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Welcome to my Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them! He he. Please keep me updated on life back home... any news - I want to hear about it!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 08 July 2007

Location: Cronulla - Sydney, Australia

Hey everyone - Well today I went to a Footie game (Rugby) I went to see the Sharks vs Bulldogs. It was raining but the atmosphere was amazing - there was so much banter flying about between fans!! Kala and I had our faces painted with the Sharls logo - very grown up of us!!! I screamed at the players like a true Sharks supporter. But really enjoyed it depite the rain, however we did come equipped with some disposable poncho - very sexy!! They were floor length but they kept us dry!!

After the game I met the players, although they were not too happy after just losing however it was nice to meet them and I got a signed poster!!!

Saturday, 07 July 2007

Location: Sydbey, Australia

Well today was a good day, Michaelas Dad took me for a tour on the back of his motorbike!!! I wore leathers -so looked very sexy!! We went through the National Park and I could see all the trees and mountains, it was beauiful. Then we went to Mount Keira to the summit and had a spot of lunch there. There were some fabulous views. Took some pics but I have yet to load them onto the computer. We returned back on the Freeway - it felt like we were going so fast - I had visions of me falling off (sorry Mum) - I can say that now!!!

Saturday night we went out - we went to Gymea for drinks and dinner then to a club called Carmens. Had a great night - laughed loads. Everyone over here seems like such a good dancer - even the men. The music over here is funky electro house. Gonna have to get a cd to take home!!!

Oh thanks everyone for your lovely messages - missing you all loads. Hope you are all well x x x x

Friday, 06 July 2007

Location: Woolongong, Australia

Hey Everyone - Well today was the day when i did the skydive!!! And oh my gosh it was terrific. I got a bus from Sutherland to Woolongong then a woman picked me up at the Train Station - very random.

Signed all the forms at the office then got in one of the suits. Butterflies were no i my tummy!! My instructors name was Doug - he was very enthusiastic! He kept joking about the parachute not openin - not very appropriate but was funny!!

The jump itself was Fab - so very exhiliarating - the freefall lasted about 45 seconds. I screamed the whole duration of that as I was scared that if I didn't I would not be able to breathe!!!

Then once the chute went up I was able to enjoy the spectacular views!! Would recommend it to anyone as it was so amazong.... x

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hiya, well today I went into Sydney and booked up a trip. I went Whale watching - it was amazing went outside of Sydney Harbour at first I was thinking is all this sea sickness worth it.... then i saw a huge hump back whale. It turned out of the water too so we could see its white belly, it was magnificent.

Also today I booked up a sky dive, which is what i will be doing tomorrow. It's a tandem jump 14,000 ft and I will be jumping in a place called Woolongong, so when I land I will land on the beach. So that should be pretty cool. I will purcase the Dvd, photos, t shirt etc so I can show you all when I come home.

Hope everyone is good at home x x x

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello All, Well today I climbed the Sydney harbour bridge - it was so amazing - winds reached 90km per hour - it was mad! The views from the top of the bridge were spectacular - you could see for miles. There was an excellent view of the Opere house too. Once that was over I had a mooch round the harbour and took some shots of the bridge and the opera house. Tonight I may be watching the state of origin - which is the rugby leage out here. On eof Michaela's friends are playing in the game so that should be good. Hope all is well at home x

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone - Hope you are all well. Well I arrived in Cairns on Sunday morning not exactly what I expected... To be honest didn't really like it. So I have actually flown down to Sydney to meet my friend Michaela - who lives in the outskirts of Sydney. Finding a bit hard - worse than I expected to be honest.

I may climb Sydney Harbour bridge tomorrow - So at least I can say I have done something!!!

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Location: Australia

Hi All

Arrived today....... Pretty place and hot.

