I used to work with in Telegen, literally the weirdest thing in the world!?!) and also Josh and Chris who we met in Australia back in Airlie Beach!
It was sooooo good though, we had so much fun and didn't lose each other so we handled it pretty well I reckon!
The next day though was a complete killer as we had to get the boat back to Koh Tao at 6.30am and then a boat to the mainland (Chumphon) at 2pm that afternoon. We hadn't slept at all (which is becoming a regular occurrence!) but didn't miss either boat so we felt very proud. We said goodbye to Koh Tao, which was actually pretty sad as we LOVED it there. We got the boat to Chumphon and then spent a couple of hours getting food, before getting the 8 hour coach ride to Bangkok. It left at 9pm and got to Bangkok at about 4.30am, needless to say I didn't sleep much there either. We managed to check into the hostel we stayed at before and got a few hours sleep before embarking on our last day in Bangkok.
We went to Wat Pho, a place where you can see a HUGE reclining Buddha made of gold which is amazing. We've got absolutely tons of photos so you'll see just how big it is! We then took a tuc-tuc to Siam square, which broke down on the way, to the MBK which is a shopping centre! We got a few bits and pieces there and then walked along to a place called Patpong which is renowned for strippers in the evening, but we were there in the afternoon so don't worry! That evening we got the boat back to Koh San Road, did some shopping, ate some food and tried to get a few hours sleep before our flight at 7am the next day! I didn't sleep at all so am absolutely exhausted.
We got a mini bus to the airport at 4am and flew to Singapore at 7am. We arrived here at the hostel I stayed at before at around midday today, and we've just been dragging ourselves around the city most of the day! It's a beautiful city, especially by the river. We also went and sat in the lobby of Raffles, which is a shockingly posh hotel. We looked very out of place with our denim skirts and trainers! We had dinner near Raffles and then headed back to the hostel.
Right I've gotta go as I have no time, talk tomorrow! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand


Here's your next update from Thailand, not many of these left and I can tell you all in person! Eeek!
So on our last day in Koh Samui we got taken by moped/scooter things to the waterfalls. It was my first time on the back of the scooters so I was actually terrified, it was really cool though and although fast it's a really good way to see the island! The waterfalls were beautiful, we swam in the pool at the bottom and had lots of photos of us sitting on big rocks. We also saw some people elephant trekking, so we saw all the elephants which was SO good :) I got quite excited!
The next day we got the boat to Koh Tao which was so so soooo choppy, the boat was tipping so much and we were vertical a few times! It was pretty scary and I felt so lucky that I wasn't seasick! We eventually arrived in Koh Tao, and found somewhere to stay on Sairee Beach. We mooched around the town, had dinner and then went to bed as we were pretty exhausted. The next day we woke up pretty early so that we could change where we were staying as the room was horrible... We lugged our bags around to Sairee cottages which were further along the beach, in the pouring rain, and found a much nicer hut on the beach. That's where we've been staying since, and it's SO much nicer than the first one. We mooched around the town again that day, doing lots of indoorsy things as it was raining quite a lot. That afternoon we met our neighbours, a couple of guys from America so we spent the evening with them. We went to get some pancakes for dinner from a man with a stall who makes pancakes really quickly! He's so serious and makes pancake making look like a work of art! We love him lots, and have been back a few times since!
After dinner we went for a few drinks at a place called Lotus Bar which is so nice as they have lots of cushions scattered all over the beach, and we watched lots of fire dancers do twirling and all sorts of exciting things - they were AMAZING.
On Sunday we were pretty lazy, mostly laying in the sun and eating food. Although we did manage to go for a ride on the guy's scooters which was really cool. Don't worry though, we weren't driving them, we went on the back! It was a nice way to see a bit more of the island as well. Later on that evening we went for a mexican dinner (SO yummy!) and then to a ladyboy cabaret!!! It was sooooooooooooo funny, all the ladyboys are actually stunning though. They look like really pretty thai girls, it's so weird. I got lots of photos of them in their amazing make up and costumes, and Poppy and I managed to get a few photos with them at the end as well. After the cabaret we went back to the Lotus Bar and then for a swim in the sea. It was so lovely as the moon was reflecting on the water, and it was so still as it was around 4am! We were all not very tired so we decided to go swimming, such a good idea!
