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'It's' the H & Vog Blog!

It's been 6 months of planning, working hard, living at our parents to save the money and now it's all about to happen. Vaughan and Helen's magical mystery world tour (not so much of a mystery then).

Starting from Heathrow on the 19th January we fly to San Francisco for a few days shopping, then onto Hawaii for 8 days of hard beach action and we hope to hire a couple of fat Harleys to have a bklat on for a couple of days. Then onto Fiji via Christmas Island for 8 more days of arranged beach fun including water sports, a bit of scuba, kayaking, and a visit to a local Fijian village. All in all we'll stay on at least 4 different little islands!

Then in early Feb we head to New Zealand for 3 and a half months, trying to see as much as we can of both the North and South Islands. We will be camping mostly and leaving transport to divine intervention a lucky stroke or simply winging it. We hope to do a lot more scuba and take a 7-day river trip by kayak. If we're lucky we may be able to get a spot of snowboarding in at the very end near Queenstown 'Dudes'.

And now to the main event (mid-May), we plan to cruise around the whole of Australia by motorbike, 2 motorbikes, that's 1 each. Starting in Melbourne we basically go clockwise around the coast. In the North we will dip inland to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Alice Springs and head back up to the North to start hugging the coast again. 7 and a half months later, Bingo we'll end up back in Melbourne - hopefully! Once more we will be camping for the vast majority of the time and taking all we need on the bikes, dual purpose Yamaha XT600's, which means we can go on or off-road. We hope to see some amazing places of natural beauty, which may only be accessible by a motorbike or on foot - wikkid, Bo and Selecta'...

And after all that excitement a few days of luxury in Hong Kong, no camping, just relaxing with big beds, big baths and big bowls of food before we fly back to Heathrow and good old Blighty for Crimbo 2007, and see what our crazy overpopulated little island has been up to in the past 11 months!

Diary Entries

Friday, 14 December 2007

Location: Australia

Hi there folks and friends possums and parsnips!!!

We've just finished our tour of Tazmania and it's been a storm - The country is a bikers play park with amazing twisty turning roads and spectacular scenery. We've had an amazing time and founda very expensive internet cafe to put a small word about it all but allas too expensive to waste time putting pictures up right now - Probably not the case when we get to Hong Kong so sit tight and be amazed soon and take simple joy from these written words.

All in all great stuff:

1. Went to the snowy mountains and we climbed the biggest mountain in Oz, called Kozioscko.

2. Got our bikes back from the thiefs and did some ra' off roading with pete (Our new chum and Hi to you and also Lyn)

3. Took a long ferry crossing to Tazzy and rode around the island for 2 weeks. Including... Cradle mountain, wikkid ride along a quartz gravel track, saw amazing mountains into big lakes at Strathgordon, Went to the Southern most road in Australia aptly named "the end of the" Road, visited Hobarty and Port Arthur the first big prison with the revolutionary idea of rehabilitating inmates into good honest people (nice try:)), Travelled up the East coast and Helen had a disagreement wqith a corner and flew over and through a wire fence and ended up in a field, after headbutting an arrow corner sign!!! Broke her little finger a bit and had to go to hospital for a few stitches (OW!). That'll be her nice Tazzy scar for life to remind her of our fabulous time so far....

Bring ON the HONG KONG.........!!!!! RAAAAAAA

Thursday, 06 December 2007

Location: Australia


The bikes have been recovered and we are currently whizzing them around in Tazzy - Thanks for keeping those fingers crossed...

Some pikey school kids probably took them and tried to get them going but couldn't or decided they were rubbish and dumped them in a motel car park near our campsite.

That's all the news for now update with new piccies soon...

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Location: Australia

Hey Hey we're back - no update for a while so whilst it's pissing down outside we thought it was time to frazzle them eyes at the computer screen again... “Some very bad news to report - at the end of this update” :(

Fraser was a real highlight of the trip, we started to head down the coast further and got to Bribey Island. When we were in the west coast in Monkey Mia where we fed some dolphins, we had a chat with a nice bloke called Chris Jones touring on his new BMW GS bike, on holiday with his wife Alison and some friends. As Chris's name suggests he's emigrated from the land of greats (Wales) to Oz some time ago and invited us to drop on in when we got round to the East coast, so we dropped by and stayed for a couple of nights and did a good job of helping Chris drink all of Chris's beer and ate extremely well. Chris helped us plan some nice bike routes down the coast and showed us around Bribey island - Thank you The Jones's your a great couple and hi to your mum also!

