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Our trip to Thailand

At the end of a grey day in England, we lay and chatted about what it might be like to go on a trip like this and all the things we could do. So we decided we would. Welcome to our page, hope you enjoy it as much as we will!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Location: Khao San Road, Thailand

Happy New Year everybody! New Years eve was spent in a drunken haze. We spent the evening at Rainbow Bungalows on Ko Pha Ngan, where everybody chipped in to buy fireworks..and buckets of Sangsom...a recipe for disaster, but everybody escaped unscathed... apart from the usual New Years Day hangovers. So we had a big '05' in fire on the beach as well as lots of rockets and a bonfire.
It seems that in relation to the condition of the roads on Ko Pha Ngan and the driving laws, there are no rules. There is a saying-- 'mai pen rai' which means 'nevermind'. This is literally a big part of the culture here. The theory is whatever happens will happen and there is nothing you can do to change it, so it doesn't matter what you do! (mmm apart from maybe drive on the correct side of the road and not overtake on blind bends.. this may just prevent an accident in our british minds!) So, we thought a sensible thing to do would be to rent a motorbike for a day to see the island in typical thai style. Our little bike took us all over the island (mainly because we were looking for a lake which we couldn't find.. but oh well- mai pen rai!) We rode high into the mountains where it was lovely and cool and then to a waterfall (Nam Tok Phaeng) which was really beautiful. After our day tour of the island, we managed to get the bike back to the shop without a scratch on us or it--- don't underestimate this achievement, easily half the men staying at Rainbow had crashed their bikes and got injuries. This is a common activity here, along with acquiring an ' Island Tattoo' (a nice big burn on your leg from the exhaust pipe). We saw one guy 'park' his bike in a ditch on one of the mountain roads. Having just ridden on that exact bit of road and seen that half the tarmac was cracked and had fallen into the ditch, it wasn't surprising that he'd lost control!
Leaving Ko Pha Ngan consisted of waking up at half 4 in the morning and Pops (the grandad of the family), driving us to the pier to catch the 6am car ferry. It wasn't until the sun came up over the sea and all the islands that we didn't mind.. it was a stunning view.
We arrived on Ko Samui, and it was obvious straight away that this was a larger, more commercial and busier island than Ko Tao and Pha Ngan. Chaweng is the main tourist town which, as well as the usual street food sellers and small street cafes, there is an airport, McDonalds and KFC! Hat Lamai is a slightly smaller beach town (without the airport and KFC). Both are a little seedy at night but are lively beach towns. The rest of the island does have some busy and large roads (that have actual road surfaces) but also the Samui Highlands, waterfalls, forests and some nice beaches. In all honesty, Samui was our least preferred island out of the three, because of the development and seediness!
One of the first things that we did on Ko Samui was to go on Sea Safari. This began by us boarding a boat called the Titanic (ominous name we thought as we stepped on from the rickety pier). It took 1 1/2 hours before we arrived at Ang Thong National Marine Park (Ang Thong means Golden Pool, named because of the biodiversity of coral and fish). Along the way we saw the biggest jellyfish in the world (although this is not actual fact!) and flying fish that flew an inch above the water for at least 15 metres. The marine park itself is made up of 42 islands. We explored the park in inflatable kayaks-- very amusing as we were in convoy of about 20 kayaks and lets just say nobody was expert (apart from us of course!). We then were served a very nice thai lunch (curry) and then did some snorkelling and swimming before we headed back to Samui for elephant trekking.
The elephant trekking centre do save elephants which helped to kerb the feelings of wondering whether the elephants were actually enjoying carrying tourists here, there and everywhere. Despite this, it was an amazing experience being carried through the forest (Jungle Book style!) and its a long, long way up. They plod along so slowly and you get thrown around a bit! Our elephant kept stopping to eat and beat bits of tree against his leg (each to his own). Later on, a baby elephant scored a goal, cooly slotting it in the corner of the net, while Gary played goalkeeper!
One of the main industries on Ko Samui is wildlife centres and shows. We were a little sceptical at first about the treatment of the animals here, but we have to admit that actually they seem to be treated well. A lot of the work is conservation, and they actively encourage you to report, to Thai authorties, any cruelty that you suspect or witness. As well as the elephant centre, we also saw a bird show (where Macaws actually do maths by looking at a sum and then selecting the correct answer from a group of numbers!) and went to the tiger centre. At the tiger centre we had our photo taken with a baby tiger on our laps, while we fed it milk from a bottle (his big brother had a chew on gary's arm through the bars behind us-- no damage though!)
On 9th January we headed back to Ko Tao. We actually ended up spending two weeks there and had a real beach holiday. It is an absolutely beautiful island (we might live there!!), crystal clear waters and white sand. We spent the time sun bathing, snorkelling (amazing fish here, only a small way out from the beach and you can see so far in each direction because of the excellent visabilty), drinking cocktails, watching sunsets and relaxing on our bungalow balcony. This time we stayed half way between Sairee beach and Ban Mae Haad. Sairee is a beautiful beach village which is scattered with the most beautiful cafes and bars that are built on the beach. They all have a really relaxed feel and at night are covered with fairy lights, lanterns and BBQs... and later on massive beach parties. Ban Mae Haad is the pier town, so is a little bigger with travel agencies etc, but it still has a real untouched, local feel to it, with many stalls on the road selling souvenirs, fruit juices, corn on the cob, fish.. basically anything you want. Its such a simple island that you cannot get worked up or stressed about anything at all!
Now that we are professional kayak people, we kayakked to the neighbouring islands of Nang Yuan. Nang Yuan is three islands, connected by a three way beach, about 1km from Ko Tao. An amazing site!
Now our beach holiday is over. We caught the boat back to Chumphon on 23rd Jan, spent a few hours there before jumping on the sleeper train at 1.50am, arriving in Bangkok 10am, having travelled over 500km.
We are now sitting in an internet cafe on Khao San Road, where we have found a place to stay. It is the smallest room that we have had so far but the road itself is just a hive of activity... there is everything that you can think of here... literally.
Tomorrow we are going to catch the train to Pak Chong to see Khao Yai National Park... so until next time... take care folks!