Yesterday we said goodbye to the guys as they've now gone to Koh Phangan, and spent most of the day sunbathing. It was so good as it was finally SUNNY! Hooray!!! I'm now going a good shade of brown so get ready to be jealous :) Haha!
We haven't done much else apart from being lazy on the beach, we've found a few nice restaurants, including one which shows films so we watched Indiana Jones 4 last night (I say we, but Poppy managed to sleep all the way through so it was just me!)
That's about it for now but I will leave another message on here soon telling you about the Full Moon Party!

I hope you're all okay, please keep leaving messages, it's not long now till I'm home so make the most of it! :)
Love you all and miss you tons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Hello there, me again!

Just thought I'd update you on our plan... We are going to the waterfalls today, we just need to negotiate some travel there and it will be all fine. Tomorrow we're getting a boat to Koh Tao as we've heard lots of nice things about it and we'll stay there until the Full Moon Party. You can get a boat across on the day to Koh Phangan and a boat back later so it's all good!
Also, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Nana Val for tomorrow! I don't know if I'll be able to get to an internet tomorrow, but I hope you have a lovely day and sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you :) I'll be home soon though!
Hope you're all well and having fun in Angleterre! Good luck Bry for your new job, you won't need luck though.

Tons of love and hugs, miss yoooou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand


How are you all?? Just a quick entry to fill you in on what I've been up to lately... On Sunday, when I last wrote on here, I managed to get my flight without too much hassle (although my bag is steadily getting heavier!) to Bangkok. Once I arrived, I went through passport control and was just going to collect my bag when I saw... POPPY! Her and Robbie were walking towards me! I was very glad that it was that easy to meet up with them, I had had visions of waiting in the airport for a while..!
We then got a taxi to a guest house on Soi Rambuttri called New Siam I, where Robbie had stayed in Bangkok previously. We checked into the hotel and then headed along the road for dinner. After having milkshakes for 70p(!) we walked to Koh-San Road which is just round the corner, where there are loads of stalls and it's SO busy! We sat in a bar there and had a drink, watching what was going on. Bangkok itself is really bustly, with a lot of people coming over to try and sell you some things. We've learnt that you have to barter with them though, as you can buy all sorts of things really cheaply out here! If anybody has any requests, let me know...
The next day, Robbie left early in the morning, and then Poppy and I had breakfast at the hotel. I was very excited to find that for under a pound you can buy bacon and eggs! Plus coffee! Ooh it's very exciting when Australia and Fiji have been so expensive.
That day we caught a boat along the river to the Grand Palace, where the King of Thailand lives, which was amazing! We had to wait inside for over an hour because of a HUGE storm and it rained so so so much! You walk around the palace outside and then you can visit the temples so we had to wait for the rain to calm down a bit. As we were going in temples we had to cover our shoulders and knees, so we had to fashion something out of our dresses and cardigans. I was quite impressed with our outcomes, which we will have to show you when we're home! The palace itself, is covered in gold and were so pretty. We went inside the temple where the King prays and saw the Emerald Buddha, which is actually Jade but is called Emerald as the person who discovered it thought it was Emerald. We learnt a lot about the temple, and the palace, and then we went for some lunch. We were going to get a massage but we couldn't find it so we headed back to the hotel to have showers as it's so so hot and sticky! We also booked our sleeper train tickets to get to the islands. That evening we got some noodles from a street stall for dinner, and then got an early night as we were pretty exhausted!