We left Bribey island and headed through to the glass house mountains on some really amazing biker roads twisty turning up and down onto great big hills with superb lookouts over the countryside, which was superb and then rode into Brisbane. My god there's some traffic around now rush hour in the city - Bugger, but we survive... My mam (Yo mum) has an old work friend who emigrated from the Worthing massive to Brisbane some years ago Rob and he and his wife Uma put us up for a few more days so we could explore Brisbane. Great family with some talented kids musically and their youngest is the under eight Australian skipping champion! Uma is an amazing cook, really amazing roast beef and curries - wow! And they also had Rob's dad staying with them visiting from Worthing at the same time - Thank you again for putting us up when you already had a full house... Brisbane is located on a river and we spent a nice day cruising up and down on the city cat and had a walk through the city shops and then through the botanical gardens.

From Brisbane we went South and inland through some more great biking roads through hills with great views and the out to the coast again and into Surfers paradise - A paradise it is not in our eyes. We really have got used to the unpopulated areas and Surfers is a big over populated beach resort with massive high rise hotels and apartments and is obviously a great place to go out and get paralytic with loads of clubs and bars but we can get drunk back at home... It does have a nice beach but again it's very busy so we cruised on through and headed back to the countryside...
We camped in Springbrook a really high volcanic mountain with great views over the area and down to the coast but the highest lookouts were too in the clouds to see anything so we tried looking again in the morning and got some wikkid pictures of us above the mountains...

From Springbrook we continued through green countryside and crossed the border into New South Wales (I like the old one) and into Nimbin, a hippy Mecca and smokers retreat away in the hills. A bunch of hippies actually got organised and bought up a big area of land and lived there in a simple way and grew stuff and over time it became an interesting place to visit and tourism grew and so did the town itself. It's near the famous Byron Bay where you can now jump aboard the "happy bus" which takes you to Nimbin. We had a good look around and then headed to the coast and to Byron bay to soak up some rays. We hit the beach for a few days and relaxed. I would imagine Byron was probably better back in the day but had a great character about it and although rammed at weekends kept a small town feeling in the week.

South from Byron is Coffs Harbour area and we met up with the family who we met across the Kimberley and down the Tanami and who rescued us when we were visiting Uluru - The Adams family. They have a great house on a 10acre plot full of toys (which was great for us big kids) a tennis court, table tennis, air hockey, pool table and a swimming pool. We stayed for almost a week and had a great time drinking beer with the family and their friends and enjoyed being included in their family life. We went to the archetypal Australian event 'Nippers' the surf life saving club for the kids - the nippers. They spend a day doing running races on the beach and swimming races over 100's of meters through massive surf (which we both thought was a bit crazy as the waves were massive) but their are lots of life guards in the water motivating them to keep going and picking out the drowning rats! And they also do board races using surf boards to complete the swimming course again paddling through the surf and getting knocked off ad so on - It was great and the kids have to wear matching swim uniforms and cute little swimming hats. Hi to Corin, Wayne, Steven, Chelsea and Sally the 2 3rds dingo dog who can jump and also gets on the surf board - wikkid skills... Thank you again and again for a great time. Wayne a keen biker gave us some great routes to follow down the coast so we saddled up and pushed the electric start buttons.

Off from the coast and back into the mountains for more amazing views and twisty roads to ride along, we passed through Dorrigo, Armidale and stayed in a cold and high town called Walcha, 1000 meters above sea level - got our thermals on that night. More amazing roads and views through green hills and valleys and along the Putty highway (really spectacular roads and views) the next day and then we rode into Sydney.

When we were in Perth we visited Vaughan’s mums cousin Ian and he put us in touch with his brother (who my mum hasn't met - yet) David and he lives in Allambie near Manly on the Northern side of Sydney, so the crash in specialist now that we are took advantage of yet another offer of a proper roof and a bed and rode through the Tuesday rush hour, busy Sydney traffic getting confused by toll roads and charges and finally met up with David and his wife Cheryl in Allambie. They looked after us famously and fed and watered us more than we can say thank you for. Both of them did quite a bit of traveling in their time and have plans to do some more when they retire and we had a great time talking about our current and their past adventures.

