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Holly and Lucys Excellent Adventure!

Hey folks! Welcome to our travel journal! This is where you'll be able to keep track of what we're doing, hopefully see some pictures, and leave us lots of comments with news of back home (which we do want to hear)!

So this is the plan:

15th June: Leave
16th June - 23rd June: Japan
24th June - 29th July: Australia
29th July - 20th August: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
21st August: Arrive home!

You can also send us emails, and we'll try to reply when we can!
Lucy -
Holly -

Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Lucy: Hey everybody! It’s our last day in Bangkok, and what are we doing? Writing the good ol diary… But this will be our final entry!! Yes, you’ll have to find something new to do with your lives I’m afraid, as the Excellent Adventure is drawing to a close… It’s been a fantastic trip, I’ve had soooooo many new experiences, but I am really looking forward to getting back and seeing everyone… especially after nearly a week in hot and smelly Bangkok! Speaking of which…

The next day we actually managed to organise ourselves to go and do some sightseeing! The first place to visit in Bangkok has to be the Grand Palace and temple of the Emerald Buddah, which is all in one place. We headed off there in the early afternoon, via tuk tuk (ignoring claims that the grand palace was shut and we should go across town to visit another temple instead…). There are strict rules about what you can wear into the palace; you have to have your shoulders and legs covered, and wear proper shoes. I had brought I shawl with me, but this wasn’t good enough so I had to join a massive queue of tourists waiting to borrow clothing. Strangely, the rules didn’t seem to apply to everyone… saw quite a few people wearing skirts, and even sandals… but it’s probably something to do with respect for the King, and you don’t wanna make a fuss about that over here! We visited the temple first, where we briefly bumped into Chris and Tess from our tour group (the first of many times we bumped into people off the tour!). We ended up spending about an hour just walking around in there… it’s an incredibly elaborately decorated set of buildings, loads of gold, loads of jewels, loads of mirror tiles, intricate murals all round the walls… not really my taste (although the murals were pretty), but it certainly stands out! The Emerald Buddah is one of the most important buddah statues in Thailand, and is housed in a building here. It’s actually pretty tiny! It’s really made from jade, but was originally covered plaster, and when the plaster started peeling off the guy who found it thought it was emerald underneath, hence the name. The best thing about this buddah was that he has different outfits for different times of the year! At the moment he’s wearing his ‘rainy season’ outfit, but there are also hot and cold season outfits, which they change depending on the time of year! Couldn’t help thinking of Barbie… Then we went on to visit the actual Grand Palace buildings. Unfortunately, you couldn’t visit inside any of these buildings, but they looked very grand from the outside, despite being pretty much covered in scaffolding (as was pretty much everything we went to see this week…) Finally we visited the coins and artifacts museum, which was basically full of shiny things belonging to the Royal family, including the crucial royal fly whisk. This was also where the buddah outfits were kept, so got a good look at them… rainy season is an off-one-shoulder top, cold season is a poncho and a hot season is a kinda funky bikini!

When we were done at the palace we headed off to see the only attraction that we’d heard of in Bangkok, the reclining Buddah. I’m not sure, but I think this statue is the largest reclining buddah world, and it is pretty impressive, especially when you first walk into the hall with it in! There’s hardly any space to move around it… hence the rubbish photos. Its about 40m long and 5m high, and shiny gold, with a mother of pearl design on the feet. I like the way that Buddah always looks so chilled out, and this is especially true with this statue!

We headed back to the hotel after that and got ready to go eat with some of the remaining members of our tour group. After that we were supposed to go for some drinks, but unfortunately we lost them so Hol headed back to the Khao San Road for some more shopping and I went to bed.