Yesterday, we woke up pretty early, had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then got a tuctuc to see the temples around Bangkok! We managed to get it really cheaply, for only 50 Baht for 2 hours which is around 80p! The driver drove us to see lots of temples, and a huge statue of a golden Buddha which was pretty impresive. We were a little sceptical that some of the temples weren't the main ones, but we had a very nice trip around Bangkok so we're not complaining! We were also driven to a few tailors, who tried to persuade us to get dresses fitted for 5000 Baht... a little too out of our price range! I think that's where the driver was expecting to make back some money but luckily we were too good at saying no!
We were dropped off at a shopping centre in Siam square, and had a late lunch in an air-conditioned(!) cafe. We mooched around for a while and then managed to barter another tuctuc to take us back to the hotel (again for 50 Baht, down from 150!) We then had a walk along Koh-San Road looking at the stalls, had showers and headed to the train station for our overnight train to take us south to Surat Thani. The sleeper train was actually horrible... It was so so so hot, and there was a fan that wouldn't get you if you pulled the curtain across to block out the light. So you were either cool and blinded by lights, or boiling hot and behind the curtain. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night! We arrived at the train station at 8am, having left last night at 6.30pm! We then got a coach, boat and another coach to a resort on Koh Samui which is where we are now. We're staying in a place called New Hut Bungalows in Hat Lamai, which is pretty nice. We have a log hut right on the beach which is costing us around 3 pounds a night so that's all good! Today we've just been mooching around the town, and hiding from the rain, but tomorrow I think we're going to visit some waterfalls!
We'll head to Koh Phang-an (I think that's how you spell it!) on Monday, as we're going to a full moon party next Wednesday. From there we'll come back to the mainland and head back up to Bangkok. We fly out of Bangkok on 21st June early in the morning, to catch our flights from Singapore late at night on 22nd June! We don't have a lot of time in Thailand so we're only going to do two islands, so we don't have to rush.
I hope you're enjoying the entries, I'll update again soon!
Miss you and love you tons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 08 June 2008

Location: Budget Terminal-Changi Airport, Singapore

Hello again!

Just thought I'd give a quick message before I get my flight to Thailand! I'm making the most of free(!) internet at the airport. How's life in England?? Hope everyone's alright and not missing me too much! I just worked it out that I come home in exactly 2 weeks! Scary..!
Well I should probably go change my money to Thailand money now so I will speak to you soon. I'm meeting Poppy at the airport for definite now so I can't wait to see her!
Speak to you all soon, please keep messages coming! It's a bit sad when I come on here and see "no new messages"!

Lots of Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Recent Messages

From Karen C
Hi Hannah, when your Mum told me about your travel log (a hundred years ago now) I had planned to drop you a message and say hello. I was so engrossed reading about your travels though that I ran out of time and never got round to actually sending you a message. And now your trip is over! It was so nice to read about it and to see the pictures. It made me very nostalgic for the trip I took with your Mum to Singapore about a 1000 years ago. Based on that experience, I'm surprised she let you go!! Just kidding!! It must be great to be home. I hope the weather's being kind to you. Love to you and everyone, and hope to see you one of these days if not in sunny CA in lovely old blighty.
Response: Hey!
No worries about the late message, I just happened to come across the site again as I wanted to reminisce and I found your message so thankyou! How are you? I'd love to take a similar trip but to America, maybe I'll pop in! :) I'll have to save a lot of money first though, but I'll definitely be going away again as soon as possible! I loved every minute and miss it so much, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my entries, I'll let you know when the next one's on it's way!
I hope you're well and it would be absolutely lovely to see you in England if you get the chance! It's a lifetime since I've seen you!
Lots of Love and Hugs all the way to America,
Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kat
I had a dream you were home last night. Hehe. Can't wait to see you again hun, hope being back isn't guna be too much of a let down!!
Love you lots xxxx
Response: I'm back, and I'm loving it! I'll call you later on to organise a reunion asap! Love youuuu. sorry i can't text back i have no credit :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From nana & Grandpa V & D
We very much look forward to seeing you next week when you're home again and to all your latest news of Thailand. We wish you a safe and comfortable journey home.

With all our love from us both xxxx
Response: Thankyou very much, I'm about to do one of my last entries just to fill you in on the end of Thailand and Singapore... Hope you've enjoyed it over the past 3 months, I can't wait to see you!
Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Lizzi Eden and Mr T
hi lovely, As ever it all sounds fantastic! Jealous of the tan aleady. Can't wait to hear all the stories in person and see your photos of the waterfalls. Plenty of water falling here right now - probably because we've had loads of sun and have just had Mr T's winter coat removed. He is now looking at us strangely and wondering why we waited until it was cold. Lets hope for sun to welcome you back. We are away doing a stall at an International Polo match so won't get on again until you are home. Enjoy every minute you are there, like you need reminding, and safe travels back to us.
Big huge love,
us and a much smaller T xxx
Response: Haha what have you done to Mr T!? Dad always shaves Zeb to within an inch of his life, around November/December time and then leaves him all hairy ALL summer! Poor dogs, they must think we're crazy! Awwww I miss Zebedee SO much, can't wait to see him.
I hope the stall is good for you, are you doing your fire twirling there??? We've seen so much here Liz, you would love Thailand! It's amazing, have you ever been? I'll show you the photos, I love Thailand I have to come back!
Miss you tons, come to Brighton as soon as possible! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Dad
Have you got a tattoo yet?
Response: Not yet, I was thinking about it. I almost got my ear pierced again last night, but I was too chicken. My hair is cut quite short though! I wish I had got my ear pierced, I may do it in Brighton when I come home..!
Love you, miss you xxxxxx
Hi Hannah. Nice to read the updates on your travels. Thailand sounds nice. The nearest I've been to Thailand is a Thai restaurant in Southampton! haha Have Fun. Love Tim Sue and Daisy
Response: Haha yeah Thailand is really cool! We went to the full moon party last night which was IMMENSE! We're heading back to Bangkok today on an overnight coach which will be interesting to say the least..! Hope you're all okay, you have to come to Brighton soon so I can see you all again.
Lots of love and hugs xxxxxxx
From Nana Audrey & Grandp
Hi Han, We've followed your progress in Thailand as described in your letters. It does appear that your current hectic life style must be in total contrast to that which you enjoyed so much in Fiji !! We too visited the Grand Palace and various temples, but I'm pretty certain that we decided against taking appropriate steps to cover up and, therefore, we had to remain outside !! I've checked back on the record of our brief visit, and see that we visited the Bangkok salt fields, a floating market and also recall that we found it great fun being passengers in one of those long,slim,colourful boats fitted an outboard engine mounted on a long pole, and speeding along the canals and giving us a great insight of the life of those living on the banks of the canals. It must really great to find that goods are comparatively cheap in Thai. and a good thing bearing in mind all that travelling about you're presently doing !! We do hope that you have a really wonderful time at the Full Moon Party and also, incase we don't speak again prior to your return home, we wish you a good, hassle free journey home. Looking forward to seeing you !! With our love and best wishes, Nana and Grandpa.xxxx
Response: Hello!
Wow it sounds like you did lots in Bangkok, we've managed to see lots of temples but I definitely want to come back to Thailand as it's quite difficult to fit everything in 2 weeks!
We've been lounging on the beach a lot today and we've also been browsing the shops which won't come as any suprise to you!
I hope you're both ok and I really can't wait to see you both when I'm home. Maybe you can come to Brighton for a reunion??
Miss you and love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mrs Pitt (or i will
hey han ban, thailand sounds fab, have an ace time at the full moon party! am at NZ airport, cant wait for LA! are you looking forward to going home? keep having lotsof fun, cantwait for a uk reunion with everyone! loads of love xxxxxxxxx ps love to pops xxx
Response: heya!!! wow can't believe you're off to LA! did you have fun in NZ??? I miss you so so much, i miss fiji! thailand is a bit like it so i keep talking about it and i think i may drive poppy crazy! can't wait to see you back in brighton, it's only a week until i'm home! crazy crazy!
see you soon, enjoy LA and NY and take sooo many photos so i can feel like i was there too!
love youuuuu xxxxxxxxxxx
From Kat
Just thought I'd say Hi! :)
The Full Moon Party sounds ace. Apparently they usually have fire so I'm uber jealous :P You should try doing fire if there is some :P Hehe
Can't wait for you to get back, be great to have a big gossip again :P
You say requests.. what things could I request..? :P
Love you lots xxxxxxx
Response: Hey!
