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The Heaney's European Vacation

Hi all,
This site is being populated by Greg, Tina, Sam, Nic and Ben as opportunities arise. 2 weeks in and we are really relaxed...


Diary Entries

Saturday, 07 July 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

12:30 am and we are finally HOME - yeah...

2:00 am we have unpacked as much as we want to and now it's off to bed for 3 and 1/2 hours sleep before golf tomorrow...

A big thanks from all of the Heaney's to our various hosts around Europe. You were all so welcoming to us that it has made this one of the most memorable holidays I have ever had. The boys are already planning there own adventures for a gap year between High School and University (they have invited me - if I pay).

Hopefully we we see some of you Eurotrash out here in Oz soon...

Friday, 06 July 2007

Location: Kualar Lumpar, Malaysia

Stop over on the way home... Our plane has been delayed by an hour. Tina and the boys are asleep on various lounges around the terminal we are waiting in...

Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Flying home..., France

Up early (really) at 6:00 to shower and change for the trip home. A quick breakfast and then off to the airport to drop back the peugot (in slightly less perfect condition than in which we received it). Surprisingly no dramas with the various dints and so it was off to check-ion and commence the journey home.

It has been a fantastic holiday but we are all really, really, really excited about heading home to Oz and our own beds!!!

Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Paris, France

A short but uneventful drive down to Paris ( about 3 hours) with the hightlight being a call home to find out the score in the 3rd State of Origin clash. We stayed in the Hotel Londres et New York which is in Paris' main "modern" shopping district - loads of malls and giant department stores. So we went shopping for some more souvenirs and then wandered back to the hotel. We had planned to dine in grand style for our last meal but we were still fairly tored from the 3 days of driving so we settled for a fairly simple meal at a small tavern. The waiter was pretty cool and perfromed a few magic tricks for the boys. I enjoyed my last beer of the trip, Tina and I had a champagne followed by a fairwell to Paris pastis or 2. The boys celebrated a great holiday with a shnady each and creme brulee and chocolate mousse...

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Great drive down to Brugge from The Hague. Brugge is even more beautiful than I remembered it! We are staying in the Novatel right in the center of town. We went for a walking tour of the city and then had a great (expensive) lunch / early dinner right on the Market Square. Sam had his first lobster and I had my second last beerof the trip - 1 litre of deliscious wheat beer!!!

We then went for a bladder testing horse and carriage ride around Brugge which was eductaional and great fun. It was then time to head back to the hotel for some sleep.

Monday, 02 July 2007

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Had a great (but long) drive down to The Netherlandws from Denmark. The Netherlands is even flatter than Denmark!!! The Hague itself is not a very exciting or interesting place to visit and the kids needed to catch up on some sleep (as did Tina and I). Luckily this was our only 5 star hotel for the trip and so we had a beautiful apartment in which to chill out in the Grand Winston Hotel (named after Churchill). The meeting with Bert (and Ernie) went really well (3 hours instead of 1) and it seems as though there will be further reasons to visit Europe in the future.

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Up early (8 ish). We then drove to the Royal Palace north of Copenhagen to have a look where Princess Isabella was to be christened today. Beautiful palace - surprisingly not too busy when we were there but looked to be expecting thousands. We then picked up fresh bread and coffee and went to have breakfast with Vibika (Casper's sister) and Fin who had looked after all the boys last night. Had a traditional Danish (continental) breakfast and then headed into Copenhagen for a day's sightseeing (and eating - the 5kgs bar was clearly set too low).

Had a beautiful drive along the foreshore and looked at the big old mansions (cheapest is a round AUD 4 million we were told) and on into Copenhagen past all of Caspers family's former houses and sports clubs etc... We could see Sweden and the bridge to Sweden during this drive (it was closer than Moreton Island is to Redcliffe). We then took the new tube into Copenhagen city, took a boat tour of the canals and port areas (wow). We then did lots of walking looking for lunch which turned out to be a special Danish hotdog that Mette recommended (it was good).

By this time we were all flagging so Mette made us climb up and down the tallest tower in Copenhagen to look at the view. This tower has no stairs as ít was built by King Christian the 4th (the one that lost Sweden and Norway) so he could ride up on a horse and cart. Interesting old toilet (now disused) - used to drop the droppings into a big bunker that was only emptied twice a century. Apparently had a few odor issues...

Home at Karen (Mette's sisters) and Kent's house in Copenhagen getting ready to go out (yet again) for dinner at Pia and Stig's house. Those of you who came to Xmas in July may remember them. Should be a quiet night as we have only bought 6 bottles of wine to take.