On Wednesday we decided to try and get out of the main tourist area and find the city centre of Bangkok. We decided to take a boat down the river to see some of the sights. I had planned to take a boat with a guide on it, but when we got to the station the woman there literally pushed me onto the boat that was waiting there, before I even knew where it was going! Strangely we met Chris and Tess again on the boat, who were now convinced we were stalking them, and arranged to meet up again for dinner. We did see various temples along the riverbank, but didn’t really know what they were… although it’s true what May says, there are shacks right next to the grandest buildings, which is strange to see. We had decided we needed to escape the heat and so we planned to visit Lumphini Park first. We took the skytrain there, which was a great way to see central Bangkok… there are so many layers to city, with the various skyscrapers and walkways, and its all very busy all the time.. the park was a nice break. Not much else to say about it really! I don’t think they’re into their parks in Bangkok, there are no botanical gardens or anything like that. After the park, we walked up the road to visit a small public shrine, which was right outside the Hyatt hotel. It was very busy there, people seemed to pop in to light incense or say a prayer in between shopping. There were also a group of classical dancers here who you could pay to do a traditional dance as a kind of offering, so we got to see that too.
Next we took the skytrain to a big shopping centre called MBK which we’d heard good things about from other members of our group (Jenna and Toby had spent a full day in there)… It was pretty huge, unfortunately we weren’t expecting such high prices as we were used to shopping on markets by then! We had a quick look round but left pretty swiftly. It was late afternoon by that point and we didn’t really have time to visit anything else, so we just headed back.

In the evening we went for dinner in a place just opposite our hotel with Chris, Tess and Ali, who was a friend of James’ who had just arrived in Bangkok on the start of his trip. We then spent a few hours eating weird and wonderful fruit off the market and playing cards… the deal was that the loser would have to eat a crunchy cockroach off the street stall, and I started to lose quite badly… but luckily, we had to abandon the game to go and say goodbye to Toby and Jenna! It was also everybody else’s last night, so it was sad goodbye’s all round before bed.

Holly: Thursday was our first day of being PROPERLY ALONE in Bangkok. Everybody else had either gone home or moved on to other places. We decided to make the best of the time we had left, and get up nice and early to continue sight seeing. Of course, that was never gonna happen, but we did eventually manage to get out and begin walking to an area where we knew they had lots of culturally interesting things to see. First stop was the Golden Mount. This was a particular building in the middle of a monastery (we think) which was, as you can probably guess, on the top of a hill. It’s a bit of a tough climb up the steps (mainly because of the heat) but once you get to the top, the view is amazing! From the ground it doesn’t look that high, but you can see out over all of Bangkok in every direction. The only drawback was getting very burnt feet; you obviously have to remove your shoes before entering a place of religious importance, and the Golden Mount contains many Buddha images and ancient relics. With the midday sun beating down on the rooftop, you can imagine how hot it was! On the roof there was a huge golden dome / spire, very similar to the photo of the one we took at the Grand Palace. Overall it was very impressive, and well worth the climb, especially to be able to stand in a cool breeze for a while, away from the stuffiness of the city! On the way back down, we were slightly shocked to bump into a man, who was totally stark naked. Now this is a pretty public place, with lots of tourists walking up and down. He saw us and ran round a corner, and proceeded to try to climb over a wall… but didn’t seem able to manage it. It was quite surreal, and no explanation we’ve thought of seems to fit!

Our next stop was the Metal Palace, which was just across the road from the Golden Mount. Only to be accosted on the way by another freaky man, who followed us down the road for ages, deliberately getting in the way and being generally annoying. Once we managed to lose him, we found the metal palace (or Loha Prasat)… which appeared to be under renovations. We were expecting to find it to be pink with 37 white spires representing 37 Dharma of the Bodhipakya… but for some weird reason, the colours all seemed to be wrong! The palace itself was white, with black spires! Not quite sure what had happened there, it looked nothing like it did on our guide map. It was almost totally deserted, and also empty other than a few Buddahs and a very nice spiral stair case up to the top, which again had pretty good views. Other than there, there seemed to be fairly little to see. We moved on again, in search of the Giant Swing and a temple called Wat Suthat. The giant swing was quite impressive, but didn’t actually have a swing on the frame… very disappointing. Apparently it was used in a ceremony long ago, but I can’t really imagine how! Wat Suthat was very beautiful, with the courtyard surrounded by gold Buddahs (many of which were in the process of being repaired) and the main temple had beautiful 19th century murals covering the walls, and another large Buddah statue and alter.