It was also Helens Birthday on the Friday so we got a posh apartment for the evening and had a couple of days to explore the big city. Sydney is a really pretty place built all around the harbour and the highlight was walking through the Botanical gardens to Mrs. Macquarie’s chair where you can take the Sydney shot of the Opera house with the bridge in the background - magic. We had a splendid night out to celebrate including a bottle of bubbly and bacon sandwiches at lunch time, a couple of other bottles of wine in the evening and a sit down curry (well it was a Friday). Ace place the Sydney city and we walked off our hangovers and bellies the next day through China town and Hide park and took in more of the sights and some very funny street artists and then took the Manly ferry back through the harbour. A day excursion from David’s took us to the Blue Mountains, which are directly west of Sydney and are really beautiful to see; we took in the icon of the three sisters and had a great time.

After getting the bikes serviced by Sean who was really interested in our trip so Hey to you dude (take a holiday), we left the big city and headed South via Bondi beach - very pretty if not a little packed but obvious as to why and also through the Royal National park, which was a biker route through and through, with plenty of nods to other 2 wheeled junkies. It flows up and over some big hills and meats the coast high on cliff tops where Para senders where launching themselves over the cliffs for fun so they say - looked great. We had a chat with a few bikers and then headed a bit further down the twist coast road to Coledale and camped on the Beachfront.

Continuing South we left Coledale passed through Wollongong and headed inland over the hills and mountains gain to take in some more great twisty roads and back out to the coast again and to Jarvis bay and the Booderee National Park. The area is fantastic with amazing squeaky white sandy beaches, backed by forests where we camped and great rocky parts splitting the beaches up with big rock pools to go investigating through. To the South there is Cave beach which had fantastic waves and really clear water and we loved the whole time there. The wildlife was abundant and a little too tame to the humanoids around. We had a wallaby jumping around near our tent area in the afternoon a Possum trying to lick our saucepan clean in the evening and during eating dinner a kookaburra actually dive bombed me to try and grab my last piece of sausage off my fork - He didn't get it but it was a little disturbing to find the little git thought he was entitled to eat some of my dinner, we later found out our neighbour was feeding them raw chicken the day before, so that's what happens if you feed the wildlife!!!

From Jervis bay we headed inland (surprise surprise) but this time to get to Canberra the capital of Australia and crossed into another territory ACT Australian Capital Territory. Canberra is a strange but great place, purpose built capital city designed cleverly and inbetween Melbourne and Sydney up in them there hills. The city is built in circles around the Parliament houses, the city centre and is designed with the landscape around it taken into account. You can see a great example of this from a photo we took up on Mount Ainslie showing the parliament house and Anzac street to the War Memorial. We had a good look around but felt the place did lack a certain character or vibe but we were impressed with it's lay out. The War Memorial is massive and very impressive covering all the wars Australia have been involved with but left us feeling a little depressed at the loss and the futility of war (OK lets calm down now it's getting heavy - make love not war kids - right on)

Down from the mountains and back to the coast we got a little soaked and bruised from getting caught in the middle of a hale storm, so heavy we simply had to pull off the road and hide in the trees, hale the size of a marbles pinging off our helmets and sounding like we had been hit by a big spoon "PING" we arrived wet in Bateman’s bay and found a really good resort with very good value little cabins so we took retreat there for the night. The next day we went through to Durras and Murramarang National Park and found a really nice headland walk with great vies of the coastline, a nudist beach - we didn't get liberated and then found another small beach which we had t ourselves for a few hours - sweet!

Then that evening we went to bed after having a chat with the parents back home, everything was fine and dandy and we were looking forward to Tasmania and the Snowy Mountains and a great nights sleep. In the morning we awoke and started to get ready to get going and then Helen noticed

“Where’s the bikes gone?”

They’ve been nicked…

The police were called and we reported the bikes stolen to the hire company and we find out we’re not covered for theft so we are stuck in Bateman’s Bay without transport, look like we are going to loose our bond for the bikes, which is a few thousand dollars a piece and we’re not covered for a replacement bike or other transport – We feel like we’ve been kicked in the stomach, it’s not the money or the having to sort out getting around from Bateman’s Bay it’s not completing the trip on the bikes we started out with.