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Location: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Before we tell you what we have been up to in the days and days since we added an entry on here. First there are some facts we have learned since being here:
1) when ordering a meal in thailand, you may order a starter, main meal and some side orders. However, do not expect that these shall arrive at your table in any particular order. They are given to you as and when they have been cooked and thats it.
2) Thai's are fans of Rachel from Friends' fantastic shepherds pie with trifle! Honestly- they sell minced pork with veg pies covered with icing (very thick as well like on a xmas cake) in convenience stores
3) Taxi's do not appear to have any sort of limit to the number of people that they carry. One goes past (and these are pick up trucks with open backs) with about 10 people in them and they just keep stopping to pick people up and cram them in. As long as there is room to hang off the back thats cool with them!

So thats that done... now where were we.....
Ban Krut was by far the quietest place we have visited so far. The locals make a living from coconut farming as tourism hasn't yet taken over (yet). We met a lovely Irish couple while we were there who we spent our evenings putting the world to rights with and playing cards. (incidently, if you are reading this, Laura and Paul, we didn't get your e-mail so send us a message and let us know where you are and what you're up to- hope you were no where near the tsunami). After a couple of nights in Ban Krut we tried to get the boat to Ko Tao but it wasn't running due to rough seas so we stayed the night in Chumphon (derived from the thai Chumnumphon meaning 'meeting place'). It is just used as a stop off to get to the islands on the east coast and not a lot happens there! The following day, the sea was flat as a pancake so we managed to get the catamaran to Ko Tao. This was true thai style travelling to the pier. Us and at least 15 others were piled into what only can be described as some sort of animal transporter, (yes i know, how fitting!!). With our heads peering between the bars on the side, we took in some amazing scenery and beautiful landscape.. we have never seen so many palm trees! After 1.5 hours on the boat we made it to Ko Tao, which is known as Turtle Island and is only 21sq km. It is part of an archipelago of 80 islands. As we made our way off the boat the bombardment of thais offering taxis and places to stay began! It was a challenging itself to get through the crowd without agreeing to something or other! Ko Tao is definately one of those places we could stay for a long, long time.The water is so clear- like a very blue swimming pool- so you can see the fish just paddling (thats us paddling, not the fish) a few metres into the water. Most nights there are beach parties on Sairee beach with fire shows, candles and cushions scattered on the beach-- along with many bars of course. It is also the first place that we have come to where half the people are English so its good to have a conversation where both parties understand whats being said! We found a particular bar called Happy Daze (you can draw your own conclusions). Its set right next to the sea in Ban Mae Hat (the main town)with cushions and hammocks to relax in....fantastic times! We snorkelled in Ko Tao, but the real amazing experience was the Scuba Diving. Its almost undescribable- like another world down there. We saw hundreds of colourful fish, including Parrott fish, clams and coral. We took an underwater camera with us which we have had chance of getting those on the site though! The equipment was a bit baffling at first but once we'd spent some time learning the skills, like giving someone else air from your tank, we got down there properly and it was just fantastic!
So now we are on Ko Pha Ngan (in the same archipelago of islands as Ko Tao) It has a population of 10,000 so it is double the size as Ko Tao. We arrived here on 21st Dec and to be honest we have spent virtually all of our time either drunk or hungover (sorry Mum's!). Our bungalow is literally on the beach with the sea about 2 metres away from us. The sunsets are amazing! We have got to know most of the people at the resort, as well as the family running it (who cooked a fantastic xmas lunch!), so this has made for many a merry night. Hat Rin is the main party area which is about 15 mins drive away on the back of a pick up truck on the most hilly road you have ever seen! On more than one occasion someone has nearly fallen off the back (not either of us by the way- sorry to disappoint) and one very special Jackass moment consisted of a guy falling out the back and then sprinting so hard to get back in up the hill, that he smacked straight into the side of the truck! Ouch! (he'd perhaps had one too many).