We head off to The Hague tomorrow (10 hour drive) and so we probably won't update this diary again until we get home as internet access will be a problem. From the Hague we head to Brugge (Belgium) and then to Paris before we fly home Thursday. We arrive at Brisbane Airport 10:45 pm on Friday night and I am (hopefully) playing the first round of the BIGC Club Championships at about 7:00 am on Saturday morning. Can't wait!

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Location: Denmark

Up early (well 9 ish) for a huge breakfast and then it was time to pack up for the drive to Copehagen. Casper said this should take 3 hours but he neglected to factor in that today is the 1st day of school holidays and the flat tyre on his car and the thunder storms and the (yes!!!) hail - so 5 hours later we have arrived safely.

We did get to cross an 18klm long toll bridge (cost AUD 40 for the privelige).

We are now getting ready to go out and "party" with Mette and Casper and their friends and relatives. All the boys are going for a sleep over at Ole cousins house.

If time permits I will upload some photos tomorrow...

The party was great. Met all of the brothers and sisters still in Copenhagen and some of the close friends at Steen (Casper's brother) and Kim's house (another minnie mansion worth $ millions apparently). Quite a few of the eple we met had been to Australia and most are planning to return for further holidays.

We then went out for a traditional Danish dinner and returned to Steen's house tocontinue the party afterwards. Arrived home at about 2:00am (again).

The boys had a great time staying over with a bunch of Danish kids - reportedly language barrier wasnæt a problem...

Friday, 29 June 2007

Location: Sunds / Herning, Denmark

A late start to the day (with some assistance from ibufren and panadol). A great breakfast followed by a drive through town to Mette's parents old farm where Mette grew up, a walk in a forrest where we ate wild blue berries and black berries (Mette is the new Bushtuckerman). We then went back to town to see some Danish artwork and then into to the center of town where Tina, Mette and the boys shopped while Casper and Ole took Marie and I to Ole's favourite respite center (yes another pub) for some well earned refreshments. Carlsberg tastes better by the pint (apparently)...

There was a soccer test match scheduled for 8:00pm this evening. When the time came is was raining heavily. The Aussies and honorary Aussies all turned up but only one Dane arraived so we won on a forfiet! Didn't really help Casper and I as the kids still wanted to play so we all ran aroundin the rainand mud and played soccer. For the record Casper and I won!!!

Then back to the Lysguaard house for more food and you guessed it more beer and wine...

I am well and truly going to eclipse my target of 5kgs in 4 weeks!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Location: Esbjerg / Legloand / Sunds, Denmark

After an uneventful crossing (read no seasickness) including yet another great breakfast we arrived in Denmack at Esbjerg on the west coast. An hours drive and we met up with Casper, Mette, Ole and Christian at Legoland. Had a great time their and the boys all bought some souvenirs.
We then drove for an hour north to Sunds where Mette's parents' (Ole and Marie) house which is situated on a lake and is in the most beautiful setting (photos to come). Had a lovely traditional Danish dinner and a late night drinking (yes again - but this time with Danish Snapps) and talking to about 1:30am...

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Location: Chelmsford / Harwich, England

Up late for a light breaksfast then a catch up on family etc. before we went shopping and then off to lunch with Tina's relatives. Aunty Renne is now 87 but remarkable fit and completely alert and WOW what a memory! Met Dave (June partner) for the first time this trip and he's OK by me (handicap is 9).

Had a lovely lunch at a local pun and then it was off to Harwich t catch the "ferry" to Denmark...

Boarded the "ferry" safely and found our digs for the trip and we were delighted with the quality and size. We were all tired and so after leaving the port at Harwich we returned to our cabins to variously read / sleep / watch TV. Boys finally all went to sleep around midnight (again).

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Location: Henley / Chelmsford, England

Up early(ish) to a full cooked english breakfast from Bina. Eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, croissants, tea, coffee, juice... well you get the picture. We then went for a walk around Henley (beautiful village) where they were preparing for the annual Henley Regatta. We then met Andrew for lunch before heading off to Chelmsford Essex) to visit with Tina's Aunty Renee and Cousin June.

150 kms around the M25 and we arrived safely ar Renee's house to another warm welcome and a hot coffee. A quick chat and then off to June's for dinner and a welcome long night's sleep without too much alcohol. Had local fish and chips which were "different" to our normal fare.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Location: Gadalming / London / Henley, England

Well - where to start. Tina woke up sore and stiff and could barely walk. Fran was like a Cheshire Cat as normally (as we all know) it's Tina who leads the way. Fran - be warned Tina is already plotting her revenge for when you come to Australia!