We took a Tuktuk home, which took forever, as the driver obviously didn’t understand where we wanted to go, and headed the completely wrong way for ages. He was totally pissed when he realised we actually wanted to go elsewhere, despite the fact we’d shown him the map twice, and seemed very unimpressed that we didn’t pay him any extra! We spent a bit of time at the hotel and in an internet café sorting some stuff out, before getting a boat to China town in the evening. When we got there, everything seemed totally dead. A man approached us, seeming very friendly, and told us that it was the end of the Chinese month and all the markets, shops and restaurants were closed. We were pretty disappointed, but figured we’d have a quick look around to see if we could find somewhere that was actually open. By the time the fourth Tuktuk had pulled up, we realised that the man had most likely been lying to us… one of their favourite scams is to tell tourists that certain places are closed, but name drop other places right across town, before a whole bunch of tuktuks conveniently appear to offer lifts to said places! We weren’t fooled, and headed in the opposite direction to where our map said to go, to stumble upon a bustling food market and street full of open places. Having had a quick look around the market (mostly selling completely unidentifiable foodstuffs) we went and found somewhere to eat… a cheap and cheerful Chinese café. There were no free tables, but the staff asked a couple already seated if they’d mind us joining them. They turned out to be a much older couple (the guy was at least in his 50’s, although his wife was younger) from LA, who were extremely friendly, and good dinner conversation. They gave us lots of tips for Bangkok and traveling in general, which was cool. And we also found out that the woman was a teacher in the high school where Grease was filmed! How awesome is that? We had planned to go and look for a particular tourist market after dinner, but then the torrential rain started, so we eventually just found a Tuktuk and went back to the hotel.

Friday was our last full day and night in Bangkok, and I felt that we should make the most of it. Problem was, most of the main tourist sights in the city we’d already covered, except the ones that were harder to get to. In the morning we decided to go to the National Museum- the biggest museum in SE Asia and apparently very impressive. There was some interesting stuff in there, like a full history of Thailand (all of which I’ve forgotten) the royal funeral vehicles, and lots of examples of historical items and the like. However, neither of us were really in the mood, not helped by the fact that items were pretty badly lit and displayed, and there was a huge amount of information to digest, mostly written in pretty bad Engrish. We didn’t stay all the long, and went down to a nearby park (which was small but very pretty) where Lucy had a sleep and I watched a tree full of squirrels for about an hour! We eventually wandered back to our hotel, and that evening went back to Khao San road for a bit of last minute shopping, and some gorgeous falafel pitas! We later watched Trainspotting at a pub that was showing movies (can you believe I havn’t seen that film before?) before heading to bed.

Which brings us to our last day. We fly home at 11:10pm tonight, but have decided to just take it easy today. Much of the morning was just spent sorting things out (like, completely repacking our bags to make room for all the crap we’ve bought) and from early evening we’re going to be traveling to the airport (allowing plenty of time, having experience plenty of Bangkok rush hour traffic.) This afternoon we might go down to the local pool, or head back to one of the parks, depending on how we feel. This will be our last diary entry I guess! This trip has been absolutely amazing… definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. I think we’re both about ready to come home now though- it wouldn’t be long before I snap and thump a tuktuk driver for the constant hassle we get! And we wouldn’t want that. So, thank you all for your messages throughout the trip, they’ve been fantastic, and we’ve both really appreciated them. Look out for the next travel diary; I’ve caught the bug, and don’t think it’ll be long before I’m off again!

P.s. We’ve nearly had 2000 hits on our page… how crazy is that???

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From Daisy
Ah, it's the inability-to-leave-the-job-you-th- ought-was-temporary bug! You know you want to go back Lucy. It's just denial.
Response: You're right, i'd give anything for one more sweet day of bookfetching! :S Bet you're starting to miss paperchase too, aren't you? xx
From Kevin
Yes, I agree with Catherine. You both must return to the library. It's um... a rule. Besides, I'm all alone up in Manuscripts, and well - I'll level with you.. my mind is starting to break.

Reader: WOW! That's a nice statue! It's so realistic!

Godfrey: Actually, that's our fetcher, Kevin. He's been like that since Shelly left. If you want him to do something, you have to give him a slip and poke him with this special prodding stick....