Yeah I saw some people doing fire twirling last night, they were SO good! I was tempted to give it a go, but I kinda want to come home in one piece so I haven't yet... How's life in Uxbridge/Loughborough?? Where are you at the moment? I hope exams have gone well, can't wait to see youuuu!!!
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Bryony
Thailand sounds really really cool (or not, it sounds pretty boiling hot actually!) Would love to go there. Heard the full moon parties on Koh Pangnan are amazing! Start my new job on Monday so getting pretty nervous but excited which is the best sort of nervous! Can't believe you're nearly home, thats crazy. I will definitely try and come to Brighton as soon as poss after you get back. Although maybe your tan will have faded a bit by the time I see you so I won't get too jealous! :) Miss you lots but make the most of the last bit of travelling! Love you lots x x x x x
Response: IT WILL NOT FADE! Hopefully... I'm trying to keep it going as best I can, what with all these beaches ;)
Good luck for your new job, you will be amazing, I know. You're so clever Bry!
Can't wait to see you when I get home, I've also been thinking about France, that's going to be so much fun!
Miss you as always, but see you sooooooooon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From mum
Hi sweetie,
Hope all is well. You missed a delicious BBQ at Boo's on Sun & leg wrestling at Priscilla's on Sat. Also a Sunday game of 40 40 at Newtimber Hill with Ceri & Ryan. Our next adventure is going to see Simon Amstell with B &P on Friday! There's a street party on Sat, but we have no candyfloss machine......... Keep us posted with where you are- i do like to look it up. I've had a look at the Grand Palace! lots of love mumxxxxx
Response: Hey Mum!
Just about to write an entry so I'll let you know what I've been up to :) Can't believe I'm missing so much stuff back home, although what is leg wrestling?! I can't wait to see Ceri and Ryan again, is Ryan a lot bigger now?? I hope he remembers who I am!
That's a shame about the street party, is it nice weather in Brighton? It's a bit rainy here so we're taking the time to do all indoorsy things!
Love you hugely and miss you always xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Nana & grandpa V & D
I sent you a message yesterday but there is no record of it on my end of Planet Ranger so I'm sending it again now.
We got back on Sunday from two nights staying near Chichester at a very pleasant B & near Ichenor which is a lovely harbour for sailing boats. On Thursday we went to a matinee of 'The Cherry Orchard'at the Festival Theatre with an all star cast. In the evening we went to a very pleasant pub for dinner which was excellent. On Friday we visited numerous little sailing boat harbours along the coast below Chichester finishing at another splendid pub in Ichenor for dinner. On Saturday we went to Whiteley to see Tim, Sue and Daisy, who is now crawling well and gets herself up on her feet a lot of the time. We went to a garden centre a few miles from where they live for lunch and left for home at about four o'clock arriving at Petworth House at five twenty.
Nana is due to have an operation on some of the toes of both feet in two weeks time after which she will be much better able to walk longer distances. However for the six weeks after the op. she will have to take it easy and not walk much.
Lots of love from us both xxxxx
Response: There won't be a record of your message on the site until I've looked at it, but thank you very much for writing it all again!
Lots of love, see you soon! xxxxxxxx
From Dad
Yes, we are missing you! Lots. But not long to wait now. Lots of love xxxxxxx
Response: Love you tons xxxx
From Nana & grandpa V & D
Thank you for your long and newsy messages from Melborne and Singapore. So glad you enjoyed your time with your Australian relatives. We got back yesterday from three days away. On Thursday we went to the Chichester Festival Theatre to see a matinee of 'The Cherry Orchard ' with an all star cast. then to a very nice pub for dinner. We'd booked into a very pleasant B & B a few miles from Chichester . The owners have a daughter who got married a few weeks ago and is the spitting image of Bryony - quite extraordinary.The next day we visited some lovely places along the coast - mainly ones connected with sailing. Finished the day at another splendid pub for dinner. Then on Saturday we went to Whiteley to see Tim , Sue and Daisy. She is now crawling and standing up by herself which really impressed us ! We all went out for lunch at a restaurant in a garden centre a few miles from where they live. Then back to their house for a while before setting off for home where we arrived at about five thirty - an altogether splendid few days..