Hat Rin consists of two beaches, Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach, and hundreds of open air clubs, bars and restaurants in between them. On the night of the Full Moon party, hundreds of pick-ups all crammed with at least 15 people drove into Hat Rin. It was a fantastic view from the tops of the hills looking down on the road onto streams of back lights and people- absolute mayhem! The night itself, of course, is a bit of a blur! The beach was packed (15,000 people at least), there was every kind of music that you can think of, more fire shows and lots more drinking and dancing. We went in a big group of people from our resort and returned at sunrise to our hammocks. We have lots of photos which we will post as soon as we can find a connection that will hack it!
Now that the main partying is over, with the exception of New Year of course, we have decided to explore the rest of this beautiful island. We have been on a longtail boat today with John and Sarah (a lovely couple from our place) to a beach that you can only reach by boat. It was really picturesque with mountains all around. Apparantly there are waterfalls to see as well which we hope to visit in the next couple of days.
I am sure you have all heard of the earthquake and tsunami tragedy that has hit a lot of South Asia. Its just dreadful and we are keeping up with the latest news via BBC website. Obviously it has put a bit of a downer on the last few days. You just can't comprehend the enormity of it. For anyone who hasn't contacted us, obviously we are safe and hope the best for anyone who is in those areas. We are rearranging the rest of our stay in Thailand. We are likely to go to Ko Samui, back to Ko Tao (both off the East Coast of Thailand) and then go straight back up north towards Chiang Mai..... we shall let you know as soon as possible.... love to allxxxxxxxxx

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From zoe n jas
hey there..... gald to see pics look liked you've experienced so much!! not much going on here... just going to look at some cars as may get a new one. Well not long now till you return so make the most of it. Get lots of soveniers... ill have one of those lovely elephants... either that or the baby tiger that you spoke of! im not fussy which. take care got to go out now.... see you soon!!! xx
Response: Hiya- More cars???? Surely you have the golf and the escort now???!! Is there any space on the drive?? We have got so many souvenirs, don't even know if we have enough room to bring them all back to be honest! I'm sure we'll squeeze an elephant in for you though, no probs. Can't believe its only a week until we get back now, its gone really quickly. Guess we shall see you and all you cars soon, Love G&Hxxxxxxxxxxx
From Maria
Wow the photos are lovely, but i'm sure it's nothing like seeing it for yourself hey!!!! It's been soo cold here lately, while you've been sunning it up! When is it you get back again?! I wrote it down but don't know where!

Love M
Response: Hiya hun. Glad you've seen the piccies. Have loads more but can't fit them all on! we've bought a big photo album to put them all in though so i'll show you when we get them developed. We're landing in london on 9th feb, shall catch up with you soon after. The flight is 12 hours long just from Bangkok to Rome then we've got another 3 hours from Rome so shall probably be knackered for the first couple of days! See you soon, looking forward to catching up. Lots of love, H xxxxxxx
From Uma
Miss you loads - glad yr having a cool time. The Taxi issue and no limit - that sounds about right - suppose their all use to it out there. Are the bus's the same?
Take care and keep fit - Love Umi & co XXXXXX
Response: Hiya! Missing you all to, but not looking forward to cold UK! The buses are just as mad, they drive them soooo fast so they're a bit scary to be honest... and hot! Shall look forward to seeing you all soon and catching up with everything. We are right up in the North at the moment in Chiang Mai and its beautiful here! Having a great time. See you soon. Helenxxxxxxxxxx
From Benjamin
Hey guys,

Hope you're still having fun over there, it's freezing over here at the moment - brrr!!! Keep us posted on what your up to - and keep trying the weird food. Take care of each other.