We had an early start - well early for holidays. Breakfast with the Scotts then off to London for the day. We started with the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace which is still a great spectical - lots of pomp and ceremony. We then headed into Covent Garden for lunch, then to Harrods (for Tina) and Hamleys (for the boys). The rain had let up by then so we decided to go to Wimbledon to watch some of the Chamionships before heading home. We walked straight in (after security where Sam was searched!). We had hoped to watch Alicia Molik play as she was on court three but the day was running so late that the game before hers had not finished. So we watched Haas demolish Fleishman in 3 sets. The atmosphere was great and the boys got a buzz out of being there. We then headed back to John and Fran's to pick up the car and headed off to Andrew and Bina Martin-Davis' house in Henley-on-Thames. Another beautiful house I might add. George Orwell lived here (in Andrew and Bina's house!) as a boy - so lots of history in a beautiful town.

We sat up drinking and talking (sic) with Andrew and Bina until 1:30am so it will be a late start tomorrow...

PS Our day could also have read: -
Car to Farncombe Station (thanks John)
Train to Waterloo Station
Tube to Westminster
Walk to Buckingham Castle
Taxi to Covent Garden
Tube to Harrods
Tube to Hamleys
Tube / Tube / Tube to Wimbledon
Taxi to Wimbledon Station
Train to Clapham Junction (no trains to Farncombe from Wimbledon Station)
Train to Waterloo (too late for trains from Clapham Junction)
Train to Farncombe Station
Car to Scott's house (thanks Fran)
Car to Martin-Davis' hous (thanks car bitch - she has really performed well so far, be interesting to see how she goes in Denmark)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Location: Godalming, UK

Up late. Girls went for a run (see photos & notice John's patio!) while John and I had a leisurely breakfast with the kids...

"The Run" which Fran described as a short 6 K loop turned out to be a cross-country trek. See tomorrow for the up shot!

Went for a walk to The Stag on the River for a nice pub lunch and a few guinesses. Slow afternoon recovering from stuffing ourselves.

Rained all afternoon so we read the papers and watched some of The (very muddy) Glastonbury Festival on the TV. Champagne, cheese and biscuits for dinner...

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Location: Godalming, UK

Have arrived at yet another beautiful "minnie Mansion" set in a lovely garden (photos to come). John, Fran and the kids (Alistair, Benjamin and Mia) are all fit and well. Sat up drinking and talking until midnight (sic) and none us can believe its been 11 years between face to face discussions. Current plan is for a relatively quiet weekend on the site seeing front (boys have just about seen enough castles and churches). Might try and take them riding or for a game of golf... watch this space.

We all piled in the cars and took Ben's (Scott) remote controlled speedboat to a local lake to thrash around. It was going really well until we were chased off by some birdwatchers who claimed the boat was scaring away their "prey"...

John and I then took Alistair, Sam, Nic, Ben, Ben and Alexander (ring in) to play golf at the local public course. All had fun. I rented some clubs that were made about the same time I was born, luckliy John let me use his driver.

The girls stayed at home and drank Pims which turned into champagne when we arrived home which turned into red wine with dinner which turned into slide shows by the Heaneys and the Scotts. Sounds boring but it was actually good fun watching each other over the past 10 years or so...

Friday, 22 June 2007

Location: Wadhurst/Brighton/Godalming, England

Last day with Sue and Stand and it's another fairly bleak summer's day with thick cloud and light rain. So... we're off to Brighton to visit the famous "Pier" and "The Pavillion". We'll also get to revisit our favourite English "beach" - the rocky shores of Brighton (see photos)...

Then it's back to Sue and Stan's to pack up and "move house" to John and Fran Scott's in Godalming [pronounced God All Ming] which was founded by Emporer Nasi Goreng (Ming Dynasty???) and was a famous rabbit hunting ground...

When I spoke to Fran yesterday John was puting the finishing touches to a patio so we would have somewhere to sit and drink (like we actually need a venue!). Can't wait to meet their kids and the boys, although they have had a blast so far, are excited about having some kids their own age to play with...

Have now arrived and the patio and the kids are all great!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Location: Wadhusrt / Tinbridge Wells, UK

Andy came for coffee and to say goodbye as we leave for John and Fran's house in Godalming tomorrow. Boys had a quiet morning and then we went to Go-Ape for some fun in the English woods (see photos). What a blast!