Nana is having an operation on some of the toes of both feet in two weeks time which will improve her mobility but for six weeks after the op. she will have to take things easily.That's about it for this time. We'll look forward to your news from Thailand and very much to seeing you in a couple of weeks
time. Lots of love from Nana and Grandpa XXXXX
Response: Wow, it sounds like you've been having a nice time, I hope the weather's been good for you. Daisy must be a lot bigger now, I can't wait to see her when I get home!
I hope Nana's operation goes ok, if it helps out then it's definitely a good thing. I'm just about to write an entry from Thailand so enjoy!
Lots of love and hugs xxxxx
From Nana Audrey & Grandp
Hi Han, It's a nice,bright Sunday morning and we're taking the opportunity to ensure that you're not too saddened in the event of an empty message board !! Dare we mention that we booted up every morning whilst you've been leading the grand life in Fiji, only to find no blog, either big or small !! Only joking Han, we've enjoyed very much your account, todate, of your travels around the Fijian islands. It all looks to be a wonderful place with wonderful people. Via Rhianna's site, we have had sight of a few pics. and they show just how lovely Fiji is. Yes,we've also seen the one of Hannah stretched out in the hammock in the sunshine, complete dark glasses and with Rhianna's extremely apt caption beneath. It's today that you fly on to Thai and we're delighted that you'll be meeting up with Poppy at the airport. We had a few days there 92 and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's all very foreign and with wonderful places to visit. This is quite a lengthy blog for us , so will close now. Enjoy your stay and have great time !! Love Nana and Grandpa. xxx
Response: I'm glad you're still enjoying the blog, Thailand is so much fun. We're on an island at the moment, staying in a little log hut :) I'll take lots of photos and show you very soon!
Lots of love, miss you xxxxxx
From Dad
Hi Hannah, writing this at work, but just sent you an email from home. How about some Singaporean news on here? Forgot to tell you in the email, Bryony's glittering career in publishing has begun, she got the job at Thames and Hudson!
Give us a ring over the weekend.
Love and hugs aplenty xxx
Response: Oh my god! Yay! She's so clever!!! Oooooh I'm going to send her a message now :) Thanks for telling me. I will get Singaporean news on here once I've finished Fiji!
Lots of Love xxxxxx
From Mum
Hi Sweetie,
Good to hear you are safe and sound in Singapore. The hostel looks good. Can't wait for some more news & pics, caught up a little on rhianna's site, she has some great pics of fiji ! Missing you still, When do you fly to Bangkok & where d'you meet Poppy? Lots of love mumxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: I fly to Bangkok on Sunday and I think we'll meet at the airport because her flight gets in at the same time as mine. I need to look at Rhianna's site and look at the pics! Sorry I've been a bit slow on here with photos, I'm about to write a new entry though!
Love you xxxxxxxxx
From Banana#1
hey gay (you've missed that, right?)
hows singapore?? cant believe ur meeting up with the third member of the awesome foursome the day after tomorrow!! am hopefully seeing the guys tomorrow, got any messages? ;)
there's an advert on NZ tv for cillit bang except its called BAM! "BAM and the dirt is gone!" and there's no barry scott :(
love you lots, have a safe flight!!
Response: Banana #1?! I don't think so missy!!! How's New Zealand?? I saw on facebook that you're off to south island, already?! That's gone so quickly! How is it? Are you alright?? I've been wondering what you're up to lots!
Melbourne was loads of fun, met Rach and saw her AMAZING flat (it's like she's a millionaire - no joke!). Now in Singapore and heading to the beach today, hope you're good and not missing me too much!
