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Welcome to Hilary's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday 29th.
Lovely fullday yesterday shops in Hanwell ( Ealing ) in morning, mainly to buy an ingredient I find difficult to purchase in ChCh and more so now the big Asian warehouse is probably no longer operational. No trouble and the price ridiculously cheap compared to what I pay at home. After lunch we walked miles through lovelr rural type land long side the canal on one side and the motorway on the other. Ended up at historic home Osterley Park and manor.Had afternoon tea outside and then walked tolocal pub called Hare and Hounds nad had a few drinks but deciced against eating there after viewing the menu. Not much on offerfor my vegeterian friends. Home to a ovely cooked meal and I am seriosuly considering becoming vegeterian if I can procure the ingredients ( mock meat) that they have on offer here.Today we will train to London and go by boat on the Thames and attend Mass at Westminter.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Its been full on here and I'm now packed up and ready to take Train to London midday.
Been to Winchester for the day Tuesday and picked up Gaies friend who is Swedish and lives in Spain. She was over for a few days and spent 2 nights with us here.A film producer who has a son who now does the same work.She preodused Pippi Longstockings for those of you old enough to remember that TV programme. I know our girls watched it as little ones.She has worked along with her son on Casino Royale the re make of the James Bond movie.Such an interesting woman. We have had a meal out each night she's been here and talked way past closing time, and then continues once we've returned home so late nights aplenty.
Back to Winchester.a lovely city and the cathedral is beautiful. The Beatles wrote a song about it and i've been humming it since I visited.
Had lunch in an unusual cafe and ate Parsnip and Honey soup. Never heard of the combination but it was lovely.
The volcanic ash seems to not be a problem according to this mornings' news. Bit fickle as it will depend on the wind .
May not get the chance to add more. Arrive home afternoon of 3rd June.
Take care all

Saturday, 21 May 2011

21st MAY
Last night in Morocco was magic.Snake charmers;performing monkeys street theatre bands musicians.Really unbelievable.The colour and mix of people: Tramps beggars deformed and small children selling

Donkeys,horse carriages, motor bikes all tooing and frooing
Quite unbeliebable;Crossing the street is an experience as there seem to be no rules and the traffic is huge.We wait till a bunch of locals attempt to cross and go with the flow.Its hair raising:
Flight out _pm so after check out of hotel 12 noon we have the afternoon to fill in.Won,t be difficult apart from finding toilets and seating.The airport is very modern and nice if we end up having to spend longer there.
Hope alls well with everyone.Love from here


Thursday, 19 May 2011

19th Fr Chris,s tip to send entries in short bursts or you type for ages and can lose it.I have already done so.Tired fro, the exploits so showered and ready to hit the bar,,,,,,,,,,,food and beverages of the non alcoholic type.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

19th Wonderful day trip to Essoeria WRONG SPELLING but it is 180 k south of Marakech and on the coast.Beautiful place.So interesting.Fish by the tons it seems so knew I would have fish for lunch.Interesting market place and not the pressure to buy that Marakech has.I am what could be called saddle sore from that wretched camel ride.I will never forget it. Had 3 French girls,2 Scots, and a family of four from Norway with us so that added interest. Interesting the whole long drive.Diverse lqndscapes
;Olives for miles and Roses would you believe under plastic a lot of the time

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bear with me on this wretched keyboard.Paid q driver to take us all over the place. Marvellous and we have seen so much. Had forty fits when I thought I was getting on camel to have photo taken but Micheal Jqckson took off .Gaie behind on Madonna who brayed the whole time for its baby who was named Sophia Loren.Petrified I dont mind admitting but have photos to prove ho w stupid a woman in her 70s can be. Lunch at lovely place qnd time spent in centre of town with ,*markets abuzz with every race colour and creed.Scqred to show any interest in goods as they drive you mad to buy.We do hqve the excuse we have limited baggqge room thern they give you a demonstration on how to roll up a cqrpet smqll to fit in bag::::::::::I dont think.
I pinch myself to think I am here. Tomorrow we will go on orgqnised tour to the coast: Food for breakfast intereing a nd plentiful. Polite smiling friendly staff: Tomorrow more news as the internet is free and in nice surroundings of hotel:


Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday 16th May. At home day today. Walked to the village ( township) before lunch. Posted some mail and had a cup of tea at Waitroses and bought the paper to tackle the x word. Then the dreaded packing.Only taking small carry on bag to Morocco so had to think carefully about what to pack. Could be tempted to buy the odd top or two over there.
Reading up on the place and it sounds so nice and can only hope there will be no disturbances. The IRA have issed new threats so London is on alert anyway.Where is anyone safe these days? DEAL. Completely different foremat. Strange. The audience HAVE to wear black!! It is not nearly as enjoyable as the Aussie version we watch ( well some of us have better things to do)
Gaie knew someone who actually appeared on thre show and gave her the inside info. It is filmed in Bristol.
Well, may not get to add until return from Morocco. Arrive back very late on 21st so will be at least 22nd before I get to write.
Take care ...........

Sunday, 15 May 2011

SUNDAY 15th May.
Mass this morning. Confess to leaving before the last hymn as Mass was already 70 minutes long. Gaie was picking me up as family were all arriving for lunch. Home for coffee and when all were assembled we went for a long walk ( as if I need any encouragement to eat) Coolish and the papers are saying the summer has ended. Seems April was the best month.
The lunch was lovely and mussells dish went down well as did Gaies Chicken dish and salad.
Tomorrow we plan to stay put as have to sort out clothes for Morocco and we are limited to take on baggage. Thought I'd get away with light clothes but Tracy tells me we need to have something warm to put on at night as it gets cold.Whatever, we will be travelling light. Fly from Bristol Airport and the trip is about 2and a half hours long. Hotel looks nice from the photos.
Just hope and pray there are no incidents while there. Mind you, one could be in a supermarket and get beheaded...........What an awful story that was .
So, thats it really.......for now and probably nothing until our return 21st May.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

SATURDAY 14th May. Just in from Western Super Mare. We walked the lenngth of the promendade. Cool wind but still a nice experience .Gaieshowed me \yatton where \i will catch the train for London on 26th.nce. Wandered around the shops. Have huge cryptic x word to tackle between us tonight. They are challenging and I am getting better at them.
Take care all. End of summer here so the papers say. Supposed to be hail and rain. Oh well.

Friday, 13 May 2011

FRI 13th May.
Home from wonderful day out in Wales.Across the Severn River and stopped at the ruins of an old abbey once the home of Cistercian Monks. Built in 1300. So much of it standing still ( as in remaining) Beautiful really and takes ones breath away to think of the age.
A little further on we stopped at a sizeable town called |Monmmouth and it was quaint with cobble stoned streets and pavements.Had a snack there and visited a market. Interesting things. Coolish day but fine and sunny.
Having a G & T now and half an eye on TV. Lots of game shows and great documentaries. Compared to NZ TV it is wonderful.
Nolene if you're reading this I had a postcard to send you but could'nt trust my memnory with the address. 138A or 158A? P Cards don't have a good record of being delivered. The thought was there.
Coronation St has so much happening you won't believe it. Getting very watchable.
Be well all.
Off to Morocco Tues17th.
Lunch here Sun with all Gaies family coming sort of for Nicholas,s birthday. I am doing a \thai dish and we have the new rice cooker to try out,
Talk later..
Oh.train ticket arrived and off to Ealing ( London) 26th. My friends brother in law is taking me to \mass Sunday ay Westminster.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

WEDNESDAY. Drove to Bristol and went on the ferry which was so nice.Sunny day that only got warmer as we spent the day. Great views of the city and I am reading a book about the area quite by accident. It is set in the 1700's and I bought it in NZ little knowing I was going to be in the area the book is set in.It's great.
Walked thru the city and it so reminded me of ChCh. Lovely green areas and trees. One part in particular was just like Worcester St by the old information centre (Oxford Tce). Made me a bit sad to think of it, because of course it willnot look like I remember it at all now.
Booked ticket to travel by train on 26th to my friend in Ealing.I thought it would be a fast 20 or so minutes but it lasts 2 hours 20 minutes to Paddington Station. I adore trains so will be in my element.The time will rush by.Seems everything is done on line here.The ticket will be in the post tomorrow. Amazing.Don't think I'd trust NZ post to have the ticket delivered next day as this lot promise.
Gaie buys books on line and they are so cheap and postage free.We are ripped off in NZ for books.
Dinner catch up later