Still as great friends do they help you out. Another couple we planned to crash upon, who we met traveling in the Kimberley and Tanami Pete and Lynne, who helped us previously to fix Helens rear wheel bearings in the Bungle Bungles… They live near Melbourne and had invited us to crash on our way round, we spoke to them by chance after the incident and they invited us to come to theirs early and may be able to help us to see the Snowy Mountains and Victoria as they are buying a new car and will have a spare one, which we could use for a week or so. We organized a coach from Bateman’s Bay to the Mornington Peninsula and last night we took the 10hr overnight journey (Not an experience I would wish on anyone - but maybe someone I didn’t like much) and Peter picked us up this morning and we are now saved… We’re really all smiles again now and have got over the bikes for the moment planning to go to the Snowy's thanks to Peter and Lynne and also visit Wilson’s promontory and Victoria. Our Tasmania journey will also be completed with a hire car and then we haven’t missed out on seeing anything but just a bit of riding.

Pete reckons we’re better off in Tasmania with a car as it seems to rain loads there all the time and bikes may be a bit of a bind with poor weather, so you never know is it a blessing in disguise – We just hope the police pick the bikes up in the future and then the hire company will refund the bonds (fingers crossed for us out there please kids)…

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From lyn & pete
hi guys
happy new year - hope you arrived home safe and sound - l figure no more bike 'incidents' since you left them in oz!!!
hope 2008 comes up with everything you would like it to
look forward to hearing from you
l just spent 10 days in cyclonic conditions on the north coast of nsw!!!! great start to 2008 hey-not quite
the hol l'd anticipated! lynxx
Response: Hey hey chums, happy new year to you both! Thankfully incident free since our return, H is almost fully healed aided of course by copious amounts of food and drink over festive period! Shame about the holiday cyclones, excuse to crack on and have another holiday I reckon. Love to you both, hope you have a cracking 2008 H&Vogxx
From Dan & Lins
At least there's been some justice then. Bloody convicts, it's in the blood, they can do nothing about it. Same old same old here, parky as you like and just waiting for you guys to return until it snows.
Very much looking forward to seeing youse again, and I am leaving my money on the Bean to take you in 2...she's a hard cat.
Big love, Dan, Lins & Beanie "Pretty Girl" Mayweather
Response: We're almost home - in our heads half way there I think. H has had a minor bike accident to add more excitement to the end of the journey and ended up in a field from the road over a wire fence - wikkid skills from the H, hurt her finger pretty bad but on the mend. Just a week to go ho hum time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Hong Kong - lots of tasty food me thinketh (rumble rumble)... Big love H&V
From Dan and Emma
Well it sounds like u are both having a great time
beside the bike getting stolen
All good here we have had rain rain and more rain
It sound like u are going home to cold whether
It good having a read on how the trip going
keep in tough Dan & Emma
Response: Good news, the bikes turned up and we are back on 2 wheels - sweet! Sounds like we headed south at the right time enjoy the rain... I shouldn't joke as we're in Tazzy at the mo and could downpour at any given moment. Don't work too hard and will email you when we get back to the UK.
From Lou
Hi guys. Hope you're still popping round on the evening of the 21st - Nick'll knock up a spot of dinner. Don't go making any other plans...can't wait to see you!
Response: Sounds all good to us, invitation well and truly excepted. Missing you loads, say hi to all the chums, H&V x
From Mr Hallard
Chums, chums, chums.
So one of those flamin' galaas pinched yous guys' wheels huh?
Old habits and all that...

Lou is hoovering but sends her love. Have to be brief I'm typing this on PS3 controller in loft. You'll like it.

We both hope all turns out okay, got one built for you.