Response: glad to hear its cold there! fantastic. Its lovely and warm here. Has been up to 34 degrees. ha ha ha. (we won't be laughing in a weeks time when we're back :() see you soon H&G
From Aunty Jan
Hi there!
Just very glad to hear that you were not caught up in the tsnumani.It was an anxious wait to hear that you were on the other side of the place -although on the map it looks too close for comfort for me.
Any way very glad to know that you have seen some very beautiful places and have tasted real life there.
Elaine and Steve visited me on Monday here in Wales -they are looking good and will soon be back down under !
Must go now -will keep in touch
Love Jan
Response: Hi Jan! Great to hear from you. Yes we were very lucky to not have been on that side of the coast, as we were going to visit there later on in our trip. Its just very very sad for all the people that have been affected. We are changing our route now so that we are avoiding the affected areas. So how are you? I hope you had a fantastic xmas and new year. We hope to come and visit Wales later in the year, so we shall bring all our photos and bore you all with them!! Send my love to everyone. Keep in touch, take care, love, H&Gxxxx
From James
Glad to here your both ok i heard of jhon the next day you where both on the other side of the island, plus saw your names on the tv. It sounds like it hasent affected your travels to much so far which is good. Keep enjoying your self's look forward to seeing some more pictures, take care james.
Response: Hello, thanks for thinking of us. We are still enjoying ourselves despite everything that has gone on on the other coast. There are no effects where we are, so i guess we are just seeing the same tv footage as you lot are. Don't reckon photos will be able to go on until we are back on the mainland. Hope all is well with you. Take care. G&Hx
From Jon
Hi Guys,

Glad to hear you are safe, sorry I haven't been in touch but our email has been cut off at home and it's been really difficult. Glad to hear you are having such a wicked time! ill be in touch again soon but I'd better go cos I think I'm going to get sacked! No really!! Jon and Amanda xxx
Response: Hiya Jon & Manda! Great to hear from you. Is your e-mail back on now? Can we contact you on the hotmail one? or is Manda's work one better? Hope you had a fantastic xmas and new year! We were thinking of you but couldn't text as can't get a sim to work in this phone. What did you do for it? Hope all is good. Take care H&Gxxx
From Amie
Hello! So pleased to hear all OK over there, was worried sick for most of Xmas, and didn't have access to the internet to see where you were cos I've been off all over the holidays. You sound like you had a fab time nevertheless - can't believe anybody would eat the trifle! Each to their own though, I s'pose. Keep writing, always good to see how much fun other people are having! Take Care, Ames xxx
Response: Hi Amie- Thanks for thinking of us. Its a bit strange to think we are quite close but had no effect here whatsoever. Feel very lucky to be safe and sound anyway. Hope all is well with you too. Hope you had a good new year and xmas! Take care H&Gxxxx
From Laura&Paul
Happy new year ! just got around to logging in to your site - sounds like you're having a great time. Krabi was fully booked for xmas(thank god) & we have spent the last 2 weeks in a beach near chumphon & really enjoying ourselves - kitesurfing starts today! busier than ban krut & Mainly thai place - plenty of monkeys here too ! might go to Koh Tao/phangan in a few days - lettuceno any recommendations of places to stay etc. - might see you again if you're still there!

