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HEK's trip to Oz

Diary Entries

Monday, 20 April 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

So the last time I wrote was Wed I think. Went To Bondi Beach on thursday and yes its exactly what you would expect loads of tanned beauty's unfortunatley boys and girls, but hey was fab, the surf looked awesome, but there is absolutely no way I could get out on it, just too damn strong the currents are insane! Good to watch though it puts you in the same mind set. Friday I spent the day with the Norwegain girls and we went to Hyde Park and laid in the sunshine and then went to the Aquariam, it is amazing stuff. Went out friday night with some mad Argentinian guys, Very entertaining! Sat we went to the Surrey Hills festival, which was really good, we went out again sat night and got a little tiddly!!!! We had free dinner though, you bought a drink and got a free dinner, it was pretty aweful, but hey it was free!!!!! Was fairly rough all day yeterday, so we didn't do much, went out for breke, then sat in the room for a while and then went out for coffee and sat a played cards for like 4 hours. Cooked pancakes for dinner with Tonje and 2 Dutch guys, and Ben joined us, then a few more hours of cards, good stuff. Slept like a baby last night, and no real plans today just gonna make plans for the rest of the week, so I get to make the best with the time I have left. Karty is coming on Friday though and we are gonna do the bridge climb on my birthday, how cool............ H x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Not sure where I got to last time, so I'll just start from Friday, Karty was off work and we went out to the hills to the Maclaren Vale, vineyards, bloody lovely, we then went to the restaurant called Russels place and it is stone baked pizza around open fires in a yard, superb. I sat there with a glass of delicious red wine and thought I don't think you can beat this!!! I'll try though..... Sat we went out to really swish restaurant, the other extreme of last night. Lovely food on Mr West. Mon we drove to Robe, it looks like its 5 mins on the map and it took us 4 hours, the beauty of Oz. Stayed there over night in a hostel, Karty's first time in a hostel, it was really nice though so no probs there then, we went out and got smashed. Mon we drove home, played cards, enough to keep Karty going, he got smashed again! Tues I flew to Sydney, woweeeeeeeeeee. Went out with 2 Norwegian girls last night and had a nice meal and then went for beers, oh happy days, was a really late night. Today I have walked around the city, what a fab place. I'm pleased I have 2 weeks here, there is alot to do! H x

Tuesday, 07 April 2009

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Hello there dudes and dudetts, all is well here, the weather is the only thing letting the side down! Flights over were ok, long but ok, arrived early Friday morning and got to Karty's around lunch time, I took a shower and then he arrived home from work, we sat with a beer and caught up. Probably not the best idea, beer with the length of time I had been flying, oh well! Just the start of whats to follow.... We went out for a little while, but I was tired so went home for an early night. Saturday we went to Victor Harbour, a lovely little place about an hours drive away, had some fresh fish just off the beach, can you imagine! And then went to place called Goolwa and fell asleep on the beach, this beach was like nothing I have ever seen, I went on and on and on. However we still managed to fall asleep. Beautiful. We went out with some of Karty's work mates tonight and drank way too much, oh happy days! Sunday we had a BBQ at next doors, it was fab, they are great people, very entertaining. Evan the guy wanted to take us and show us some places, it ended up being an attempt at a pub crawl, however his wife Sandra had had enough and wanted to go home so we just did trips round the car parks! Karty and I were trying our hardest not to laugh but you know how it is when you try hard. We went to see Notoriuos at the cinema tonight and now all Karty sings is Notorious.... Help me please! Monday, Karty dropped me in town as he had to work and I wandered around, once again discovering just how big this place really is. He came to get me after he had finished and we went to a German village called Hahndorf. Ate way too much and went home for me to teach him how to play shit head. He loves it as everyone does, I let him win a couple of times!!!!! Tuesday, today, Karty had to work early so he left me sleeping and when I woke it was 12.00 midday, all I appear to be doing is sleeping, oh well I guess I must need it. The sun is finally shining so I sat out on the lawn for a while, he came home and took me to Glenelg. It is lovely, walked for a couple of hours along the coast and got nowhere, perfect, sat and had a beer, home and then Karty came home, we have just had a yum yum chinese meal and I think we are heading home for some more shit head, bloody marvellous, keep well H x

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Recent Messages

From Gareth
Sounds amazing dude, tres tres jealous! miss ya, when you coming back xx
Response: Home on the 28th, then away that weekend to Belgium for Liv's hen do. Dude next year you and me, 3 months down the east coast, it will totally rock, what do you reckon?
H x
From Sarah & Oliver
Mate, sounds like you're having an awesome time. Are you gonna climb the bridge? Give Blinky Blue our love!!!!
Response: I certainly am, on my birthday with Karty, how ace will that be! Hows you and Oliver? All good I'm hoping? H x
From Michelle
So damn quiet here without you!!!! Hear you bumped into Rose's son! Small world. Hope you didn't lead him too far astray!!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you're back. Enjoy!
Response: Its def not quiet here with me thats for sure! Having the best time and I'll be back at work 2 weeks today, so not long now! Boooooooooo
H x
From louise
hi mate.....hope you havin a bloody marvellous time!!! how are the ozzi boys???? as we all no thats really why you went out find your future husband...heeheee, all good back home and hollie sends her love xxxxxxxx
Response: Bloody marvellous time indeed, you have no idea! One ozzi boy was fine, but not likely to meet any here in Sydney its full of backpackers from everywhere else, thats fine cos most of them are hot too! Give miss mae my love and kisses and I'll see you next week. H x
From Gemma
Maatttteeee, hope your working on that Ozzie accent for whne ya get back!! ha x hope your having an awesome time much love xxx
Response: You little fooker, I am trying my best just for you. Awesome time, keep well and lots of love
H x
From Oliver
Hi Helen

I'm fine thanks. No results yet - mummy keeps chasing. Have fun!

Lots of Love
Response: Thanks my beautiful little boy, keep well and do as your mummy says, your autie Helen x
From Michelle
You must be having a bloody good time!!!!! You been sober yet?
Response: Not really, its bloody marvellous! H x
From Sarah
Hi Hel

Hope you're enjoying the small corner of Oz you're currently in. Looking forward to reading about your travels. Hope you love it as much as I do. Sarah xxxxxx
Response: All good mate, its rather large though eh? Adelaide is super, just need some sunshine, hows the boy? H x
From Michelle
Come on you! Nothing on your page yet!!!!!
Response: I'm still trying to work out how to do it, will try again now!
H x
From Gareth
Are you nearly there yet??????
Response: Yes I finally arrived this morning, knackered. Its cold though dude, need to sort it out!
H x
From Michelle
You're slow in getting this started!
Your leave has been cancelled!
Response: You cheeky little fooker........
H x