We then went to Peter and Kate Cotterall's for dinner (see photos) and to farewell the rest the Kent and Sussex crew.

Had a great time here catching up with everyone and reminiscing. Also good to see the beautiful English countryside again and to revisit some of the historical sites.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Location: Wadhurst / Chart Hills GC, UK

Well another fine (yes fine) day here in Old Blighty. Tina and the boys went off for a bit more touring around Royal Tunbridge Wells - visiting the Pantiles and the original town spa from which the name was derived.

Stan and I went the Nick Faldo designed Chart Hills Golf Club to see if I could extract some revenge for the last outing. What a fabulous golf course (not just because I won). It's a tough test with loads of holes where you have to make risk / reward decisions. I have never seen so much water and so many bunkers together on the same course.

Tina and I then took Stan and Sue out for dinner as a thanks for having us to the Old Chequers. Great food and a great wine list (see photo!)...

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: Wadhurst / Bodiam, UK

Late start after everyone slept in except for Stan who left for work at 6:00 am (gee it's great to be on holidays!). Jessica to school, Chris chilling out on his holidays before going mountain biking and Sue and the Heaneys had breakfast and headed out to Bodiam Castle for a tour. Boys were fascinated - mostly by the toilets - and learned a lot about castle building and why they stopped building them.

Had a light lunch and then went to Bedgebury Pinetum for a quick walk and booked into "Go-Ape" (some of us have less distance to go than others) on Thursday. I am cooking a BBQ for the Steven's and Heaney's this evening and trusting that Mad-cow disease is a thing of the past in British Beef...

Thunder in the distance and it has just started to rain again so it looks like I will be cooking the BBQ in the (now) time honoured British method - in the garage!!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Location: Wadhurst / London, England

Up early (well 7 ish) had breakfast and then off to London for the day by train. Went to the London Dungeons and then had lunch at the Cafe Rouge (£240 - not brave enough to convert that one!). Then toured the city by bus and boat. Saw most of the sites and will return later this week or early next to cover the remainder...

Back to Sue and Stan's for a well earned oint of bitter (tea for the girls)...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Wadhurst, England

Have now moved over to the "Heaney" wing of Churchsettle Barn. Stan, Christopher, Nicholas and I are off to play in a Texas Scrambe at Dale Hill olf Club. Hope I play better than yesterday.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells, England

Late start to the day (again!). We have almost cleaned up everything. Just the marquees to pull down. We move base camp to day to Stan ans Sue's house which is a converted 17th century barn. Loads of exposed timber and character...

Huge thanks to the Pynes for hosting us it was great!

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From andrew
Greg/Tina and the boys
As usual we are always late with things - you know corresponding! - but we just wanted to say that it was really great meeting up and picking up so quickly like old times - well not the MBB bit as we are now respectable family men? . You obviously had a great time and it's great to let the kids see it all and meet a few pommes. We should not leave so long this time - the world is small - so we hope to see you guys soonish either here, there or anywhere. So lets get on and organise before we are surrounded by six foot six hairy teenagers - well that's our two - although my borther is also short is the leg department. Anyhow I was made up seeing you both again - Andrew
Response: Hi Andrew (et al),
Just received this (late huh). Will send an email to your normal adress.

From The Johnstons
Hi The Heaney's
Sounds and looks like a great holiday had by all. Lots of fun, good friends, food and drinking of course, what more could you ask for. Freezing over here, rain has stopped, but grass is greener though. Good to see you're both keeping up those most important arm exercises. Keep up the good work. Take care and keep having fun.
From Aubs & Sam here
Hi Guys,
A trip down memory lane for was in Godalming (next to Waitrose) and many a Friday lunchtime spent at the Stag. Shame you haven't had better weather...watching Wimbles on Fox / Sky. "Come on Wayne" - we're all shouting down under. We can taste the Pimms and have decided that our next party (when it's a tad warmer) will be a Pimms one ( a la the chablis night a while ago). Do you think Tina can handle it? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the trip and say hi to our Danish friends. Bye....
Response: Pims sounds fine please ensure that there are no bad oysters (Casper & Mette request same). Looking forwards to seeing some sunshine when we get home.