Response: Yeah bloomin convicts!!! It's all gone Pete Tong, but we hope it'l be alright in the end... Read on to see we've had some luck with our friends out in Oz and we still don't have to go to work for a while so thats all good... Keep those fingers blister free kids - playsafe, use gloves!
From Al
Can you save me some of your beard if you cut it off ?
Response: You can have it as a Christmas prezzy if you like chum - to keep that baldy scalp warm...
From Dan & Lins
You still out there? Goddammit, we are freezing our asses of here, Winter has suddenly arrived and it is a tad parky. Trust all is still well in the great blue yonder, enjoy what time you have left out there and we're very much looking forward to seeing you guys again.
The Bean has been practising her growling special like, but she still sounds like a small squeaky toy..
Big love Dan, Linds and Godzilla
Response: Yeah we're still out there... way out there man!!! All has gone a bit Pete Tong as far as the bikes go... They got nicked on the 18th of Nov(bloody Ozzy Crims) This means we are without any transport but have been rescued by some friends near Melbourne to see Victoria's best parts and we need to rent another car for Tasmania - t's all gunna cost a lot more than we thought now and that sucks but hey ho what can you do - We've been a tad unlucky yo could say, worst part is not completing the trip on the wheels we started with but again hey ho - bloody gutted we are... See you soon dudes get that cat ready for a duffing up.
From jade
To uncle vaughan i hope you
are haveing a wonderful time
in Australia. and i hope Australia is a good place to explore. hope it is an
exciting place.and you are
doing lots of travelling around
Australia. I bet you are very hot and tired.See you soon for christmas lots of love jade.xxxxxxx
Response: Hello Jade - it's very nice to hear from you. We are having a great time still and are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas so we can tell you all our stories about Australia - Yes it's very hot and we go swimming in the sea whenever we can to cool down. We recently saw some whales in the sea spoutng water and diving about it was exciting. they are massive. Only a month to go before we are home to give you a big kiss and a hug, lots and lots of love Uncle Vaughan and Helen xxxxx
From DAD
Hello Nippers
Parcel has arrived .
We are all well, missing Jessie a lot , but otherwise all o/k .
Weather here wet and cold .
This Sunday ,I am going to the bikers remembrance at Shoreham and Lancing college for a wreath laying .
Next Sunday , Clive and Linda are coming here for a roastie , so looking forward to a good natter.
" H " , We shall all remember you on your
birthday and send all our love and we will celebrate when you get home, not long now .
I hope Fraser Island hasn"t tired you out too much to enjoy the riding in the nice warm sun .
Hope you are both okay,
2.5 LEYS and 2 WEBBS
Response: Been a bit stormy down the coast but luckily we have had lots of people to pop and and see - Yay! We are in Sydney staying with David, Linda's cousin (I think?) at the mo, heading into the city and staying overnight so we can have an evening in town for my birthday :0) Miss you all lots nand lots Love H and V XXX
From brindinho
i was driving home from north london today and suddenly realised that i couldn't remember which route to take, when a strange zen like calm descended upon me and i heard the obi-wan like voice of vog telling me to 'ignore the guidance system (satnav) and use the force (follow signs for A406/A12 to blackwall tunnel)' - advice given many many moons ago.. got me home nicely...
Response: Only your anger can defeat you now Luke... or move you into the outside lane and down the A13 and get lost in the Degaba system!!!

"Use the force kids"
From Mum & Dad 'T'
Sounds like your making the most of the beautiful east coast and good to hear you were made more than welcome at Robs place. Went down 2 -1 at Anfiled but put up a good display, less good on the league front keep getting in front and giving goals away in the past 15 mins. Need you and 'H' to tuen up and give them some support.
Love to you both, and Happy Birthday bumps to Helen for the 9th!!!
Lot of Luv Mum & Dad XXX
Response: Never mind and come on the bluebirds... East coast superb if not a little rainy at the mo, so it's great we're staying with Ians brother David in Sydney's Northern suburbs and not in the tent - Off to see the city and harbour today and have a night on the town for H's b'day, wikkid!!!
From Dan & Lins
Marvellous stuff once more..great idea to use the children as bait, surely get the fishing gear out and snare Jaws.
More truly outstanding work with the camera, still not at all bitter about you being on a beach that beautiful and Autumn settling in here..
Enjoy what time you have left, looking forward to seeing you guys soon and being regaled with takes,
Big love, Dan Lins & the Bean
Response: Ah withhold the bitterness, we have had a couple of days of full on storms, doh! Cleared up for us to enjoy a bit of chill out time at Byron Bay much aided by our trip to Nimbin (small village big ideas, check it out online). Hope all is going well in Haywards, looking forward to coming up to visit and meet Beanie who I hope has developed a good range of roars! Love, hugs n all dat H and Vog
From Elisa
Jaysus I havnt emailed you 2 in ages!

Fun fun and more fun is what youre clearly having, wonderful news!
Dont foregte to slip, slap, slop and all dat. Stay away from the Bundy, although a nice Mrs Macs meat pie does hangovers the world of good.
When you back, so excited I am practicly peeing myself,