Love you tons, miss you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Nana Audrey & Grandp
Hi Han, Just to let you know that we've read your initial letter on your stay in Fiji, and delighted that you had a wonderful time. We'll wait for you to find some cash, so that you can complete the description of your stay !! - can't wait to see the pictures !! And now, you're back in Melbourne to visit relatives of Val and David - you really do live a busy life !! We'll just close by wishing a great time in Singapore and Thailand. See you soon !! Love Nana and Grandpa. xxx
Response: Hello! Sorry I will complete my Fiji entry as soon as possible I promise! How are you?? I'm now in Singapore (all by myself!), I loved Melbourne though, Norm and Norma were so lovely and I miss staying with them already!
Speak to you soon, hope you're both well, miss you tons, not long till I come home! xxxxxxxxx
From Zebedee
Really looking forward to a long walk with you and sleeping on your feet again.
Woof woof xxx
Response: So am I Zebedee! I miss you so much, you ignored me a little on Skype the other day so I expect a big furry hug when I get home to compensate! See you in 3 weeks, love yooooooooou xxxxxxxxxxx
From Wendy
Hi Han
It's been great to catch up with you and Rhianna again after 2 weeks with not much news. Fiji sounds fantastic- Dhill and I are saving for our gap year!
Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for the 'next stage'. Have a brilliant time in Singapore and Thailand - send love to Pops (what's happened to her blog?!) and take care. See you all when you get back - cant imagine the screaming that will ensue when you all meet up again!!!
Lots of love
Wendy xxx
Response: Hey Wendy! How are you? Aw thankyou so much, I think I'm going to need it for Thailand! I'm a bit scared about being properly alone but it will be okay hopefully! Have you heard from Rhianna in New Zealand?? It wasn't fun saying goodbye to her after such a long time.
I don't know what's happened to Poppy's blog, but I will pass the message on. About the screaming when we get home - they'll probably be able to hear us from Australia!
Hope you're both well, see you when I eventually come home! Lots of love, Hannah xxx
From mum
Counting down to your next instalment! Thinking of you lots. I've just had a great week off for half term. Bryony came down & told us lots about Fiji! Sounds terrific. Also went up to Tom & Doris with Miles and printed off all of the site so they can catch up with your adventures. We had a lovely day. Dad & I have booked our 20th anniversary trip (slightly scaled down as NY was financially ambitious). We are being very original and going to Rome! It's great that you are going to Norm & Norma's, they sound really lovely. Keep taking care of yourself sweetie, can't wait to catch up, lots of love mumxxx
Response: Hey mum! Awww that will be so nice to go to rome! When are you going though? Make sure you're hear for my birthday :) Just at the airport about to fly to Melbourne so a little nervous... I had an emotional goodbye to Rhianna this morning which wasn't nice but it's okay because I'll see her in about 3 weeks!
I'll call when I'm in Melbourne, so lovely to speak to you yesterday!
Love youuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxx
From poopsy!!
heeeya dude.
your travels in oz sounds amazing especially since you were travelling with this girl called poppy, now she sounds cool!!! how was fiji?
miss you
Response: hey babe! i miss you too! just wrote you an email, which got me all excited about thailand! hooray not long now! xxxxxxxxx p.s. fiji was actually incredible.
From Priscilla
Hi Spanner
hope you are well, I am busily tucking into the German Liqueur! thanks for the mention am having a chilled 50th birthday, cheers mine's a double when you return. Take care and continue to enjoy yourself with love Priscilla xxx
Response: Haha no problem, glad you had a good birthday! I'll be happy to buy you a drink when I get home!
Love you and miss you lots, Spanner xxxxxxx
From Dad
Hi Hannah, got your photo at last. Looks like 110% fun. Hope Fiji is going well, can't wait to hear from you, its quite wierd being out of touch. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hooray! I miss you and I'm going to try and call you in a bit :) Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S. Fiji is INCREDIBLE. You would love it x