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

TUESDAY. Lovely trip to Clifton which boasts a suspension bridge building started in 1830.A wonderful piece of engineering.We walked across it.The township is lovely and we walked the busiest streets and had coffee and a genuine Bakewell Tart which was warm from the oven.
Been to Gaies book club tonight and that was interesting if only for the reason that only Gaie had read the stipulated book. So funny. However enough discussion to have me wanting to read the book DAUGHTER OF FORTUNE by Isabel Allende.
I'm off to bed. Tired from a busy day out.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Getting behind with diary entries and still havn't managed to post any photos. Yesterday Fran and son Tom who leaves for USA tomorrow came and we went to birthday (Toms) lunch at a place called the Windmill overlooking Bristol Channel. I feasted on Scampi the first fish meal I ate in Guernsey all those years ago ( 1969) and never forgot how delicious they were. Always try and have a meal of them when in UK. Gaie and I went for an hours walk later in the afternoon and enjoyed seeing different points of interest.
Heard and saw on internet that there have been sizeable quakes and so worry for you all having to experience those.How much longer I ask.Hope Mr Jim and other neighbours are all ok. Seen my housesitter at all? He works long days so won't be surprised if you havn't. "Dubai " got on his knee so things are looking up
Take care all

Sunday, 08 May 2011

SUNDAY. Mass this morning at the samw church. Very nice parish but 1 hour 15 minutes.!! alengthy homily!!
Went to Gaies daughter Frand and Anthonys house for lunch, but a large roast beef and Yorkshire pudding meal with Strawberry and apple and Blueberry crumble dessert. Yum. Then a lovely walk along little country lanes for the best part of an hour.
Kingston Seymour is the area ( still in Somerset) Such a nice time and lovely home. Really enjoyed the outing and not a huge drive.
Plans for tomorrow include lunch out as Frans son Tom is heading off to the States for some weeks and turns 19 Wednesday, so its a birthday shout really. She and Anthony are dreading his leaving as all parents do when their baby takes flight overseas.
They have a house in France and visit regularly and so after the walk we watched some video pictures of the house and surrounding district. Beautiful. Throw in a boat as well and it all makes for a great life I guess. Nice people who work hard and so deserve what they have.

Saturday, 07 May 2011

Lovely drive of around an hour to place called WELLS . Quaint town buzzing with people. Lovely old shops and we lunched on Cornish Pasties which they were cooking as we ordered and came in many choices.Pork an Apple for example ( I ate traditional)
Wells Cathedral is lovely and very large. Started in 1160.Completed 1306.

There was a wedding about to start and very posh looking people attending. We were on the lookout for noteables as the town is a location for many movies. Did'nt see any.
Gaies neighbour accompanied us ( she is Welsh born Sri Lankan) NIce lady and interesting to talk with.
Weather was fine and we only just arrived home this evening when the rain started. Been hot and dry and locals want and need rain.
Time I went to bed.Thinking of you all. Be well

Saturday, 07 May 2011

Friday, 06 May 2011

6pm. Cribbs Causeway was the place we went shopping at this morning.Large mall. Marks and Spencers such a treat to shope in for variety in all depts. we were interested in. Helped Gaie buy trousers shorts and a top in readiness for her trip to Africa when she returns from Morocco and then Spain.Traveller extrodinaire she is.Confess to not buying a single thing there but did buy a top yesterday in another shop. Had lunch at |Marks and Spencers and then drove on to Clevedon where we met Fran and had afternoon tea over looking the Bristol Channel. Lovely hot day.
Have a G & T beside me and Gaie is slaving away in the kitchen concocting I don't know what but it smells good.Coronation Street tonight.Boy are you followers in NZ in for some surprises. Tomorrow we are going to WELLS. Somehow related to BATH. Have been to BATH before with Tracy and Jim but would gladly go again. Interesting place.
Slept right through the night last night so ready to take on the world.
More tomorrow.Hope alls well there with everyone.