Response: Hello! Good to hear from you. So glad you couldn't get booked in in Krabi! That was lucky. So where are you now? The kite surfing sounds great- have you been scuba diving? We are staying on Ko Tao, just outside Ban Mae Haad on the way to Sairee Beach. If you go to Ko Pha Ngan stay in Ban Khai (Rainbow Bungalows), its a really nice family run place, right on the beach. Great food too. Also Had Yao is really nice- on NW coast. So might see you, wherever you are at the moment!!xx
From Philip
It is good to hear that your safe, there were a few concerned people around here.
Response: Hi thanks for all your thoughts of us. (i bet you were really just drunk on Boxing day!) No, its really nice for everyone to message- thankyou!
From Ella & Gary
Have a good new year also, i hear Ko Samui holds the best New years Paties' not that i would ever indulge in such lowly behaviour!!! :()
Keep safe and well
Response: Hiya- Ko Samui was good, but i prefer Ko Pha Ngan! Its a little less 'slightly older western man with much younger thai female' everywhere if you know what i mean! New year was fantastic-- on the beach! ahhh! Hope you had a good one. All the best, love, H&Gxxxxxxx p.s. have you got a kitten yet???
From Maria Jordan
Glad to hear you're both safe and well. I couldn't email yesterday whilst at work (as it wasn;t working) and couldn't email before that as i couldn't remember your email address!! You must be having the time of your life, it's sounds fantastic! You obviously had a lovely xmas. I hope you have a fab new year in all!! Take Care
Love M
Response: Hello! Good to hear from you, how is everything? Still swimming?! I thought of you at xmas and new year, hope you had a great time! We are still enjoying ourselves, we are on Ko Tao at the moment and its really gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you when i get home, Lots of love Helenxxxxx
Hello heard from your mum and dad your safe and well. Thank goodness!!!. Its soo sad - the pitures on the tv are depressing. Scienctist have confirmed they knew the disaster was on its way but didnt want people to panic- so no warning given. In a way they did the right thing as more people would have headed for Thialand i.e. Indian Ocean, just to witness this event - were all nutters!!! Don't let this disaster stop you from travelling - baby this is Asia - you expect the unexpected to happen - so keep up the faith and keep going. Umixxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hello! Thanks for thinking of us!- It is so sad, we have seen a lot of the footage on tv now. We are however going to keep going and are trying to carry on having a great time despite what happened. We are changing our route though so we won't be going to the affected areas. Hope all is well there and that you had a great xmas and new year!! Keep in touch, lots of love H&Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From zoe n jason
wow uve been keeping busy!! Too much to comment on! We are busy packing at the moment for our new year trip to manchester! Got to be carefull with packing as flying there and got to think of weight limit!! So wont go on... all i will say is i really hope you guys have a great new year and i will message you when we return. Take care and enjoy! xxx
Response: Hyia- i know we have been a bit slack so I'm sure that you're back from Manchester by now! By the sounds of your e-mail you had a really good and very drunk time!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We had a good one too. We are back in Ko Tao now and its just beautiful here. Take care of both of you and keep in touch. Love G&Hxxxxxxxxxx
From Chris
Glad to hear you are both OK - I guess like everybody else my thoughts went to you when the news started to come in - It looks like you are having a great time and have enjoyed reading all your adventures
Everyone here in Alt Ten sends their greetings
Response: Hiya Chris- good to hear from you. Thanks for thinking of us. we feel very lucky that we weren't staying on that side of the country, the pictures on tv look really devastating. We are going to alter our route to make sure we don't go to any affected areas. Say hi to everyone, take care, Helenxxxx
From K
Hiya! Am so glad that you weren't near the tsunami - Dee and Ivan were in Krabi but thankfully got moved to high ground before the waves hit. I'm not sure where they're going after Krabi.
We've had a lovely christmas, eaten far too much though! We're now watching typical xmas hols tv - Star wars!
Can't wait to see your piccies, especially the underwater ones! It all sounds fantastic! Love you so much. K xxx
Response: Hi! Dee & Ivan were so lucky to have been moved. How did they know it was coming? I didn't know anyone had warning? Sounds like you had a typical bloating xmas like us too! Too much food and too much drink! ;) I'm not sure we'll be able to put the photos on the site until we are back on mainland. But don't worry there are hundreds that i'll bore you with when we get back!! Hope you are well and had a fantastic new year. Love you loads and loads. H&Gxxxxxxx p.s. thanks for the text- can't text you back as we can't get a sim card that will go in this mobile! xxxxx
From Ella & Gary
Just heard from Tenu you Guys are safe, (Thanfully) are you guys' comming home or going traveling elsewhere? Lookforward to hearing from you guys and Hope you didn't lose to many friends to the tsunami!
Keep safe and well
love Ella x
Response: Hiya. Yes we are safe, thankfully. Its a real tragedy. I think we are going to stay here. We are planning to go back to Ko Tao which is an island off the east coast and then go back up north. I think this should be ok according to the websites we've been looking at. Thanks for thinking of us! We really will put some photos on the site soon!- the connection on this island is so slow that it crashes every time we try! So annoying!! Hope you had a great xmas!! Have a fantastic new year. and take care too. Love H&Gxxxxxxx
From Phil Rowena and fami
Hia , Good to see you're both ok, and havin a good time, we are off to Ausria on thursday, speak to you soon, best of luck on the rest of your holidays, love from Rowena Phil Hannah Katie and Rhodri
Response: Hi! Its great to hear from you! We are having a fantastic time, its brilliant to spend xmas in the sun! The tsunami tragedy is very scary though, so i think we are going to be travelling back up the north of the country to stay away from it all. I shall e-mail you soon as wanted to send a postcard to you and Jan and Sue etc but don't have your addressess!! Send our love to all. Have fun on your hols too! Lots of love, Helen&Garyxxxxxxx
From Benjamin
Hi both of you, keep the messages coming (and the pictures) glad to hear you are both well and enjoying yourselves, look after each other. Will see you when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip, see ya,