Elisa xxxx
Response: Have been slip slap slopping whilst relaxing on the bootiful beaches, been hitting the water loads aswell as the Bundy, whoops!!!! Was a great alcohol fuelled few days on Fraser, even better as we haven't drunk for a while so the booze works twice as fast!!! We got about 8 weeks left, starting to look forward to home despite being on the sweet east coast, will you be down in Worthoid for the festivities? Look forward to catching up my lovely, tales a plenty Can't wait to hear about your travels, take care big love n hugs H n Vog XXXXXXX
From Lou
Hey guys! Fraser Island sounds great - it's one place that everyone I know who's been to Oz raves about. What date are you guys due back home? I miss you! Enjoy the rest of the trip though x
Response: Fraser rocks - it is wicked and one of our top bits too, the lakes are better than the photo's look and driving in sand is great fun. Glad you had a nice time in Portugal soaking up the rays, Nick looking for cover at every opportunity! We're heading back on Friday the 21st at some god forsaken time like 5.30 in the morning - The parents are very happy about heading up to Heathrow for this reunion on a probable wet and miserable December morning. So Friday afternoon or evening we shall be popping round if your about to tell tales and enjoy some festivities :) Missing you too and all the chums, and as we have only 8 weeks to go we are starting to think of getting homeward bound. Take care and pass on our Love to all the chumberlywumberlybumberlystintons XXX
From M rHallard
Hello you two. All looks very good on land and sea - you lucky Nissan-wrangling hooligans. I have to say that Whitehaven beach looks the nuts too, in fact the whole country looks totally deserted. You'll both be a good bet for a survivalist chum should the zombies come a-scratchin'!

Talking of which, Al and I are going to see Ray Mears talking about twigs and knives and all that this Thursday (26th October). I'd ask him for some tips to pass on, but by the photos it looks like you could give him a run for his money...

Portugal was okay, but you're in the middle of a film set so it's kind of lame in comparison. We ate fish and meat, that's all you need to know. Lou got brown, I didn't, you know the drill.

Vaughan, I hope you know Floyd will want to lick your beard for crumbs when you get back.

Peace and ting
N x
Response: Halo good buddy - Meeting the Mears man sounds great, we have found that surviving in the bush for many days is definately down to being near the shops or scrounging food from passers by, pass these top tips onto him for us. H will give Lou a run for her money on the tan stakes and no need for us to have a tan off obviously my fair weather friend. Meat is the order of the day out here doing the Barby thang and if theres any bits left for the dear ole dog he can chew on my beard over the festive period. We're back in the citry at the mo in Brisbane and it's a bit tough getting used to all the people we're used to peace and quiet and the bush - role on Hong Kong (it's gunna get pretty tricky, with all the wee chinese scurrying around our feet). Nice to hear from youz, see ya in a month and a half or so...
From DAD
Hello Nippers
The box has arrived safe and sound
Mum says thankyou both for the lovely stone figure you have sent { think it is an elephant } it was a nice surprise.
Tomorrow Jess is having a minor op to remove some cysts that have grown near her throat , hopefully ,all will be okay after we hear back from the biopsy tests.
On Teusday , Aunty Pat is taking Mum away for a few days stay in a hotel in Bosham, back on Friday .
Officialy , Mum is on half-term, but she had some hassle from the head teacher , so
MUM HAS R E T I R E D ,at long last .
I have made some baffles for the bike, so I now have a decent sound , and you can now hear me coming down the road .
Everyone here are all well and looking forward to your return home.
We all send our love and BIG HUGS to you both and wish you well for your ride down the coast . Please give our thanks to everone you re-visit ,that have helped you on your travels from a grateful dad.
2.5 LEYS and 2.5 WEBBS
X X x X X x
Response: Don't want to upset Mum but elephant is vaughan's I'm afraid :0( Another box is on the way which neither of you can open, so hands off!!! Slap handies from the headteacher ay Mum, caught smoking behind the bike sheds again? Screw work hello retirement wa hey, have some fun with Pat down in Bosham and forget about the brats. Sure homemade baffles are pleasing the neighbours, maybe Nik and Lou are picking up the rumbles a road along!! Having a great time down the east coast, looking forward to visiting Tasmania now. Love and hugs to all XXXX PS tell Sarah to check her email
From MUm and Dad 'T'
Hi guys, what an adventure!!! - gald to know you'rer both well after it all and some excellent pics on the CDs (still don't know whats going on with the beardything). Good job 'the God of Anfield' was there for you - guess what the Bluebirds have drawn Liverpool away at Anfiled as they're thru to the last 16 of the Carling Cup - hope its on the TV!!
Pamps is 82 next week, and everything has been fine with him since the scare a few months ago; we'll give him your love.
Take a well earneed realxing cruise down the Gold Coast; looking forward to seeing you both soon!!
Luv you both - Mum & Dad XXXX
Response: The beardy thing is the beardy thing, it doesn't have much to get on with... Happy birthday Pamps.. Will keep my eye on the footy results - would be a great result to beet the Pool at home but a bit of a long shot. We're in Bribie island at the mo and will be at Robs tomorrow. We're both really well and enjoying our east coast run. Trying not to think of the inevitable return to work but really looking forward to getting back to see everyone - miss you all loads... Love V&H xxx
From Mum & Dad T
Hi you two, well what an adventure you are having! It sounds terrifying and fantastic at the same time, the pics are amazing as ever, but as long as you're both ok after we've read about it we can relax.
All is well back home, and it want be too long before your with us all again in time for Christmas.
Love to you both
Response: All is good and the East Coast is proving to be a relaxing affair, with a few cold beers thrown in and a nice bed here and there. It is creeping up on us now only a couple of months to go... Lots of Love Vaughan and Helen xxx
From Matt P
Hi Helen,