From The Scotts
Hope you guys are having fun, we really had a good time seeing you all. We are all keen to come to Australia to see you as soon as possible. Planning the itinerary already!
All the best
Response: Dear Scotts,
Thanks again for you (HOT) welcome and fab hospitality. We also enjoyed catching up and the kids are already planning for your visit! See you soon in Oz,

From Glen & Kerry
Hi All.... If we'd known you were going to Brighton we would have given directions to the Dover Castle (our old local in Sowf'over Street). Have to watch the front stairs, though as they are treacherous..... At least I recall them as being so on Friday nights when I was leaving for the 50m walk back home!! Trip sounds great and hope the fun continues. Cheers,

Glen & Kerry
From friedrich's
Hi Heaney's...just got news from Larry King that your blog is almost as famous as Simon Wilson from N.Z...I need help! can you please ask "Camp Eden" if I can siphon your water tank? - it will save my marriage!, I backwashed the pool today, walked away, became busy as only housewives do, forgot about it, remembered on the way out to dinner tonight!!!! Big man NOT happy, Sorry not a word!!!!! now have big concrete hole in back yard!!! oops!!! probably would be worth being at home to see just how much trouble I am in!!! I just keep saying what drought it has rained non stop! If I am not alive when you get back check in the concrete pond for my body!!!!
Response: Aahhh = fun in paradise...
It hasn't stopped raining here.
From the Biddles
G'day Heaneys, it looks like you are having a fantastic time. Greg you seem to be doing the same things as Syl and i, drinking and eating a lot but Tina is keeping herself fit and trim just in case you have heart trouble and she needs to attract someone else! Seriously the website is terrific with all the photos etc, keep it coming. Thanks for the well wishes we are home safe and well, it seems a bit strange that it's over now, we had takeout because we forgot how to cook and clean up! I miss all those people cooking and cleaning for us. Stay well and cya soon, luv the Biddles.
Response: Cheers & beers Biddles. We are now in Denmark (have been for 3 days)...

Watch this space!!!

From friedrich's
Hello Heaney"s! I hope that is rain and not sweat TIna from the run!
I want to move to England - the photos are great and every photo you have a drink in your hand!!!, just like home really.....
Response: Hello Friedrichs,
Well yes except over here we drink Pims and Gin and warm beer as well as champagne! We are going to have to change our practices in Mariner Court!!! Tina is still sore from "The Run" and even though that was rain check the diary entry for details on what transpired...

Luv to all
From Kath & Phil
Hello to all the Heaneys!
26/6 Sounds like you guys are having fantastic fun with old friends, beer, wine & golf!!What more could you ask for! Your photos are great to see. Guess what, it's been raining for 2 days here - yeh!! Enjoy the rest. Luv K,P,J,R,M&K
Response: Hi Gray's,
Thanks for the note hope you guys are all as fit and well as we left you! Pleased to hear about the rain. There has been flooding over here also. We leave the UK for Denmark tomorrow night and I think we will still have access to the internet so the photos should keep coming.

From Ole Reeslev
Hey Guys,
I like ur website.
I cant wait to see you here in Denmark.
From Ole
Response: Hi Ole,
Thanks. The boys can't wait to meet up with you.

From Mette
Hi guys,
Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Just want to give you our Danish mobile no. 30 63 57 90. We'll meet you outside Legoland on Thursday as planned. Denmark has been quite cool and rainy so far so no suntan to show off. But we've enjoyed catching up with friends and family - and eating and drinking way too much. Tina will have to come for another run when she arrives. Ole and Christian keep asking how many days before you guys arrive so you'd better hurry up :-)
Love from all of us. Mette
Response: Hi Mette,
Thanks for the info. What is the national number for Denmark (e.g. Aust is +61)? Our boys are having a really FAT time but are also excited about meeting up with Ole and Christian. Tina and I are about to (try) and have 2 alcohol free days before we reach Denmark (wish us luck)... See you on Thursday.

Love from all of us
From Bob & Carolyn
Greg and Tina!! You guys are having a great time! Love the stoney beach Brighton and especially going ape at Bedgebury - you are right Greg for some of us not such a big jump (in evolutionary terms)!!! Sounds like you are playing more golf than me, I'm just walking around - on Saturday I hit more wood than a xylophone player!! The weather has been quite wintry, lots of south westerlies and easterlies - sort of cancelled out the rain we received!! Still got a session in at the "Leaguies" - the staff were asking for you and your mates - apparently after the last time they put on more staff and we haven't been back since!!! Anyway I'll keep a spot for you on your return!!!

Love Bob Mousie Emma and Luke!!
Response: Hi guys,
Sounds like life continues in Oz at its usual fun pace. Glad to hear the "leaguies" is thriving in my absence. I'm sure you would have drunk my quota. Also glad to hear your golf isn't improving as I am looking forwards to the club championships when we return.