*reader pokes Kevin with the special stick*

*Kevin groans*
Response: Lol... you're really selling it to me there! I think it's time somebody escaped the evil clutches of the UL... but does anyone ever REALLY escape?? And if so, what are all those weird scratching noises coming from WBB2?
From L's mum
Just wanted to say thank you to you both for sharing your travels with us. The photos were amazing especially L's landscapes and Hol's orchids...(I can understand why you wanted to photograph them all). You have turned into a couple of intrepid women! Where did you say you were going next?
Response: Home!! Back to clean clothes, duvets and crunchy nut cornflakes! Well, I'm hoping there will be crunchy nut cornflakes... and chocolate seashells... L xxx
From Catherine
yes, of course come back to the library! We need fetchers and movers!!
Response: It IS tempting...
From may
Sawadee- Ka! reading your journal is bringing back sooo many memories! Your trek in the highlands looked so much like the orienteering I did in thailand. Hardwork but so beautiful. Sorry bangkok hasn't been that good yet... are you going to do a river tour? It's a real eyeopener seeing all the slums next to the incredibly beautiful temples and palaces ont the riverbanks. They also have these huge really scary killer fish in the river. Don't go swimming. Anyways...see you back in cambridge...soon! xx
Response: Maaaaaaaaaaaay!
The trek certainly was hard work! I nearly died. But it was worth it, so amazing. We've been getting around Bangkok by the river and canals a bit... the tours are quite expensive, but might try to do one before we come back. Someone was talking about the killer fish in the river! Said they look like a cross between crocodiles and fish... sounds pretty weird! Think I'll keep my distance. Anyhow, enjoying Bangkok, despite the heat! Phew, is it hot here! See you soon Maisy! xx
From Sarah F
Wow, you'll be back in a few days then. Sounds as though you're still having a great time. Sunbathing, massages and partys on the beach-what a hard life!! I think Catherine's been in touch about doing some stuff when you get back. I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing you both soon. xx
Response: Hi!! Yeah, its been tough! :D We've heard from Catherine, can't wait to see you all either, should be good fun! I'm seriously thinking about coming back to the library too, if they'll have me... reunion! Lucy xx
From Betsy
Hey ya'll! It sounds like you have had so much fun! I've keeping up with your travels through the journal entries and pictures. I just wanted to leave one final message, as I head off to school on the 17th, and I have no idea the next time I will be at the computer. Continue to have fun, and I'll write ya'll soon.
Response: Betsy! Thanks for the message! We're heading home in less than a week now, but I'll soon be starting to plan the next trip (which I'm gonna try to include Hawaii in... heh.) Have fun at Uni, will write you a letter soon! Take care, Holly xx
From richard
i'm booooooorrrrreeeeeeedddddd. harry has gone back to manchester. there is nothing to do. meh! <-----we're back biatch! mg103/1958/19as.gif <------i was bored as hell today. let it go through a few times so it can get up to speed. am doing a music video like this for a mates band. \m/

call me when you get back
got things to tell!

Response: Dude!

It won't let me see the imageshack thing... just takes me to the main page. Any other way we can see it? Glad insomiac is back, never got to hear you on it before.

Back in less than a week, and cant wait to see you! We'll keep you entertained for the next month, have nothing to do either!
From Lt. Col. RFE Mason (
My Dears!
Following my little faiblesse, you will be delighted to learn that I now return, reinvigorated, refreshed, and thoroughly in the pink! Now, where were we? Ah yes! Yum yum!
From Georgina
WAAAAHH!! only a few days til yu guy get home now... but im gonna be working full time (they finally gave me more hours) until we go back to manchester. May and I are thinking about ging back to manchester for a weekend, bank holiday weekend- to paint our rooms n take some furniture etc up. BUT we will do lots of meeting up in tha time! btw, how much jetlag will you have? I dont want to hear that as an excuse when you get back for ageees- you will be forced to socialise!!! hehe!Hows Thailand going? got a tan yet? Love You Both Lots! x x x x
Response: Georgie!! You suck for working full time! Although it is fair enough... I'm gonna come sit outside Lloyds waiting for you! You won't need to force us to socialise, we cant wait to see you! And Jetlag shouldn't be too bad... leave here 11pm, arrive UK around 5am, so hopefully will get a fairly normal nights sleep. Although is about 12 hours... Thailand has been awesome, about to write an update. See you in less that a week! Much love xxxxxxxx
From Amy T
Glad to see your all still having a good time! Loving all the photos btw. Leaving the library on Aug 26th, so I expect to see you soon :D
Response: Amytron! Woooh! You;re leaving the library! Sounds like most people are doing the same... no James, no Shelly... will be strange if we come back to visit! We're home in a week and a half, can't wait to see you guys! Holly xx
From Lt. Col. RFE Mason (
My Dears!
You are both so unutterably delectable, that I scarcely know where to begin! But I think I shall simply have to begin with Lucy's left nipple. Oh dear! No, it's all too, too much. I shall have to retire to my room.
Response: Erm...
From May
Yay, You're in good old KL! Have you been to the Petronas towers yet? In the park surrounding the towers they have guards at night to stop the locals getting down and dirty in the shrubs! I agree that it is very westernised, but they do have a big covered craft market where you can do batik, and look at the pretty things. Hope you're having fun, may xxx
Response: Maaaaaaaaaaaz! Yeah, we went up the Petronas towers on the skybridge, it was really cool! The lift goes so fast that your ears pop! Don't really see the attraction of the scrubs though, its a pretty public area! The only markets we went to were rip off label markets in Chinatown... nothing tasteful, but loads of cheap CDs! We are now in the Cameron Highlands and have just spent the whole day trecking. I'm soooo knackered, and fell over 3 times! We'll write an entry soon. Having a great time here, really looking forward to seeing you again though! Goosey xx
From richard
5mins after i talked to you i got your postcard. hurrah! still, its no bottle of suntory.....maybe i can import it. i need relaxing times damn it. especially after all this hard work of earning mucho moola. that would be $$ $$ you see in my eyes right about now