Friday, 06 May 2011

FRIDAY. Shopping trip planned today and meeting up with Fran, Gaies daughter (Saras twin) the only one I have never met over the years. She is a teacher. Same age as Tracy. Been pouring over brochures to plan outings. Spoilt for choice.
Add later.

Thursday, 05 May 2011

Thursday. Walked into township of Portishead and had lunch. What an absolutely lovely place it is.So neat and tidy. Wish I knew how to be smart and add photos to this diary. The news papers are so full of Bin Ladin and make interesting reading. I think Kate and William will be pleased as it has taken the spotlight away from them to a degree.
Have been chatting to my nephew Julian in Tanzanier on Skype and little Ruby blew a lovely kiss. Alls well there.
Struggling with the cryptic x words here as I have yet to get into the mind of the compiler. Between Gaie and myself we make a dent in it but struggle to complete.
Hope all well there.
Tomorrow is another day.........

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From Nolene
Well, the journey is fast coming to an end but what a wonderful time you have had. Had our first frost this morning - 4deg - followed by a lovely sunny day. Jan is doing very well and as Chris will be here on Thursday evening we are going to have our first game of bridge since before you went away. Enjoy the next few days and look forward to catching up when you return. Safe travel.
Response: Planning to go to Mass at |Westminster tonight.Boat on Thames.Will be lovely experience.Weather iffy but not cold.Ststelyhome and grounds yesterday and a few drinks at lovely pub but
opted for meal at home.Think ash cloud no longer poses threat after all, and all seems on track for flight home.
From Neita
Hi there, looking forward to having you back next week. Had a frost this morning, bit of a shock to the system, but lovely day. Baby might be on the way either today or tomorrow as waters broke this morning - fingers crossed and some prayers please. Enjoy London, give Nikki a ring if you have time - not sure what shifts she is on though. Take care and have fun.
Response: Lets know news of Susan. Hav,nt had chance to call Nicky. Worry that she will be sleeping.
From Sally
Hi HIlary. Back from Oz and just caught up on your adventures. So pleased the recent political unrest did not prevent you getting to Morocco which you oviously enjoyed. Love to hear more about it all (and photos?) and eagerly await your return. Safe travel back to the Graden City. XX
Response: Hope Aust.visit was fine and family there all well.Catch up soon. Be nice to see you ll again.Look forward to Mass at Westminster.Camera will be busy.
From Tracy
Great to hear you enjoyed your trip with Gaie. You hopefully will a great time with Rak and everyone in London. Girls very excited to leave as its now cold and dank. Gave Obi home hair do Mia thinks Im cruel. Lisa and Co ok and said hi. Safe trip home T J T M and O
Response: Volcanic ash now presents a prob. I texted you days ago.Tommorrow leaVE 12.30 FOR lONDON.
Gaies Swedish friend from Spain is here for 2 nights. She is a film producer and SO interesting. Lived and worked in Dubai among other places.Love to all and hope ash does,nt effect your travels. Email me from UK Obviously texts not working. Gof |Bless and love. Mum
From Walsh
Good morning. Mis old day here again. Hope your return dosen't get delayed with the Icelandic volcano playing up. Are you in line to go to the barbecue with Barac & David by any chance? Yes Bryan Rowe sad affair. Amazed at the people there. David Doughty,one of the girls (Vinnie?) who was one of the three girls convicted of ag assault, also a girl Haig who represented her father who sent a email from sea with condolences. He was convicted of the murder of a crewman & on appeal proved innocent. Gary Gotlieb Marie Dryburg et al. Also high ranking police detectives . Made a big pot of bacon bone soup for dinner last night & it was lovely, one of the few compensations of winter. all the best
Response: Good to hear from you.Bryan Rowes funeral would have been a huge affair I imagine.Not surprised at the people there.Yes Volcano not good news but at least if flight delayed not thing I can do.Gaie flys to Edinburgh Fri. and could effect her.I go to Rakshandas on Thurs.Train trip from Yatton about 20 mins from here.Lovely flight back from Morocco. Sat next to a Palestinian ex pilot and such a nice man. 78 years of age and lives in Bristol. He was abl to tell me what time the flight would land to almot the minute, and we were 30 mins late leaving owing to 2 women who left it too late to duty free shop. They got glares from the seated passengars when they finally arrived.Talk to you soon. Tracy etc fly out Fri. No invites to Obama party . Oh well Only cos t£10,000 for security ONLY while in UK
From Walsh/Judy
Hi Sounds as if Morocco was great. Just home from work at Pirongia-tired. Judy gone to take Vaughn to see his Mum,due home around 2p.m. Mahon down in Ch.Ch. at Bruces & will shake the bushes re job but has heard that the Dunsandel one has gone-inside job. I am due to go to Auck on the 2n.d & will be up there for about 5days. Weather crap here just now but we are all well. Take care Love Walsh
Response: Good to hear from you my brother. Take it neasy wu
with the extra w
orkThinking of yi
ou. Arrived backm in Portishead after kloveky 3 and half hour fight.