Response: Hiya - thanks for the message. We had a great time at the full moon party and are just having an amazing holiday in general. The island we're on at the moment is so lively but also has parts that are so secluded and quiet. Its gorgeous! Hope you are well. Take care. H&Gxx
From zoe
glad to hear you are both ok... you scared everyone!! Hurry and contact us soon re your future plans now. Take care xx
Response: we have just e-mailed you, replying to the photos that you sent! Thanks they are really nice. Sorry to scare everyone! - we shall let you know asap what we're gonna do. Take care, love to everyonexxxxxx
From james
Hi you to happy christmas. Glad to hear your having a great time by the sounds of what uve been doing. I saw on the news that there has been a massive earth quake in the south Thailand/Malaysia area i hope ur both ok!
Response: thanks- happy xmas too! Yeh the tsunami hit the west coast but we're on the east coast. Have to change our plans but we are hoping it'll be cool. Tragic though. Take care
From Mum, Dad & Nan
HAPPY CHRISTMAS - We know your Christmas will be a little different to ours - but enjoy it anyway! As we have already had our traditional Christmas dinner, we are going Caribbean this year, turning up the heating (they say it might snow), playing the steel pan music and eating and drinking Barbados style. Have a really great time, you must let us know how you celebrated the day. Lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! Did it snow in the end then??? We had a traditional british xmas dinner of roast chicken and veg which Martin and Noy (the people that run the resort) cooked for us- it was beautiful food. We followed that with lots of drinks- Sangsom (rum) with redbull and coke in a big bucket-- yum! And dancing on the beach. it was different but good. Glad to hear you are all well. Keep in touch. Lots of love G&Hxxxx
From Amie
Hi!! Glad to hear you're having such a fabby time - it all looks so beautiful. Not really much to report here - shame s**t, different people. Auntie P's home for xmas and all fixed now. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, talk soon & stay away from horses. Or is that just me......? Love, Ames xxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi!- good to hear from you. Shall add some more photos soon because this place is even more beautiful. Glad to hear all is better with AP. Have a great xmas and new year.. and don't worry am not going anywhere near the horses (i think its for the best!) ...just in case!
Have a good onexx
From Elaine and Steve
Great. I am so glad you are having a lovely time. We have had 4 invitations around to the neighbours this Christmas! Make sure you don't tease the monkeys. Looking forward to your pictures.
Lots of Love Mum and Dad XXXXX
Response: Yes we are having a fantastic time still ! Really enjoying it. HAPPY XMAS!!! Shall try and ring on xmas day! Lots and lots of love H&Gxxx (shall get the piccies on soon, promise...!xxx)xxxx
From Phil
Hi!! sounds like you are still enjoying it all! bet the kickboxing was pretty good! we went to borellis on fri. i think it was good but was totally pissed so you will have to ask someone else what it was like. we did a secret tat santa (which meant you had to buy ort bring some crap in and we did a raffle!) me n ella got a kind of fake Gucci watch for the inner chav. also, she got some xmas earings and i bought a rank pig ashtray from a crappy xmas shop. gst got it and seemed overjoyed!!! hopr you are both all set for a great xmas and new yr! only 2.5 more working days left (cant wait!) speak soon.

Response: i have tried to e-mail you and had an automatic reply so you are off already! Borellis sounded good.. wish i was there (but not as much as i'm glad to be here.. he he he!!!!)... have a good xmas and new year..speak soon (stay in touch)xx