Love to all
From Stan
Glad you managed to negotiate the M25 in the middle of the Friday rush hour! Not for the faint hearted.

Great to see you all again, let’s hope we can all get together ‘here’ or ‘there’ soon, there’s a bottle of wine to drink and I think the golf was one each – a decider is required! Maybe combine it with the Springsteen concert?

Cheers and happy holidays,

Response: Stan and Sue,
Thanks again for your warm welcome and superb hosptiality. We had a great time with you guys and all the rest of the Kent and Sussex gang. We (well Tina and I) will be back to drink that wine and also to take you up on the golf challenge. Has Kevin organised the Bruce tickets yet?

From Ashlee
hello my queensland family!
sounds like you are having a fantastic time.. sorry nic i didn't reply on msn i was getting changed and then the doorbell rang, i came back and was quite annoyed i had missed chattin to you.... Hope you all continue to have such a wonderful time ... mum and dad send their love ....
talk later xox ash, lisa, david
Response: Hi Ashlee,
Great to hear from you. Love to all there. Our trip is going very well and the boys will be on MSN again before we head home, I am sure. Off to London again tomorrow to see the Queen so I'll give her a kiss from your Dad.

From Brad and Shona
Hi guys.
Glad to see you are having such a great time.
I am however concerned about the amount of golf Gnomey is playing. He was supposed to come back as big as Barry and completely devoid of the form he was displaying before he left.
At least with the amount of partying you are doing, half my wish may come true.
Hope the rest of the trip is a much fun as the start has obviously been.
See you soon.
B & S.
Response: Already bigger than Barry. Golf patchy at best! hope all is well with you guys...

From Hean
Hi guys. Looks like all are having a great time. I hear from the Neighbours at Newport that the police have been called several times to stop EDEN From having any more wild parties!!!!"MYOTT" has a contract on it and deposit paid and it will be shipped to darwin on Wednesday next. Timing could't be better as I was going to sail her down to Newport next week. See ya soon as I will be moving in on Thursday 19thJuly.
Love Hean
Response: Great news on MYOTT. Tell Eden not to drink my Rum or my wine but all else OK (ish)...

From Glen & Kerry
Hi guys. Love the photos... nice reminders.... Bodiam castle is a classic. Did you drop in to Rye? Steer clear of Sussex Best Bitter (somehow they manage to get the f@rt into the glass). cheers,
Response: Hi Guys
Thanks for the tip - seems like there is a lot of strange gases used to brew the beer here. Some of it works well whilst others are as you have noted. I think this must be how the Poms are trying to recylce all of that CO2 their cows are producing!!

From Stork
Barney wants to know what the champagne is like over there she,s dring out. As for me im working overtime yes overtime to pay for our last holiday. Have a great time will visit your site again.
keep the pics comming !
Response: All good here. Glad you like the pics. Only a few champagnes have been consumed and so far so good. Heaps of Bitter is disappearing also!!!
From Rick & Syl
Hi Heaneys, just had a chance to look at your travel page, looks great, seems like you are having a good time. will check back soon, internet has been difficult for us on the move. the boat internet was terrible but things are better in Croatia.

Luv to all
Response: Hi Biddles, we are having a "fat" time (well I am). Have been checking your page regularly also and guessed you were having some difficulties with internet access. Hope you are having a blast. C U in 3 weeks... (playing golf again tomorrow)
Response: Yes but not because of Tina!!!
From Hean
Love the photos. Andy & Pip went to a lot of trouble for the party but it looks as tho all had fun and too many drinkies.!!Give Sue & Stan & Nicholas & Christopher our love.
Response: Will gove best to Sue, Stan, Jess and Christopher. All still going well. Too many drinkies everywhere!!!
From From Sam
Hi - looks like you're having a fab time - you're making me homesick!
Response: Don't be - bleak and rainy here today!! Just think of the champagne on De-Canter!
From Hean
Though you would have enjoyed the escargot Greg. You used to eat them when you were 9 months old. Maybe you were missing the DEFENDER marinade!!! Does Andy realise you have arrived yet ??? Love to Tina & Boys Andy Pip and Robert and Nicola
Response: All good hear A&P send their love...
From Chops
Doctor call your tests were clear....
Response: Ho Ho Ho - you are so (NOT ) funny!!!!
From geoff and sue
you guys look like American tourists C
Response: Not nearly loud enough!