ou both
From Tracy
In Marakech qnd struggling with different key board in the hotel; 3 hr 20 minute flight over smooth as but bumpy landing:Spotless airport:Roses in beautiful gardens almost all the way to lovely hotel, Rose petals strewn on the bed qnd tozels in bqthroom: We are on first floor so suits me: Walked q short distance to find restaurant and while meql was nice i was disappointed it was not more Moroccan: Good service:Smiling friendly people

Response: Had cocktails in lounge non alcoholic olives and nuts.Early start tomorrow:
Dads anniversary today and he would have a laugh to think of me on a camel.Miss you all: Be well and safe
From Racheal

Just caught up on what you are up to. You certainly don't believe in wasting any opportunities. Pleased to hear you are a great trip. All well here. Getting cold and forecaste snow for us. We have had snow about the 3rd week of May a number of times. Take Care!
Response: Cool in UK but may not be the end of summer.Morocco will be hot. Fly out around 2pm from Bristol airport and return 21st late at night.Stay well all of you. Keep in touch
From Cristoforo
Shame on you for leaving Mass before the final blessing!!!! At Nol's for dinner - and a meeting here tomorrow. Happy days on the African Continent!!!
Response: I'll have you know we had the final blessing but not the final hymn of which there were about 12 verses. Just when I'be got used to the new responses they are of course still with the old.Nice |Mass though and great music and hearty singing at the right tempo.Morocco tomorrow.Only hand luggage so about to tackle that task. Could I get away with 1 outfit for 4 days? Hi to Noel and stay safe all.
From Walsh
Hope the trip to Morocco is as good as it sounds.. Envy you being out of the cold & rain we have here. Call last night from Judy Rowe from Auckland. You would have met her & her husband at my birthday. Bryan, her husband died suddenly while at the gym on Sat with the grandkids etc. Was generally fit & well so the suddeness was a shock to all. We will probably go up to th funeral on Thurs.
Response: I remember him well. He was ex detective / policeman. I used to follow his career.Turned private detective did he not?So sorry.
From Karen
Hi Hilary
Busy week have not been online at all which is unheard of for me!! You certainly are having a good look around. Glad you can relax and enjoy your travels,great to hear Morocco still on. John left message on phone to say off to Auckland till next Sunday so I shall have the privilege of feeding Dubai for a week. Sounds like she is best mates with John now so probably won't be pleased to see me!! Have not seen John at all since you left must work very long hours! Have had a couple of very warm days this past week does not feel like winter at all. Not much happening in my neck of the woods.Take care see you soon
Response: Nice to hear from you.Want to hear alls well with that test/scan business.Dubai will love anyone who has the key to the food cupboard. Typical cat. Hi to all
From Jan P
Hi Hilary
I have loved reading about your holiday. It all sounds wonderful. I am doing fine - lucky with the good weather as I have been able to get in plenty of walking. Still on one crutch, but now have an exercycle to practice on which should hasten things along a bit. Still not comfortable enough to sit out a night of bridge at the club, so hope the spell does the brain good! Safe journeying for the rest of your trip.
Response: Good to hear of your progress.I'm sure you will be fine with Bridge after a spell.Always remember a 13 week lay off when Harry and I played together and we won the first night back. The exercycle should help a lot and we may see you in Le Race !
From Nolene