Response: Haha! I said it was on its way. So there. Will see if we can find suntory in Thailand, but don't get your hopes up! xx
From richard
its been a long time coming but i've fianlly got broadband. oh the joys of living out in the sticks

and its on my laptop as well so lots of late nights.....msn

you know

Response: I'm so glad that you let us know... :S Sounds like a fun old summer back in Red Lodge! xx
From An Aussie in England
Whats with the constant use of the word Random? Is there a hidden gist of the word that Im just not jisting onto??
What do you mean by it?
Glad your enjoying my homeland... I sure am enjoying yours!
Response: Random is like, well, like. It's just found it's way into most of our sentences... if you're in England, you must have heard people saying it! And 'blatently'. For example, "Blatently he's just like, some random" = "He's nobody we know". I don't know why... explain mate to me! Especially to somebody you don't like! :)
From Ziggy (Lucy's sis)
Hi Lucy! What good news about the empire work experience! Are you exitcited about it? Hope your enjoying singapor. What makes your hostel the best place you've stayed in?
Hi Holly also! xxx

Response: Hi! I haven't actually got any work experiece there Em, Mum was just telling me about it... but I already knew anyway. I will try so hard to get that, but maybe not for a couple of years... Our hostel is the best because it is really funky and modern, and has free breaksfast and free internet!! Yaaay!! But we leave tomorrow, boo... I think the other accomodation on this tour will be a lot more basic :S Hope you're having a fun summer. Lucy xx
From Rowena Adams
Hey guys
Strayed into your page by chance. FYI (and as if you give a toss) the miserable-old-sod message below from one 'Tom Hughes' is, I think, a long quote from Tom Brown's Schooldays - by Thomas hughes. Sounds like someone should get out more. Sounds like *I* should get out more. 'Thank you for your contribution' - nice one - ever thought of a career in politics? Anyway, sounds like youre having a great time, so keep at it.
Response: Hey Rowena! Thanks for the message. Shame on Lucy (the literature student) for not knowing that one! I half wondered if it was a quote from something; who could be bothered to write all that themselves? But there are some bored people out there!
From Chloe
So it's farewell Oz! Uluru looked superb; love the arty photos. In fact, I will offer a small prize to whichever of you takes the artiest (i.e. the most pretentious) pic of the trip. Behave yourselves in Singapore; apparently it has one of the highest number of illegal offences of any country in the world! You can be nabbed for dropping litter, leaving still water lying around in your house or workplace, and failing to lock your bike when not in use. But in a radical move the ban on chewing gum was recently lifted. Not sure if that was'll lead to anarchy, I tell you!
Response: Lol!! You know how when you can't do something you want to do it even more? That's how I felt about the chewing gum... I think i've had about 1 piece in the last 5 weeks, but I was really resentful that I couldn't chew it for the next 2 days... until you told me that! But i'm still too scared to do it, it could be a trap... I'm gonna forget about the still water too, I just know it!

Yay, prententious photo competition!! I'm sure to win, I didn't do a photography class for nothing... Btw, your gift is a signed print of one of my best images in a special presentation frame. Limited edition. Lucy xx
From Tom
Hi Lucy
I finally got my new computer so i am back online it looks like you are having a great time.
I am living in london all summer as you know.
i am working at river island on oxford street.
take care laters tom
Response: Oh, finally! You must be relieved... is it a good one? Exciting as you are making your summer sound, i'm not really that jealous... have you been doing anything fun or are you too broke?