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Recent Messages

From kev
hi chick its me just read your diary really proud of you cant believe little h jumped out of a plane well done missin you loads take care and chin up love kev x
From Charlotte
Hello Hayley, Hope your enjoying yourself. Your clothes in your wardrobe fit like a glove! Take care, love Char. xx x x
From Sarah B
Luv the photo's
From Lisa
Hi Sweets,
You certaintly are managing to do loads whist you're there huny.
Sending you lots of love
Lisa xxx
From Hi Hayley
Hi Haley,
You look like you are having a great time over there cram in as much as you can.
Be Happy
Jan Sunley.xxxx
From Michelle J
hey my little one,
See! you're having the time of your life already! Keep us informed petal, Missing you! Andy says G-day! x x x
From lilkim
hello hay, love your skydive pics, so funny hahaha, well done though. miss ya lots xxxx
From lauren
heya hayley hope u having an amazing time you have been doin lots of things .weather is ok in the uk today sunny but abit windy lots of love lauren
From Aunt lin
Yehaaa, now you know what i've been on about all these years. so glad you enjoyed your skydive.Nice soft landing on the beech Hope you met some nice people while you were there. Blue skies and miles of smile H love lin xxx
From Xanthe
Hi it's Xanthe and Co here. Glad things are going well. Do we get to see any photos? Did send you a message before you left but Wheez said you didn't have the number anymore!!! Sorry I missed you. Enjoy your time away and I'll look forward to hearing all your fab stories. take care. xxxxxxx
From Deirdre
Hi Hayley
I am missing your smiling face and I have no-one to moan at now.Dierdre does not exist anymore as your the only one that i will allow to call me it as you are special.Have a lovely time and take care.Love you lots Denise(nee Deirdre)x x x
From Uncle Den
Whoa, what a dynamic start to your trip! As Stewart said, I did the Sydney bridge climb and loved it, even though I'm not keen on heights. Did the tandem sky dive in Brisbane too and was as thrilled as you were, although I didn't scream for the whole 45 secs free fall, only the first 40 seconds
:-) x
From Lisa
Hi Hayley,
Now to me you are really really brave!! It sounds fab although i'd rather you than me huny!!!!
Love Lisa xxxx
From Rachael
Well done honey!! Very proud of you-you brave girl!!! (although slightly scared too :S) Good to hear that you're having a great time and doing all these fab things. Whats next then????!!! Love Rach x
From nalina
Hi Hayley. You lucky thing, would love to do the whale watching - not to sure about climbing the bridge or skydiving though!!
Miss your happy face - Take Care!! Love Nalina xxx
From Lisa
Hi H,
How weird Trina's Aunty lives in Woolongong! Have a fabulous sky dive...Enjoy!!
Lots of Love
Lisa xxxxx
From Michaela
hope ur having a fab time whale watching hahaha u could of just chucked me in the pool at home alomost the same hahahaha
From Sarah B
Hi Hayley, Glad to see you've had a better day today, well done for climbing the bridge.
Keep your chin up and enjoy all that you do.
You're not missing much here in the U.K. weather is crap.

Miss your happy face at work.

Take care
Sarah, Johnathan, Hayden & Amber x
From Aunty lin
Hiya H, Well done on the bridge walk, lucky you did not get blown off. I gather it is a bit hard to do the walk, quite a long way. Its been windy here today, but some sun, i managed to fit in a run in between, got drenched but dried out before i got home. Have a great time love aunty lin xx
From Jackie
Morning Hayley.
Its always a little daunting when you get somewhere new, once you are on the road, you'll meet other people in the same boat. Remember your not the only one that might feel a little wobbley to start with. Your doing great. If you don't like somewhere, you've done the right thing, move on, there are bound to be places that your not keen on. Thinking of you. Jacks xx
From lilkim
hello hay, well done on your climb bet it was great at the top!! have a good time at rugby babe keep smiling, love ya lots babe xxxxxx
From Lisa
Hi Hayley,
How was the bridge climb? Bet it was hard work and hot but i bet you could see for miles once you'd got to the top?
Take Care Huny,
Love Lisa xxxx
From Stewart
Hey you! Glad you're alive at the very least. Dad (Dennis said he climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and said it was awsome, so I hope it clears your mind and bings you a little peace. Thinking of you and happy days!
From Aunty lin
Hi Daling Hayley, I am sure it is a bit hard being aay from home. But hey its peeing it down here, we are working, and will be doing tommorrow. Been a few bomb scare, all in london or scotland. so nothing new.It has been really windy and wet. some more floods too. so have a drink girl, chill out and climb that bridge. Rememeber it will take a while to calm down. You beed to give it a few weeks then see how you feel. Love you loads and very proud of you, go girl go11 xxxx much love as always
From carol
You're bound to find it a bit hard at first Hay, hang on in there love and make the best of the experience love Carol xx