My address is 138b so you were wrong on both counts!!! Looks like another lovely day coming up here not too much of winter temps as yet. I look fwd to future episodes of Coro St!!! Have fun.
Response: How silly am I? Coro is so full of surprises ( for me) Just amazing the BIG news from several quarters. And guess who I saw last night? Elsie |Tanners son has made a comeback to the street. Remember Dennis? Watch thiis space.
Gidday Hilary, Trust yoou are enjoying every minute. Have spent some hours trying to contact you so it is a case of really I do not know enough to get back to you. Went to Heather this morning and I hope you receive this. All well here and I have jusr managed to print off yoour travels since the 1o May
so hopefully that will bring me up to date. Dubai looks fine and well fed. Gace her a tickle
Good luck Kind thoughts enjot yourself. JIM
Response: Good to hear from you. I was a bit concerned.Dubai would enjoy some social contact with you I know.Have you met John? Think he's due to return to Auck this wekend for his week off.Going to Wales today. Will report later.Hi To Monica etc.Be well. Take care
From Nolene
4th at Bridge Wed with 56% so pleased with that. A real summer day yesterday but back to grey again today. U3A starts up again today for the first time since quakes began so looking forward to that. Our series is on all things Italian so that should be interesting. Keep enjoying yourself.
Response: Gaie is a member of U3A here and in Spain where she also has a house.Really does sound interesting.Off to Wales today.So looking forward to that.Be well.Message from Chris yesterday.Hi to Bev. Remind her I am with |Gaie whose engagement ring came from Morrison Jewellers!! She remembers the conversation she had with Bev well.
From Cristoforo
We have had our first sunny day in 10 days today - together with a nor' no leaves left on the property either!!!!! Enjoy your travels. Pleased to see you are calling the quakes away from us!!!!
Response: Saw on internet news of earthquake in Spain.Gaie has a house there but not that particular area.Fine here but coolish. Need a jacket most days. Lovely day here yesterday on the ferry on Bristol Channel. Wish I could paint as there were some lovely scenes that would look better painted than photographed. Feel rested which is good. Hello to all and lets hope you are the othger end of the score board next bridge day / night
From Nolene
Hi Hilary....another grey day in ChCh and I see you have been informed of our further shakes so won't bore you with the details...was so glad you were not here. Bev sends best wishes. You are certainly having a lovely time and there seems to be lots of eating!!!! Bridge tonight - we had 20 tables last week which was the biggest turnout for some time. We finished 8th with 51.05% so were quite pleased with that. Off to the dentist shortly so must be off. Take care. xxx
Response: The fact I'm not there does'nt lessen the concern I have for you all suffering the tremors.Can only pray. Plan a day out in Bristol today so will be interesting. Morocco next Tues.17th. Seems OK there at the moment.Very limited in what I can take as only carry on luggage.Probably won't be buying up large there for that reason.The shops here have some amazing clothes but truth to tell I don't really need any.Miss the bridge games. Good result for you, and good to know decent crowd going.Gaie plays on line scrabble and it is addictive. I can see |I'll have to have a go when \i return.Love word games. Struggling with X word here but improve each day. Need to get into the mind of the compiler.Hello to Ann and Bev
From Sally
Hi again Hilary. You are certainly have a great time with Gaies and her family and visiting places with fascinating names - so English. Easy to picture it all from your description. Tony and I leave for 10 days in Noosa on Thursday. Not as picturesque as Somerset but somne R & R will be nice, especially after another 5.3 aftershock at 3 am this morning. Pleased you are away from it in the northern hemisphere! Sally XX
Response: Safe trip and enjoy.Not Not happy to hear about 5.3 quake.Please God an end to them soon.Don't rate a mention here. People unaware there are continuing shakes. Enjoy your time away
From Nolene