How are things in London at the moment? It's so weird being out here when all thats going on back home... feel very out of touch, we're basically replying on random strangers for newsflashes. Hope everyones not too freaked out... yourself included... Lucy x
From Kevin
Hey guys! Sorry, just got the address not too long ago from the girls at work. Gees. Looks like you are having fun on your trip. Maybe even a little too much fun... *suspisious glare*

Aren't kangaroos the coolest animals ever? Really good at going really fast, but if they just wanna mosey, they kinda look like dorks.

Anyway, I've found the site now, so have a great rest-of-your-trip!

Response: KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! How cool to hear from you! Yeah, we really should have given out this address to more people, but we didn't want to make the whole UL staff depressed...
I loved the Kangaroos! We weren't mean enough to chase them though, unlike some people... Hehe... saw one in the wild yesterday on the way to Ayers Rock, how cool!
Hope your having fun in Manuscripts (if you're still there...) say hi to everyone! Heard about your sultan costume, hopefully there are some photos of that floating around... Lucy x
From Tom Hughes
Oh, young England! young England! You who are born into these racing railroad times, when there's a Great Exhibition, or some monster sight, every year; and you can get over a couple of thousand miles of ground for three pound ten, in a five weeks' holiday; why don't you know more of your own birth-places? You're all in the ends of the earth, it seems to me, as soon as you get your necks out of the educational collar, for Midsummer holidays, long vacations, or what not. Going round Ireland, with a return ticket, in a fortnight; dropping your copies of Tennyson on the tops of Swiss mountains; or pulling down the Danube in Oxford racing-boats. And when you get home for a quiet fortnight, you turn the steam off, and lie on your backs in the paternal garden, surrounded by the last batch of books from Mudie's library, and half bored to death. Well, well! I know it has its good side. You all patter French more or less, and perhaps German; you have seen men and cities, no doubt, and have your opinions, such as they are, about schools of painting, high art, and all that; have seen the pictures at Dresden and the Louvre, and know the taste of sour krout. All I say is, you don't know your own lanes and woods and fields. Though you may be chock-full of science, not one in twenty of you knows where to find the wood-sorrel, or bee-orchis, which grow in the next wood, or on the down three miles off, or what the bog-bean and wood-sage are good for. And as for the country legends, the stories of the old gable-ended farm-houses, the place where the last skirmish was fought in the civil wars, where the parish butts stood, where the last highwayman turned to bay, where the last ghost was laid by the parson, they're gone out of date altogether.
Response: Thanks for your input... I do intend to spend some time exploring England, but having taken a year out to work a boring job I kinda wanted to get as far as I could... There'll be plenty of long weekends for that kind of thing later...
From Steph
Hi guys! I'm liking the picture of the funky bird thing. I thought my geese were scary but you've topped me there. And that beach with the really clear water - Hunstanton it ain't!

By the way - for anyone trying to get CEN issues. I'm working there for a few weeks so if anyone needs some back copies I could steal some. (YAY I'm finally getting some where with my journalistic career!)

Keep having an awesome time

Response: Hey Steph! Great to hear from you! Yeah, the cassowary was cool, and we lived to tell the tale! Which is always good. Yeah! You have a foot on the journalism career ladder! Thats awesome, hope you're enjoying it. Love Holly xx
From richard the great
i drunk matt turner under the table last night! go me! we were drinking pitchers of woo woo but with 6 extra shots of vodka and 6 extra shots of archers. go us. i felt like death this morning. but had the best time pimpin it up at de niro's. hehehehe all them lovely ladies couldn't get enough of my rather dashing tie/shirt/shoes look. might have to invest in some more shirts and ties ;)

rock and roll daddy-o
Response: That's hardcore dude! Bet it hurt Matts pride to be out-drunk though. We never did the Pimps N Hos night! Should do that when we get back. Were you wearing your pink shirt? That shirt rocks. H xx
From Daisy
Lucy! I'm appalled. You missed the opportunity for some real Henry's Pirate Circus action there!
Response: I know! I'm so ashamed... but I need the rest of my troupe to make a proper attack, me hearty! Yaaar!! xxx P.S. Are you going to South America?