It sounds like your having a great time exploring our little planet!! I don't want to take up too much of your time, just when your back in the UK I'd like to understand your future plans (work wise).
Great to hear your enjoying yourself, feel free to drop me a note if you get the time!!
Response: Hey Matt, having lots of fun. Hope all is going well for you still at BAA, as if your not busy enough with your little ones at home!! Will be in contact on my return at chrimbo when the inevitable job hunting will begin, nasty thoughts!!!! Take care and don't work too hard
From Vic
You inspired me guys! I hired the campervan! Hope the Yongala was spectacular! Hope to see you on the road! Good luck! Vic
Response: Wikkid!! thats great news Vic, sure you will have a wild time. we had a sweet dive on the Yongala, was amazing down amongst those big fishies surrounded by the wreck. We should be in Byron bay in a couple of weeks, so keep in touch. happy twavels :0) Vaughan and Helen
From jade
to uncle vaughan i
hope you are having
a wonderful time in
australia and i bet it is
very hot there lots of
love jade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Response: Hiya Jade, it's great to hear from you and yes it's bloomin' boiling over here at the moment about 32 degrees and humid. I hope your well and schools good fun, can't wait to see you at Christmas and give you a big hug and a kiss. xxxxx
From Jo and Tan
Hi Hels
Good that you're having a great time. Me and Tan are very crap at messaging you but we miss you loads, you'll soon be home, good!
Lots and lots of love from us all
Jo, Tan and Don.
Response: Hey hey Girlies, good to hear from you, missing you lots and lots can't wait to see you at Chrimbo, have been having loads of fun taking it easy down the east coast now. Hope your both taking it easy and not having too many dramas' without me, all my love and big hugs h xxxx
Ever thought of ditching the bikes and simply using your powers of flight ?

Just a thought !
Response: Too easy peezy for us cheesy peazies...
From Brindinho
alright dudes, how's it going?

i enjoy the croc photos, and the crocodile safety sign.

happy (very late) 30th voggy, diggin the beard...


Response: Cheers dude - happy 30th to you also fellow August b-day boy. Glad you enjoy the photo's more to follow couple of cool frog ones - keep your eyes on the prize (or our site). Beard is pretty long i can stretch it down to my knees!!! - 2 and a half month laterzzzzzzz
From DAD
Once again you have given us another interesting.insight into your trip ,for which we thank you very much.
Mum says thanks again for the call on her birthday most unexpected but very welcome .Mum had a nice day and a meal out in the evening .
Dad did his flying lesson on Saturday and had an absolute
wikkiidd time , with no nerves ,once in the cessna. I
took the controls after Littlehampton and then flew us to Chichester and back where the pilot took over and I had a chance to take some piccies while we flew back to Shoreham.
Everyone here is tickety--boo
and hope that you both are well ,but I think Mummy would like you home for a while before you go off on another adventure to god knows where.
I am not sure whether to breathe a sigh of relief to know that you are out of the bush ,but are now faced with other drives ,rather than roos and pythons.
Bye for now and beware as
you are now dealing with
human animals rather than the sensible animals out in the bush
Response: Chocks away gerbil!! No nerves, I am impressed after your woeful handgliding dad :0) We have returned from cape yorke in one peice, most challanging riding yet though, update will follow shortly, but was intense rough roads, trail riding skills well and truly honed. In Cains now and adjusting to tarmac and human fools driving as in every city! Heading down the east coast, so cruisy beach life for next couple of months - Lots of love n hugs H and Vog Xxx