What wonderful names the English villages/towns have!!! You seem to be having a great time. Today (Sunday) we have sun for the first time this week. Bridge at Fendalton yesterday and as we were about to play our second hand a Mag 4 shake struck which upset a few of the oldies!!!! We were on the first floor and it moved around quite a bit!!!!! However, play went on as normal. Continue to enjoy your time and the warm weather. Keep well.

Response: Yuk.Think of you all every day and dread hearing the shakes still continue and as big as that. When will it ever end I ask myself.Almost due for \mass at 10.30. Was lovely last Sunday. Have taken photos of the church. They have a cuppa after so may stay for one today.Sunshine and warm after overnight rain.
From Cristoforo
Hav recd a very criptic email from you....................can't help re possible double PRanger acct. Just keep doing what u r doing. All seems fine at this end. Last at bridge last Tuesday!!!!
Response: Thanks. Seems to have righted itself or maybe I have righted myself.
From Heather (Ch Ch)
Hi, Very cold and wet here, aren't you lucky in the sunshine. Sounds like you are having a great time. G & T and Coro St. what more do you want - and I don't want to know what is happening in Coro !!!!!
Everyone here all OK. Take care and enjoy.
Response: Tks Heather. G & T and Coro only the half of it.Been to such an interesting place today called WELLS about an hours drive from Portishead. A lovely town
From walsh
Hi, Judy off to see her Mum so I am Going to Taupo to catch up with Jean. Amazing lady. Weather not too flash but supposedly is winter I guess. Glad you are enjoying the trip. Love
Response: Think I'm doing something wrong here as I cannot read previous answers.
Heather told me the tornado carved a narrow path and she was not effected at all.
From Tracy

Sounds great fun in England, and your in a beautiful part enjoy as its starting to get cold here. We cancelled Tegans party as it was not fair that she have one and Mia not. Possibly have partys on our return but wait and see. We received no text from you so must be in the either.
Lisa said Hi but her internet connection is not really up to scratch so does not go online much.

Enjoy Morrocco it is beautiful.

Response: Will try again with text.Shame she did'nt receive in time for birthday.Wales perhaps tomorrow.Bath also. Love to all
From Karen
Hi Hilary pleased to hear your travels are going well and do hope your trip to Morocco goes ahead.
Nothing out of ordinary happening here though shakes becoming few and far between(touch wood!!). Spoke to John on phone tonight passing on message about giving Dubai access to your bed. He has settled in well and Dubai more than happy for him to pat her but draws the line at him picking her up. Wanted you to know that she is fine. Jay off to Auckland for a concert this weekend and Tessa off to Wellington for four days next week on an Art History trip. Having day surgery on the 10th June to hopefully fix me up. Hope this finds you healthy and happy!! Take care Karen xx
Response: Thanks fore the news. Pleased Dubai has access to my bed. Hello to John and tell him the Bombay Saphire is top of the duty free list. Hope he's finding food and looking after himself well. All the best for day surgery. Be thinking of you
From Nolene
Glad to hear you are having a good time and enjoying the area in which you are staying. The English countryside is so beautiful. Not much happening in the quake dept....the usual little ones we do not feel!!!! Bridge tonight -the first time for me for some weeks now so it will be good to get back into it. Enjoy the summer weather...this week has been dull & depressing. Look fwd to reading your next bulletin.
Response: Good luck with Bridge Nolene.Have worked on a large cryptic and started off thinking I will never get it out.I did with four to go. One clue nearly drove me up the wall. MATT IS LISTLESS.10 letters. See how you get on.Fr Chris will be no help with that one.
Gaie is a cryptic fan too so we have had fun each evening. She also plays scrabble on line and it is addictive. Hello to Bev and pleased to hear less shaking.